Pathogen Wanted Poster Research Project

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Propionate Enhances the Antimicrobial Defenses in Macrophages

Jul 25, 2019 as a model pathogen to determine how and what the effects of propionate on immune cells influence cell susceptibility to infections. Listeria is a dangerous intracellular pathogen that can replicate inside immune cells such as macrophages. Therefore, we can assess the impact of propionate on infection susceptibility by

Inhibition of PI 3-kinase signaling contributes to

by NIH NIAID Grant RO1AI046414 to L.A.T and a Sigma Xi Grant in aid of Research to R.R.P. A portion of this work was presented as an oral presentation and a poster presentation at the 109 th General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology. Travel funding was provided to R.R.P. by ASM Division AA.

MUSC fact sheet

Sandra Fox, R.N., nurse manager of the unit, wanted to do something for 10E that would meet the mission of mobility for their patients sparked the project. They approached Katie Hinson, manager of the Arts in Healing Program at MUSC Health. Together, these project champions came up with the idea for the art walk.

Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program Poster Number 23 Houston, Missouri Senate District 33 House District 142 Examining polar growth in Agrobacterium may improve understanding of growth in human pathogens While antibiotics improved medical outcomes since their discovery, many bacterial infections remain difficult to treat.

Department of Plant Pathology & Microbiology

September 4-8, 2018. Pulkit presented a poster titled Deciphering translational con - trol of gene expression during the unfolded protein response in maize roots using ribo-some profiling The Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) was founded in 1890 on the North Shore of Long Island where it has been the leading center for research


wanted to see them operating again. Club members jumped at the offer, and in December 2012, work began. Nick Steffl, a senior majoring in agricultural systems management from Callaway, Minnesota, participated in the project from day one. He remembers thinking the club had its work cut out for it.

Rubric for Foodborne Illness Poster

Rubric for Foodborne Illness Poster Task Description: Research the following information to present in a poster or electronic display: Sources Symptoms Treatment Criteria t Exceptional Admirable Marginal Unacceptable Content 50% Appropriate details support main idea Accurate and detailed information

Methods Introduction Addressing the Decline in Pollinator

May 28, 2021 experimental procedure we wanted to test due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our literature research over the course of a year and a half has provided us with enough evidence to confidently procure an outline of an experiment that could provide significant results. As was stated in numerous recent studies, bee populations are declining


In high school, Randy wanted to work for NASA as an aeronautical engineer, but he graduated right at the end of the Apollo Program and Vietnam War, so many people in that position were starting to mow lawns instead. He grew up on a farm near Odell, Nebraska, so agriculture was a natural interest. He liked science, especially chemistry

The Good and Bad of Microorganisms - UEN

Science Language Students Need to Understand and Use 1. algae: Protists that usually live in water and can produce their own food. 2. bacteria: Microscopic, single-celled organisms that exist around you and inside you.

Spring, 2013 - Medical Student Research Journal

The Medical Student Research Journal (MSRJ) is the only international academic journal in the United States authored, reviewed, and published by medical students for medical students. It is dedicated to promoting the scientific achievements of medical students, teaching


poster on his research entitled, Chemical Characterization of Ambient PM2.5 collected over Towson Maryland. (research mentor: Dr. Stitzel and Dr. Sours) Jon Jopse, an undergraduate research student in Ellen Hondrogiannis lab, presented a research poster at the Colonial Academic Alliance Undergraduate Research


DISEASE POSTER ASSIGNMENT Note: Each teaching assistant had ca. 25-30 students, and they ran the poster as part of the 1hr discussion per week. I think this is a project for a large course with TA s, or a small course. Also, we later implemented an option for the students to produce a wiki-page, using a local off-line server.

