Atherosclerosis In The Nigerian

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atherosclerosis and increased peripheral vascular resistance (25, 26). BP changes have important implications for hypertensive disorders in pregnancy. Gestational hypertension is a leading cause of maternal mortality, complicating about 7% of pregnancies (27). In LMICs, pregnancy-induced hypertension accounts for 10 to 15% of maternal deaths (28).

Effects of Indigenous Aerobic Dance Music on the

Nigerian women. Keywords: Aerobic, Blood Pressure, Dance Exercise, Female Workers, Physiological. Introduction Aerobic dance is an exercise that involves the use of large muscle groups with the fun of dancing. It combines fat burning aerobic movements, muscle building exercises and stretching

Anomalies, Aneurysm and Histology of the Middle Cerebral

1023 Int. J. Morphol., 26(4):1023-1027, 2008. Anomalies, Aneurysm and Histology of the Middle Cerebral Artery in Nigerian Africans Anomal ías, Aneurisma e Histología de la Arteria Cerebral Media en Africanos Nigerianos

Effects of a12-week endurance exercise program on adiposity

atherosclerosis. Although regular participation in physical exercise have been suggested to improve adiposity and body flexibility which are important health related components of physical fitness, few published studies are available on the effect of exercise on Nigerian menopausal women.

Subclinical atherosclerosis and associated risk factors among

atherosclerosis and its association with traditional and non-traditional risk factors for CVD in Nigerian HIV-infected adults. Methods: this was a cross-

Lipid profile and Atherogenic Indices in Nigerians

increase risk of cardiovascular disease in the Nigerian e-waste workers included in the present study. The level of artisanal involvement in crude e-waste reprocessing should be considered critical in cardiovascular health risk assessment. Keywords: cardiovascular disease, lead, cadmium, lipid profile, atherogenic indices, e-waste.

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an Adult Hypertensive Nigerian Population: A Case Control Study to Assess their Use as Surrogate Markers of Atherosclerosis Mayowa Abimbola Soneye, Ademola Joseph Adekanmi 1 , Millicent Olubunmi

Prevalence of hypertension among adolescents living with

atherosclerosis in adulthood [14, 15]. Department of the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, Yaba, Lagos. Adolescents (aged 10 19 years) living with

Lipid and lipoprotein profiles in Nigerian non-insulin

Atherosclerosis has been reported as the most important cause of morbidity and mortality in long standing diabetes mellitus. The association between hypercholesterolaemia and atherosclerotic heart disease is an established fact3. Atherosclerosis and thrombosis produce occlusive vascular lesions in humans, which may lead to such adverse clinical

Tropical Diseases in Africa Devastation Discovery Development

Deaths of Europeans in West Africa Expedition Year Europeans Deaths Mungo Park 1805 44 39 Tuckey 1816 44 21 Clapperton 1825-7 5 4 MacGregor-Laird 1832-4 41 32


(1971) show less severe atherosclerosis of cerebral and coronary arteries in Nigerians than in Caucasians, but the more recent pathological study by Ogunowo et al. (1986) appear to indicate that there may be an increase in the incidence of coronary heart disease among Nigerians. Reports on the possible role of Nigerian

Lipid profile abnormalities among Nigerian male renal failure

Conclusion: This result indicated that despite dialysis treatment on these Nigerian male patients, the renal failure still predisposes the patients to atherosclerosis as a result of abnormal lipid profile. Keywords: atherosclerosis, lipid profile, dialysis, renal failure Journal of Diabetes, Metabolic Disorders & Control Research Article Open

SHORT REPORT Open Access Modifiable cardiovascular risk

Atherosclerosis society guidelines[13]. Statistical Analysis Data analysis was done using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS), version 13.0. Analysis of con-tinuous variables was carried out using the procedures of descriptive statistics and later, to identify any differ-ences we used Student s t test. Categorical

RESEARCH ARTICLE Open Access Prevalence and severity of

Methods: ECCA of 30 consecutive Nigerian patients undergoing autopsy at a University teaching hospital were examined using the American Heart Association (AHA) histological grading and classification of atherosclerosis. Results: Atherosclerotic lesions of ECCA were present in 73.3% of the subjects with the right and the left carotid


common risk factor in all of the Nigerian age groups, while dyslipidemia was the most common in patients aged 15 to 45 years.13 In Thai popula-tion, diabetes was the most frequent atherosclerosis risk factor of stroke.14 There was no difference in the presence of diabetes, hypertension, hypercho-

n i c a l R esearch o f Journal of i l o a n r u o cihte

saving Nigerian lives than interventions aimed at retarding the atherosclerotic process. Given these observations, the question ought to be asked whether or not low dose aspirin in type 2 diabetes/hypertension therapies, as locally practiced, is the best way of optimizing limited resources in saving Nigerian lives.

