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Processing Tubes and Specimens The vacuum blood collection tube does not ˜ll completely to the stopper, but only to the required level. Proper dilution of the blood and additive in the tube is critical. Be sure that each tube is allowed to ˜ll until the blood ˚ow stops. If unsure, wait an additional

BD Vacutainer® Blood Collection Consumables

Blood Collection Set BD Vacutainer® *20 -3!& Blood Collection Set Catalogue number Needle gauge Needle length Tubing length Adaptor Quantity Wingset colour The safety mechanism is designed to be activated while the needle is in the vein to protect against needlestick injury after blood collection. ,%',##0# 2- +','+'1#

BD Vacutainer Order of Draw for Multiple Tube Collections

BD Vacutainer® PPT™ Separator Tube K 2EDTA with Gel Fluoride (glucose) Tube 8 to 10 times 3 to 4 times 5 times 5 times (plastic) none (glass) 5 to 6 times 8 to 10 times 8 to 10 times 8 to 10 times 8 to 10 times 8 to 10 times Closure Color Collection Tube Mix by Inverting * When using a winged blood collection set for venipuncture and


Collection tubes (2 ml) 150 個 750 個 (1) Buffer AW1のボトルに125 mlのエタノール(96〜100%)を添加し、全量220 mlに調 整する。ボトルキャップのチェックボックスにチェックを入れ、調整日を記載する。

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The BD Vacutainer® blood collection system is a closed evacuated system, which consists of a sterile double-ended needle with safety valve, BD Vacutainer® holder and sterile BD Vacutainer® evacuated blood collection tubes with predetermined vacuum.

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Doctor Services Phone: 1300 767 284. Email: doctors [email protected] Fax: (07) 3377 1908. Doctor s request for stores GOODS TO BE USED FOR SULLIVAN NICOLAIDES PATHOLOGY COLLECTIONS ONLY.


HAZARD WARNING: Never inject blood into the tube from needle and syringe. Always label tubes legibly Surname, Given Name, Time and Date of Collection, Date of Birth and Collector s Signature. Do not transfer blood from tube to tube to prevent contamination of additives.