A Myth Of Midridge

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the artists that worked within the atmosphere of the myth, down to the eighteenth century and beyond, it is typified by those more or less interchangeable names for it, all beginning 'Re-', rebirth, revival, renewal. There can be neo-Gothic and to those outside the myth, neo-Classic, but there cannot logically be neo-Renaissance. It is 'neo'

2. CHAPTER 2 Postmodernism

CHAPTER 2 Postmodernism 42 Poststructuralism or deconstruction. Poststructuralism or deconstruction is the acceptance of the fact that a single text or sign may represent multiple meanings

5 Ireland - General Ireland - Hiberno-Norse Coins - General

R. H. M. Dolley, The myth of a coinage of the Ostmen of Dublin in the name of Tymme Sjællandsfar BNJ vol. 29 (1958-59), 275-88, 2 pls. ht R. H. M. Dolley, An apparently unrecorded class of Hiberno-Norse imitation of the coinage of Æthelræd II BNJ vol. 30 (1960-61), 227-30, pls. ht

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