The Sudan Gezira Scheme Some Institutional And Administrative Aspects

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Economic Analysis of Cotton Production in the Gezira Scheme

Keywords: Project analysis; Cotton Gezira scheme; Sudan; Net present worth its history to update information and evaluate economic aspects of the cotton production in the management, and about 90% of cotton is irrigated, while the remaining the main river below Khartoum is some 13.8 Billions of cubic meter.

Land tenure issues in irrigation planning design and - ODI

by M Tiffen 1985 Cited by 16 The Sudan Gezira Scheme; Some Institutional and. Administrative Aspects. Journal of Administation Overseas. Vol. 9, No. 4, pp. 273-285. Detailed analysis of 


by G Hunter 1973 Cited by 15 The facts of demography, employment, and poverty really exclude any policy done: the weakness of administrative and institutional tools for implementing systems; and the commercial aspect of agriculture (mainly credit, supply, and From the Sudan Gezira Scheme to modern marketing boards, crop development​.


CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION PROJECT SUDAN. 22 resilience best practices into a humanitarian and development programme to help the management aspects that could enhance water plans, practice and policies. Hotel, Khartoum held in November 2017 and some ongoing projects such as Rural Water for.


Irrigation Management in Sudan. Technical Report No. 3. Gezira Scheme ees, 10085 workers on a permanent basis and some 700,000 seasonal, temporary relevant ministries, corporations and institutions (recently, 50 % of the investigate the extent of change on the productivity and the social aspects of the farming 

Water Users Associations in the NEN Region IFAD

by W Ghazouani 2012 Cited by 35 were not sufficiently involved in the different aspects of management, that water has to be exclusively managed by the state and its institutions. addressed some of the legal aspects of WUA establishment (Gunchinmaa and Yakubov, 2010). In Abdel Hakam Pilot Project in the Gezira Irrigation Scheme (Sudan), the 


by Y Khalil charging for irrigation water, these need to be accompanied by institutional changes In Pakistan, by some estimates, better irrigation management It can be concluded that improving the technical and agro-economic aspects are not enough like Gezira Scheme in the Sudan, the major projects in northwest Mexico, and 


by DJ Shaw 1965 Cited by 1 800,000 feddans 3, and more than doubles the area in the Gezira Scheme cultivated some 450,000 feddans, and before the Managil Extension was developed, in full operation, will be shared out, 18.5 milliard 1x13 for the Sudan, and 55.5 milliard m3 for Economic Aspects of the Aswan High Dam Project in Egypt.


Any research institution must have methods of improving farming The research explores various aspects of the intemaltechnology transfer system and Organisational Chart of the Gezira Scheme Agricultural administration. 188. A4.

Sudan Desk Review

An analysis of the institutional context affecting livestock mobility in Sudan. 3. An illustration of how the start of the Gezira Scheme. Some of the key pieces of 

chapter two 1. description of the gezira irrigation scheme

by I Al Zayed Institutional management Agricultural water policies for the Gezira Scheme Egypt and the Gezira Scheme in Sudan) at the end of the nineteenth century (​Bastiaanssen and extremely negative environmental effects (FAO, 1997). hydrological behavior in complex irrigation schemes through few and understandable 

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by A Haileslassie Cited by 53 management / water harvesting / legal aspects / irrigation programs / pastoralism Gazira irrigation scheme alone represents about identified in the organizational setting and some questions remain to be answered. Scheme is managed on a vertically integrated basis by the semi-autonomous Sudan Gezira Board.

in Sudan - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United

A Tool for Institutional and Policy Evidence-Based Analysis of address the different aspects of the development of water for agriculture and to identify train and build capacity in irrigation water management; The Gezira Scheme 2005 Law Few laws governed directly and indirectly the planning of development and.

Irrigation Management Transfer in the Gezira Scheme, Sudan

Effects of Maintenance on Tuweir Minor canal. The Gezira Irrigation Scheme, in Sudan, reclines south of Khartoum between the Blue and White. Nile Rivers. Meanings for some Arabic words and terms based on (AbdulGadir and Mary, 1989). Abu XX To assess its links to political/institutional, and financial affairs.

The Republic of Sudan National Implementation Plan For the

Strategy and action plan elements of the national implementation plan Table 19 - POPs pesticide stockpiles (POPs and some non-POP pesticides) results for Table 21 - Institutions involved in chemical management and can potentially be last century with the Gezira Scheme (GS), and through the years many other 


Technology Transfer and Extension Administration (TTEA) and the General In Sudan, extension played an active role in the famous irrigated Gezira Scheme from annual reports of Sudanese public institutions dealing with agriculture in general firms are offering training in agriculture including some extension aspects.


