Contribution Of Sexually Transmitted Diseases And Socioeconomic Factors To Perinatal Mortality In Rural Ghana

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Social determinants of sexual and reproductive health - WHO

by S Malarcher 2010 Cited by 52 The role of schools in promoting sexual and reproductive health among maternal mortality and less investment in children's education. in the comparison of the Ghana experience with education, those living in rural or remote areas, abortion, and sexually transmitted infections women of low socioeconomic status;.

Spatial Analysis of Childhood Mortality in West Africa

Table 4 Results of GLM model for infant mortality by country. 17 Note: Dots represent urban clusters from 1998 DHS survey in Ghana. the transmission of infectious and vector-borne disease, and even the amount of time a factors. Because our goal is to infer the causal role of socioeconomic and environmental.

Delayed Breastfeeding Initiation Increases Risk of Neonatal

OBJECTIVES. We sought to assess the contribution of the timing of initiation of breast- large ongoing maternal vitamin A supplementation trial in rural Ghana involving opment goal; 16% of neonatal deaths could be saved if all infants were breastfed Bulletin on HIV/AIDS-STIs in Ghana: HIV Sentinel Surveillance.


by K Miller 1996 Cited by 24 KEY WORDS: gender issues, sexually transmitted diseases, maternal mortality, abortion, toward individual reproductive rights and the central role of women. 359 their political, social, economic and health status is a highly important end in credit agency established in 1976 that makes small loans to women in rural.

Ghana AIDS Commission, Ghana HIV/AIDS Strategic - ILO

Increasing awareness of complications and prevention of STDs;. Improving the monitoring of STDs in both public and private institutions in the country. Expected 

Globalization of food systems in developing countries: impact

SES socio-economic status. STDs sexually transmitted diseases. STIs sexually Country-specific examples are useful in identifying factors that may contribute to the rapidity with which The infant mortality rate in Brazil is estimated to be 31 deaths per 1 000 live births. The bacterial contamination of street food in Ghana.

Research Issues in Sexual and Reproductive Health for Low

World Health Organization concerning the legal status of any country, territory, city or Preventing and Managing Sexually Transmitted Infections, including HIV, and 14 Carla AbouZahr and Tessa Wardlaw, 2003, Maternal mortality in 2000: techniques and services that contribute to reproductive [and sexual] health and 

Lecture Notes on reproductive health - The Carter Center

by F Worku 2008 CHAPRTER 5: Sexually Transmitted infections 151 Emphasis on maternal health. Emphasis on reduction of maternal mortality. Reproductive cannot study each of the many factors that contribute to and sex, marital status, and urban and rural almost equivalent with upgrading the socioeconomic status of  Missing: Ghana ‎ Must include: Ghana

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4,000 stillbirths occurred; 10,000 infants acquired perinatal HIV. Such suffering and death occur in virtually every country, especially where infection: sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), such as chlamydia! infection, gonorrhea, inversely related to socioeconomic status), STD clinic patients, and men in occupations.

Ebere Zepherinus Obasi A Review of the Barriers and - CORE

by EZ Obasi 2013 Cited by 10 contraceptive methods and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, obesity and diabetes prenatal and postnatal services often contribute to high maternal mortality rates Ghana, Mali, Nigeria and Zambia, 60% of children with Malaria are treated with the rural areas probably because of low socio-economic status.

Reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health - Open

by R Black 2016 Cited by 49 More than 500 individuals and multiple institutions have contributed to DCP3. We convey pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections, as and socioeconomic status. Neonatal Deaths in Rural Ghana: Implications for Health.


by KN Ondimu 2000 Levels and Determinants of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Factors Contributing to Maternal Deaths in Kisumu District the occurrence of these problems along maternal socioeconomic, demographic, by upgrading and equipping health centres in the both rural and urban areas. Ghana, experience.

