Recrystallization And Grain Boundary Sliding In A Magnesium Alloy

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by PS Roodposhti 2015 Cited by 7 deformation mechanism and dynamic recrystallization (DRX). Various microstructures (e.g. creep mechanism: n~2 is related to the grain boundary sliding, n=3~3.5 diffusion[33]. In this study, the creep deformation of AZ31 magnesium alloy.


by JS Vetrano 1993 Cited by 5 AI3Zr particles in an AI-Cu-Zr alloy, but asserted that the high-angle grain boundaries are restricted more by the larger e-particles. (Cu- based precipitates).

Page 1 Journal of Harbin Institute of Technology (New Series), Vol

responsible for hot deformation of the alloy is grain boundary sliding (GBS), which is further Keywords: Al - Mg alloys; superplasticity; hot deformation; microstructure evolution; cavitation dynamic recrystallization is responsible for the.


by H DIAO 2012 Cited by 2 Keywords: Al Mg alloy; superplasticity; mechanism; re-crystallization; microstructure. (b) sliding of adjacent grains along grain boundaries, and (c) directional 

On The Microstructural Behavior of Pure Magnesium Under

by P Malchow 2017 recrystallization in magnesium alloy ZK60. Acta Materialia. evolution and grain boundary sliding in a superplastic magnesium AZ31 alloy. Acta. Materialia.

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by O Sitdikov 2001 Cited by 285 takes place by bulging of boundaries of coarse recrystallized grains evolved from twins at T - 723 K. DDRX occurs Mechanism of DRX in a low alloy magnesium was found operation of grain boundary sliding ,7,8) and, therefore, can.

Superplasticity Enhanced by Two-stage Deformation in a Hot

by Y WANG 2005 Cited by 4 KEY WORDS: АZ61 magnesium alloy; Superplasticity; Dynamic recrystallization;. Grain boundary sliding. 1. 1ntroduction. Magnesium alloys are emerging as 

Achieving extraordinary structural efficiency in a wrought

by SK Panigrahi 2020 Cited by 4 we developed an ultrafine-grained magnesium alloy with an extraordinary strength and ductility combination of recrystallized grains during FSP by pinning the grain boundaries. boundary sliding/accommodation due to the presence of.


May 11, 2011 magnesium alloy AZ31 (Barnett, 2003; Freund & Suresh, 2003; Frost & Ashby, between dislocation creep and grain boundary sliding plotted as a promote recrystallization and grain growth during an annealing process.

Microstructure evolution and mechanical properties of Mg

by X Zhang in more complete dynamic recrystallization and uniform distribution of properties are mainly attributed to grain boundary strengthening and Orowan strengthening. Magnesium alloy is considered to be the lightest metallic structural material, center of the pole figure, which contribute to sliding of the base plane and 

Grain boundary sliding in polycrystalline materials - NRC

materials is correlated with strain due to grain boundary sliding. This correlation Langdon (1973) carried out experiments on a magnesium alloy and high- and recrystallization, should also influence the long-term creep properties. 7.7.

Abnormal Grain Growth and Recrystallization in Al-Mg Alloy

by JK Chang Cited by 20 under the grain-boundary-sliding (GBS) creep mechanism. Abnormal Grain Growth and Recrystallization in Al-Mg Alloy AA5182 Following Hot Deformation. 8.

Deformation Mechanisms in Magnesium Alloy Elektron™ 675

PSC tests were used to study behaviour such as static recrystallisation during annealing and the magnesium alloys is grain boundary sliding (GBS)[35, 79-82].

EBSD characterization of repetitive grain - CiteSeerX

by SM Fatemi-Varzaneha Cited by 26 large strains, where new recrystallized grains were repetitively refined mechanism in magnesium alloys is dependent upon the initial grain structure absorption of dislocation by high angle boundaries and possibly grain boundary sliding 


by JJ Becker 1984 Cited by 9 mechanically processed high magnesium, aluminum-magnesium alloys were investigated. varying degrees of recrystallization and grain growth and facilitated examination imply the existence of grain boundary sliding during deformation.

PDF, Crystal Plasticity Simulation of the AZ31B Alloy Sheet

by Z Li 2020 integrate slip, dynamic recrystallization (DRX) and grain boundary sliding (GBS) for simulating the deformation and texture evolution of magnesium alloys 

Hot Deformation Behavior of Magnesium AZ31 - [email protected]

work the deformation behavior of as-cast and rolled magnesium AZ31 alloy recrystallized the structure deformed below 200°C, but did not change the Grain boundary sliding is accommodated within the grain boundaries and in adjacent,.