Index of Subjects

Atherosclerosis Nigerian diabetic and non-diabetic subjects. Athletes Dietary iron deficiency and sports anaemia. 68, 253, 1992 In vitro lipid metabolism, growth and metabolic hormone concentrations in hyperthyroid chickens. 68, 667, 1992 Hypocholesterolaemic effect of banana (Musa sapienturn L. var. Cavendishii) pulp in the rat fed

Cardiovascular disease in Africa: epidemiological profile and

Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) were responsible for almost half of all deaths worldwide in 2008 (REF. 1).The majority of these deaths occurred in low‑to‑middle

Atherosclerosis-Coronary Heart Disease and the Recent

Atherosclerosis: Open Access is the Journal which provides knowledge and information on different aspects of Atherosclerosis and Coronary Atherosclerosis severity, Renal atherosclerosis, Carotid Stenosis, Cerebral atherosclerosis, Thoracic Aortic Atherosclerosis and intracranial atherosclerosis [53-58]. Journal of Clinical &

Importance of designer eggs for the Nigerian population

Thus, this study reviews the importance of designer eggs in the Nigerian context. Key words: Vitamin E, designer egg, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, lutein, Nigeria. INTRODUCTION Eggs have been described as Nature s original functional food (Hasler, 2000) packed with various important vitamins and minerals. Eggs are said to contain

Identification of Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Nigerian

diversified organic disorders that may lead to debility, atherosclerosis and early senility. iii. Recently, it has been shown that a tangible effect from intestinal putrefaction is recognizing that hepatic encephalopathy was caused by the breakdown of nitrogenous substances in the lower intestine and the

Is there a Need to have a Nigeria Artherosclerosis Society (NAS)?

Nigerian equivalent, the NIGERIAN ATHEROSCLEROTIC SOCIETY. This is necessary considering where we have been coming from. It was initially stated in earlier studies that dyslipidaemia, the precursor and most significant contributor to atherosclerosis, was uncommon in the Nigerian population [2,3]. Recent studies


scanty. This study therefore aims to determine the prevalence of PAD in adult Nigerian hypertensive patients Between August to December 2004, two hundred and fifty hypertensive patients, (one hundred and fifty with only hypertension, and one hundred with hypertension and co-existent diabetes mellitus) were screened for PAD.


0.91mm (in the absence of normative values for Nigerian Africans), prevalence of carotid atherosclerosis was 47.5% fordiabetics,48.9%forhypertensives, and36.5%fornormal controls. Prevalence rates of atherosclerosis for both disease states were similar, and they were significantly higher than the apparently normal group(P<.001). 4.Discussion

Clinical Significance of the Abdominal Height Measured With a

Evaluation of Subclinical Atherosclerosis Sirisena Anil I. 1, , Okeahialam Basil N. 3 , Ike Emeka E. 2 , Chagok Nestor M.D. 2 , Pam Stephen D. 1 and Ani Charles C. 1

Research Article Carotid Intima Media Thickness in

ment of atherosclerosis []. Several risk factors contribute to atherosclerosis with hypertension and diabetes as chief contributors [ ]. Accumulating evidence suggests that about % of symptomatic cardiovascular disease patients have dysglycaemia[].Inasigni cantnumber,thisisnotdetected by increase in fasting or postprandial blood sugar; the

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Atherosclerosis is a chronic multifactorial disorder [1,2]. Although its consequences can be very sudden such as development of stroke and acute myocardial infarction, the processes leading to it may take decades [3-5]. Atherosclerosis is generally related to cardiovascular risk factors and diseases [4,6]. While some receive

