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Italy Third Biennial Report - UNFCCC

energy consumption vehicles. Emissions from energy industries show a reduction of 23.8% in 2015 with respect to 1990, in spite of an increase in the thermoelectric energy production (from 178.6 TWh to 192.1 TWh) and electric energy consumption (from 218.7 TWh to 297.2 TWh).


Europeans consume around twice as much meat as the global average, and about three times as much dairy. To protect public health and nature, and to tackle the climate emergency, scientists are recommending a reduction of European meat and dairy consumption by at least by 70 % by 2030. We know food choices are very personal,

Economic Information to Other Generations Bulletin

Recommended citation format for this publication: Kuhns, Annemarie and Michelle Saksena. Food Purchase Decisions of Millennial Households Compared to Other Generations, EIB-186, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service, December 2017. Cover is a derivative of images from Getty Images.

2018 State Indicator Report on Fruits and Vegetables

State Indicator Report on Fruits and Vegetables This state indicator report provides national and state data on 10 indicators of fruit and vegetable access and production for all 50 states and the District of Columbia (Table 1). These data augment recently released state-specific fruit and vegetable consumption and behavior data. 4

Digital Technologies Transforming Indian Agriculture

THE GLOBAL INNOVATION INDEX 2017 5: Digital Technologies Transforming Indian Agriculture 106 growing at 1.4% annually, putting pressure on natural resources such as land and water to produce enough food. Moreover, with rising incomes, a structural change in the dietary pat-terns of an average Indian is diversi-fying the country s food demand to

Food Outlook - Biannual Report on Global Food Markets

global inventories have to decline to meet projected total utilization in 2019/20. However, export availabilities should remain sufficient amid less vibrant trade prospects. COARSE GRAINS World sugar production is forecast to drop in 2018/19 from last season s record level, but to remain slightly above global consumption. Expectations of lower

The TH milk company (Vietnam) Is such a large-scale

by 2017. TH Group targets 137 000 dairy cows by 2017 and 200 000 dairy cows by 2020. Mrs Thái Hương is presented has the owner of TH True Milk JSC but in fact she owns only 2% of the TH Group as well as Đặng Thái Nguyên and Truong Thi Kim Thu10. The 94% of investors are other economic entities.


Sep 26, 2017 consumption expenditures or 52 percent of food expenditure. The remaining 48 percent of household food expenditure was for dining out. Between 2011 and 2016, Korean household spending on grocery purchases marked an average of 0.7 percent annual growth. The weak growth of grocery spending was partly due to increased spending on dining out.

Processing of Milk and Milk Products - Project Report

The dairy food market in the India has witnessed a growth in recent years on account of rising demand for dairy food products fueled by expansion in milk production. The surge in growth is majorly originated from growth in Ice cream and Milk Powder as a segment of dairy food market.

Standards for trade: ITC publications

Published: 2017 Available in: English The State of Sustainable Markets: Statistics and Emerging Trends 2015 This first global data report on fast-growing voluntary sustainability standards outlines the share of bananas, cocoa, coffee, cotton, forestry, palm oil, soybeans, cane sugar and tea in 14 major standards.

Mexico Dairy and Products Semi-annual High Demand Drives

May 24, 2019 Agricultural Organization (FAO) s recommended yearly consumption of 190 liters per person. As consumption of fluid milk is relatively flat, the Mexican dairy industry has begun to switch its focus from marketing and promotion of traditional milk consumption toward encouraging consumption of dairy products as a way to boost dairy intake and sales.

Beyond Meat s Beyond Burger Life Cycle Assessment

consumption. This was complemented with information from primary ingredient suppliers. Environmental impact of U.S. beef production was drawn from an existing LCA study commissioned by the National Cattleman s Beef Association (Thoma et al., 2017). The Beyond Burger LCA was

Indian FMCG Market 2020 - TechSci Research

whatsoever to the subscribers / users of this report. The information herein, together with all estimates and forecasts, can change without notice. All the figures provided in this document are indicative of relative market size and are strictly for client s internal consumption.


