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Why Is Aging A Complex And Multidimensional Phenomenon

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Transition From Hospital to Home in Parents of Preterm Infants

by M Boykova 2016 Cited by 40 Transition from hospital to home is a complex and multidimensional phenomenon for patients of all ages.1 4 This transition can be especially.

Cognition, Language and Aging - OAPEN Library

The linguistic system is complex and involves multiple, interacting levels of accompanies normal aging, has made this phenomenon the focus of numerous multi-dimensional representation which contains information about space, time​,.

Multidimensional Poverty in Bhutan - OPHI

consensus that poverty is an intrinsically multidimensional phenomenon. However, the difficult task is to decide who is to be considered multidimensionally poor. the probability at birth of not surviving to age 40), deprivation of education​ 

From income poverty to multidimensional poverty - IPC-IG

by F Burchi 2018 is actually a multidimensional phenomenon. rural, age cohorts, deciles of household income, education levels, among others, However, it is very difficult to.


by P Doreian 1969 Cited by 24 flaws in the way the multidimensional approach to s^tratiflcation inconsistency while being a real phenomenon was theoretically irrelevant. from age to age. Ideally, then, we it is difficult to justify the imposition of a fixed number of ranks.

'Ageing in Place' in Europe: A multidimensional approach to

by C Fernández-Carro Cited by 21 quiero agradecer al Centro for Ageing Research de la University of to the construction of housing complexes specifically designed for later life needs, phenomenon for purposes of this research are established: private domain and 

Human Deprivation Index: A Measure of Multidimensional

by M Sivakumar 2010 Cited by 31 Poverty is a complex and multidimensional socio-economical phenomenon in Since poverty is a multidimensional phenomenon, measurement of year of age in a year per 1000 live births of the same year) and illiteracy.

Multidimensional Approach to Quality of Life Issues

by BRK Sinha Cited by 6 Abstract The term 'Quality of Life' comprises a complex and multidimensional phenomenon, greatly affects the age sex composition and growth of population 

Multidimensional Poverty -

by R Walker 2015 Cited by 13 The concept of multidimensional poverty is no exception. It is now generally of mortality (by the age of 40); illiteracy and economic deprivation (measured by access to health care, safe indices that correlate with more complex phenomena.

Strategic Directions for - The National Institute on Aging

The National Institute on Aging: Strategic Directions for Research, 2020-2025 funding and an improvement in health, more often the story is complex. phenomena, including the integration of neuroimaging data in large-scale surveys and The causes of health disparities are dynamic and multidimensional, and to 

Multidimensional Approach to Poverty Measurement - LPEM

by DRP Artha Cited by 4 multidimensional phenomenon so that should be explained by multidimensional size, age, and sex composition of head of the household are determinants of indicator is complex, and incorporates methodological de- cisions and political 

Political Integration as a Multidimensional Phenomenon

by LN Lindberg 1970 Cited by 273 POLITICAL INTEGRATION AS A MULTIDIMENSIONAL PHENOMENON 65I The article thus will offer a rather complex set of concepts and an even more variable-sum possible extensive logrolling and age deals are of more unlimited.

Multidimensional networks - Michele Coscia

by M Berlingerio 2012 Cited by 162 give the basis for multidimensional network analysis: we present a solid repertoire of basic concepts about complex phenomena in such networks. Keywords Watts, D.J.: Six Degrees: The Science of a Connected Age (2003). 38. Yan, X.

Climbing Mountains and Avoiding Slippery Slopes - LWW Journals

or a complex, multidimensional phenomenon. How many indicators one could vary somewhat by child age, family socioeconomic status, geography, and 

Health; A Multidimensional Concept - UNIVERSITY OF

Health is Multidimensional, which is determined by Political Under Five Mortality Rate: = No. of deaths of children under five years of age. No. of live births of 

Associations between Multidimensional Spirituality and

by T Dangel 2019 Cited by 1 Associations between Multidimensional Spirituality and Mental Health: the unique elements of self-forgiveness may also make it the most difficult form of forgiveness attention, 2) present-centeredness, 3) external phenomena that influence with health via positive psychological traits, age, gender, and ethnicity were 

Child poverty and multidimensional disadvantage - STICERD

by P Vizard 2018 Cited by 5 provided very helpful guidance relating to complex survey design adjustments. for tackling the phenomenon of data exclusion and building up quantitative evidence on missing age, household composition and parental characteristics​?

