A Critical Comparison Of Welfare States And Their Relevance To People With An Intellectual Disability

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A critical comparison of welfare states and their relevance to

by L de Chenu 2016 Cited by 9 Abstract. This article compares the welfare services for adults with an intellectual disability in three. European countries: England, Norway and Sweden.

Including the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in United

employment, health, rehabilitation and social welfare.7 With the entry into disabilities and sets out the obligations of States to promote their enjoyment of all human sons with mental or intellectual disabilities, persons with disabilities from ethnic mindful of the potential implications of these differences when planning, 

Varieties and drivers of social welfare in sub-Saharan Africa: A

by D KÜNZLER 2017 Cited by 5 cluding African states that covers all relevant dimensions of welfare and includes His research focuses on social policy in sub-Saharan Africa and popular ject in South Africa whose ruling party rather prefers to refer to a developmental state. as people do not perceive economic differences among them (Ellis 2012).

Welfare regimes in Central and Eastern Europe - Learn Europe

by HJM Fenger 2007 Cited by 769 For instance, in his critical assessment of 'the wel- fare modelling business' states would require a comparison of the current state of the welfare state and the importance of processes of mutual learning, thereby increasing the prob- ability of a person can maintain a livelihood without reliance on the market (​Esping-.

Diversity and commonality in European social policies : the

by WN SCHOLAR European integration and the national welfare state in France 172. 2.4.6. institutions. Social dialogue is an important European value and a crucial method despite their differences, biological and social limitations, and culture. The of Europe are changing or evolving and at the same time learning at least in some​ 

Social Policy in Singapore: A Confucian Model? - World Bank

by H Khan 2001 Cited by 74 welfare on families and individuals rather than on the state while, at the same time retirees in their post-working years without placing an excessive fiscal burden on An important by-product of meritocracy is the government knows best the economic takeoff suggested that the country badly required a critical mass of 

Four Worlds of Welfare State Attitudes? A Comparison of

by HJ Andreß 2001 Cited by 627 analysis show that remarkable between-country differences in welfare state attitudes exist. Our servative or liberal regimes because of their outstanding benefits important question in this respect is whether people disabled (the so​-called 'transfer classes' or 'under- mental action between the four welfare regimes.

An international comparison of care for people with intellectual

As Coordinating Minister for social and cultural welfare, the Minis- external members for their critical and constructive contribution: Han Huizinga from the people with borderline intellectual disabilities as an important reason for the increase. since it also depends on the emotional state of the subject during the test, the 

Promoting The Human Rights of Persons with Disabilities in

PWDs, which restricts their opportunities to exercise their rights in many areas. provides a unique normative framework and an effective legal tool for States to end this discrimination and violation of the rights of persons with disabilities if it is implemented Guide would be of direct relevance to support such process.

An Emancipatory Welfare State - The Centre for Welfare Reform

by J Elder-Woodward Simon Duffy has been working with people with a learning difficulty since 1990 and Indeed, there is the possibility that some disabled people may lose out altogether, if There is here an important connection to the case for basic income. critical role in building and sustaining Scotland's social and economic prosperity.

The Welfare State in Europe - Chatham House

by I Begg Cited by 2 In all the countries of the European Union, the welfare state has come is that Europe's welfare states are not only generous in comparison with state allows individuals to smooth out their financial expenditure and living standards, through mechanisms such as unemployment and disability benefits.

The Risk and Prevention of Maltreatment of Children with

800.394.3366 Email: [email protected] https://www.childwelfare.gov terms of statistics and research; covers critical Of those children in foster care in the United States, about one- third have a disability a disability' means a child (​1) with intellectual the importance of attending to their physical and mental.

Family Carers' Experiences of Caring for a Person with

by A Lafferty 2016 Cited by 16 The family carers who took time out of their busy schedules to complete and with intellectual disabilities: The relevance of gender, family composition and the compared with national carer data (61.2%),22 and that carers tended to have lower welfare payment for the care of a person with intellectual disability, aged 16 

The nature and purposes of advocacy for people with disabilities

by E Cocks 1993 Cited by 17 to express their appreciation and thanks for the important conceptual and practical support for this project through their Disability Services Program in. Canberra. ysis of the critical issues associated with advocacy which are current​- ly being faced and In terms of purposes, the modern welfare state objectives include.

Critical Texts in Social Work and the Welfare State The Politics

by M Oliver Cited by 7127 Lousada, Joanna Rosenthall: The Politics of Mental. Health. Paul Corrigan Goran Therborn: Welfare States and Advanced Capitalism. SERIES The importance of definitions. Criticisms of the experiences of disabled people seriously in their own right rather terminology. There are obviously many differences in the.

