Oxidation Of Co‐25 W/o Cr At High Temperatures

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High Temperature Oxidation of Iron-Chromium - OSTI.GOV

by L Mikkelsen 2003 Cited by 16 Thanks to J0rgen Bilde-Serensen for much help with the electron microscopy, especially the TEM work, which could not have been done without his help. Thanks to 

Co-W Alloys for Replacement Of Conventional Hard Chromium

by S Eskin Cited by 52 The advantage of the bath with the soluble W- anode and deposition temperature of 90 °C was shown to be in prolonged bath stability, up to 22-25 A-hr/L, high 


by CC TSAUR 2004 Cited by 6 High Temperature Oxidation and NaCl-induced Accelerated Corrosion of Hot-dip Cr, (d) Ni, (e) O, (f) Cl, (g) S of 310SS with 75% NaCl/25%Na2SO4.

Oxidation Mechanisms of Materials for Heat Exchanging

by T Olszewski Cited by 15 that martensitic steels with higher initial Cr concentration had a For the 25% Cr austenitic steel and the Ni-base alloys much lower oxidation rates 

PDF, Oxidation of Co‐25 w/o Cr at High Temperatures

by PK Kofstad 1969 Cited by 63 ABSTRACT. Studies of the oxidation behavior of Co-25 w/o Cr at temperatures between. 900 and 1300~ and oxygen pressures in the range 0.2-760 Torr are 

The cyclic oxidation behaviour of NbAI - based alloys - Revista

Ni-25 Al -2 Cu. Cu. Single phase y'. Ni-16 AI- 7,4 Co-2,45 Cr-. Primary y' plus. 2,2 Ta-1,56 Nb-l,O Mo- interdendritic. 1,0 Ti-O,7 W-O,52 Hf-.


by LF Barnhardt 1965 lowered the partial pressure of carbon monoxide at the metal surface. This (O.01 to 0.05 percent), with maximum retention of chromium in the melt.


1995 Cited by 100 Abstract Cu-Ce-O binary oxide catalysts were found to have high activity for the oxidation of CO and methane by oxygen to carbon dioxide and water as well 

Effect of Al content on the high-temperature oxidation of Co-20Cr

by H Yu 2017 Cited by 16 [34] P.K. Kofstad, A.Z. Hed, Oxidation of Co-25 w/o Cr at high temperatures, J. Electrochem. Soc. 116 (1969) 1542 1550. [35] C. Wagner, Reaktionstypen bei  30 pages

Long-term cyclic oxidation behavior of wrought commercial

by B Li 2003 Cited by 10 The oxidation resistance of a high-temperature alloy is dependent upon Co, or Ni and contain judicious additions of Cr, Mo, Al, Mn, Si, Ti, W, and/or.


ferritic stainless steels with those of low-carbon unalloyed steel and semi-austenitic chromium additions to steel for elevated- temperature  47 pages

Oxidation and Hot Corrosion of Superalloys - The Minerals

by FS Pettit Cited by 144 cobalt- and iron-base superalloys at temperatures Cr. MO. W. Fe co. Ni. TABLE II. Standard Free Energies of Formation at lOOOK of.

Kinetics of high-temperature oxidation of - DIGITAL.CSIC, el

by E Chicardi 2016 Cited by 29 The kinetics of the high-temperature oxidation of titanium-tantalum Figures 3a-f show good adhesion of the oxide scale, without any observed layer.

The effect of cerium on the oxidation resistance of Fe -20Cr

by DS Hong 2004 Cited by 1 However, the high temperature oxidation resistance of the. Fe-based hardfacing alloy is not as good as much as that of Stellite 6 due to the Cr deficiency 


The variation of film thickness with either temperature or oxidation carbon steels and high chromium steels shown in figures 27 and 28 of.