REPORT AND ACCOUNTS 2017. ITC s Contribution to Agriculture. An Enduring Relationship with Farmers over Decades. ITC is one of India s leading corporates in the agricultural sector & among the largest exporters of agri commodities. The revolutionary ITC e-Choupal initiative is a global model of farmer empowerment.


Aug 20, 2018 CHIPOTLE SUSTAINABILT REPORT UPDATE 2017 GOAL: Increase both the total pounds of produce purchased from local suppliers and the number of suppliers in our local grower program in 2017 vs PROGRESS: Accomplished. We purchased 26 million pounds of produce from 69 local growers in 2017 (versus 16 million pounds from 23 local growers).


Annual Report 2017-18 4 DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, COOPERATION & FARMERS WELFARE 1.12 As per the First Advance Estimates, total production of Kharif foodgrains during 2017-18 is estimated at 134.67 million tonnes. This is lower by 3.86 million tonnes as compared to last year s record kharif foodgrain production of 138.52 million tonnes (4th

Australian Organic Market Reporting - Tracking Horticultural

improving on the format and simplicity for respondents. Results from the Agricultural Census, July 2011, are also included in this Report for the first time, as it pertains to organic primary production. A specific question set was developed to capture the required consumer data to meet project objectives in 2009. This

Final Energie report South Africa - RVO

industrial customers cut their consumption by 10% during peak demand times to avoid unexpected blackouts or load-shedding (scheduled power cuts). According to SAPP's 2013 Annual Report, South Africa's peak demand was forecast to reach 44,005 MW in 2013, exceptionally close to installed net maximum capacity.

U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement: Likely Impact on the U.S

corrected; on page 119, in table 5.2 has clarified that USMCA language on dairy TRQs is new in the agreement; on page 123, the values reported for infant formula, cheese, whey products, and yogurt have been corrected; on page 131, U.S. exports of alcoholic beverages to Canada has been

Global Reporting Initiative Referenced Standards Report 2019

concise content; easy-to-find information with an engaging format. Following positive feedback for 2016, 2017 and 2018, we are continuing to use the Global Reporting Initiative Standards as an additional reporting tool, responding directly to disclosure topics and relevant indicators.

Animal Health Update

Global production animal health market size: $19 billion , low-mid single digit growth annually Key drivers USDA cattle on feed in lots trends (000s of heads) Global population growth fueling meat and dairy consumption Shift to higher quality and safer food Scarcity of arable land and water


meat and dairy products and fewer grains and vegetables. From 1995 to 2010, meat and dairy consumption quadrupled among urban residents and grew sixfold for rural dwellers. Consumers are increasingly exposed to global cuisines through media and travel. In 2017, Chinese tourists went on 75.5 million trips abroad and this is forecast to increase.

A consumer analysis of Whole Foods Market

format to be the dominant driver of future revenues, accounting for over 80% of additional stores opening in the CV year. However, it may not prove to be a viable source for long-term organic growth. Stock Underperformance: While the S&P 500 increased 15% over the last 12 months, there was only a 4%

Proposal for Detailed Project Report

Annual Mean Global Irradiance On a horizontal plane at the surface of the earth W m-2 averaged over 24 h With 10% efficient solar cell area of solar cell needed in 2004 India 60 km × 60 km (0.12% area) Goswami 2000


In 2017, it invested US$14.4 billion in countries along B&R corridors. The initiative has led to 75 economic and trade cooperation zones, attracting nearly 3,500 companies to the region and more than US$270 billion of investment. Following this increased collaboration and investment, import and export trade volumes grew 17.8% in 2017.