National Disability Strategy 2010-2020 - Australian Human

improving the lives of people with disability, their families and carers, and to providing National Disability Agreement, signed by Commonwealth, State and Territory Learning and skills early childhood education and care, schools, further Australians with disability have significantly worse life outcomes compared to 

Welfare - EconStor

by S MacGregor 2014 Cited by 15 Paradigms of Welfare and their Ideas on Universalism and Targeting ​ 3 Relevance of These Issues for Emerging Economies of old people at once a population in need and a political force for further social security to profile these revised social policies the developmental welfare state, the social.

Welfare State - Harvard University

by A Alesina 2001 Cited by 1533 Racial discord plays a critical role in determining beliefs about the poor. Since However, there are important differences in the structure of taxation even within targets the needy aged, blind and disabled persons (with annual income below $5808), The Congregationalists who settled New England were intellectual 

Welfare State - The National Economic and Social Council

The Developmental Welfare State: A Framework for Reform. 7.1. Introduction disciplined comparison of member states' policies for employment, social inclusion health services critical to their effective and efficient development and to public and economic participation (people with disabilities, those being discharged.

Rethinking disability policy - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

by J Morris 2011 Cited by 1 welfare state and the concept of social security in its broadest some disabled people more choice and control over their lives the it is important to emphasise that the disabled people's movement has attempted to redefine the meaning of mean 'impairment' then many of the people whose level of physical or mental ill  Missing: comparison ‎ Must include: comparison

Why Doesn't the United States Have a European-Style

by A ALESINA Cited by 1536 EUROPEAN GOVERNMENTS REDISTRIBUTE income among their citizens on a much size of government, and especially the size of the welfare state in Europe​, diverged gets aged, blind, and disabled persons with annual gross income below is critically important to understanding differences between the United.

Mental health policy and the welfare state - GUPEA

by A Melke 2010 Cited by 9 In what ways are countries now supporting their citizens in times of mental ill health? People with mental disorders and disabilities are today in a life stage that is crucial for establishing important paths for the com- ing years, namely illusion of comparing welfare states, instead of comparing examples of welfare policy.

The Developmental Welfare State and Social Policy - CORE

by JM Dostal 2010 Cited by 28 poverty reduction is mostly due to economic growth in the People's Republic of China nomic and social development; the comparative study of welfare state regimes; and Other crucial factors for the success of the developmental rather than losing their significance, the chaebols have shifted since 1999, in what has.


by G Petropoulos Cited by 10 Georgios Petropoulos is a research fellow at Bruegel and post-doc- toral fellow at MIT. His research focuses on the implications of digital technologies for 

Assessment and Diagnosis of Intellectual Disabilities in

This document has been prepared by the Faculty for People with Intellectual intellectual disability may be relevant, including mental health and mental psychologists using their clinical judgement in interpreting complex The Mental Health Act 2007 amended s1(2) of the Mental Health Act 1983 and states that a.

THE FUTURE of the WELFARE STATE - Caritas Europa

totally agree with the founder of the British welfare state and his memorable report on inspiring publication by Caritas Europa is one important step in doing so stake. For this exercise of comparing our 5 example countries with the ones well as a guaranteed income for disabled persons (paid by tax money). And it.

Welfare States, Solidarity and Justice Principles - JSTOR

by W Arts 2001 Cited by 638 differences which exist between welfare state regimes, we also find important individuals and social groups in their preferred level of solidarity and in their choice of was concerned with specifying crucial welfare- Learning. Habit Formation. Knowledge of Distribut'on. Rules. Habituation to age pensioners/​disabled'.

Choice, Preference, and Disability

Choice Availability and People with Intellectual Disability 3 importance of student-teacher relationships and social-emotional learning programs and practices at a His research interests are welfare state issues, disability Comparison by living arrangements Outcomes experienced by people with intel-.

Current state: the welfare system and people with health

patterned health differences in populations that reflect inequalities in society. Amongst those receiving SLP, a large proportion have intellectual disabilities growth and the growth in housing costs (relative to their significance for evidence indicates that effective case managers are critical to the success of interventions.

Building a sustainable welfare state

by M Ferrera 2000 Cited by 129 The creation of the welfare state (and, more specifically, social insurance) has turned are both mixed (in respect of their normative aspirations) and virtuous, that is, capable of broad guidelines for reform in the crucial fields of labour market policy, those without work, with large differences in the level of protection given.

Theorising Disability Care - Cogitatio Press

by C Tschanz 2018 Cited by 7 Comparing Personal Assistance Schemes in Switzerland, Germany, their degree of disability care personalisation. services; social stratification; Switzerland; welfare state regimes. Issue rect funding of disabled people instead of the service The theory proposed by critical theorist Nancy Fraser can​.

Reforming Pension with Pensioners - eScholarship

by S Kim 2011 Cited by 2 In addition to the theoretical implications for developmental welfarism and Japan: Bureaucratized Developmental Welfare State in the Oldest Aging Society Comparison of Korean people's tax payment and life insurance premium, 1993​- there is no other solution to save our pension system (New York Times October 

Is There A Welfare State Crisis? A Comparative Study of

international comparisons used to evaluate their relevance. The French welfare system appears less state dominated than jointly managed by firms and unions.

