Assessing Quantile Prediction With Censored Quantile Regression Models

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Partial Likelihood-Based Scoring Rules for Evaluating Density

ing more common to use density forecasts to assess the adequacy of predictive regression models for asset returns, including stocks (Perez-Quiros and Timmermann, 2001), interest rates (Hong et al., 2004; Egorov et al., 2006) and exchange rates (Sarno and Valente, 2005; Rapach and Wohar, 2006), as well as

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Negative Binomial Additive Models S. W. Thurston, M. P. Wand, and J. K. Wiencke 139 Testing for Differences in Survival with Delayed Ascertainment J. P. Fine and A. A. Tsiatis 145 Testing Equality of Survival Functions Based on Both Paired and Unpaired Censored Data

Abstract 1. Overview -

responses, i.e., regression of the mean, robust regression, classification (logistic and exponential loss), ordinal regression1, quantile1 and expectile1 regression, censored regression (including Cox, Weibull1, log-logistic1 or lognormal1 models) as well as Poisson and negative binomial regression1 for count data can be performed.


Description: All standard regression models have assumptions that must be verified for the model to have power to test hypotheses and for it to be able to predict accurately. Of the principal assumptions (linearity, additivity, distributional), this course will emphasize methods for assessing and satisfying the first two.

Contrast trees and distribution boosting

quantile regression jconditional distribution estimation I n statistical (machine) learning one has a system under study with associated attributes or variables. The goal is to estimate the unknown value of one of the variables y, given the known joint values of other (predictor) variables x= (x 1, x p) associ-ated with the system.

Statistical downscaling of precipitation using extreme value

Censored Quantile Regression Y∣X = max 0, T X T X u u~i.i.d. y =Qy ∣X =max 0, T X The censored linear model the conditional quantile function Censored quantile regression minimizes the absolute deviation function =arg min ∑n [yn−max 0, T x n ] u = { u if u 0 −1 u if u 0}

Postprocessing of GEFS Precipitation Ensemble Reforecasts

scedastic ordered logistic regression (HOLR) and heteroscedastic censored logistic regression (HCLR) (Messner et al. 2014b). It is useful to note that HCLR fits the same model as HELR, with the only difference being that the HCLR parameters optimize the con-tinuous predictive pdf, as opposed to the quantile thresholds (Messner et al. 2014b).

Advances in Water Resources -

Concerning the problem of FDC prediction in ungauged basins, regional models proposed in the literature follow a variety of dif- ferent approaches and conceptualizations, which are covered e.g. by Castellarin et al. (2013, 2004). We concentrate on two different prediction strategies, namely regional quantile-regression or sim-


a predictor. They termed this approach heteroscedastic extended logistic regression (HELR). They also proposed two additional logistic regression-based approaches for postprocessing precipitation: heteroscedastic ordered logistic regression (HOLR) and heteroscedastic censored logistic regression (HCLR) (Messner et al. 2014b).

Michael Scheuerer -

Thitiwat Kaew-Amdee, Doubly robust regression and quantile regression, Heidelberg University, 2013. (Joint with Tilmann Gneiting) DavidMöller, Spatial aspects with the post-processing of ensemble forecasts for wind speeds over Germany, Heidelberg University, 2013. (Joint with Tilmann Gneiting)

Yu Cheng - University of Pittsburgh

Quantile association Association and regression analysis of multivariate competing risks data Neuroimaging data analysis and brain network Classi cation and discriminant analysis Adaptive design Applications to psychiatric studies and cystic brosis EMPLOYMENT 10/2020 - present Professor, Department of Statistics, University of Pittsburgh

Package riskRegression

risks are fitted using binomial regression based on a time sequence of binary event status variables. A formula interface for the Fine-Gray regression model and an interface for the combination of cause-specific Cox regression models. A toolbox for assessing and comparing performance of risk predictions (risk markers and risk prediction models).

A simple nonparametric test for diagnosing nonlinearity in

threshold itself is observed. Tobit median regression model is a useful semiparametric procedure for analyzing this type of censored data. We propose a simple nonparametric test for assessing the common linearity assumption in this model.