Climate change and human health - WHO

Special report on emission scenarios 30 Anthropogenic climate change 31 Climate modelling 33 Exposure Assessment 36 Conclusions 39 References 40 Chapter 3. International consensus on the science of climate and health: the IPCC Third Assessment Report 43 Introduction 43 The IPCC 43 The effects of climate on the transmission biology of human

International Livestock Research Institute Training course

A better understanding of the global burden of food borne disease and its relationship to animal source foods 1 The importance of working within informal markets rather than exclusively trying to regulate through the formal sector 4 Understanding of policy issues around food safety 1 Other Name three dairy cow identification methods.

D7.3 PESTLE Analysis - Databio

D7.3 PESTLE Analysis H2020 Contract No. 732064 Final v1.0, 29/12/2017 Dissemination level: PU -Public Page 2 Executive Summary This report provides an overview of political, economic, social, technological, legal, and

Brexit prospects for UK dairy trade - Microsoft

to be tailored with the end consumer in mind, ensuring flavour profiles and format align with their needs and consumption habits. Patty Clayton Lead Analyst AHDB Market Intelligence Global consumption of dairy is growing, with demand for fresh and processed products forecast to increase by 2.1% and 1.7% a year over the next decade respectively.

THE CLEAN LABEL TREND: A New Era in Dairy Products

dairy, according to a 2017 Cargill report1) to protein consumption that should keep the category growing for years to come. But at the same time, consumers set a high bar for their dairy products, and ingredient perceptions are still critical so dairy formulators need to stay on top of these quickly changing viewpoints to

Surveillance and monitoring for antimicrobial use and resistance

A recent report from UNEP, Frontiers 2017 (Emerging Issues of Environmental Concern), provides data sources and exposure pathways for AMR and AMU in the environment, which could be used to identify entry points for integrating environmental surveillance into existing systems.


Aug 28, 2017 AFRICA AGRICULTURE STATUS REPORT 2017 v This Report delves more deeply than most into some of the desired policy interventions for achieving an inclusive transformation. It highlights the need for a more holistic and multisectoral approach to the problem, and that builds on partnerships between the public and private sectors. And this

Foreign Agricultural Service - USDA

International Agricultural Trade Report July 2018 Trade Opportunities in Southeast Asia : Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines Southeast Asia. i is a major market for U.S. agricultural products, ranking as the third-largest regional market in 2017, behind East Asia and North America. U.S. exports to Southeast Asia

Pulp & Paper Industry Overview & Outlook Seventeen22

each individual s personal consumption. In Australia in 2017, per capita consumption of paper and paperboard was 127 kg per person, down 5.7% on the prior year. In New Zealand in 2017, per capita consumption of The market for paper, paperboard and paper products in Australia and New Zealand is mature, and

National Agricultural Statistics Service

The USDA Economic Research Service (ERS) publishes the Livestock, Dairy, and Poultry Outlook on a monthly schedule, which analyzes economic impacts of events and outlook based on projections from USDA's World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report for beef, pork, lamb, poultry, eggs, and dairy production and trade.

MILK and dairy products - FAO

4.7 Dairy intake, metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes 139 4.8 Dairy intake and cardiovascular disease 141 4.8.1 Effects of dietary fat on cardiovascular disease 142 4.8.2 Studies that support reducing animal products and the argument for low-fat versus high-fat dairy products 143 4.8.3 Recent review studies on milk/dairy consumption


March and April 2017. Case published August 2017. environmentally destructive palm oil industry in Southea SYNOPSIS In the early 2000s, deforestation accelerated in Brazil s Amazon rainforest, and global environmental groups began to raise the alarm. Greenpeace, one of the most vocal groups, published a report that placed the blame partly on

Ethiopia livestock sector analysis - CGIAR

5.1 Dairy value chain and sub-chains (formal and informal) 22 5.2 Formal and informal beef and live cattle export sub-chains 23 5.3 Live camel and camel meat value chain and sub-chains 24

The Estimated Amount, Value, and

the 1977 GAO report are still relevant today, given the resources used in the production of uneaten food, the negative externalities associated with food loss (e.g., pollution created during food produc-tion), and the growing pressures on the global food supply (see box, Three Reasons for a Growing Interest in Food Loss ).