Effects Of Gamma Radiation On Two Aromatic Polysulfones

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The effects of combined neutron and gamma radiation on the viscoelastic behaviour of two industrial semi-crystalline PEEK grades (VICTREX 150P and 450P) were investigated. Tensile test samples were processed on an ENGEL55 injection moulder, then irradiated in a reactor pool environment, against the reactor vessel wall of the SLOWPOKE-2

Radiation Effects on Polymeric Materials

Examples of such polymers include polyimides, aromatic polysulfones, and polyether ketones. Polymeric materials are, however, subject to degradation in space by UV and high energy radiation, and oxygen atom bombardment. Thus, the effects of radiation on candidate materials for aerospace applications must be characterized.

Material Consideration Radiation Processing

Generally, polymers containing aromatic ring structures (e.g. polystyrene) are resistant to radiation effects. Aliphatic polymers exhibit degrees of resistance depending upon their levels of unsaturation and substitution. Some effects of radiation such as reduced elongation due to chain scission, may detract from the device s performance.


Fundamental Inves tiga tion of Ultraviolet Radiation Effects in Polymeric Film-Forming Materials , covers the period July 13, 1973 through April 12, 1974. The euthors wish to acknowledge the cooperation and assistance of Mr. W,S. Slemp, the NASA Langley Technical Monitor, and of


gamma radiation. Although our main interest is in charged particle radiation, we felt that it was appropriate to include gamma radiation in this review, because the effects produced by gamma radiation are very similar to high energy particulate radiation, and because most of the literature on radiation effects deals with gamma radiation.

4.4 The Radiation Chemistry of PolyCArylene Ether Phosphine

In general, highly aromatic polymers with phenyl groups in the backbone chain have been demonstrated to exhibit good thermal properties and to have a high resistance to degradation by gamma radiation. This is believed to be due to their propensity to degrade the absorbed energy to heat with out the cleavage of bonds and to their ability to scavenge


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IRaP 2006

Gamma Co-60 Radiation P34) M. N. Ichazo, M. Hernández, C. Albano, J. González, Functionalization of SBS with DEM via Peroxide and Gamma Radiation P35) B. Jaleh, P. Parvin, N. Sheikh, Z. Zamanipour, Morphology and Hydrophilicity Investigation of Polycarbonate Irradiated by ArF Excimer Laser