Targeting Poverty and Gender Inequality to Improve - ICRW

by S PARUZZOLO STI: Sexually Transmitted Infection all (99 percent) of these maternal deaths occur in low-income countries.2,3 The NOTE: Data from latest available year per country Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone pledged free access to health care. contribute to gender inequality: (1) institutional or structural factors such as 

Female Morbidity and Mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa - IDRC

by M Law 1996 Cited by 99 Epidemiology and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Family Health International, The Socioeconomics of Life and Death, 26 The Multiple Causality of Maternal Death, 95 increasingly complex role in the life of Sub-Saharan Africa. seven diverse African countries (Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, and 

Maternal, newborn and child health - International Federation

Both the under-five and maternal mortality is increasingly. 2. The adverse effect of socio-economic factors on maternal and child health is The goal of the IFRC efforts in MNCH is to contribute to the improved health Prevent and manage Sexually Transmitted illnesses including Community Health, Ghana). Support 

Maternal and Newborn Health - UNICEF

Important contributions were received from the following UNICEF field offices: Afghanistan, Niger has the highest lifetime risk of maternal mortality country. The health of mothers and new- borns is intricately related, so pre- main factors: mortality risk associated with a single pregnancy sexually transmitted infections,.

NATIONAL HIV and AIDS , STI POLICY - Health Policy Project

The Ghana AIDS Commission acknowledges the contributions of each differences in cultural practices and the socio-economic status of the infected and affected. neonatal mortality (from 41 to 30), infant mortality (from 77 to 50) and child HIV and AIDS, STI-related morbidity and mortality in the country in the interest of 

Prevalence and risk factors associated with sexually

by TG Ginindza 2017 Cited by 30 STIs and HIV share the same behavioral, socioeconomic and demographic risk factors [20, 25], including age at first sexual inter- course, inconsistent condom use, 

The role of men in the economic and social - IAE-CSIC

by L Farré 2012 Cited by 41 and undeniable role in the socioeconomic progress of women. decisions within the family and the economic factors that can affect this television on women's status in rural India. health (fertility, maternal health and sexually transmitted diseases STDs) increases their risk of STD, HIV contagion or maternal death.

Maternal-Child Health - OAPEN

by U Groß Cited by 2 A Review of Selected Maternal and Child Health Indicators in Ghana. 115 This book consists of four sections (Environment and Health, Socioeconomic. Factors, Infectious Diseases, and Non-Communicable Diseases) each contribution to total global maternal deaths is on the increase. Adjusted R Square Std. Error of.

Economic and Risk Factors Associated with Sexual and

by JC Hernandez-Correa 2010 Cited by 2 risk factors and socioeconomic determinants on maternal mortality. want to make a contribution to the field, what is better than to start studying an incidence of sexually transmitted disease, and maternal and infant morbidity efforts have focused on factors at the individual or cross-country level. attitudes in Ghana.

The Challenge of Non-Communicable Diseases and Road

by PV Marquez Cited by 99 Special contribution to the production of the report was made by Ms. Jessica Morgan, who designed the cover and maternal and child health as well as to reach the Table 3: Common Cancers in SSA: Infectious and Other Risk Factors Box 10: Integrated Care for Communicable Diseases and NCDs in Primary Care

Sexually Transmitted Diseases - 2015 STD Treatment

5 Jun 2015 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report Sexually Transmitted Diseases Treatment Guidelines, 2015 4) the role of Mycoplasma genitalium in urethritis/cervicitis and treatment-related on knowledge of self and partner HIV-infection status. syphilis, and chlamydia), if acquired after the neonatal period,.

Community pharmacy in Ghana - Oxford Academic Journals

by F Smith 2004 Cited by 119 that pharmacists could make a greater contribution to the provision of health The influence of socio-economic factors on health status, maternal and child health services in rural Ghana (Addai. 2000). Injections and the fear of death: an essay on the role in managing sexually transmitted infections: policy issues and.

IOB Study - OECD

other factors hampering the implementation of such research. Maternal and based interventions to control sexually transmitted infections. men play a crucial role in sexual and reproductive health promotion. 9 Knowing what works in reducing maternal mortality certainly young men, especially in Ghana and Uganda.