Management-Tenants relations in the Gezira Scheme, resulting from the system of The Sudan Government as a partner in the Scherne has certain duties in return for its share of tenants. These different elements are described by Gaitskell as: tion institutions, such as Khartoum University, Cairo University. Khartoum 

Final Sudan CPE Report 150909 - International Fund for

WSRMP. Western Sudan Resources Management Programme. WUA one of the few financial institutions with a substantial and high profile presence in agriculture and to the follow-up and assessment of certain technical aspects of project implementation. reform of the Gezira Irrigation Scheme, the largest in the world.

Sudan Country Study - IUCN

Despite the existence of large irrigation schemes (e.g. Gezira, New Halfa, Rahad) Camel pastoralists keep few goats because they are unsuited for long distance southern Sudanese pastoral groups through shared institutions of The management of pastoral resources in Sudan involves movement of people, 

The Sudan's Gezira Scheme: An Economic Profile - JSTOR

by PFM McLoughlin 1963 Cited by 5 Its administration, major social problems, technical aspects, Sudan, London: Faber and Faber, 1959; W. A. Hance, The Gezira Scheme , pp. 21-38 of.

Gezira Continuity and Change after World War II

With the Sudan Gezira Board taking over scheme management, the. cotton-​growing been sympathetic, but he and his directors realized that certain concessions in the United States, an entity outside regular governmental organizational agement realized that submerging the economic and agricultural aspects.

Salman M - International Water Law Project

Institutional Reform on Irrigation and Drainage, and had convened, spoken at, and chaired many organizations, and academic institutions, and led the work in this area for some time in the Gezira Scheme in the Sudan (2002 2010). He also Legal Aspects of Sharing and Management of Transboundary Waters in South.

Younis A. Gismalla Satellite based ICT for improved crop - ITU

24-Oct-2017 Piloted in Gezira Scheme (880,000 ha). ▫ Implemented by eLEAF Netherlands & HRC -Sudan. Objectives: ➢Can retrieve farmers information any time Improved field Management: (iii) Institutional aspects (policies,.

On the Evolution of Social Development in the British Sudan A

by JM Snyder 2011 found could have surprised few people: the British, it seemed, knew rather institution of the Condominium must first be situated within the rubric of technical and administrative aspects of the Gezira Scheme, an arrangement that relieved.

Farmers' Practices in On-Farm Irrigation Management in the

by AA IBRAHIM 2000 Cited by 8 in On-Farm. Irrigation. Management in the Gezira Scheme, Central. Sudan. Ahmed A. income. Finally, some conclusions and recommendations are derived for a dialogue between tenancy itself, questions were on all aspects of water application management. Hydraulics Research Ltd, Wallingford and the Institutional.

23rd International Congress on Irrigation and Drainage - ICID

14-Oct-2017 water, review of institutional and organizational aspects of irrigation Sudan, with large untapped potential in agriculture, views agriculture as management at different levels, very few countries have achieved a development of Water Users Associations (WUAs) in the Gezira Irrigation Scheme (GIS).

Durham E-Theses - Durham University

by AI Clarkson Cited by 8 The full-text may be used and/or reproduced, and given to third parties in any format or The Gezira Scheme of northern Sudan has been consistently portrayed as a totalising To these ends both the economic and administrative structures was reinforced by their political dominance of institutions of local governance.

Gender Roles in the Wheat Production of Sudan - MEL Platform

The SARD-SC project management team, the gender team on the ground in Sudanese sites (Gezira, River Nile and Northern) to integrate women women farmers, institutions, the community, and regions more broadly. rural communities, women participate in all aspects of agricultural life, including household and.


1.2.1 The Gezira scheme administration 2.1 Lending costs for credit institution in some Arab scheme, so it is the only crop for which the Sudan Gezira Board of population in rural areas are poor in one aspect or another (Elnoush,. 1999)​ 

The Sudan Gezira Scheme Some Institutional and

by HMM Khalil 1970 Cited by 6 The Sudan Gezira Scheme. Some Institutional and Administrative. Aspects. By H. M. M. KHALIL. Mr. Khalil is a Lands Inspector in the Ministry of Local 

draft final report 11 - Nile Basin Initiative

Institutional Changes in the Gezira Scheme, Sudan. Final Report. By The EC will be responsible of all water management aspects of the minor canal.

Irrigation Development Master Plan

1.2 South Sudan Development Plan/South Sudan Development Initiative 4.1 The Challenge of Organizational Reforms -The Case of Gezira Irrigation Scheme mining can lead to pollution of water sources and other environmental effects IDMP is to undertake some of the above approaches for their materialization 

Sudan - World Bank Document

Poverty Reduction and Economic Management. December 2009. Sudan Box 3​-3: Key Elements of the Wealth Sharing Protocol of the CPA Box 4-1: Reforms in the Gezira Irrigation Scheme Figure 1: Some Notable Signs of Economic Change since the Advent of Oil high transaction costs, poor market institutions, a.

The World Bank and the Gezira Scheme in the Sudan Political

Ending its Engagement in the Gezira Scheme Institutional Reforms International Network on Participatory Irrigation Management. JAM spanned until 2009 included study tours of some Sudanese officials and farmers to four countries The report included a detailed analysis of the main aspects of the Scheme and.


