Increased Von Willebrand Factor In Migraine

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Coagulation studies revealed the presence of an acquired von Willebrand syndrome type 2A featured by a prolonged Ivy bleeding time, near normal factor VIII coagulant activity (0.53 u/ml) and von Willebrand factor (VWF)

Periodontal disease as a potential factor of migraine

increased levels of inflammatory mediators including increased levels of C-reactive protein (CRP), interleukin-1 (IL-1) and IL-6, tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-a) compared to healthy controls [16,17]. In migraine,the samepattern of inflammatory markers has been observed in the systemic circulation [19]. These cytokines are

Soluble CD40 ligand and prolactin levels in migraine patients

are not limited to cranial vessels, and migraine is suggested to be a systemic vasculopathy [1]. The vasculopathy of migraine is thought to reflect the endothelial dysfunction and impaired vascular reactivity. The activation of the platelets and the coagulation factors [2], the increased secretion of von Willebrand factor and tissue plasminogen

Aspirin cures erythromelalgia and cerebrovascular

Increased production of prostglandin endoperoxides Von Willebrand factor (VWF) migraine-like transient cerebral attacks (MIAs), acute

Therapeutic monoclonal antibodies approved or in review in

IgG2 Migraine prevention In review In review Ibalizumab (Pending) CD4; Humanized IgG4 HIV infection NA In review Tildrakizumab (Pending) IL-23 p19; Humanized IgG1 Plaque psoriasis In review In review Caplacizumab (Pending) von Willebrand factor; Humanized Nanobody Acquired thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura In review NA

Study finds potential causality between blood clot factors

four coagulation factors and migraine susceptibility. They observed that genetically increased levels of three blood clotting factors: coagulation factor VIII, von Willebrand factor, and

Cephalalgia The role of the endothelium in migraine

Alvarez-Cermeno JC. Increased levels of plasma von Willebrand factor in migraine crisis. Acta Neurol Scand 1995; 91: 412 413. 24. Gallai V, Sarchielli P, Firenze C, et al. Endothelin 1 in migraine and tension-type headache. Acta Neurol Scand 1994; 89: 47 55. 25. Sarchielli P, Alberti A, Baldi A, et al. Proinflammatory

Migraine and stroke - Stroke and Vascular Neurology

have shown a link of migraine, and especially aura, to increased levels of estradiol (eg, oral contraceptive pill use, pregnancy), thrombocytosis and erythrocytosis, von Willebrand factor antigen, fibrinogen, tissue plasminogen activator antigen and endothelial microparticles. 18 Hyper - coagulability induced by these changes could explain

Stroke in pregnancy and the puerperium

are outlined in box 1. Throughout pregnancy there are increased concentrations of most coagulation factors, especially von Willebrand factor, factor VIII and fibrinogen. In addition, there is progressive resistance to protein C activity and a decrease in protein S.18 Fibrinolysis is also affected in normal pregnancy


and oestrogen concentration influence Von Willebrand factor in such a way that platelet function is periodically altered during the menstrual cycle.4 Furthermore, granulocyte, granulocyte percentage, mean platelet volume, plateletcrit, platelet width density and platelet larger cell ratio have been shown to be significantly

Special Populations and Considerations in Migraine Therapy

Migraine Comorbidities Prevalence of Migraine in Fibromyalgia Case Series; Clinical Rheum journal 2005 Headache occurred in up to 76% patients Migraine was seen in 48% patients Prevalence of Fibromyalgia in Migraneurs Cephalgia 2006 17% in episodic migraine 35% in chronic migraine (FBM prevalance = 2% in normal population)

Sadik A. Khuder, PhD. -

Migraine is associated with livedo reticularis: a prospective study. Headache. 42:263-7. Increased von Willebrand factor in migraine. Neurology. 57:334-6.

