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1. Turn on the keyboard s power button. The green status light will activate for 4 seconds and then shut off. 2. Press the FN and C keys together to enter pairing mode, the Bluetooth indicator light will blink blue. 3. Go to your SETTINGS screen on your Bluetooth-enabled device, activate its Bluetooth function and search for the

User Manual v1.40 - SDRplay

Disable & hide Bias-T Control - Disables and hides the Bias-T function in the Main panel. USB Transfer Mode: - Specifies the RSP USB data transfer mode. Isochronous mode should be used unless the computing platform does not provide support for isochronous mode, in which case Bulk mode should be used. Isochronous mode guarantees

10 POWERPOINT Making interactive, non-linear slide shows and

Action Button to go to the previous slide, an Action Button to go to the next slide, and an Action Button to go to the first (Home) slide in the presentation. Fig. 10.1 shows you how the Title slide will look after you've added the Action Button. Fig. 10.1 The Action Button on the Title slide OK, here goes.

ANNE PRO 2 UserManual V1

For default, ANNE PRO 2 turn the Tap Layout on, and set Right Shift for ↑ , FN1 for ← , FN2 for ! and Righ Control So for example, when click Right Shift alone, the function will be ↑ You can completely customize your TAP Layout, or turn it off Setup guide, please refer to Layout Setting 2.5 Magic Fn

ArcGIS Pro shortcuts: Application and map navigation

Ctrl + click; Shift + click; Ctrl + Up and Down Arrow keys; Shift + Up and Down Arrow keys Lock or unlock the item selected in the Contents pane (layout only) Ctrl + L Lock or unlock all items on the same hierarchical level in the Contents pane (layout only) Ctrl + Shift + L Zoom to the extent of that layer Alt + click a layer name Delete the

Navigate Excel with the Keyboard

1. Put right hand on the mouse. 1. Ctrl+S with your left hand on the keyboard. 2. Move mouse to the File Menu. 3. Left click the File Menu. 4. Move mouse over the Save button. 5. Left click the Save button. In the example above, using the keyboard will take less time to save the file and is clearly the winner.

K780 MULTI-DEVICE KEYBOARD One keyboard. Fully equipped. For

Mac OS X fn + o Windows fn + p If you connect in Bluetooth Smart this step is not necessary as OS Detection will configure it automatically. DUAL LAYOUT Unique dual-printed keys make the K780 Multi-Device compatible across different operating system (e.g. Mac OS X, iOS,Windows, Chrome, Android). Key label colors and

Air Mouse Use Manual Pairng Method Air Mouse function: Led

Click Button Press Button long time Open the air mouse Pairing Power indication Low power Charging Air Mouse function: Click cursor lock button to open the function of the air mouse, the blue indicator light on. In the air mouse state, with the remote control interface, the mouse will follow the same direction, the left mouse button to confirm the

Logitech User s guide Wireless Keyboard K350

Troubleshooting Keyboard is not working Is the Power on? The power switch for the keyboard must be in the ON position. Battery LED should light green. How are the batteries? Check the keyboard battery installation or replace the batteries. The keyboard uses two AA alkaline batteries. Check the Unifying receiver. Plug the

Module 1 / Unit 1 / Common Computing Devices

a) You do not want to leave trailing wires over walkways so you need to consider the position of power outlet(s) and where peripheral devices will be placed. You also want to ensure adequate air flow around the system unit. 3) What factors should you consider when positioning input and output devices?

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Keyboard Shortcuts by nimasmi

ADF Shift + Ctrl + A VOR OBS Shift + V Set Com 1 Standby Shift + Alt + X Com 1 Switch to Standby Alt + U Set Transp onder Shift + Alt + W Nav 1 Swap Shift + Ctrl + N Decrease VOR 1 OBS Shift + Ctrl + End Increase VOR 1 OBS Shift + Ctrl + Home Display ATC Scroll Lock ATC Panel Choice number [0 9] [0 9] Increase Nav 1 Frequency Shift + Ctrl

OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Basic Guide Model No. CF-20 series

L: Detach Lock M: Release Lever N: Function (Fn) Keys è Reference Manual Function Keys O: Keyboard P: Touchpad è Reference Manual Touchpad Q: Display Latch R: Security Lock (Clamshell) When the main unit is connected, both the main unit and keyboard base can be se-cured at the same time. S: Security Lock (Keyboard base)


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