The Sustainable Development Goals - Nurses: A Voice to Lead

other decision-makers, of the contributions nurses are already making to achieve the SDGs. socioeconomic circumstances of individuals and are not the only factors that determine health. Several We can prevent child and maternal deaths; we can end extreme communicable diseases have overtaken infectious.


by H Odoi-Agyarko 2003 Cited by 49 HIV/AIDS and STI Policy, Adolescent Reproductive Health Policy, Policy for Children. Under-Five, Maternal Health/Death Audit Guidelines and Reproductive Health Service The population factor was a serious impediment to the country's group and contribute to more than half of deaths in all age groups in Ghana.

Poverty and Health - OECD iLibrary

by World Health Organization 2003 Cited by 52 The role of development co-operation in different country contexts diseases and is an associated factor in over 50% of all child mortality. ethnic and socio-economic biases in health service delivery in order to reach vulnerable Poor maternal health, sexually transmitted diseases and limited access to family.

Effective Approaches for Rural Development Chapter 4 - JICA

Rural development can also contribute to reduce poverty in urban areas by sexually transmitted diseases (e.g. HIV) transmitted by family members who.


31 Mar 2014 1.3 Status of the Epidemic Mitigating the Socio-Economic Impact of HIV and AIDS Figure 5 Trend of HIV prevalence in FSW in Ghana in 2006 and 2009 Figure 9 Number of KPs who Received HCT and STI services in 2011 and 2012 2015 and substantially reduce AIDS-related maternal deaths.

Overview - UNDP

22 Aug 2011 Reducing maternal mortality and achieving universal access to reproductive UNDP's Role in Achieving MDG 5 Improve Maternal Health related to reproduction and sexually transmitted diseases‖. The multiple, overlapping socio-economic factors that impede progress on MDG 5 are one reason 

HDSS - Wiley Online Library

by S Arthur 2013 Cited by 7 Review of contributions from HDSSs to research in sexual and reproductive 1 INDEPTH Network, Accra, Ghana. 2 School of The general decline in maternal mortality over the last decade is SRH areas: HIV/STIs, maternal health, contraceptives, abortion 'wantedness', parity ≥5, low socio-economic status of the.

Sexual and reproductive health and rights - OHCHR

Millions more people are living with HIV and sexually transmitted infections country governments and partners to uphold everyone's right to sexual and Most maternal and newborn deaths could be prevented by improved access to well- contribution of rights to population, reproductive health and gender equality 

Ghana Demographic and Health Survey 2014 - The DHS

Socioeconomic Status Index Socioeconomic Differentials in Childhood Mortality 103. 8.4 13.12 Self-reporting of Sexually Transmitted Infections Table B.4 Sampling errors for the rural sample, Ghana 2014 This has resulted in an increase in the contribution of neonatal deaths to.

adolescent fertility in liberia - USAID

by B Gyepi-Garbrah Cited by 70 and Adolescent Contribution to Total Fertility Rate, of abortion, still births, infant and maternal mortality and morbidity, status commences differs widely among cultures. population variables into the country's socioeconomic planning and draft contraceptive use, abortion, sexually transmitted diseases, maternal.

Health and Mortality - the United Nations

United Nations concerning the legal status of any country, territory, city or area or importance of traffic accidents and violence as causes of health impairment Life expectancy at birth, at S years and at 6S years, and infant mortality rate years of life lost due to specific non-communicable causes, by sex and age, Mexico,.

Prevalence of Birth Asphyxia and Associated Factors among

22 Dec 2017 and maternal deaths often occur at home and without any contact with the formal health sector. Some unacceptable practices Bouwhuis SA, Davis MD (2004) Contribution of Sexually Transmitted. Diseases and Socioeconomic Factors to Perinatal Mortality in Rural. Ghana. Int J Dermatol 43: 27-30. 68.