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by CECC Hsu 2006 In this work, various AZ31 magnesium alloy materials were used in Mg contributed to dynamic recrystallization occurring readily at elevated temperatures (2 300. C). and grain interiors that limit grain boundary sliding and pin dislocation.

Dynamic Evolution of New Grains in Magnesium Alloy AZ31

by X Yang 2003 Cited by 211 Keywords: magnesium alloy, hot deformation, new grain evolution, kink band, continuous dynamic that the dynamically recrystallized grain size in cubic metals of fine grain evolution, grain boundary sliding and grain rotation in (b). 198. - Final Draft

by J Victoria-Hernandez Cited by 6 grained Mg-Al-Zn alloys processed by hydrostatic extrusion. J. Victoria- the AZ31 and AZ61 alloys to generate average grain sizes of 2.3 and 3.5 µm respectively. The evolution of (LTDRX) and III) grain boundary sliding (GBS). static recrystallisation and grain growth were stopped immediately after processing. Fig 1b 

The Effects of Forging on the Microstructure and Tensile

by D Poerschke Cited by 12 Magnesium alloys have gained considerable attention in the last fifteen years dislocation slip, grain boundary sliding, and dislocation twinning also higher working temperatures dynamic recrystallization also plays a role in deformation(7).

Hot Workability of Extruded AZ31 Magnesium Alloy

by T Zhong Mg-3Al-1Zn (AZ31) is one of the most widely used wrought magnesium alloys for dynamic recrystallization (DRX) and also to avoid regimes of flow instabilities, grain boundary sliding is a viscous process, it will exhibit higher strain rate 

Microstructural evolution in recrystallized and unrecrystallized

by FC Liu 2012 Cited by 50 FSP) Al Mg Sc alloys during superplastic straining was investigated using It is generally accepted that grain boundary sliding (GBS) is.


by TG NIEH 1998 Cited by 239 addition of Sc to Al±Mg alloys resulted in a uniform distribution of fine coherent pinned subgrain and grain boundaries during static and dynamic recrystallization. that describes grain boundary sliding accommodated by dislocations gliding 

Hot tensile deformation and fracture behaviors of AZ31

by J Deng 2013 Cited by 125 to the hexagonal close-packed (HCP) structure, magnesium alloy has a poor not sufficient deformation energy for complete recrystallization, and then the that the grain boundary sliding (GBS), as well as the apparent.

Enhanced room temperature stretch formability of - NSF-PAR

by B Mao 2019 Cited by 14 motes grain boundary sliding (GBS) which provides additional perature stretch formability of Mg alloy sheet is investigated. LSP ex- sub-grains, and recrystallized grains, following the method used in Refs. [44 46].

Superior room temperature ductility of magnesium dilute

Regular article. Superior room temperature ductility of magnesium dilute binary alloy via grain boundary sliding. Hidetoshi Somekawa ⁎, Alok Singh. Research 

Grain Boundary Sliding In Experimental Deformation Of

by JH Ree Cited by 7 In-situ observation of grain boundary sliding in a Zn-Al alloy was made by Naziri grains and shows rotational recrystallization resulting in grain-size reduction. and Humphreys, F. J. (1986) The development of microstructure in Al5%Mg.

Superplastic Behaviour of Selected Magnesium Alloys - Open

by Z Trojanová Cited by 6 magnesium alloy, superplasticity, strain rate sensitivity, activation energy. 1. mechanisms as grain boundary sliding and diffusional transport contributing to the Dynamic recrystallization and grain rotation leads to a very fine microstruc-.

Grain boundary sliding in San Carlos olivine: Flow law

by LN Hansen 2011 Cited by 192 through grain boundary sliding accommodated by the motion of dislocations. Extrapolation by dynamic recrystallization [e.g., Bystricky et al., 2000]. However, most and Vastava, 1982]), and an aluminum‐magnesium alloy. (n = 4.55 and p 

Numerical Simulation of Superplastic Forming of a Magnesium Alloy

forming only after dynamic recrystallization and grain refinement appear and the grain boundary sliding has been the main deformation mechanism. In order to 

December 21, 1963 NATURE

by CP SULLIVAN 1963 Recrystallization and Grain Boundary Sliding in a Magnesium Alloy. DURING tensile deformation of magnesium and its dilute alloys in the temperature range 

Formability of Rolled and Extruded Magnesium Sheet - MacSphere

recrystallization was the factor that controlled elongation. dislocation slip to grain boundary sliding. 7 Comparing Rolled and Extruded Magnesium Alloys

Composition and Microstructure Effects on Superplasticity in

by HMM Al Rashed 2010 Cited by 2 activation energy for grain boundary diffusion. Q activation Deformation of magnesium may occur by slip, twinning or grain boundary sliding. (GBS). treatments. The characteristics of recrystallization in magnesium alloys are discussed.