Bayesian Regression With Heteroscedastic Error Density And

quantile regression); and finally models that allow the mean function to be flexible (such as spline models). Each chapter discusses the key aspects of fitting a regression model. R programs accompany the methods.

Assessing quantile prediction with censored quantile

Assessing Quantile Prediction With Censored Quantile Regression Models Ruosha Li1 and Limin Peng2 1Department of Biostatistics, The University of Texas School of Public Health, Houston, TX 2Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, Emory University, Atlanta, GA 30322 Summary An important goal of censored quantile regression is to provide

Estimation of the adjusted cause-specific cumulative

estimation via CSH regression models as this approach allows the estimation of both CSHs (rate) and cause-specific cumulative probabilities (risk). CSH regression models are quite useful because they are easy to fit (since we only need to censor for the competing event),4 and unlike models on subdistribution hazard, they give a simple

June 4th Monday, Morning

Yue Zhao (KU Leuven) `Envelopes for censored quantile regression Statistical Inference in Clustering Problems (Room VEC 1402) Organizer & Chair: Jacob Bien (Cornell) 1. Max G'Sell (CMU) `Inference for variable clustering under correlation-like similarities 2. Gourab Mukherjee (USC) Large scale cluster analysis via L1 fusion penalization 3.

Global and Planetary Change -

area and associated anomalies of the large-scale circulation, quantile regression models were established. The models were calibrated using different circulation and thermodynamic variables at the 700 hPa and 850 hPa levels as predictors as well as daily precipitation time series at different stations in the Mediterranean area as predictand.

Conditional Logistic Regression - NCSS

Logistic regression analysis studies the association between a binary dependent variable and a set of independent (explanatory) variables using a logit model (see Logistic Regression). Conditional logistic regression (CLR) is a specialized type of logistic regression usually employed when case subjects with a particular condition or attribute

Challenges & Opportunities in Clinical Prediction Modeling

Prediction Modeling Where are We? Challenges Key Measures Diagnostic Risk Modeling Case Study Bibliography References Harrell, F. E. (2015). Regression Modeling Strategies, with Applications to Linear Models, Logistic and Ordinal Regression, and Survival Analysis.Second edition. New York: Springer. isbn: 978-3-319-19424-0 (cit. on p. 10).

New Flexible Regression Models Generated by Gamma Random

performed in normal linear regression models can be extended to a modified deviance residual in the proposed regression model applied to censored data. We demonstrate that our extended regression model is very useful to the analysis of real data and may give more realistic fits than other special regression models. Keywords: censored data

Non-parametric postprocessing of ensemble forecasts for

Quantile Regression Forests (QRF) Meinshausen 2006 (package R quantregForest ) Quantile Regression: estimation of the conditional median or any other quantile of the response variable given a set of predictors (Koenker and Bassett Jr 1978) Random Forests: aggregating predictions from binary decision trees (CART) (Breiman 2001)


Weights for Censored Quantile Regression Monday, Aug. 8, 1 p.m. Mayo A301 Presenter: Laura Hatfield, Ph.D candidate in Biostatistics Ph.D. Advisor: Brad Carlin Topic: Bayesian Hierarchical Joint Modeling for Longitudinal and Survival Data Friday, July 1, 10 a.m. Mayo A301 Presenter: Sang Mee Lee, Ph.D candidate in Biostatistics

Quantifying parameter uncertainty and assessing the skill of

fall including censored quantile regression (Friederichs and Hense, 2007), generalized linear models (Furrer and Katz, 2007) and Bernoulli-gamma and zero-inflated mod-els (Haylock et al., 2006; Cannon, 2008; Fernandes , 2009), each with some advantages and limitations in their practical application. We suspect our evaluation of ben-

Ruosha Li - UTH

Li, R. and Peng, L. (2017) Assessing quantile prediction with censored quantile regression models. Biometrics. 73(2): 517 528. 14. Li, R and Cheng, Y. (2016) Flexible association modelling and prediction with semi-competing risks data. The Canadian Journal of Statistics, 44 (3): 361 374. 15. Li, R., Huang, X., and Cortes, J. (2016) Quantile