In the Gezira Scheme, for instance, -these damages amoun-tel to 2 million Sudanese pounds last year. The annual budget of the Scheme employs 60,000 


by ISINE AFRICA 1981 are more complete for some countries than for others, and these imbalances -​East and Southern African Management Institute, Arusha, Tanzania; Responsible for Sudan's main cotton producing area; the Gezira Scheme is a partnership 1938, and has since been engaged in research into the socio-​economic aspects.

Current Status of Agriculture and Future Challenges in Sudan

by F Mahgoub 2014 Cited by 46 Sudan. Agricultural projects. Water resources. Water management. Irrigation The aim is to collect and put some of what have been written by scholars and scale state-owned schemes, such as Gezira Scheme, which produce significantly effects of drought and food shortage (FAO/EWSFA 1997) and reduce cereal.

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Item 1 - 16 by AH Ahmed 1980 Some pages in any document may have indistinct print. Brakat, Sudan Gezira Board, 1971. Cost of A Case Study of Agricultural Credit in the Gezira Scheme, FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS IN THE SUDAN. C. Breakdown of Total Administrative Costs and their effects on lender behavior and the flow of.

Simulation Model of Risk Management in the Gezira Scheme

Sciences University of Neelin Khartoum Sudan. 2Development Studies of Sudan. Tenant in the Gezira scheme face unstable farm income due to which any other similar enterprise, such as mining or institutional risks are associated with changes in the aspects regarding agricultural insurance. 2.2 Sampling 

A Case of the Gezira Irrigation Scheme, Sudan - MDPI

by AE Elshaikh 2018 Cited by 4 institutional arrangements on irrigation management performance. therefore, any research to improve water management in Gezira scheme is not focused on hydrological, engineering, economic, and agricultural aspects.

Sudan - UNFCCC

It is my great pleasure to present Sudan's National Adaptation Plan in are certain individuals and institutions deserve special recognition for their Gezira. 1-! U. Iman Mustafa Adawi. Forest National Corporation, NAP Coordinator Figure 5-5: Livelihood zones by administrative districts in Sudan (source: FEWSNET,.

Sudan - Agricultural Rehabilitation Programme II - Completion

A. Management and Organizational Effectiveness B. Staff procured by the Sudan Gezira Board (SGB) on behalf of all ACs. i 8 'r I$4 /y$.

The Gezira Scheme: Perspectives for Sustainable Development

by AM Eldaw Cited by 18 Gezira Scheme, there are hardly any studies about the scheme's performance of Sudan and the Gezira Scheme in particular as well as for the support, expert Table 8: Head to Tail Effects in Yields institutional and management change.

Comparing theoretical and actual feasibility of - IRC Wash

by SG Narayanamurthy 1997 Cited by 14 economic, political and institutional environment, within which the agricultural secp& functions. After the expiration of the 25 year lease in 1950, aspects of the agricultural sector. management responsibility for the Gezira Scheme. Approximately River lift irrigation systems in Sudan: S. G. Narayanamurthy et al​. through a 

XVCS : Document 4

The Sudan Gezira Scheme stands in the cross-roads faced with stagnant or decline onfarm water management of the Gezira scheme for increasing agricultural to affect significant changes in operational as well as organizational aspects of the higber depth of irrigation application, in certain ​Numbers the application 


by EW Coward Jr 1976 Cited by 10 interest in the organizational and institutional elements that must accompany the includes some items dealing with irrigated agriculture inNorth America, perhaps administration of an irrigation settlement scheme from government officials to a 1963 The Sudan's Gezira scheme: An economic profile. Social and.

Past, present, and future - Chr. Michelsen Institute

by FYOFAIN SUDAN Cited by 3 Chapter 13: From native administration to native system: Chapter 18: Rethinking livelihoods in the Gezira Scheme: ing in a Sudanese institution, under a Sudanese government. to describe a certain aspect of the discipline in Sudan.

Draft Pre-Feasibility Report for Implementation of Solar pumps

Gezira scheme, being implemented in coordination with The World Bank and OFID is one of the largest irrigation projects in innovative financial mechanisms and mobilizing finance from Institutions;. 5. Scale up 3 Administrative Map of Sudan - Nations Online Project Any feasibility analysis of a solar powered irrigation.

Contribution of land tenure structures to agricultural

by FH Adam 1965 Cited by 7 economic development if viewed in terms of institutional sub-sectors with incentives Sudan. In the application process, land tenure structures in Sudan, as well the role each sector can play jointly in all the three aspects of the process, and leasehold in the Gedaref District, and share-cropping in the Gezira Scheme.

The Gezira Irrigation Scheme in Sudan Objectives, Design

by H Plusquellec Cited by 73 organizational of irrigation systems and their impact on the management of these scheme in Sudan makes only passing references to some specific but critical aspects of this project, such the capacity of the system to adapt to changing.