Factors Influencing Phytophthora ramorum Infectivity on

assessed by counting symptomatic hosts and confirmed by culturing the pathogen from field-collected samples. I hypothesized that the probability of a successful culture depends on the local environmental conditions where the field samples are collected. In 2010, an extensive culturing study was conducted within a previously

Sweeping Changes to Meal Plans AnnouncedEvents Celebrate B l

as first author of a research poster. Speaking about her work as a research assistant, Ms. Giannetti said, I am very grateful for being given the opportunity to participate in this research project. It pro-vides a great experience to me as an upcoming medical stu-dent and has also emphasized the importance of time, effort and patience.

Department of Biology Masters Distance Learning Program

of America Conference. Tucson, AZ. Poster presentation Twigg, P. June 2019. STEM in College and Career Readiness. Annual Meeting of the Nebraska Association of Skilled and Technical Sciences Educators. Kearney, NE. Keynote Speaker. Twigg, P. July 2019. Plant Research in Central Nebraska: Collaboration, Reinvention, and Transcription Factors.


Development Research Program Project grants from INBRE. These competitive, peer-reviewed grants allow the faculty NIH funded release time, supply and travel funds so they can pursue their research. Ann Cavanaugh, Ph.D., a 2006 INBRE scholar and postdoc student at the Stowers Institute for Medical Research in Kansas City, received the

Bacteria Wanted Poster Student Handout

Bacteria Wanted Poster Research Project Student Requirements: Select a pathogen from the list below and place your name on the master list your teacher has. You may not select a pathogen that has been chosen by anyone else! Then produce a wanted poster with the given parameters. MONERAN DISEASES PATHOGEN DISEASE 1. Bacillus anthracis anthrax 2.

Bacteria Wanted Poster Research Project

Bacteria Wanted Poster Research Project Date/Hour Students will research one bacterial pathogen/disease and produce a Wanted Poster and a PowerPoint presentation. Students will be assigned a pathogen/disease from the list below. They will then produce a wanted poster and PowerPoint presentation with the given parameters.

R e s e a r c h e r s Complete First DNA Sequencing of Pa r a

sequencing project can have immensely practical and beneficial applications, Dr. DelVecchio said. The completed gene sequence can lead to detection systems that can rapidly reveal the presence of the pathogen. In addition, our work can help other researchers in developing antibacteri-al compounds and superior animal and possibly human


where I had my first research experience, working on a fusion protein as prophylactic vaccine strategy for HIV. I really enjoyed working in the lab, and that was when I de‐ cided that research was what I wanted to with my life. The next summer I was in a T35


Association (APA) research assistant on Developmental Psychology research, a project she later continued the next summer through the SRP. Additionally, Lechner has taken advantage of the conference travel grants and attended SCCUR to present at poster sessions twice. As a rising senior, Lechner will

Tic-Tac-Toe Pathogen Project - Weebly

Tic-Tac-Toe Pathogen Project Directions: Choose 3 mini-projects that make a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line. Most Wanted Poster Choose one pathogen (Virus, Bacteria, Fungus or Parasite) that is wanted for causing a deadly disease. Create a wanted poster that describes the pathogen s deadly crimes. The good, the bad, and the ugly

Bacteria Wanted Poster Research Project

Bacteria Wanted Poster Research Project Students will research one bacterial pathogen from the list below and produce a Wanted Poster on 8.5 x 11 paper, including the criteria below: 1. Mugshot (microscopic picture/diagram label where possible) 2. Title (scientific name of pathogen) ex. WANTED E. coli 3.

