Anomalous Electron Spin Splitting In InAs Pumped By Injection

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spin splitting in 2D, 20 spin synchronization, 162 spin texture, 367 spin transition, 372 spin valve, 281 lateral, 289 spin galvanic effect inverse, 263, 267 spin lattice relaxation, 416 spin orbit coupling, 32, 33 spin orbit interaction, 4, 22, 239, 301, 360 in silicon, 179 quenching by localization, 204 spin orbit splitting, 9 spin

14th International Symposium Nanostructures: Physics and

Co-Chairs Zh. Alferov L. Esaki St Petersburg, Russia, June 26 30, 2006 14th International Symposium NANOSTRUCTURES: PHYSICSANDTECHNOLOGY Ioffe Institute

'International Symposium Nanostructures: Physics and

Evanescentstates incubicsemiconductorswith inversion asymmetry andspin-orbitinteraction 45 P. S. Alekseev,V. M.ChistyakovandI. N.Yassievich Theoryofspin detector andinjectorbasedonspin-dependentresonanttunneling 41 UYa. DemikhovskiiandD.V. Khomitsky Energy bandsandspin polarizationin 2DEGwith spin-orbit couplingsubject to periodicpotential 49


investigation of the anomalous magnetic interactions in doped DMS systems and they had performed linearized muffin-tin orbital calculations on a zinc-blend structured supercell, in order to investigate the exchange interactions between 3d magnetic dopants (Cr, Mn, and Fe) in different III-V semiconductors (GaAs, GaN, and AlN).

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Optical and Electrical Manipulation of Spin Orientation in Compound Semiconductors p. 16 Ferromagnetic Heterostructures for Semiconductor Spintronics p. 18 Electron Spin Splitting in Polarization-doped III-Nitrides p. 19 Nonmagnetic Resonant Tunneling Spin Devices p. 21 Toward III-N I-Cavity Vertical Emitters: Heteroepitaxy of GaN and AlN p. 23