The Multidimensional Assessment of Scholarly - arXiv

by HF Moed 2014 Cited by 159 This article introduces the Multidimensional Research Assessment Matrix of scientific output. Its phenomenon in research is the difference between the amount of articles read, Big data refers to is a collection of data sets that are so large and complex that it becomes Depends upon subject field and age of (​cited).

The Multidimensional Analysis of Social Exclusion - Digital

by R Levitas 2007 Cited by 1035 Social exclusion is a complex and multi-dimensional process. directly from children, with the age of respondents taken as far down as possible, The question of whether 'deep exclusion' is a distinct phenomenon from social exclusion.

Challenges of an Aging Population in Sri Lanka - Asian

by INSRI LANKA 2019 A multidimensional policy response is needed from addressing constraints on Population aging is a common phenomenon across advanced economies and difficult to comply with in the event of sudden shocks such as health problems,​ 

MULTIDIMENSIONAL - UN Environment Document

Sep 4, 2014 Environmental Variables in Multidimensional poverty measurement A practical guide with examples mensions, such as the marginalization of indigenous communities, difficult Exposure is the likelihood of a natural phenomenon educational in general for school age children and adolescents (3%).

Does Debunking Work? Correcting COVID-19 Misinformation

by T Caulfield Cited by 15 is a complex and multidimensional phenomenon. There is an emerg- ing rich Thinking in the Digital Age: Countering Coronavirus Misinformation. **. Canada 

Understanding poverty from a gender perspective - CEPAL

by NU CEPAL 2004 The multidimensional nature of this phenomenon is shown, as and society, as well as factors that interrelate with gender, such as age and ethnic Furthermore​, it is important to realize that income is very difficult to measure in household.

How complex analyses of large multidimensional - edoc

by MST Egli 2018 adequate approaches for analyzing complex multidimensional datasets in psychology. We applied age: 22.4, range: 18 35; 841 females; the experiment the genotype at another locus, a phenomenon also called statistical interaction​1.

The conceptual basis for measuring and reporting on health

by S Chatterji Cited by 61 The WHO definition of health notes that health is a multi-dimensional concept. and some of these changes, such as those associated with ageing (greying of hair instances the best or only measurable phenomena that indicate the presence of For domains comprised of more complex tasks, such as usual activities and.

Everyday Cognitive Competence in Elderly Persons - Oxford

by SL Willis 1996 Cited by 272 cognitively complex tasks considered essential for living on one's own in this society. A major challenge for assessed as a multidimensional phenomenon, in-.


as a multidimensional phenomenon. mortality, and life expectancy at age one) that are all equally weighted on a 0 to 100 scale. 2. comparison was difficult.

Multidimensional poverty analysis - ECINEQ

by F Ferreira 2012 Cited by 183 Widespread agreement that poverty is a multifaceted phenomenon, encompassing complex for multidimensional poverty than for unidimensional poverty.

sustainability Multidimensional Poverty among Female - MDPI

by SJ Nam 2020 Cited by 3 Poverty is a worldwide phenomenon that threatens basic human life. The elderly, individuals with less education, individuals with low income, and taking only economic resource shortages into account, it will be difficult.

Aging rheological characteristics of SBR modified asphalt with

by C Zhu 2017 Cited by 25 Keywords: SBR modified asphalt; Multi-dimensional nanomaterials; SBR and asphalt at high temperature and aging phenomenon all the same are. 39 The rheological properties such as complex modulus (G∗) and phase angle (δ). 130.

Chapter 4: Multidimensional Poverty and its Measurement

Jul 4, 2016 However it may be difficult to define indicators that are relevant from cradle to grave compulsory years of schooling, age-specific standards for malnutrition. a multidimensional phenomenon and seek to judge inequality in 


by A Wineman 2013 Cited by 3 Food security is recognized as a multifaceted condition of complex causality that is partial measure of the multifaceted phenomenon of food access (Webb et household members in each age-sex category by the corresponding energy 

A Multiple Correspondence Analysis Approach to the

by A Ezzrari 2012 Cited by 55 Keywords: Multidimensional poverty, Morocco, Multiple Correspondence Analysis as a complex and unobserved multidimensional phenomenon that we want to households have also children under age of five suffering from malnutrition 

A multidimensional approach to the study of human

by R Fidel 2004 Cited by 275 Even though it is difficult at times to separate one di- mension from another, and investigators from fully understanding the phenomenon un-.


by S Dhakal 2015 Cited by 2 poverty therefore is a multidimensional concept and a complex phenomenon class, age, religion, region, etc. may impact judgments of reasonable living.

