A Flow Cell Reactor For The Study Of Growth Kinetics Of Single Hairy Roots

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oleh N Mamun 2015 Dirujuk 1 kali 3.1.3 Results and discussion. 57 plastic mesh for immobilization of hairy roots (​Cardillo et al.,. 2010), (c) bioreactors- (i) Single-column reactor, (ii) Radial flow reactor Menten enzyme kinetics was used in the model for uptake of nutrients by cells and tissues This could affect the growth of somatic embryos resulting in​.

Artemisia species in vitro cultures for production of biologically

oleh M GRECH-BARAN Dirujuk 20 kali A fur- ther effect of these factors on the hairy root culture in- cluded a low concentration of NAA (0.025 mg/l) which enhanced the growth of the roots, but inhibited 

Derivation of a macroscopic model for nutrient uptake by a

oleh M Ptashnyk 2007 Dirujuk 1 kali In this article we study the process of nutrient uptake by a single root branch. culture can be cultivated under sterile conditions in a hairy-root-reactor or in a flask. Hairy roots generally form numerous lateral branches and have a high growth The derivation of the macroscopic equations for the flow in partially perforated 

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oleh RM BUITELAAR Dirujuk 3 kali Growth and secondary metabolite production by hairy roots ofTagetes The plant cell cultures used in the present study were derived from Tagetes spp. One of the most intensively studied and commonly used biotic elicitors is derived from Catharanthus roseuscells in a continuous flow reactor, Biotechnol Letters, vol 8, 

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oleh K Khosravi-Darani 2020 Dirujuk 2 kali [84] investigated the tolerance of Arabid- opsis thaliana hairy roots to low oxygen conditions in a bubble column reactor. A recent study that was not aimed to 

Genetic transformation studies and scale up of hairy root

oleh S Mehrotra Dirujuk 71 kali nutritional requirement for its growth kinetics at shake supported best growth of hairy roots followed by MS, B5 One year old G. glabra plants thoroughly in a continuous flow of tap water for 2-3 hrs and single cell colony in 10 ml liquid YMB medium in sterile reactor configuration has been utilized for the growth of.7 halaman

Use of Plant Cell Cultures in Biocatalyst Development for Bio

oleh MM Al-Harbi 2019 Plants, Callus, Cell Suspension and Hairy Root Cultures Chapter 6 Results and Discussion: Initiation of Various Plant Cell and Hairy Root Cultures Effect of DBT Concentration on Nicotiana tabacum Growth in MS Aqueous 7.2.7 (​Nicotiana tabacum) Kinetic Model Application for the Biodesulfurization Experiment in.

Chapter 8. Agrobacterium rhizogenes Mediated Hairy Root

biomass in the culture media free from the plant growth regulators. transformed cells and also it induces hairy roots by the hydrolysis of bound studied transgenic plants obtained from hairy root cultures of Hyoscyamus A convective flow reactor is made up of a stirred tank and a culture chamber (​tubular in shape).

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oleh T Hirayama 1991 1. INTRODUCTION. Agrobacterium rhizogenes confers hairy root tumors at wound sites on susceptible similarly transfers its T-DNA into plant cells (15,16,​17) CEMS Study of the Growth and Properties of Fe304 Films, T. Fujii, M. Takano, ous-Flow Stirred Tank Reactor: Reaction Behavior near the Crossing Point in a.

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oleh SG Bhagwath Dirujuk 1 kali My graduate studies would not have been possible with out the help of the faculty and staff Data obtained from reactor cultures of A. artemisiifolia T4 hairy roots. All kinetics of hairy root cultures to the physiological state of the cell. shape of a single exponential growth phase followed by a transition phase until growth.

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oleh V Homova 2010 Dirujuk 17 kali Bioactive Metabolite Accumulation and Flow Cytometry side, leucosceptoside A, and martynoside in shake-ffasks and a 3-L stirred tank reactor. of Devil's claw hairy roots as biofactories for producing high-value single cell), fast growth in hormone-free media, The present study was Hairy root growth and kinetics.

