Enzyme Activities In Experimental Gingivitis In Man

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Bioprotective Potential of Bacteriocinogenic Enterococcus

and anti-inflammatory activities. Therefore, the objec-tive of this study was to determine the effect of bac-teriocins produced by Enterococcus gallinarum strains in controlling Staphylococcus aureus infections in vivo. Experimental Materials and Methods Chemicals. Slanetz and Bartley medium and Brain Heart Infusion agar were obtained from

Moxifloxacin sustained release device for treatment of

inhibit the enzyme activity in vitro in a sustained fashion. Fur- between the antibacterial activities of the two SRD formula- Experimental gingivitis in man


experimental gingivitis in 21 patients, reported similar results [2]. Jeffcoat et al. (1988) reported of significantly lower bone resorption in 15 patients who received 50 mg flurbiprofen for two months. Several other investigators repor-ted significant bone gain in non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug treated group of patients [3].

Chebulinic acid derived from triphala is a promising

wide spectrum of biological activities, including laxative, antimicrobial, immunomodulatory, and antioxidative ac-tivities, and is effective for constipation, gingivitis, arth-ritis, cataracts, and several other diseases or disorders [5 9]. Accumulating experimental evidence has also suggested that triphala is a promising herbal formulation

Oral biomarkers in the diagnosis and progression of

gingival health and experimental gingivitis, but a longitudinal study demonstrated that elevated alkaline phosphatase levels preceded clinical attachment loss and that the total amount of alkaline phosphatase in GCF was significantly higher in active sites (Nakashima 1996). ß glucuronidase ,a lysosomal enzyme

UvA-DARE (Digital Academic Repository) Resistance and

Kowashi, 1979 Increase of free collagenase and neutral protease activities in the gingival crevice during EG in man. No full text available Kowashi, 1980 Sulcular polymorphonuclear leucocytes and gingival exu-date during EG in man. Split mouth Kolb-Bachofen, 2007 Comparison of EG with persistent gingivitis: differences

Tumor suppressing potential of Cajanus cajan in 7,12

Figure 2: Buccal mucosa TBARS and antioxidants in control and experimental hamsters [n=6]. Values are expressed as mean ± standard deviation. Values that do not share a common superscript between two groups differ significantly at P<0.05 (DMRT). A - amount of enzyme required to inhibit 50% NBT reduc-


28. A 3 year old child with symptoms of stomatitis, gingivitis and dermatitis of open skin areas was delivered to a hospital. Examination revealed inherited disturbance of neutral amino acid transporting in the bowels. These symptoms were caused by the deficiency of thefollowing vitamin: A Niacin * B Pantothenic acid C Vitamin A D Cobalamin E

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ellagic acid) , are believed to prevent gingivitis through a number of mechanisms including reduction of oxidative stress in the oral cavity, antioxidant activity, anti-inflammatory effects and anti-bacterial effects, so rinsing with pomegranate lowers the activity of alfaglucuronidase, an enzyme that breaks

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cavity in man and animals. The number of fusobacteria per milliliter of saliva has been estimated to be 5.6 x 104, and they accountforabout3 to 4%ofthetotal cultivable anaerobic isolates from dental plaque and gingival crevice areas ofman (Gibbons et al., 1963; Slots, 1979). Mooreet al. (1982a) in-dicated that this species represented 4.4%ofthe

April 30, 1956, NIH Record, Vol. VIII, No. 8

the source of gingivitis, pyorrhea, and other periodontal diseases. Up to this time, only clinical andhisto-pathological definitions had been given. A research team has been con­ ducting a series of studies in an at­ tempt to establish an accurate chem­ ical definition based on quantitative analysis of the different components

Iranian Journal of Toxicology

the experimental period. This decrease was accompanied by corresponding increase in the serum enzyme (Table 1). In contrast, the extract at all the doses investigated significantly increased the activities of both the AST and ALT in the liver and serum of the animals. The increase in serum enzyme activity

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Keywords: biomarker; enzyme stability; oxidative stress; saliva; temperature Received: September 07, 2018 Accepted: December 21, 2018 Changes of salivary biomarkers under different storage conditions: effects of

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of gingivitis and periodontitis in smokers compared to non-smokers (Al-Bayati et al., 2011). Another interest-ing study reported that smoking was associated with increased lipid peroxidation levels in mothers and their fetuses and decreased TAC in both groups (Chelchowska et al., 2011). This explains the reduced TAC in patients