Influence Of Mn On Crystal Structure And Thermoelectric Properties Of GeTe Compounds

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Realizing the High Thermoelectric Performance of GeTe by Sb

5 Dec 2016 thermoelectric transport properties inherent to p-type GeTe, based on more inherent to this compound when it is optimally doped with a. Hall carrier S. D. Influence of Mn on crystal structure and thermoelectric properties of 

Heterostructures of skutterudites and germanium antimony

by F Fahrnbauer 2015 Cited by 12 efficiently scatter phonons, their impact on the charge carrier Im%3) as a PGEC material due to its favorable crystal structure. tion in the characteristic Sb4 units​, for example by GeTe.9 11 The thermoelectric properties of skutterudites can be improved a combined result of the compounds present.

Improving the thermoelectric performance of metastable rockв

25 Jul 2016 as the pseudobinary. GeTe-Sb2Te3 compounds have recently gained attention for their good thermoelectric properties, which can be used for The effect on the crystal structure, elemental composition, microstructure, and 23, 4349 (2011). [​14] M. N. Schneider, Ph.D. Thesis, Real structure А property.

Local structure of Mn-doped ferromagnetic semiconductors

by TA De Lemos Lima and how it influences the ferroelectricity, the ferromagnetism and their interplay are still a properties of (Ga,Mn)As and related compounds, we studied the lattice location and thermal 8.3 Mn lattice location in α-GeTe phase switching mechanism,149 thermal and thermoelectric properties,150 or.

Half-metallicity and magnetism of GeTe doped with transition

by Y Liu 2012 Cited by 24 Related Articles. Dopants effect on the band structure of PbTe thermoelectric material in Cr- and V-substituted GeTe bulk compounds has been reported by magnetic properties arise via percolation effects among a very small Ge4ÀnXnTe4 (X ¼ V, Cr, Mn): the equilibrium lattice constants a, the X-Te.

Low-Symmetry Rhombohedral GeTe - Cell Press

by J Li 2018 Cited by 212 reduce the lattice thermal conductivity and therefore realize a record If the symmetry breaking of band degeneracy is small, both effects may be simulta- neously Most thermoelectric IV-VI compounds crystallize in a cubic structure, and the Moreover, the thermoelectric properties are found to be effec-.

Advances in Thermoelectric Materials and Devices for Energy

13 Oct 2015 effect, which is the appearance of an electrical voltage thermal conductivity has a contribution from lattice vibrations (2014) Influence of Mn on crystal structure and thermoelectric properties of GeTe compounds Electron.

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by L Bocher Cited by 3 Synthesis, structure, microstructure, and thermoelectric properties of companied with a thermal reduction further influence the thermoelectric proper- Alloying between isomorphous compounds leads to low lattice thermal conductivities in Mn 3d level in octahedral crystal field splits into the t2g threefold degenerate and 

Effect of deformation on the substructure development - DRO

by D Pandel 2017 2.4 Effect of deformation on thermoelectric and mechanical properties (GeTe)​0.85(AgSbTe2)0.15 has been well used in long life thermoelectric lowering the lattice thermal conductivity of the material is to substitute its crystal lattice coefficient and the electrical conductivity of Mg2Si0.7Sn0.3 compound were increased.

s78 - IUCr Journals

properties are lacking. In this contribution, influences the interaction strength at low water loadings Crystal structures and thermoelectric properties in the system (GeTe)nSb2Te3 (GST materials) are dominated by compounds without reconstructive phase transitions. In [1] T. Rosenthal, M. N. Schneider, C. Stiewe​, M.

Electronic origin of the high thermoelectric performance of

by J Li Cited by 134 This work focuses on the thermoelectric transport properties inherent to p-type GeTe, materials, its phase transition deforms the lattice of GeTe from a compounds is that they all have a two-valence band structure. 41 Lee, J. K., Oh​, M. W., Kim, B. S., Min, B. K., Lee, H. W. & Park, S. D. Influence of Mn.

Engineering Electronic Structure and Lattice Dynamics to

30 Apr 2021 Enhanced Thermoelectric Performance of Mn−Sb Co-Doped GeTe. Ashutosh enhances the TE properties of GeTe, as evidenced from both and phonon (​lattice) thermal conductivity (κph)], and T is the To quantify the effect of Mn−Sb co-doping on the electrical Properties of GeTe Compounds.


neer the thermoelectric properties of various alloys and compounds which belong to this family of Seebeck effect, electrons and holes will flow according to a temperature gradient Figure 2.3: Crystal structure of GeTe and Sb2Te3, which has repeating vacancy lay- Welzmiller, et al studied Mn doping in Ge4Sb2Te7,.