Modulation of artemisinin biosynthesis by elicitors, inhibitor

oleh S Ahlawat 2014 Dirujuk 46 kali Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Science, Centre for Transgenic Plant Development, Jamia miconazole on artemisinin production in hairy root cultures were evaluated. better advantage over cell suspension such as high growth One gram of dried hairy roots was used for the estimation flow rate of 1 ml min.

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oleh M TECH The Committee of Courses and Studies in each department shall appoint one or mixing, Stopped flow and Relaxation techniques, Determination of the in cell culture, growth kinetics with plasmid instability, kinetics of bisubstrate enzyme Immobilized plant cell and cell retention reactors, Hairy root cultures and their 

Quantitative analysis of metabolic pathways in Catharanthus

oleh GW Sander 2009 Dirujuk 13 kali Sander, Guy William, Quantitative analysis of metabolic pathways in Catharanthus roseus hairy roots metabolically engineered for terpenoid indole alkaloid 

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oleh I Mascheretti 2021 (ARc) and hairy root (HRc) culture lines was estimated up to one month to for all the experiments hereinafter and their growth kinetics are (a) Mesh root-​supported airlift reactor containing L. austriacum HRc7 line In this study, cell (​Cc), adventitious roots (ARc) and The flow rate was 1.0 mL/min.

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development of a single stage growth and indole alkaloid production production: cell suspensions, artificial immobilized cells, and hairy roots. The cell.

Biotechnological production of rosmarinic acid and

oleh A Khojasteh 2019 suspensions and hairy root cultures by the use of elicitors and permeabilizing Satureja species have also been studied, revealing the existence of one reactor can be used during exponential growth to increase cell biomass, and another prototype reactor (2.3 L working volume) with an internal cross-flow filter working 

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Physiology of Saccharomyces cerevisiae during cell cycle oscillations. J. Biotechnol. A flow cell reactor for the study of growth kinetics of single hairy roots.

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26 Mei 2021 It was observed in a large population study that prolonged, moderate method comprising producing a hairy root culture from a plant cell, and contacting said composition comprises one or more stilbene derivatives other than hairy roots results in identification of a line that can sustain growth in liquid 

Production of mouse interleukin-12 is greater in tobacco hairy

oleh C Liu 2009 Dirujuk 66 kali the best root growth (7 g DW LÀ1) was in the shake flasks, mammalian cell culture-based bioproduction (Cramer et al., Most of the work with hairy roots in reactors has focused head is cooled in a laminar flow hood. this study. Growth, mIL-12 Production and Nutrient Consumption. Kinetics of N. tabacum Hairy Roots  13 halaman

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oleh P Bastian Dirujuk 3 kali A multiscale approach is presented to model growth of hairy roots. a number of biological studies have focused on the growth process, growth uptake kinetics depend on the density of the root network and are defined On the microscopic scale we consider water flow between single root than the grid cell size.

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Ability of native plant growth promoting microorganisms (PGPMs) are being evaluated to environmental remediation- enzymes, biosurfactants) are being studied to address the need for newer Laminar flow vertical -model v-42 cell growth and product formation, plant cell / hairy root reactors types of rectors,.

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oleh S Kim 1993 Dirujuk 5 kali Rate at which cells leave the single tip and enter the root body,. [1/Time], Finally, the growth kinetics of hairy roots of Tagetes erecta are also studied immortal in a flow cell reactor where there is no substrate depletion and no oxygen.

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Root cultures have been studied since the early days of tissue culture research, but have created one cell to another within the hairy roots is complicated (​Neelwarne and loop, and submerged connective flow reactors (Wilson et al. 1987 composition on growth kinetics, and morphology of the roots were also studied.41 halaman

Cannabinoids production in Cannabis sativa L.: An in vitro

oleh SHF Hussein Dirujuk 2 kali cannabinoids was achieved in cell suspension, hairy root and trichome an electronic timer to control the flow of nutrients from the reservoir to the describing in vitro studies of many medicinal plants are currently available, scientific growth kinetics and cannabinoid content in shake flask cell suspension and hairy root.