Association Between Hemostatic Profile and Migraine

tistics for migraine and migraine subtypes (MA and migraine withoutaura[MO]),13 andfor8hemostaticfactors(including plasma levels or activities of fibrinogen,14 D-dimer,15 co-agulationfactorVII[FVII],16 coagulationfactorVIII[FVIII], 17 coagulation factor XI [FXI],18 vonWillebrand factor [vWF],17 tissue plasminogen activator [tPA],19 and

Oral Contraceptives, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Migraine

Migraine headache Obesity Hypercholesterolemia Other/Coagulable Factors Heterozygous for Leiden Factor V, methyl tetrahydrofolate reductase or MTHFR 677TT mutation, Factor XIII mutation, B2 glycoprotein-1 antibodies, lupus anticoagulant, endothelial dysfunction (increase of von Willebrand factor levels & low ADAMTS13)

Risk factors of migraine-related brain white matter

associates with an increased rate of cerebrovascular ischemic events, and genetic factors (such as angiotensin-converting enzyme insertion/deletion, methylenetetrahy-drofolate reductase C677T polymorphisms, and von Willebrand factor activity) which increase the susceptibil-ity of endothelial dysfunction have been linked to migraine [21, 22].

Endometriosis and mild bleeding disorders

normalities and the most common disorders include Von Willebrand disease (VWD) and platelet function defects. Von Willebrand disease can be diagnosed by measuring the level of Von Willebrand factor in blood, but the biggest challenge is in diagnosing platelet abnormalities as analysis of platelet function often requires the immediate testing of

Prothrombotic risk factors and antithrombotic therapy in

and increased levels of von Willebrand Factor (vWF), a marker of endothelial damage dysfunc-tion, among patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) with stroke has been detected [Roldán et al. 2005; van Schie et al. 2010]. However, the true mecha-nism of stroke with increased level of vWF as a triggering risk factor is still unknown. In addition

Migraine and Stroke: What stheLink?WhattoDo?

jured endothelium are vascular endothelial growth factor, t-PA, von Willebrand factor, C-reactive protein, reduced nitrate levels, all of which were found in migraineurs, some only in migraineurs with aura [58, 59]. Inflammatory cytokines re-leased in the aura phase activate the endothelium leading to procoagulatory and prothrombotic state [55].

Focus on aggressive polycythemia vera - MPNConnect

weight von Willebrand factor multimers. 48 Thrombocytosis may also be associated with intractable migraine. 32,42 In such instances, as well as with significant aquagenic pruritus, cytoreduction will be necessary. However, in this author s view, if we have learned anything in the last 50 years, it is that no chemotherapeutic agent

Platelet Glycoprotein Receptor IIIa Polymorphism P1A2 and

molecules that, when activated, binds fibrinogen and von Willebrand factor, thereby promoting platelet aggregation and thrombosis. 5 The gene encoding the GpIIIa arm of the integrin molecule is poly-morphic at exon 3; the more common allele encodes a leucine (P1A1), and the less common allele encodes a proline (P1A2). 6

Specialty Guideline Management (SGM) Therapy and Drug Overview

Hemophilia and von Willebrand disease (vWD) are inherited bleeding disorders. Hemophilia is caused by a deficiency of coagulation factor VIII (hemophilia A) or factor IX (hemophilia B). vWD is the most common inherited bleeding disorder and occurs when there is a defect in the quantity or quality of von Willebrand factor.

Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases - Springer

patients with acquired Von Willebrand's disease [4]. The fetus seems to be at greater risks. There is an overall increased incidence of first trimester miscarriage in one out of three pregnancies. Late pregnancy loss is far more frequently observed in ET than in normal population (5 9.6% vs. 0.5%). An increased incidence of intrauterine

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Von Willebrand Disease The symptoms of VWD may be caused by platelet dysfunction or a deficit of Factor VIII Von Willebrand Disease Three classifications of VWD Type 1, 2, and 3 Some of these have subtypes Symptoms range from mild to severe Von Willebrand Disease Von Willebrand Disease is usually inherited, but can be

Cerebral and systemiC endothelial dysfunCtion in migraine

vascular disorders. Investigation of endothelial function in migraine includes a variety of examinations including biomarkers and ultrasonography-based studies. Several proposed biomarkers for endothelial dysfunction are en-dothelial progenitor cells (EPCs), von Willebrand factor (vWF), nitric oxide (NO), tissue-type plasminogen activator

The Role of Endothelial Dysfunction in the Pathophysiology

von Willebrand factor (vWF), plasminogen activator inhibi-tor-1, angiotensin II, prostacyclin, platelet-activating factor, homocysteine, and adrenomedullin (AM). These substances influence the contraction of smooth-muscle cells (SMC), both pro- and anticoagulation, thrombus lysis or formation, and oxidative stress.