Rate of oxidation of steels as determined from interference

thickness of the oxide film on steels with temperature and time. The rate of electrolytic iron, 24-percent-chromium steel, and 25 :20 chromium-.62 pages

High-temperature Oxidation Behavior of 9Cr Ferritic - J-Stage

by K Kaya 2014 Cited by 16 KEY WORDS: high-temperature oxidation; carburization; Carbon dioxide; ferritic steel; oxyfuel combustion. 1. Introduction. Low-chromium ferritic steels are 

Structure and high temperature oxidation of mechanical

by D Aryanto 2016 Cited by 4 The structure and high temperature oxidation resistance of Fe-Al coating Fe-Al coating without annealing formed a thin oxide layer, probably (Fe,Al)2O3.

Radiation Tolerance of Controlled Fusion Welds in High

5 Aug 2017 High Temperature Oxidation Resistant FeCrAl Alloys welded specimen of C37M alloy demonstrated brittle fracture without any signs of.

Microstructural evolution of mechanically alloyed Ni-based

by RM SANCHEZ 2015 is to evaluate the response of these alloys to oxidation at high temperature as a function of their chemical composition, i.e., the Co and Cr content and 


by W Daloz 2015 Cited by 2 Figure 7.11: Effect of Mn, Fe, Ni, Co, Cr on Oxidation of Mo-T2-Silica and Mo-3Si-1B at 1300°C. at 25 °C) and high thermal conductivity (138 W m.

Study of characteristics of plasma nitriding and oxidation of

by MS Pampana 2004 Cited by 5 The turbine system that functions at high temperatures consists of many expensive components, which must all work together without failure. Each of the.

Machine Learning and Supercomputing to Predict Corrosion

4 Jun 2020 High-temperature alloy oxidation is dynamic and complex: Cr, Al concentration ↑, k p. ↓ : protective oxides (Cr. 2. O.

Oxidation Behavior of Some Cr Ferritic Steels for High

spalling increased with increasing the oxidation temperature to 10000C. oxide, such as Ni, Fe, and Co, and an alloying element such as Cr, Al and Si,.

High temperature oxidation of Ni alloys in CO2 containing

by RP Oleksak 2019 Cited by 7 3i reveals that Mn is co-located with this layer. The co-existence of Mn and Cr in this region suggests it is a MnCr2O4 spinel layer. The O map supports this 

Long-term oxidation of MCrAlY coatings at 1000 - DiVA

by P Zhang 2017 Cited by 17 12.5 Cr, 9 Co, 4.2 W, 4.2 Ta, 4 Ti, 3.4 Al, 1.9 Mo 0.08 C, 0.03 High temperature oxidation behaviour of the MCrAlY coatings (coating A, 

High Temperature Oxidation Characteristics of Nb-10W-XCr

by MDP Moricca 2009 Cited by 23 studies, without his support none of this would have been possible. higher oxidation rates in comparison to alloys with lower Cr content 

Observations on the Oxidation of Mn- Modified Ni-Base

by ZG Yang 2005 Cited by 4 The commercial Ni-base Haynes 230 alloy (Ni-Cr-Mo-W-Mn) was modified with two by high temperature oxidation resistant alloys as the stack interconnect 


oxidation, protective scales, wrought heat-resistant For example, chromium levels must be kept below certain levels with high iron content.

Considerations When Sintering Oxidation - Hoganas

by B Lindqvist Cited by 19 No CO is, however, detected in the high heat zone, which reveals no problem with dewaxing. Below in table V the chemical analysis and mechanical properties of 

The Effect of NaCl (g) in High Temperature Oxidation

by JG Smeggil 1982 upon scales formed by selected high temperature materials. INTRODUC'TI ON NOMINAL ALLOY COMPOSITIONS (w/o). Ni Al Co Mo Ti. C H. Ta. Zr. Cr.

High temperature oxidation

by JC Langevoort 1984 Cited by 33 area with a factor 2.5. KEY WORDS: oxidation; stainless steel; cold work. INTRODUCTION. The influence of the surface condition on the high temperature 

High-Temperature Oxidation of High-Entropic Alloys: A - MDPI

by S Veselkov 2021 (1) metals of the Fe subgroup and similar transition metals Fe, Co, Ni, Cr, Mn, Cu;. (2) transition refractory metals Ti, Zr, Hf, Nb, Ta, Mo, W;.

Chromium Deposition on Cobalt-Based Alloys by Pack

30 Jul 2011 Abstract: Two TaC-strengthened cobalt-based alloys, with compositions by high temperature oxidation and/or hot corrosion, with.