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oleh AN Shinde 2008 Dirujuk 3 kali studies carried out for production of isoflavones by in vitro cell cultures. Additionally yield suspension cell cultures consist of single cell to cell aggregates of dissolved oxygen, gas flow rate, temperature, cell density designed and studied for hairy root growth and secondary reactors (170, 171, 172, 173, 174, 175).


1.12 Approaches to the Improvement of Oxygen Supply in Reactors 5.1 Growth Conditions in Shake Flask Cultures of Hairy Roots. 5.2 Effect of 21 d culture using different sparger:tubing air flow rate ratios. 117 formation, was not found in this study. During the past few years, plant cell and tissue culture technology.

Catharanthus roseus (L.) G. Don. An important drug: Its

31 Mei 2015 relief of obstruction of normal cerebral blood flow. composition, plant growth regulators, pH of the culture medium, temperature, hairy root culture, somatic embryogenesis, biosynthesis of alkaloids, or genital warts were treated in this study. the initial cell populations can be used as a single cellular.

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oleh K Khosravi-Darani 2020 Dirujuk 2 kali opsis thaliana hairy roots to low oxygen conditions in a bubble column reactor. A recent study that was not aimed to produce a bio product but, 

Effects of inoculum density, carbon concentration, and feeding

oleh MJ Towler 2005 Dirujuk 4 kali A summary of studies using hairy roots in mist reactors is provided in Table 1.1. In nearly all cases, hairy root growth in mist reactors was as good as or better  192 halaman

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10 Jun 2017 Studies on plant secondary metabolites have been increasing over the been shown in hairy roots and other organ cultures. Compared to cell growth kinetics​, which is usually an ated, a single-step reactor is sufficient to grow the cells [​78] T.L. Shiao, P.M. Doran, Root hairiness: effect on fluid flow.

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oleh Y Kim 2002 Dirujuk 318 kali The growth and productivity of hairy root cultures are reviewed with an secondary metabolites from plant cell suspension cultures is that column reactor; c, submerged convective flow reactor; d, radial flow reactor; e, plastic-​lined vessel;/, trickle bed reactor; g, experimental system for studying root-​specific pathways.

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oleh G Prakash 2002 Dirujuk 73 kali sity on cell growth and azadirachtin concentration. In most of the hairy roots containing azadirachtin and one of its de- rivatives has of a limiting nutrient, kinetics of cells can be studied. A continuous flow reactor with cell recycle or cell 

A flow cell reactor for the study of growth kinetics of single

oleh J Flint-Wandel 1993 Dirujuk 22 kali A flow cell reactor designed for the study of growth and branching of However, in order to scale-up hairy root cultures reliably, their growth kinetics must be.

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Lipids and biological membranes; Transport across cell membrane;. Design of cell growth; growth inhibition kinetics; product formation kinetics in a fermentation screening; design procedure; Flow of fluids past a stationary particle for low of key kinetic parameters; Hairy root induction of a plant; Analysis of plant 

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oleh J Robitaille 2015 Dirujuk 48 kali cell line producing the EG2-hFc monoclonal antibody was studied. which inhibit cell growth and affect the mAb product production and quality maximal O2 concentration of the total gas flow rate of 100%. sephosphate isomerase on Solanum tuberosum hairy root cells using a kinetic metabolic model.

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oleh SR Katuri cells reach branching age faster which alters the inter-node distance Keywords​: hairy roots; growth kinetics; nutrient flow; maintenance; mass transfer The liquid phase reactors are stirred tank reactor, bubble column reactor, rotating The present study focused on the transport of nutrients across root.

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will be a discussion of how we got to where we are today, and of the real world The CSTR (continuously stirred tank reactor) with mechanical stirring, typically sensitive cells, turbines and flow breakers in the fermenter are replaced by of the single hairy root bioreactor, requiring parallel operation of several identical.

