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Body Size And Fatness In Young Adults In Relation To Age At Menarche

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Puberty and Body Composition - Karger Publishers

by RM Siervogel 2003 Cited by 346 and youths with undersized legs for their height will have higher BMI values compared with children with longer leg lengths relative to their height.

BMI increase through puberty and adolescence is - Neurology

by C Ohlsson 2017 Cited by 39 $17.9 kg/m2,14 while young adult overweight at 20 years of age is defined as BMI $25 of age and became normal weight during puberty did.

secular trends and relationship to adulthood body mass index

by JH Ahn 2013 Cited by 54 sample (self-reported age at menarche and measured height and weight) found that early menarche is a risk factor for obesity in adults.

Causal relationship between the timing of menarche - PLOS

by H Kim 2021 Younger age at menarche (AAM) is associated with higher body mass relationship between AAM and young adult obesity is crucial for 

Relationship Between Menarche Age and Body Mass Index

by F Linardi 2020 Relationship Between Menarche Age and Body Mass Index (IMT). Youth in Palembang City. Felicia Linardi1. Aditiawati2. Minerva Riani Kadir3.

Puberty as a Window of Susceptibility - Journal of Adolescent

by FM Biro 2013 Cited by 82 Birth weight perhaps has been the most studied early life earlier puberty with greater BMI as an adult, but the relationship.

the impact of the age at menarche on body build and - JSTOR

by S KIRCHENGAST 1994 Cited by 10 the hormonal situation in puberty, adult body shape and adult sex hormone levels. fatness in young adults in relation to age at menarche. Am.

Overweight and lower age at menarche: evidence from the

by G Lazzeri Cited by 11 Hierarchical models were used to assess the relationship between. BMI and age at puberty, early puberty predisposes to abnormal weight gain or both.

Diet, body size and menarche in a multiethnic cohort - Nature

by C Koprowski 1999 Cited by 125 relationship between diet, body size, ethnicity and age at menarche. Hispanic, Asian/Pacific Island and African-American girls were more.

Age at menarche in relation to adult body size and physique

by K Sharma 1988 Cited by 74 The relationship of early and late menarche with adult body dimensions has especially with reference to body size, skeletal maturation and body fat 

Physical Determinants of Early Menarche - SAS Publishers

Age at menarche was inversely correlated with weight, BMI,. MUAC, waist circumference, hip circumference, body fat percentage (BF%), waist-height ratio, 

Infancy Weight Gain Predicts Childhood Body Fat and Age at

by KK Ong 2009 Cited by 251 associated with increased body fat mass relative to lean mass at age weight even before the onset of puberty (13, 14), the adult disease.

Body fatness and weight gain and the risk of cancer - World

5.1 Adult body fatness. 26. 5.2 Body fatness in young adulthood. 92. 5.3 Adult weight gain. 98. 6. Comparison with the 2007 Second Expert Report.

Obesity and Growth during Childhood and Puberty - Nestlé

by MLMF Chiarelli 2013 Cited by 134 to present an acceleration of pubertal and skeletal maturation compared to normal weight youth [10, 11]. Longitudinal studies have allowed a better 

Body fat levels in children and adolescents - Clinical Nutrition

body fat (%BF) by gender and age; (b) the prevalence of obesity according to different %BF cut- Using %BF derived from the skin fold measurements leads.

Association between BMI and age at menarche in - JSTOR

by I Wronka 2010 Cited by 53 weight and obesity was estimated using the international BMI cut-off points for The age at menarche younger than x-lsd grouped the girls into early 

Early-life determinants of the age at menarche by Erica

by EC Jansen 2016 Cited by 1 67. Berkey CS, Gardner JD, Frazier AL, Colditz GA. Relation of childhood diet and body size to menarche and adolescent growth in girls.

Age at menarche and its relationship to body mass index

by N Al-Awadhi 2013 Cited by 115 and obesity after adjusting for potential confounders, odds ratio 0.84 (0.77-0.93); (p = 0.001). Conclusion: Age at menarche among 

17-beta-Estradiol in relation to age at menarche and adult

by A Hjartaker 2007 Cited by 87 Key words: 17-β-estradiol, age at menarche, adult body fatness, breast cancer risk, Norway Body mass index (BMI) was used to estimate relative weight.

Whether age of menarche is influenced by body mass index

by M Farahmand Cited by 19 relationships between age of menarche and height, BMI, waist circumference, of puberty and the gathering of body fat (17,.

Weight Gain and Height - The Journal of Pediatrics

by B Antonisamy 2017 Cited by 32 Results Higher BMI/greater conditional relative weight gain at all ages was Growth patterns in early life are important predictors of adult CVD risk 

Is Obesity at Individual and National Level - NUI Galway

by C Currie Cited by 103 Keywords: Childhood obesity; Adolescent obesity; Age at menarche; Early (HBSC) is used to investigate the contribution of body mass index (BMI) at 

Longitudinal Study on the Role of Body Size in

by KB Michels 2006 Cited by 166 ard ratio for breast cancer in women with a BMI at age. 18 years 27.5 vs 20.0-22.4, 0.57; of benign breast disease, height, age at menarche, age at.

jcrpe-2018-0274.R1 Original Article Early menarche is a risk

by S Kang 2018 Objective: We investigated the association between age at menarche and adult height (and body mass index; BMI) in young Korean female.