Growth of Metal Chalcogenide Nanomaterials - UQ eSpace

by Y Zou 2016 Metal chalcogenides, such as IV-VI and V-VI compounds (SnTe, Bi2Te3, Bi2Se3)​, to be an essential parameter that can control the crystal structure of SnTe based chemical vapour deposition, topological insulator, thermoelectric, scanning Chapter 4 discusses the effect of growth direction on the electrical property of.

Influence of nanostructuring on thermoelectric properties of p

by V Ohorodniichuk 2014 III-4) Alignment of ribbons: influence on the thermoelectric properties 11111111 168 IV-3) Lattice thermal conductivity of Sb2-xBixTe3 polycrystals 111111111111111. 173 GeTe, and referred to as TAGS compounds, have been proven to be more efficient p-type + cations, Sb and Mn atoms are.

Symposium U: Thermoelectric Power Generation. Held in

by TP Hogan 2008 single crystal nanowires of silicides to investigate their potential enhancement Effect of In-Situ Hydrogen Annealing on the Thermoelectric Properties of structure of these two compounds and their analogies have been intensively studied GeTe, a small bandgap semiconductor that has native p-type defects due to Ge 

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On the other hand, electronic effects of the involved phases on thermoelectric An implementation of GEM method for the IV VI (including SnTe and GeTe), bismuth telluride (Bi2Te3), higher manganese silicides (HMS) and lattice thermal conductivity, κl) properties, enabling the highest possible TE figure of merit,.

Heterostructures of skutterudites and germanium antimony

by F Fahrnbauer 2015 Cited by 12 efficiently scatter phonons, their impact on the charge carrier Im%3) as a PGEC material due to its favorable crystal structure. tion in the characteristic Sb4 units​, for example by GeTe.9 11 The thermoelectric properties of skutterudites can be improved a combined result of the compounds present.

CrystEngComm - The Royal Society of Chemistry

16 Mar 2015 This influenced the electronic properties of the GeTe-rich GeSbTe and improved the In-depth studies suggest that disorder in the crystal structure was created via rapid cooling based compounds (materials containing sulfur, selenium and improving the thermoelectric properties of the GeSbTe offers.

The synthesis and thermoelectric properties of the Gadolinium

by Y Cui 2018 development in reducing the lattice thermal conductivity has been made to For example, GeTe was alloyed with PbTe to optimize the TE properties in A description of thermoelectric effect under the external temperature gradient An attempt to increase NV was recently carried out on tetragonal chalcopyrite compounds 

Charge Transport in Phase-Change Materials - RWTH

Electrical properties of crystalline pseudo-binary alloys between Ge3Sb2Te6 and​. GeTe that GeTe-based devices can be switched on a nanosecond timescale. materials (typical stoichiometries, crystal structures, chemical bonding, Phase-change materials and thermoelectric materials belong to the same class of ma-.

Origin of the High Performance in GeTe-Based Thermoelectric

by H Chi 2014 Cited by 255 the narrow-band-gap IV−VI compound GeTe has not attracted as much attention Ge vacancies in its crystal structure.12,13 GeTe undergoes a second-order phases and doping levels.16,17 Good thermoelectric properties were obtained influence of microstructures and electronic band structures. Pb.

Enhanced thermoelectric performance through crystal - CORE

by J Shuai Cited by 47 thermoelectric properties of the notable GeTe system. * Corresponding Generally, doping of some elements or compounds will simultaneously affect the also the unit cell volume, similar as the case in Mn-doped. GeTe.[44] crystal field effect variation on the VBMs, the band structures of pristine and 

Research Article Anomalous Thermopower and - Science

by S Duan 2021 hybridization between Te-p and Mn-d orbitals. cal thermal conductivity, lattice thermal conductivity, and The IV-VI compound GeTe is a remarkable thermoelec- GeTe undergoes a In this work, the thermoelectric properties of GeMnTe2 stand. In magnetic materials, however, the effect of magnetic.

Enhanced Thermoelectric Performance in Ge0.955â

15 Mar 2021 Mn, Cd, In, Mg, Zn, and Ti at Ge-site,[11,18,27 30] could further enhance of GeTe by combination with the scattering effects from both Ge vacancies and other hierarchical structures, an extremely low lattice thermal conductivity is suc- cessfully of thermoelectric properties of GeTe-based compounds.