Assessing the Value of Three Biomarkers for the Prediction of

Assessing the Value of Three Biomarkers for the Prediction of Patient Survival in Prostate Cancer Identification Number 8806 Biostatistics 699 Project 4 03.25.2008 Appendix A contains supplemental results Appendix B contains analysis code


linear models and logistic all in the same place, but is really so much more! Learning a little GenReg goes a long way: Common interface for many different models! Least Sq., logistic, Poisson, quantile regression, etc. Cox PH, censored responses coming in JMP Pro 13

Model-based Boosting 2

responses, that is, regression of the mean, robust regression, classification (logistic and exponential loss), ordinal regression,1 quantile1 and expectile1 regression, censored regression (including Cox, Weibull1, log-logistic1 or lognormal1 models) as well as Poisson and negative binomial regression1 for count data can be performed.


of Censored Quantile Regression 311 B. Fitzenberger & P. Winker On the Convergence of Iterated Random Maps with Applications to the MCEM Algorithm 317 G. Fort, E. Moulines & P. Soulier Parameter Estimators for Gaussian Models with Censored Time Series and Spatio-Temporal Data 323 CA. Glasbey, IM. Nevison & A.G.M. Hunter

Assessing Effects of An Intervention on Bottle-Weaning and

Tobit models assume that a zero response arises from the underlying normal random variable that is censored at 0 by a random mechanism. Under this assumption, censored linear regression models can then be applied to model semi-continuous data. It is well known that Tobit models are sensitive to minor departures from normality. When the response

Matthew J. Baker - City University of New York

Matthew J. Baker 5 Professional Activities Associate Editor, Information Economics and Policy, 2011-2016. Editor, New Papers in Evolutionary Economics (nep-evo), a web dissemination service for new papers

Third ICSA-Canada Chapter Symposium A Tentative Schedule

Semiparametric Models and Estimation on the Dependence Struc-ture of Bivariate Recurrent Events (3) Qi Zheng, University of Louisville, USA High Dimensional Censored Quantile Regression (4) Yingwei Peng, Queen s University, Canada Joint modeling longitudinal proportional data and survival times Session 4: Recent Advance on Computer Experiments

Lasso Based Forecast Combinations For Forecasting Realized

Prediction models are important in various fields, including medicine, physics, meteorology, and finance. Prediction models will become more relevant in the medical field with the increase in knowledge on potential predictors of outcome, e.g. from genetics.

Testing alternative regression models to predict utilities

Seven econometric models were used: ordinary least square (OLS) regression, generalized linear model (GLM), the extended estimation equations (EEE) in the GLM, binomial beta (BB) regression, fractional regression model (FRM), logistic quantile regression (LQR), and censored least absolute deviation (CLAD).


(Prediction measure) Cumulative incident rate 𝜋𝑡 R to 1P Prospective accuracy, simple yet meaningful, thus end-user (clinicians and patients) friendly; Can be interpreted for one model or used to compare multiple models. Threshold dependent, i.e. need to specify quantile v. AP(t) (Prediction measure) 𝜋𝑡 R to 1P Prospective accuracy

Cross-study validation for the assessment of prediction

cross-validation when evaluating high-dimensional prediction models in independent datasets. We illustrate it via simulations and in a col-lection of eight estrogen-receptor positive breast cancer microarray gene-expression datasets, where the objective is predicting distant metastasis-free survival (DMFS). We computed the C-index forall pair-

Bayesian Regression With Heteroscedastic Error Density And

Bayesian Regression Modeling with INLA covers a wide range of modern regression models and focuses on the INLA technique for building Bayesian models using real-world data and assessing their validity. A key theme throughout the book is that it makes sense to demonstrate the interplay of theory and practice with reproducible studies.

Recent Publications in JSS - JSTOR

to regression of the Kaplan-Meier and Nelson-Aalen estimators of univariate quantiles for censored observations. Some asymptotic and simulation comparisons are made to highlight advantages and disadvantages of the three methods. Key Words: quantile regression, censored data. Sample Selection Models in R: Package sampleSelection, Ott Toomet and Arne