Medicinal plants used for diabetes mellitus in Zaria, Nigeria

Zazzau emirate. According to the 2006 Nigerian census, Zaria has a population of 406, 990 people, total land area of about 563 km2 and located on 11.09oN and 7.72oE coordinates. It is the home of many educational institutions like the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University, Barewa College, College

Atherogenic inde x of plasma as useful pr edictor of

assessing the risk of developing atherosclerosis in Nigeria. Key Words: Lipid pr ofile , ather ogenic inde x of plasma (AIP), postmenopausal w omen, dyslipidaemia, ather osc ler osis African Health Sciences 2010; 10(3): 248 - 252 Introduction Menopause, which is the cessation of monthly menstrual cycles results from the loss of ovarian

Lipid Profile of a Group of Nigerian Diabetic Patients

important role in the causation of diabetic atherosclerosis [3,4], but the patho-physiology is complex and multifactorial Several studies have been carried out to assess the lipid profile of different categories of diabetics in our environment [5,6]. Attempts have also been made to compare the lipid profiles

The Menace of Tobacco Smoking among Nigerian Adolescents

The Menace of Tobacco Smoking among Nigerian Adolescents Akintaro Opeyemi Akinpelu Department of Human Kinetics and Health Education, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. Abstract Smoking is one of the most common forms of recreational drug use. Smoking is a practice in which a substances

Cardiovascular Topics -

Keywords: atherosclerosis, cardiovascular, carotid, Nigerian, risk factors Submitted 1/8/16, accepted 19/2/18 Cardiovasc J Afr 2018; 29: online publication DOI: 10.5830/CVJA-2018-014 Atherosclerosis is the primary cause of morbidity and mortality in cardiovascular disease.1 It develops silently over decades,

Lipid and lipoprotein profiles in Nigerian non- insulin

both male and female Nigerian NIDDM patients are at risk for atheroma diseases unlike the control subjects. This indicates a possible outbreak of atherosclerosis amongst the Nigerian NIDDM patients and suggests that their lipid profile should be critically monitored, and ade-quate dietary and therapeutic control measures be insti-tuted.

Case Report Triple vessel coronary artery disease in a rural

We present an otherwise stable adult rural Nigerian with hypertension and diabetes who was diagnosed with a triple vessel disease and subsequently had coronary angioplasty and stenting with good effect. words: coronary artery disease, angioplasty, Stenting, Nigeria. INTRODUCTION [1, 2].

Trace Metal Content of Cerebral Vessels in American Blacks

cy of copper in coronary arterie osf Nigerian Africans may be of importance in the low amounts of coronary atherosclerosis observe in thad t population. It has* been suggeste thd severit thae t o frequencfy ofy atherosclerosis may b relatee nod onlt tyo the lipi d content5 but als o to the mineral conten of tissuet s or


others. 6However, a study done by Williams , in Ibadan, documented that the Nigerian has early deposits of fat on the arterial intima, but this did not predispose in the long term to advanced atherosclerotic lesions.

The Effects of Education on Cardiovascular Disease Knowledge

by atherosclerosis, or the buildup of plaques within the arterial walls. Atherosclerotic buildup over time limits blood flow through the arteries, creating narrowing and increasing the potential for a piece of the atherosclerotic plaque to break off and cause a heart attack or stroke (American Heart Association [AHA], 2011).

Cerebral Atherosclerosis and Its Relationship to Selected

atherosclerosis. Nigerian Africans th ovee ager of 16 years form the basis of this autopsy study. Patients and Methods The severit anyd extent of atherosclerosis o f the circle of Willis were estimate odn 804 unselected consecutive autop-sies carrie oud t at the University College Hospital (UCH),

Essential oils composition of curcuma Longa rhizome from Nigeria

Mar 20, 2014 preventing the build up of atherosclerosis ( blockage of arteries that can eventually cause a heart attack or stroke). Evidence from animal studies suggests that an extract of C. longa has potential in lowering cholesterol levels and in the treatment of various forms of cancer such as prostrate, breast, skin and colon cancer [2, 3].

Heart Journal, Coronary atherosclerosis in Nigeria

the Nigerian,fromadvanced stages ofcoronary atherosclerosis andischaemic heart disease are poorly understood, butfactors such as exercise, diet influenced by the socio-economic class, and fibrinolytic activity areprobably significant. Therelative rarity ofcoronary artery disease in the negro including the Nigerian is well recognized and the