Cyclic furnace oxidation of clad wi-52 systems at 1040 degree

by MA Gedwill 1972 Cyclic furnace oxidation studies were conducted on the cobalt alloy WI-52 tems with higher -temperature and longer -life potential are being sought.

Kinetics Oxidation and Characterization of Cyclically - SciELO

by VF Souza 2017 Cited by 10 higher rate of mass variation than AISI 310, both without oxide detachment. For both alloys, formation of chromium and manganese oxides with 

High-temperature early stage oxidation of Alloy 617 in CO2

O, 1% O. 2. Gas 2 (vol%): 95% CO. 2. , 4% H. 2. O, 1% O The 9Cr (and lower Cr) steels show high oxidation rates that generally increase with temperature 

Effects of Ni Additions on the High Temperature - MDPI

by P Berthod 2021 free alloys with cobalt and chromium as the main elements are not Kofstad, P.; Hed, A.Z. Oxidation of Co 25 w/o Cr at high temperatures.

High temperature oxidation of nickel - Scholars' Mine

by VR Friebel 1960 Cited by 3 The interest in high temperature o:x:i dation of metal~ has devel- oped along with rate of oxidation of nickel and nickel-cobalt alloys up to l4GG0 o.4.

Improvements in High Temperature Oxidation - JSTOR

by DP Whittle 1980 Cited by 927 The improvement in oxidation resistance of high temperature alloys as a result with the same alloy without the oxide addition, and it appeared as if the 

High-temperature oxidation of HVOF thermally sprayed NiCr

by Y Ding 2015 Cited by 37 Ó Springer Science+Business Media New York 2015. Abstract In this study, 25 wt% Ni(Cr) 75 wt% Cr3C2 powder was thermally sprayed onto 304 

Behavior in oxidation at elevated temperature of 25Cr, 0.4C

by P Berthod 2018 Cited by 3 high temperature oxidation behavior of these alloys. pure elements (Ni, Co, Cr and Ta: Alfa Aesar, graphite, all with purities higher 

Low Temperature, High Conversion, Liquidâ 'Phase Benzylic

Low Temperature, High Conversion, Liquid-Phase Benzylic Oxidation with. Dioxygen by Metal/NHPI-Catalyzed Co-Oxidation with Benzaldehyde.

On the Deviations from Parabolic Oxidation of Co-25 w/o Cr at

by AZ Hed 1969 Cited by 4 of Co-25 w/o (weight per cent) Cr in the temperature range 900~176 from parabolic behavior for the oxidation of Co-25 w/o Cr at high oxygen pressures.

The role of metal vacancies during high-temperature oxidation

23 Jul 2018 The oxidation behavior of structural alloys at high temperatures is outward diffusion of Cr ions, consistent with the creation of metal.

Surface oxidation of Alloy 617 in low oxygen partial pressure

by G Gulsoy 2015 Cited by 8 Surface Cr oxidation mechanism of Alloy 617 was investigated in He - CO - CO2 of these corrosion modes with cyclic stresses at high temperatures can.

Reversible low-temperature redox activity and selective

by S Ikemoto 2019 Cited by 3 reversible redox performances and its oxidation catalysis of CO Cr(OH)3 species and CeO2-x with two Ce3+-oxide layers at the surface.

Oxidation of Alloys in Steam Environments - A Review - NPL

by A Fry 2002 Cited by 131 temperature range 500 700 °C. A significant reduction in the parabolic rate constant with increasing chromium content from 2¼ to 9% is seen at the higher end  49 pages

High Temperature Oxidation and Electrochemical

by MG Obigodi-Ndjeng 2011 and Ni-Cr-X-Y (X = Co or Al and Y is Ta) in different electrolytes. 5.4.2 Characterization of high temperature oxides with electrochemistry 149.182 pages

Effects of Pre-Oxidation on Selective Oxidation - De Gruyter

by J Ma 2004 Cited by 5 Fe-25Cr-7Ni-N is selected for this purpose. This is a high temperature alloy with a relatively high Cr content. Nitrogen is added to the alloy to reduce the