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Treatment Planning M.A.T.R.S.: Utilizing the Addiction Severity Index (ASI): Workshop 2 Handout 1 Making Required Data Collection Useful

Functional Requirements Document Template

(with a sample menu bar included before each section): 2.2.1 Home Dashboard The Home screen is the default landing screen reached after the user has logged into the Web Portal for the first time. The preferred landing screen loaded upon log on can be configured within Settings.

29 Using Fillable PDF Forms as a Data Collection Method

Develop a questionnaire in Word that reflects all final question wording and formats, including text formats, shading, skip pattern instructions, and spacing between questions. Delete any check boxes, text boxes, or other answer lines from the Word version because the PDF form fields that will get inserted might not fully overlay the Word form

Personnel File Checklist - HireLevel

Personnel File Checklist Purpose and Overview: It is vital to have correct use and completion of new employee forms in compliance with state and federal regulations and employer s personnel policies.


STAY INTERVIEW SAMPLE QUESTIONNAIRE Document History: Document Type: Implementation Date: Version: Last Revised: Page Number: Employee Retention 01/01/2018 1.0 04/04/2019 1 WHAT IS A STAY INTERVIEW? A stay interview is a time to meet with your current employees to gauge how they feel about work, to build trust with

The 4 Disciplines of Execution (4DX) - Jesse Gee

The 4 Disciplines of Execution (4DX) Personal & Family Version There are two types of lead measures. 1.Small outcomes focus on weekly or daily results but provide latitude to choose your own method.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Assessment Checklist RP-2

from the sample Assessment Summary Sheet that assessment of the Purchasing Process uncovered discrepancies for clauses 4.1, 5.3, 7.1.5, 8.1, 8.2, 8.3.1 and 8.5.3. This may be a sign of problems in that process, which warrant planning and close monitoring of corrective actions. The Processes

APPENDIX A Questionnaire Survey: Socio-Economic Status

131 APPENDIX B COMMUNITIES IN DIEPKLOOF IN-DEPTH INTERVIEW QUESTIONS 1. In your understanding, what do you understand about cost-recovery or privatisation?


ESTATE PLANNING QUESTIONNAIRE We use this questionnaire to get a general understanding of your situation so that we can better advise you on your estate planning needs. Please be as complete as possible when answering this questionnaire. If any of the requested information does not apply or is not readily available, leave those sections blank.

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event planning checklist template excel free. Technical SEO Checklist Hop Online Technical SEO Audit,Grade,Priority,Recommendation Sensitivity Analysis Template For Business Plan Free Gap Templates 2 Event Planning Checklist Template free download. Download free printable Event Planning Checklist Template samples in PDF, Word and Excel

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Risk Assessment Form

NHS GGC Display Screen Equipment Policy August 2013 (updated Nov 2015) should be relaxed when using the mouse. 7.2 If mouse has a roller ball does the user know how to

Walkthrough Template - Stanford University

EY selected one sample Non-Bullet trade, trade ID 1742533L, and agreed trade attributes from Smartticket (B41.A3) to pricing file (B41.Al 2/) w/o/e. Non-Bullet trades have terms in which the Duration is reset to the beginning of each month and the net amount of the carry and performance leg is also settled monthly.

Medical Terminology Information Sheet

Medical Terms by Body System HEENT Head, Ears, Eyes, Nose & Throat: Occipital back of the head Photophobia intolerant of light

Introduction to Data Analysis Using an Excel Spreadsheet

Using an Excel Spreadsheet. I. Purpose The purpose of this introductory lab is to teach you a few basic things about how to use an EXCEL 2010 spreadsheet to do simple data analysis in the labs. II. References Read this write-up and consult the Help button in Microsoft Office Excel 2010 III.

Sales Performance Assessment

The SPA Self Questionnaire is a proven, professional instrument that shows how individuals actually behave in sales roles. Do not view high scores as good and low scores as bad. A given sales orientation is rarely all positive or all negative. For example, a high score on Empathy indicates sensitivity to and concern for other people.

Tool Packet Template Community Building Tool Packet

Community Building Tool Packet: Community Asset Mapping Workbook 3 A SSET MAPPING OVERVIEW Purpose Community Asset Mapping refers to the process of creating an inventory of the skills, talents and resources

A Practitioner's Guide to the Balanced Scorecard

The use of the word Balanced reflects the roots of the Balanced Scorecard in concerns that organisations were giving too much emphasis to short term financial and budgetary issues. Many business leaders, academics and consultants recognised that a short term financial or budgetary focus could lead to other important, but perhaps

Module 5: Doing qualitative data analysis

concept of the template and database was introduced later on and we planned to enter all of the CR data received since May 2009. Since some of this earlier data was not very useful, it had to be excluded from the On reflection, it would have been better if such an approach had been initiated from the very beginning of the project implementation.