Choice in housing for people with intellectual disabilities in Victoria

counters paternalistic traditions within the welfare state by offering individuals with disability more coherent and critical understanding of choice as a basis for theory, policy and with intellectual disabilities at their accommodation settings and day programs compare the choice agenda with other neoliberal projects.

Different Types of Welfare States? - ScholarWorks at WMU

by RA Van Voorhis 2002 Cited by 67 The findings reveal critical methodological weaknesses in the conceptual- explanation for the causes of welfare state differences. regimes and their distinguishing characteristics are represented Disability benefits are payable to persons who are un- or mental impairment, expected to last for 12 months or more.


by JD Stephens 1995 Cited by 424 important tool of macro-economic management in Scandinavia: negotiated services. Will the Scandinavian states eventually be forced to adjust their welfare population was 5.6 per cent in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden compared to only 0.3 per cent number of people receiving disability pensions for which medical.

The Intersection of Child Welfare and Disability: Focus on

by parents with disabilities and their children Needs of Parents with Intellectual Disabilities: An Ecological Perspective, Adapting Assessment, Diagnosis, and Communication for Individuals with Dual Why is it so important to look at ourselves, our child welfare practice, and states still have parental disability listed in.

Mental health and work - WHO World Health Organization

by AL HEAL Cited by 1 The importance of work to an individual's mental health 5.5.6 Overseeing training and employment of persons with disabilities Employees' mental health problems and their impact on an enterprise's productivity and disability/medical costs are critical human resource problems of adults in the United States workforce.

What Kind of Welfare State is Emerging in China? - EconStor

by S Ringen 2013 Cited by 79 In the comparative welfare state literature, there are two main theories to explain that the regime differences, identified in data from the 1980s have been modified in a social policy is part of the repertoire of a developmental state. the Protection of Disabled Persons and a resolution on The Rights of Disabled Persons.

Measuring the Quality of Life of People with Disabilities and

compare the quality of life of all residents in Northern disabled and non-​disabled people if someone else in their family has a disability the REA were then critically analysed to inform the definition of the key relevance of the data to the measurement of the QoL of disabled It states, ' a person has a disability for the.

A critical comparison of welfare states and their relevance to

by L de Chenu 2016 Cited by 9 Abstract. This article compares the welfare services for adults with an intellectual disability in three. European countries: England, Norway and Sweden.

Specialist support for persons with disabilities living in - ESRI

by C MAC DOMHNAILL 2020 challenges facing policymakers, focusing on 12 areas of critical importance to 21st welfare state models and their underlying ideologies, but also from varying support, and the literature comparing different support settings could benefit life for persons with any level of intellectual disabilities in both quantitative and.

Children with Disabilities - UNICEF

Decade on Persons with Disabilities); David Mugawe (African Child Policy Forum​); Ghulam tion'.9 The importance of involving children with models for children with physical or intellectual critically, with their own active participation​.24 UNICEF and with financing from the state welfare life and health compared to.

Intellectual Disability in Europe - Servicio de Información

comparison of services for people with intellectual disabilities in the countries represented. There are a number of different terms used within the seven states in the Examples of this approach relevant to people with intellectual disabilities include social welfare structures and in the history and culture of each country.

The Importance of Self-Determination to the Quality of - MDPI

by ML Wehmeyer 2020 Cited by 2 of life for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. psychology and in the field of social work and welfare. between self-determination and quality of life has remained a critical feature. and the United States), there were significant differences in reports of importance of self-determination.

Being disabled in Britain - Equality and Human Rights

1 Apr 2017 that include a disabled person live in poverty; access to mental health care is inadequate; welfare state and, in particular, the impact of.

The Developmental Welfare State in Scandinavia

by S Kuhnle 2004 This paper traces crucial steps in the history of the Scandinavian welfare state from its and practice in general from child to disability policy or from the cradle to the grave , as the There were important differences between In Norway, the concept of a people's insurance appeared around 1900 and, although the.

Welfare State in the Twenty-First Century - Columbia Business

by JE Stiglitz Cited by 19 Designing the twenty-first-century welfare state is part of a broader debate redefining 3 As in any set of doctrines, there are large differences in views among the insurance against many of the important risks that individuals faced, such as that were required if countries were to achieve their developmental ambitions.

Housing for people with a learning disability - Mencap

What people with a learning disability and their families want from housing Following the Welfare Reform Act 2012, changes to the way many housing options being included in the community'8, clearly states that people with a disability A comparison of housing arrangements for new referrals with the wider housing.

Disability and the Worlds of Welfare Capitalism - Sociological

by RL O Brien 2015 Cited by 7 externality of welfare state policy is important not only to comparative studies of health and disability assistance specifically, individuals who are currently employed or highly A given physical or mental condition or a disability, compared to between 5 percent and 6 percent of their counterparts in.