Born Too Soon - ReliefWeb

3 Apr 2021 Saving Newborn Lives, Save the Children. STI. Sexually transmitted infection. UN. United Nations babies not only because of the key role that neonatal nurses play in their published country-level estimates on preterm birth. These linked to socioeconomic and lifestyle factors in some stud- ies, recent 


by EO Illah Cited by 1 To determine the risk factors associated with maternal mortality RHDSS during Keywords: maternal death, maternal mortality, risk factors an developing country single women, low socio economic status, obstetric factors and place of delivery detection and management of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) during 

Adding It Up - UNFPA

services and services related to sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV/AIDS, and other gynecologic economic factors that may contribute to disease or inhibit use of Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) compiled data on the country- The cost of averting maternal deaths, perinatal deaths, maternal morbidity 

Factors That Influence Place of Delivery Choice Among

by BI Mahama 2019 Cited by 1 choice of place of delivery among expectant mothers in both rural (Tolon District) and urban (Tamale) settings in the northern part of Ghana were identified and that some social and economic factors that contribute to maternal deaths in like contraception, child spacing, and sexually transmitted diseases, but many of 

Preconception Care to Reduce Maternal and Childhood

by World Health Organization 2013 Cited by 511 factors that contribute to maternal and childhood mortality and morbidity; effective Are there any country-level experiences in delivering preconception care? What are the sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) diverse in terms of political and socioeconomic indicators.Missing: Ghana ‎ Must include: Ghana

HIV/AIDS in Ghana - POLICY Project

African country to make important strides in changing the behaviour of individuals People living with HIV/AIDS also have an important role to play in limiting the during intercourse can be quite low, a number of factors increase the risk of sex of a sexually transmitted disease (STD), such as syphilis or gonorrhoea.

World Mortality 2019: Highlights - the United Nations

into programmes at the country level and, through technical assistance, helps build national capacities. The Population Saharan Africa, where the maternal mortality to collect death counts by age, sex and cause, 2030, non-communicable diseases are projected to life expectancy, while the contribution of survival.

Reproductive Risk Index -

Factors Contributing to Reproductive Risk in sub-Saharan Africa Reproductive Tract Infections (RTIs) and Sexually Transmitted Infections Maternal mortality is one of Africa's most neglected indicating the country with highest risk and and socio-economic factors contribute significantly to early sexual activity and 

GLOBAL HEALTH RISKS - WHO World Health Organization

by World Health Organization 2009 Cited by 5177 Global health risks: mortality and burden of disease attributable to selected major risks. 1. status of any country, territory, city or area or of its authorities, or concerning the Table 3: Deaths and DALYs attributable to six risk factors for child and maternal man papillomavirus and other sexually transmitted infections.

Sexual and reproductive health and rights the key to gender

to reproduction and sexually transmitted infections. Sexual and reproductive health and rights links contribute to empowerment experienced by girls and important factors in reducing maternal mortality. focused attention is needed on lower‑income and rural women into the informal sector in Ghana, where lack of.

The importance of quality of care in perinatal mortality: A case

by J Talavera 2004 Cited by 23 different risk factors for perinatal mortality (PM) in a community of Chiapas, Mexico Bouwhuis S, Davies M. Contribution of sexually transmitted diseases and socioeconomic factors to perinatal mortality in rural Ghana. Int J.

Maternal Mortality in Developing Countries - SAGE Journals

by N Prata 2010 Cited by 149 Although maternal mortality is a significant global health issue, achievements in mortality decline to date have been alone, the percentage contribution of PPH to STIs/HIV, anemia and fetal malpresentation are particularly However, country-specific factors, such as insuf- Women's socioeconomic status is clearly.

Factors Contributing to Maternal Mortality in North-Central

by IAO Ujah Cited by 249 deaths during the period under review, giving a maternal mortality ratio group contributed the largest number (44%) by tribe to maternal mortality in our Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, Heart disease in pregnancy Ghana.27 The death of women who were pregnancies by 50%, and sexually transmitted.