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20 Jun 1988 Few studies have undertaken the needed studies to assess We are at one site that will be allocated to Artemisia whose soil pH was were easily converted into artemisinin with a high yield using cell free extract of Growth kinetics of transgenic hairy roots induced by different strains indicated a similar.

Kinetic and Stoichiometric Analysis of Hairy Roots in a

Bulk mixing in the reactor was very poor: after 14 days of culture, the time taken to reach 95% developed for hairy root growth; this indicated that 8.3% of carbon supplied to the overall biomass densities as roots accumulate in one to suspended plant cell cultures in several studies using The total air flow rate of 200.

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oleh S Werner 2018 Dirujuk 25 kali obvious that the optimal bioreactor system for a plant suspension cell culture is different to one for a plant tissue culture in many ways. General may harm the tissue (e.g. the root networks and the hairy extensions of hairy roots). [36, 37] However, studies have shown that overventilation can reduce cell growth.


oleh S Srivastava 2015 3.3.5 Growth studies on the seven transformed hairy root lines pathogenic bacteria and proposed cell surface damage as one of the mechanism for water + 0.1 % OPA (40:60) with a flow rate 1.0 mL/ min and absorbance of 280 nm. integration, growth kinetics, morphotyping and metabolite production studies.

Production of Blue Pigment from the Callus Cultures of

oleh R Oommen 2009 Dirujuk 2 kali private study only. Figure 2.2: Flow chart for the production of hairy roots Figure 4.17: Cell growth profile of hairy roots in half and full MS medium first exerts a small pressure which helps to break the callus into single cells and cultured in stirred tank reactor of capacities 200L and 750L (Tabata and Fujita 1985) 

Population Balance Approach to Modeling Hairy Root Growth

An appropriate kinetic model for the growth of hairy roots is needed to of hairy roots. From a kinetic randomly) and mutation (one population change its components (4) Flint-Wandel, J.; Hjortso, M. A flow cell reactor for the study of growth 

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oleh S Chandra 2013 Dirujuk 28 kali Hairy root cultures are a useful means for studying the biochemical and gene The development and growth kinetics of single hairy roots of A.


oleh OFANIC FLUIDIZED-BED Dirujuk 1 kali The phenol biodegradation and microbial growth kinetics of suspended David Stuivenbery is thanked for his involvement in one of the dynamic version of the square-root mode1 (Equation 2.30) was better than the model of Schoolfield et al. using flow cells or cuncentric-tube reactors, which are low-shcar systems.

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Abstract. Agrobacterium rhizogenes causes hairy root disease in plants. and cultured cells tend to produce low yields of secondary metabolites. Hairy root cultures are characterized by a high growth rate and are able to single hairy root that arises from the explant tissue is a clone. Mist bioreactor (trickle bed reactor).

Ethephon-induced changes in antioxidants and phenolic

oleh G Barba-Espín 2020 Dirujuk 2 kali compounds in anthocyanin-producing black carrot hairy root cultures. Gregorio In our study, a growth kinetic resembling a sigmoidal curve 

Redalyc.Genetic transformation studies and scale up of hairy

oleh S Mehrotra 2008 Dirujuk 74 kali nutritional requirement for its growth kinetics at shake supported best growth of hairy roots followed by MS, B5 One year old G. glabra plants thoroughly in a continuous flow of tap water for 2-3 hrs and single cell colony in 10 ml liquid YMB medium in sterile reactor configuration has been utilized for the growth of.8 halaman

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oleh B Zhao 2014 Dirujuk 2 kali Confocal microscope observation showed that the H. niger hairy root cells with less aeration Dr. Lihong Teng, for your assistance with the research study. I would like to 4.7 Kinetic analysis of transgenic hairy root growth and nicotine as mist, which is carried by a flow of air into the growth chamber (Buer et al. 1996​). In.