Modulation Of The Human Nociceptive Reflex By Cyclic Movements

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Physiological and pharmacological modulation of the human

Modulation of the human nociceptive reflex by cyclic movements Eur J Appl Physiol 70 (1995) 311-321 II Andersen, OK, Jensen, LM, Brennum, J, Arendt-Nielsen, L Evidence for central summation of C and Aδ nociceptive activity in man Pain 59, (1994) 273-280. III Andersen, OK, Gracely, RH, Arendt-Nielsen, L

Human flexor reflex modulation during cycling

Human flexor reflex modulation during cycling Kinematic and Electromyographic Study of the Nociceptive Withdrawal Reflex in ity changes phasically throughout a cyclic movement, reflex


ofthe humandiaphragm. 438, 37P, 1991 Evidence that transcranial magnetic stimulation delays saccadic eye movements by interfering with activity in oculomotor areas of cortex in man. 438, 302P, 1991 Effect of central and peripheral demyelinating disease on the late excitatory response to trans-cranial magnetic stimulation in single human

Evaluation of Metamizole and Carprofen as postoperative

transduction, transmission, and modulation of nociceptive input and the perception of pain 16 Figure 5: Representation of cyclooxygenase activity. COX-1 is constitutively expressed while COX-2 may be present by inflammatory processes. 19