Phase Transitions of Thermoelectric TAGS-85

by A Kumar 2017 Cited by 20 thermoelectric properties but can only be obtained after an annealing step also scatter phonons, reducing the lattice thermal conductiv- ity.6,7 Moreover, parent compound GeTe while maintaining high power factors due to a similar structure, it is of interest to examine more closely the influence of the.

Phase-transition temperature suppression to achieve - PNAS

by Z Liu 2018 Cited by 88 cubic GeTe and high thermoelectric performance by Bi and Mn and Mn codoping, the lattice thermal conductivity was also largely reduced due to the new compounds (6), band-structure engineering to maximize the Temperature-​dependent thermoelectric properties of α-Ge1−xBixTe samples (x = 0  6 pages

Accelerating the discovery and optimization of thermoelectric

by BR Ortiz electronic mobility and low lattice thermal conductivity, properties that are generally in- Cu2IIBIVTe4 DLS compounds using the single parabolic band (​SPB) model at and lie upon the HgTe-GeTe-Te ternary face, they are compositionally hancement in Pb 1-x Mn x Te alloys and its effect on thermoelectric efficiency.

Enhanced thermoelectric performance of In-substituted

by A Kosuga 2014 Cited by 12 stituting In decreased both the lattice and electronic thermal conductivity, as well as Te phase diagram contains the homologous compound (GeTe)n(Sb2Te3)m (n, m are integers),7 we can ignore the effect of porosity on the transport properties. 2 M. N. Schneider, T. Rosenthal, C. Stiewe, and O. Oeckle, Z. Kristallogr.

Synthesis, thermal behavior and thermoelectric properties of

by T Schröder 2014 and rapid quenching and their influence on physical properties ​ 13 Crystal structures of the quenched compounds Thermoelectric properties of (GeTe)11(LiSbTe2)2 M. N. Schneider, T. Rosenthal, C. Stiewe, O. Oeckler, Z. Kristallogr. 2010, 225 

Detailed Program - Colorado School of Mines

21 Jul 2020 Investigation on influence of indium incorporation on thermal Simple model for thermoelectric properties of bulk and monolayer compound Crystal structures and thermoelectric properties of Sb-based doped with Mn nanowires High performance GeTe thermoelectrics in both rhombohedral and.

Investigation of the phase change mechanism of

by C Koch 2018 Cited by 12 Additionally, novel features such as thermoelectric properties of GeTe-rich structures of the doped or substituted compounds, and the relation between doping/substitution level, crystal structure and resulting properties are not In situ XRD was used to investigate the crystallization behavior and the influence of Sn on the.

Influence of Mn on Crystal Structure and Thermoelectric

by JK Lee 2014 Cited by 50 Influence of Mn on Crystal Structure and Thermoelectric Properties of. GeTe Compounds. J. K. Lee, M. W. Oh,*B. S. Kim, B. K. Min, H. W. Lee, 

The development of manganite-based materials - UNSWorks

Improvement in the thermoelectric properties of CaMnO3 perovskites by W doping, J. Figure 2.8 Crystal structure of CaMnO3. The Mn. 4+ cation is at the centre of the polycrystalline CaMnO3-based compounds and their influence on TE properties have range (i.e. 500-800 K), group IV tellurides such as PbTe, GeTe,.

Mechanisms of Enhanced Thermoelectricity in Chalcogenides

by N Alsaleh 2018 multiband effects as well as changes of the band effective masses. 5 Enhanced Thermoelectric Properties of AB2Te4 (A = Pb, Sn and B In the case of GeTe the band gap, S, S2σ/τ, and ZT (1.0 at 0 GPa for a hole pressure the a, b, and c lattice constants of the Zintl compound Ca5Al2Sb6 decrease by.

TAGS-related indium compounds and their thermoelectric

by T Schröder 2014 Cited by 22 and chalcopyrite-type AgInTe2 has occurred at 300 °C. (GeTe)5.5AgInTe2 prepared under high-pressure. 20 conditions exhibits a structure types exhibit very good thermoelectric properties: 45 rocksalt-type compounds mainly due to their low lattice thermal combine the effects known from TAGS with the low thermal. 65.

Investigation on the electronic structures, hardness and

by L Zhao 2016 thermoelectric conductivity by reducing the mean free path of lattice vibrations. symmetry, fundamentally determine the physical properties of a compound. Therefore, it is very necessary to investigate doping effects on the crystal structures for induced bands in PbTe-, SnTe-, and GeTe-based bulk thermoelectrics, Phys.

General Efficiency Theory of Thermoelectric Conversion

by B Ryu 2019 Cited by 1 A thermoelectric module utilizing the thermoelectric effect for direct conversion of Journal of Alloys and Compounds 566, 168 174 (2013). Influence of Mn on crystal structure and thermoelectric properties of GeTe com-.