Inferring Multidimensional Rates of Aging from Cross

by E Pierson 2019 Cited by 10 We also discuss how to optimize over monotone functions and check for order isomorphisms in our class of models, which is a computationally difficult question of 

Toward A Multidimensional Model Of Social - CORE

by SM Hare Cited by 4 conceptualized as an integrated multi-dimensional design. In other words systems designs require the capacity both to analyze complex social interactions phenomenon-the collective conscience-to the agency of the individual person ever-growing bureaucracies of the modem age.49 The very nature of the subject.

Theories and measures of elder abuse - Wiley Online Library

by Y Abolfathi Momtaz 2013 Cited by 68 Elder abuse is a pervasive phenomenon around the world with devastating effects on the victims. may affect elderly people from different backgrounds and involve a wide variety of potential The CGA is an integrated and multidimensional approach that a multifactorial, complex problem that affects elderly people with 

Multidimensional progress: well-being beyond income - UNDP

2.14 The number of children and elderly people in households affects the probability of escaping 1.3 Multidimensional progress requires complex changes. 43 mensional phenomenon defined by a lack of guaranteed enjoyment of social.

Composite Indices for Multidimensional Development and

by P De Muro Cited by 136 Abstract: The measurement of development or poverty as multidimensional phenomena is Many socioeconomic phenomena are complex and therefore difficult to measure and to Probability at birth of not surviving to age 40 (times 100). 0.

A Multidimensional Systems Biology Analysis of - bioRxiv

by RA Avelar Cited by 17 Sciences, Center for Multidisciplinary Research on Aging, Ben-Gurion associated with senescence despite being part of the condensing II complex, which is genes, apparently reflecting the co-evolution between these two phenomena 

Targets for Health Interventions for Inflammatory Bowel

by M Artom 2016 Cited by 34 phenomenon in patients with inflammatory bowel disease [IBD] and aid in the development of interventions Fatigue is a complex, multifactorial, and multidimensional phe- nomenon 18 years of age with a diagnosis of IBD.


by DS Backes 2018 Cited by 9 Quality nursing education: a complex and multidimensional phenomenon. 3/7. The third phase In this age of interconnectivity when interac- tion/interactivity 

A Multidimensional Approach to Measuring Child - UNICEF

by PW BRIEFS 2011 importance of seeking out the multidimensional face of child poverty. This approach on children than on adults because of their vulnerability due to age and dependency. Poverty in is a complex task and this dimension is often overlooked.

Chapter 3 The OECD fragility framework - OECD iLibrary

by A Abel 2016 Cited by 2 This chapter outlines the OECD's multidimensional fragility framework, and reviews It should take account of the complex factors While fragility is a multidimensional phenomenon that does not lend itself to UNDP (2011), Towards Human Resilience: Sustaining MDG Progress in an Age of Economic Uncertainty,.

How to Build a National Multidimensional Poverty - UNDP

by MPI MPI 2019 academia and society, understand poverty today as a complex, An MPI can be disaggregated by age, disability status, region and other Recognition of poverty as a multidimensional phenomenon has increased rapidly over the last few 

Identifying social inclusion and exclusion

Social exclusion is a multidimensional phenomenon not limited to material deprivation Social exclusion is a complex and multi-dimensional process. It involves society for people who are disadvantaged on the basis of age, sex, disability,.

Global multidimensional poverty index in Jordan - Document title

by MK Dawas Cited by 1 fact, poverty is a complex, multidimensional phenomenon that arises from the interaction Any school - age child is not attending school up to.

Social Change: Measurement and Theory - JSTOR

by P Garonna 1999 Cited by 28 complex (multidimensional) and dynamic social phenomena. I The standard indicators of household size, composition and age structure reflect basically what​ 

Brief Multidimensional Measure of Religiousness/Spirituality

Fetzer Institute, National Institute on Aging Working Group: Multidimensional. Measurement of offer members a complex set of beliefs about. God, ethics, human in the study of prejudice and other social phenomena (Donahue 1985). 71