PDF 440.86 K - International Journal of Pediatrics

by A Rahimi 2019 Western diet showed no relationship with early age at menarche (P>0.05). Conclusion: Based on the results, dietary patterns and body size 

Ability of Young Women to Recall Past Body Size and Age at

by C Koprowski 2001 Cited by 136 Objective: The ability of young women (n. 132, average age 17 years) to recall body size and age at menarche was examined. The use of body silhouettes to 

Association of body composition and age at menarche in girls

by IFB Gemelli 2020 Cited by 5 Weight, fat weight, muscle weight, and body mass index were measured determining the timing of puberty in these girls in comparison to other regions of 

Weight and age at menarche - Archives of Disease in Childhood

by O Stark 1989 Cited by 115 changes in relative weight between these two ages accounted for 2%. Girls with early menarche were more likely to be overweight at ages 7, 11, 

A Systematic Literature Review of Factors Affecting the - MDPI

by SP Canelón 2020 Cited by 12 The timing of menarche is the age when a young woman first begins a U-shaped distribution between weight and later fertility, with fat.

Perceptions of body image among Malaysian male and

by GL Khor 2009 Cited by 118 smaller body size. Compared to normal weight and underweight subjects, overweight males and females expressed lower confidence and.

Socioeconomic status in relation to early menarche among

by D Braithwaite 2009 Cited by 122 associated with age at menarche [19] were considered in the present analyses. Anthropometric factors. Height, weight, and body fat.

Impact of timing of pubertal maturation on growth in black and white

years, in relation to timing of pubertal maturation as assessed by timing of menarche, on height, height velocity, weight, body height. Throughout puberty, early maturers had greater ponderosity and Body size and fatness in young adults.

Early menarche and its consequence in Korean female

2021 Cited by 2 body fat, 22% or 48 kg of body weight, in pubertal girls.29) young adults, and adults) associated with early menarche are listed in Table 2.

What is the importance of age at menarche on adult - ucf stars

by PM Kacerosky 2011 Methods: Compared published measurements of age at menarche, adult height, menarche is dependent on a critical minimum weight for height and fat 

Even transient rapid infancy weight gain is associated with

by B Salgin 2015 Cited by 69 catch-up weight gain was also associated with younger age at menarche in girls Childhood obesity has been shown to track into adult life and confer a 

English (pdf) - Artículo Original / Original Article

by GF Arcoverde 2020 Anthropometric variables and body composition according to occurrence of early menarche in university women. Recife, Brazil 2015. BMI: body mass index; WC: 

Is Obesity Associated With Early Sexual Maturation? A

by Y Wang 2002 Cited by 801 how early maturation affected the risks for overweight and obese. Body size and fatness in young adults in relation to age at menarche. Am J Hum Biol.

Estrogen Metabolism in Premenopausal Women Is Related to

by LC Houghton 2018 Cited by 4 Health Study II recalled their body fatness at ages 5, 10, and 20 years using a validated 9-level and adult body mass index (BMI) and height (21). Adult.

Early menarche is associated with increased risk of asthma

by S Lieberoth 2015 Cited by 22 menarche before the age of 12 years. Additional informa- tion on possible confounding factors, i.e. current age, height, weight, smoking 

Food Insecurity and Age of Menarche - USF Scholar Commons

by M Burris 2018 Cited by 2 Table 13: Comparison of Mean Body Size/Composition Distribution among In 2015, 6.8 million teenagers were food insecure in the United 

Early Age at Menarche, Lung Function, and Adult Asthma

by F Macsali 2011 Cited by 121 adjustment for age, height, body mass index, education, smoking, ing menarche at age 10 years or less, as compared with women with.

Paediatrica Indonesiana Age at menarche and body fat in

by AB Pulungan 2020 Cited by 1 body fat mass and fat distribution with age at menarche in adolescent girls. waist-height ratio and menarcheal age (r=-0.37; P=0.03).

Nutritional Determinants of the Timing of Puberty - Annual

by E Villamor 2016 Cited by 69 been related to breast and endometrial cancers, obesity, Prepregnant overweight and obesity have been related to younger age at menarche.

Birth size in relation to age at menarche and adolescent body

by PR Romundstad 2003 Cited by 59 Early age at menarche and tallness are associated with increased risk for breast cancer, and emerging evidence sug- gests that body size at birth also is 

Body mass index in children and adolescents - Nature

by V Bini 2000 Cited by 114 according to age in pre-menarche and post-menarche girls, separately; and (3) 1919 females (10.5 Body mass index (weight, kg/height, m2; BMI; Quetelet,.

Age at menarche, menstrual characteristics, and its associated

by CC Anikwe 2020 Cited by 2 The height and weight of the study population were obtained using a weighing scale and a stadiometer. Questions relating to menstruation included age at 

Body mass index and heightfrom childhoodto adulthood in the

by C Power 1997 Cited by 424 relations among timing of puberty, height, and BMI. Longitudinal been fat at earlier ages: only 17% and 18% of obese 33-y-old men.

Height, age at menarche, body weight and body mass index in

by M Rosell 2005 Cited by 40 associated with adult height, age at menarche, adult body weight and body mass index (BMI), used as indicators of growth, development and obesity, 

Do the Low WHRs and BMIs Judged Most Attractive Indicate

by WD Lassek 2018 Cited by 23 past reproductive age show that women with lower BMIs in the late teens had fewer live reduced amounts of body fat, which is very strongly related.

age at menarche and its association with nutritional - SciELO

by BS Barros 2019 Cited by 17 confidence intervals according to the nutritional status (very low weight, low weight, normal weight, overweight, and obesity) were verified.