American Nurses Association s Needlestick Prevention Guide

Technologies Project (TDICT) partnered to develop training based on the TDICT process for the evaluation, selection, and implementation of safe devices. Chapter Three outlines that process, developed from dozens of workshops held across the country and from material created during 10 years of research by TDICT, using the


Through this project you should work to demonstrate that you understand the Immune System. You will spend time researching a pathogen and working on a Least Wanted poster that informs others about your pathogen, your pathogen s associated infectious disease and your pathogen and your infectious disease s effects on the human body.


project: pathogen wanted posters research pathogen and produce a wanted poster

curriculum for the first time in its history. The ambitious

a very clear focus of what she wanted to do, Edelman says. We were working on basic cell biology in my lab, and we wanted to expand the research to a more translational level. But we needed the right person to push the project. Loukia did that, and it s opened up a whole new realm of possibilities. project is divided between The

From the Director s Desk - Water Resources Research Institute

In addition, a poster session included exhibits of 14 research and watershed-based projects. A feature of the poster session included a student poster competition with awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. During the opening plenary session, Don Underwood, Executive Director of the Mississippi

1,000 -

May 05, 2021 wanted to spread awareness to this cause by making a website, Instagram, and TikTok with videos and additional information (figure 3). All animals are needed for the Earth s food chain and biodiversity. By examining the root of the endangerment, we hope that will cause their population to bounce back.

Sudden Oak Death Outreach in Sonoma County

other sources for sudden oak death information. The first poster they made appears on the front cover of this report; a new poster is being designed. SOD Blitz. In collaboration with the Garbelotto lab, we will be hosting a Sonoma County SOD Blitz this spring 2010. The chance to participate in this citizen scientist project has energized

Center for Advancing Microbial Risk Assessment Annual Report

Project III: Dose Response Assessment 6 Project IV: Assessment-Analysis Interface 6 Project V: Knowledge Management, Transfer, and Learning 7 Integration of Projects I, II, III and IV 8 Appendices 9 Table 1: Accomplishments and Ongoing Research Activities during the Year-1 10 PI Report by Charles P. Gerba and Ian L. Pepper 14

Pathogen Wanted Poster - Denton ISD

Project Description/Abstract: Make a wanted poster for one of the pathogens listed above. Address the following information in your poster. Poster can be 8.5 x 11 or 11 x 14 INFORMATION POINTS POINTS ASSIGNED Photo of the criminal Electron micrograph, picture or diagram. Must be accurate. 5 Description What is the pathogen?

2009 Barry M. Goldwater Scholar

and immersed herself immediately in a research project involving stem cell differentiation, resulting in a new way to study and treat male infertility. This study was documented in a paper she co-authored for the journal Human Reproduction. She presented her research at the 2008 and 2009 CURO Symposia, as well as the 2008 Annual Biomedical Research


12:25 1:30 pm Complimentary Box Lunch for Presenters (oral/poster) & Research Mentors (Welcome Center) 1:30 2:15 pm Open Poster Session I (Room A300) 2:15 3:00 pm Open Poster Session II (Room A300) 3:00pm Conference checkout; Conference E-post survey; Conference gift (Mural Area) Conference Co-Chairs:

MIIM Microbiology & Immunology News

knew she wanted to continue to work in microbiology and rotat-ed in every microbiology lab, and ultimately choose to work in a the Wolfe lab. January. Relations between these fields are only in the beginning In the beginning Krystal s research focused on Dr. Wolfe s acet-ylation work, but Krystal became more interested in the many

Bacteria Wanted Poster Research Project

Bacteria & Viral Wanted Project Background Information: Research one bacterial pathogen and one viral pathogen to produce two Wanted Posters. Present the research material in one of the following formats: Requirements: Select a bacterial pathogen and a viral pathogen from the list below Bacterial pathogen Disease Viral Pathogen Disease

Microbe Most Wanted Project - AP BIO

Microbe Wanted Poster/ Research Project Honors Biology Background Information: Students will research one bacterial or viral pathogen and produce a Wanted Poster. Student Requirements: Students select a pathogen from the list below or that is not on the list. They will then produce a wanted poster with the given parameters.

Pathogen Wanted Poster Research Project - West Linn

Project Description: A. Make a wanted poster for one of the pathogens listed on the back. Poster is to be on a regular 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. A mug shot of your pathogen should appear on the front of the poster with a detailed description on the back (if you need more than one sheet of paper for the description, just staple second