Stacking faults modulation for scattering optimization in GeTe

by L Xie 2020 Cited by 28 effect on phonons, thus leading to extremely low lattice thermal conductivity of 0.38 W mА 1 KА 1. tion of Ge vacancy layers exists in pristine GeTe compound, leading to an thermoelectric properties of GeTe are mainly through reducing high doping, co-doping of Mn/Mg, In or Cd, can effectively optimize carrier.

Impact of Coinage Metal Insertion on the Thermoelectric

29 Mar 2018 Thermoelectric Properties of GeTe Solid-State Solutions Sb (zT ~ 1.8) 37, 6 mol​% Bi (zT ~ 1.3) 38, 5 mol% Mn (zT ~ 1.3) 39, 2.5 mol% Sn + 2.5 The crystal structure of GeTe-based compounds undergoes a second-order 

Acta Cryst. (2016). A72, s79 - DOI

MS20-O5 The influence of mobile monovalent ions on structures and Crystal structures and thermoelectric properties in the system (GeTe)nSb2Te3 (GST materials) are dominated by that of compounds with high vacancy concentrations, indicating that Li and moisture. [1] T. Rosenthal, M. N. Schneider, C. Stiewe, M.

Oxide Thermoelectrics: The Role of Crystal Structure on

by TD Sparks 2012 Cited by 7 Crystal Structure on Thermopower in Strongly Correlated Spinels. manganese oxides, -25 μV/K. The cause of this increase in thermopower is shown to Figure 1.7 Typical trends in thermoelectric properties and figure of merit as a function of Figure 4.19 Thermal diffusivity of FexMn1-xNiCrO4 x=0, ½, ¾, 1 compounds.

Thermoelectric Properties of CoSb3 - [email protected]

by J Yang 2010 Cited by 6 the structure and thermoelectric properties will be presented with details. The effects of synthesis 4.7 Effect of Fe/Mn Substitution on Co Site 55. Fig. 3.2 Crystal structure of the filled skutterudite [2]. intermetallic compounds, and complex chalcogenides. The low- IV, such as PbTe, GeTe or SnTe, are typically used.

Shaping the role of germanium vacancies in - Nature

by Z Liu 2020 Cited by 7 GeTe, addressing its defective character; (2) Ge vacancies play a vital strategy of point defect engineering for future thermoelectric rial's intrinsic properties (​crystal structure and chemical electrical properties are due to the unfavorable effect of structure after AgInTe2 alloying or Mn alloying at room.

Thermoelectric Properties of Highly-Crystallized Ge-Te-Se

8 Apr 2017 lattice thermal conductivity of ~0.7 Wm−1 K−1 at 525 K due to the assumable The attempt to improve the thermoelectric properties from the semiconducting IV VI group is the GeTe based alloys. Lee, J.K.; Oh, M.W.; Kim, B.S.; Min, B.K.; Lee, H.W.; Park, S.D. Influence of Mn on crystal structure and.

Poster Presentation Program - 2018 International and

Effect of Charge Carrier Optimization on Thermoelectric Properties of Mn and Thermoelectric transport properties of Sb-doped SnSe2 compounds and Sb codoped GeTe thermoelectric materials Crystal structure and thermoelectric properties of Ge2Sb2Te5 of thermoelectric performance of Mn and Yb doped SnTe.


by IA Mahdy Keys word: chalcogenide GeTe, transition metal Co , doping, structure measurements,. IR Absorption. 1. INTRODUCTION. Compounds with the skutterudite 

Towards accelerated thermoelectric materials and process

by J Recatala Gomez 2020 Cited by 19 κe) and lattice vibrations or phonons (lattice thermal conductivity, for rich physics to enhance thermoelectric properties. However, beyond ground state bandstructure, predicting phase stability of such compounds is a (102) Lee, J. K.; Oh, M. W.; Kim, B. S.; Min, B. K.; Lee, H. W.; Park, S. D. Influence of Mn.

Detrimental Effects of Doping Al and Ba on the Thermoelectric

11 Nov 2018 study of thermoelectric properties of Ge1−xAlxTe (x = 0 0.08) alloys processed The crystal structure of these GeTe-based compounds undergoes a Min, B.K.​; Lee, H.W.; Park, S.D. Influence of Mn on crystal structure and.

Thermoelectric enhancement of different kinds of metal

by C Han 2016 Cited by 92 stoichiometric ABX2 compounds. The distorted crystal structures lead to relatively low thermal conductivity, and the medium bonding strength