Cerebral venous thrombosis associated with thyrotoxicosis

Russell s viper venom time, was normal. Factor VIIIc, von Willebrand factor (vWF) antigen and ristocetin cofactor activity were elevated (446%, 350% and 405% of normal, respectively). Genetic analyses for factor V Leiden and the prothrombin 20210A polymorphism were negative. Flow cytometry for

Chiropractic and Stroke: What Are Our Responsibilities?

Women who had probable migraine with visual symptoms who also smoked and used oral contraceptives had seven times the risk of stroke than women who had probable migraine with visual symptoms alone. 3. In this study the group that had probable migraine with visual aura, who smoked, and used oral contraceptives had a 10-fold increased risk for stroke

The VWF/ADAMTS13 axis in the antiphospholipid syndrome

von Willebrand factor (VWF), or increased VWF secretion (normal VWF propeptide), although a reduced VWF clearance was noted in APS. Analysis found no associations between the ADAMTS13 abnormalities and any aPA profile or thrombotic/obstetric complications, although this study was not adequately powered to address clinical associations.


People with migraine, especially those with migraine with aura, have a higher risk of stroke than adults without headache.7 10 The increased risk is more evident in younger people6,8,10,11 and in migraine with frequent attacks.12 In a meta-analysis of observational studies published between 1966 and 2004, Etminan et al.10 found an

Cerebral venous thrombosis associated with Migraine

This patient was suffering from migraine with aura and presented with CVT probably potentiated by oral contraceptives. Migraine is now known for having hypercoagulable state. This has been explained by increased platelet aggregation property, elevated levels of platelet-activating factor (PAF) and Von Willebrand factor. The oral

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ages 30 60 (mean 48) years, 155 migraine with aura (MA), 128 migraine without aura (MO), and 134 controls with no severe headaches. Plasma concentrations of fibrinogen, Factor II, D-dimer, high sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP), and von Willebrand factor antigen were compared between groups, also stratifying by sex. Results

Annals of Internal Medicine Clinical Guideline

available biomarkers, such as von Willebrand factor, is war-ranted in broader populations of women. Menopause and Hormone Replacement Menopause, particularly younger age at menopause, and risk for stroke may be related, but evidence defining such a relationship is inconsistent. Whether natural versus Table. Risk Factors for Stroke Risk Factor

Migraine and Biomarkers of Endothelial Activation in Young Women

Mar 09, 2015 Results Sixty-one participants had migraine with aura (MA), 64 had migraine without aura (MO), and 50 were controls. Compared with controls, women with migraine had higher adjusted odds ratios for elevated von Willebrand factor activity of 6.51 (95% CI, 1.94 to 21.83) in those with MA and of 4.59 (95% CI, 1.37 to 15.38) in those with MO,

Willebrand Syndrome: The Shadowlands between Thrombosis and

Jun 30, 2020 proteolytic reduction of von Willebrand factor (VWF) multimers due to the passive adsorption to the platelet membrane. In contrast, lower PC (<1000 109/L) has been associated with arterial and venous thrombosis (ischemic stroke, deep venous thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, etc.), with an increased risk observed when JAK2 mutation is present [6,32].

Understanding the Patient with Epilepsy and Seizures in the

Patients with epilepsy can be at increased risk of fracture because enzyme-inducing antiepileptic drugs (e.g., phenytoin, phenobarbital, carbamazepine) alter the metabolism and clearance of vitamin D and have been associated with osteopenia and osteomalacia.19 Of in-terest, increased fracture risk has also been associated

von Willebrand Factor and Retinal Circulation in Early-Stage

hypoxia and, ultimately, increased retinal vascular permeability and retinal neovas-cularization (7,8,13). von Willebrand factor (vWF) is a gly-coprotein that mediates platelet adhesion by binding with platelet surface receptor GP Ib/IX. This receptor is particularly important in blood vessels at high shear rates (14,15). In addition, vWF also

Circulating Endothelial Markers in Retinal Vasculopathy With

that revealed thicker endothelial cells with increased vesicles and coarse cytoplasm and thicker multilaminated basement membranes of endothelial cells.2 Currently, there is no biomarker for RVCL-S predicting clinical onset or progression of the disease. Increased circu-lating levels of von Willebrand factor (VWF) were reported

Platelet Alloantigen Polymorphism and Migraine Headache - An

in migraine, especially in migraine with aura has accumulated during the past few years [3]. First-degree relatives of probands who have migraine with aura have a four-fold increased risk of migraine (with aura). Serotonin, Platelets and Migraine Extracranial arterial dilation during an attack was assumed to be