Effect of temperature on deformation mechanisms of AZ31 Mg

by T Dessolier 2020 Cited by 2 grain boundary sliding coexist between 200 and 300°C but their Keywords: In situ; Magnesium alloys; SEM; Digital Image Correlation; High-temperature. 1. recrystallized with an average grain size of 12 ± 4μm, calculated 

Crystal plasticity based modeling of grain boundary sliding in

by Z LI 2021 recrystallization (DRX) and grain boundary sliding (GBS) for simulating the deformation behavior and texture evolution of magnesium alloys at high 

High Strain Rate Superplasticity of WE54 Mg Alloy after

by M Álvarez-Leal 2020 Cited by 1 Grain boundary sliding is the operative deformation mechanism that can explain the high- Keywords: friction stir processing; WE54 magnesium alloy; superplasticity; grain boundary sliding; recrystallization processes.

Influence of thermo-mechanical treatment on the superplastic

by Z Trojanová 2008 Cited by 6 K e y w o r d s: magnesium alloy, superplastic flow, dynamic recrystallization, grain boundary sliding, cavitation. 1. Introduction. Low density, high specific 

Microstructure and texture development in - Final Draft

by J Victoria-Hernandez Cited by 38 Key words: Magnesium alloys, Texture, Dynamic recrystallisation, Grain boundary sliding, Particle pinning. 1. Introduction. Typical wrought magnesium alloys 

Grain size reduction by dynamic recrystallization - MIT

by JHPDBJH Ter Heege 2001 Cited by 348 hence the grain boundary diffusion coefficient, in the same way as magnesium alloy Magnox Al80, from data of De Bresser et al. (1998). At constant stress, the 

The effect of Equal Channel Angular Pressing - CORE

by SM Arab 2013 Cited by 48 Keywords: Equal Channel Angular Pressing (ECAP); AZ31 Mg Alloy; Microstructure. 1. Introduction hand, grain boundary sliding activation leads to a decrease in stress and dynamic recrystallization occurs so that lots of grain boundary.

Superplastic Forming Behaviors and Microstructure

magnesium alloy sheet AZ31B is presented in this paper. The dynamic recrystallization and grain refinement can be found, In the case of of deformation is the grain boundary sliding. The grain size change is very considerable and 

Grain Refinement and Deformation Mechanisms in Room

by E Knauer Cited by 17 Recent research on the formability of Mg alloys involves the activation of Being introduced by Gleiter [4], grain boundary sliding and/or grain rotation that grain refinement is strongly influenced by twinning, dynamic recrystallization.

Grain Boundary sliding mechanism during high temperature

by PS Roodposhti 2016 Cited by 21 13 MPa to clarify the existence of grain boundary sliding (GBS) mechanism during predominant intermetallic phase in AZ31 Magnesium alloys. are very susceptible to dynamic recrystallization at high stress thermoplastic deformation 

An Investigation on Microstructure, Texture and - MDPI

Mar 26, 2019 Mechanical Properties of AZ80 Mg Alloy Processed (LAGBs, 2° 15°) and high angle grain boundaries (HAGBs, 15° 180°), as indicated in the Meanwhile, in order to analyze the recrystallization (DRX) of their characters and high hardness, which avoids the grain sliding in the same direction, and.

Acta Materialia Manuscript Draft Manuscript Number: A-18

Temperature Processing of HfNbTaTiZr Refractory High Entropy Alloy. Article Type: Full length pinning, dynamic recrystallization, grain boundary sliding, texture. like phenomena have been reported in Fe-Mo, Al-Mg and β-Ti alloys [47-50].

The Effect of Annealing on the Microstructure and - MDPI

by H Yu 2021 Keywords: magnesium alloy; ultralow-temperature rolled; annealing; the grain boundaries were clear between recrystallized grains. than at the other angles, except for dislocation slip and grain boundary sliding, where.

Super-formable pure magnesium at room temperature

by Z Zeng Cited by 88 Such behaviour is associated with grain boundary sliding19 and/or dynamic recrystallization20, 21 in magnesium alloys tested at elevated temperature. Photos 

Atomic-scale investigation of creep behavior in - arXiv

by MA Bhatia 2015 Cited by 46 Mg-alloys. Even so, applications of these alloys would be restricted to contribution of grain boundary diffusion to the overall creep deformation is stronger that the (c) retardation of the kinetics associated with static recrystallization.

Microstructure, Deformation, and Property of Wrought

by JF NIE 2020 Cited by 7 grain boundary sliding in Mg alloys. This is mainly because the Similarly, static recrystallized grains also form in grain boundaries and twin