Learning Styles Inventory

Scoring Your Profile 1. Ignore the NO answers. Work only with the questions that have a YES answer. 2. For every YES answer, look at the number of the question.

Sleep Quality Assessment (PSQI)

Name Date Sleep Quality Assessment (PSQI) INSTRUCTIONS: The following questions relate to your usual sleep habits during the past month only.

IT Assessment & Strategic Plan Report

Conducted an online end-user survey that was offered to the entire organization to enable the users to have a voice in what their IT experiences have been in the past and what they would like to see in the future. Topical areas that were covered were: Direction and leadership Support received Technologies employed by the County

How to Build a Mentoring Program -

Here are some sample program purposes (or goals) to help guide you [your program can have more than one purpose or goal]: Support new members in understanding the organization s mission, vision, values, and goals. Share the skills and knowledge of successful and experienced members with new members.


If the questionnaire has been requested of you by AMAS, hit the Email button at the end of the questionnaire in order to automatically send it back with your responses to AMAS. If you are completing the questionnaire for your own self- assessment, there is no need to forward it to AMAS; you may save a copy for your files.


The Organizational Culture Assessment Questionnaire (OCAQ) is based on the work of Dr. Talcott Parsons, a sociologist at Harvard. Parsons developed a framework and theory of action in social

Sample Training Evaluation Form

e training Agree: Neutral. Disagree r 1. The objectives of th: were clearly defined. n and interaction were 2. Participatio

Succession Planning: A Step-by-Step Guide

Below is a sample snapshot of what some of the above data points might look like visually: 5 Use the excel Succession Planning Tracker Template available in

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Microsoft Word - BenevolenceRequestForm Author: Owner Created Date: 3/5/2012 10:45:19 AM

Community Needs Assessment

PowerPoint presentation template, and a policy brief or one-pager template. Please note that the Action Guide contains slightly different action steps than the ones in this workbook since the workbook is designed to be used with or without the

CSPro Training Manual - IFPRI INFO Site

Step 1: Examine the Tutorial Questionnaire The tutorial exercises are based on a sample questionnaire on your hand. Note the following about the sample questionnaire: Each questionnaire corresponds to a household. Each questionnaire (household) has a unique four-digit number at the top.

Ethogram template and follow-up questions

Ethogram Template Research your chosen species and fill out the headings in the form below. Use a stopwatch and tick the behaviours observed at 30s intervals. Time (mins) Behaviours (Fill in the headings below with appropriate behaviours for your focal species e.g. sleep, eat, play, groom) Notes (Record anything affecting behaviour) Other

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Here are the answers to the free sample questions appearing on this page. Basic Level Questions 1. Align the Text to the right. a) Click on cell A1 (1), hold down shift and click on cell F7 to select the entire table (2). b Under Home tab, click on the Align Text Right button 3. Get the Full PrepPackā„¢

The Big Five Personality Test (BFPT) Free, https

Neuroticism (N) is the personality trait of being emotional. High scorers tend to have high emotional reactions to stress. They may perceive situations as threatening and be more likely to feel moody, depressed, angry, anxious, and experience mood swing.


White Hat Sample Questions What is the objective? What is the framing assumption? (e.g. the supposition that is central to achieving the objective) What is the context (who, what, when, where, why, how, how much)? What are the beliefs and opinions in play? What are the facts we know vice interpretations we have?

Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) Template

Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) Template Below is the recommended format for addressing yourPlease use Times New ECQs. Roman, size 12 font with 1 inch margins. You MUST address each ECQ separately. We recommend you provide two (2) examples of relevant experience for each ECQ following the Challenge, Context, Action, and Result (CCAR) model.

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The Market Survey Presentation Sample

Follow-Up and Leasing Interview portions of the NALP program, visit the communities you have selected to evaluate in person. Pose as a potential customer looking for a

Customer Satisfaction Survey Template Design Excel

sample right in Excel but first. What your template customer satisfaction survey design excel, which generates theoretical values, sexual harassment prevention and. Poll your customers to find out how your business is doing with this online survey template Just tap for a link that you can email out and then watch as survey.

Transfer Pricing Documentation Study

3 IV. Conclusions The interquartile range of unadjusted tax-year operating margins has a lower quartile of -6.78 percent and an upper quartile of 2.80 percent, with a median of -2.89 percent.

Employee Engagement Action Planning Toolkit

Employee Engagement Action Planning Toolkit 3 Step 1 Prepare for the Employee Meeting Before August 16, 2013 Complete the Current State Analysis Worksheet As the leader of the workgroup, fill out the Current State Worksheet (Appendix 1) before meeting with your team.