Solving Fuzzy Dual Complex Linear Systems

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by S Sadiqbatcha 2018 Cited by 17 used to solve a variety of fuzzy nonlinear equations, i.e. fuzzy polynomials and expo- for solving fuzzy non-linear equations of any order.

Chord Newton's Method for Solving Fuzzy Nonlinear Equations

Solving systems of nonlinear equations is becoming more essential state in Newton's and Broyden's method is proposed to solve dual fuzzy nonlinear 


by LAQ Aranibar 1994 Cited by 9 solutions to complex problems in real time. Furthermore, they form a set of highly coupled non-linear equations and pose considerable.


for solving fuzzy linear differential equations , in Computing, Vol. linear systems in dual form , in Journal of Procedia-Computer Science Journal 3.

A Novel Transformation Method for Solving Complex Interval Matrix

Chelabi in [17] solved fuzzy dual complex linear systems using the ad- dition and the subtraction systems. In this paper, we solve the interval complex ma-.

Fuzzy control for uncertainty nonlinear systems with dual fuzzy

by R Jafari 2015 Cited by 47 linear systems. In [8], the extension principle is applied. The coefficients can be real or complex fuzzy numbers. However, the existence of the solution is  13 pages

New approach to solve fully fuzzy system of linear equations

by D BEHERA 2015 Cited by 26 system of linear equations using single and double parametric form of fuzzy numbers other methods to solve fuzzy complex system of linear equations.15 pages

Solving fuzzy dual complex linear systems - ProQuest

by M Chehlabi 2018 Cited by 4 [28] described the solution of a fuzzy complex system of linear equations and applied to circuit analysis problem. Jahantigh et al. [20] studied firstly the 

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by P Li 2009 Cited by 8 For a given finite system of fuzzy relational equations with a specific composite op- If the objective function is linear, or more generally, separable.

Type-2 Fuzzy Linear Systems - CORE

by M Najariyan Cited by 26 demonstrated that the dual FLS has a unique fuzzy solution on conditions that the inverse matrix of solution to fuzzy complex system of linear equa-.14 pages

Formulation of general possibilistic linear programming

by J Tanga 2001 Cited by 31 and a dual approach for GOPLP will be proposed for solving complex industrial decision problems. a special term of Fuzzy linear programming (FLP),.

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Numerical Methods for Solving Fuzzy Equations 5. 1.4.1. Newton Method 5 Modeling using Dual Fuzzy Equations and Z-numbers 119.

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Approximate symmetric solution of dual fuzzy systems regarding two different fuzzy multiplications Other numerical procedures for solving fuzzy linear.

Some Mathematical Aspects of Fuzzy Systems - ORCA

by R Qiu aggregation principle, and can be regarded as linear. For a linear equation an analytical description of the solution should not be too difficult to obtain.

A survey on the application of fuzzy systems for underactuated

by X Huang 2019 Cited by 7 These constraints make it difficult to directly design controllers using conventional nonlinear control meth- ods and linear control theory. Moreover, there are 

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by U Daud determine solution from fuzzy complex linear system of the form ̃ ⊗ ̃ = ̃ where ̃ is system of dual fully fuzzy linear equation [9, 1-14, 18].

Minimal Solution of Complex Fuzzy Linear Systems

by X Guo Cited by 8 (FFLS), dual full fuzzy linear systems (DFFLS), and general is called a fuzzy solution of the complex fuzzy linear system.10 pages

Method with horizontal fuzzy numbers for solving real fuzzy

9 Jun 2018 Calculated solutions of fuzzy linear systems were compared with the results of (2015), the method for solving the fuzzy systems of dual.

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by YJ Liu 1995 Cited by 39 dual MC2 programs. The computation for primal and dual fuzzy potential solutions in the paper is much more complex than that of fuzzy linear programming.25 pages

New decomposition method for solving dual fully fuzzy linear

by A Jafarian 2016 Cited by 4 Abstract: Various methods are proposed by different authors to solve linear equation for dual fuzzy system. Also, in the dual fully fuzzy linear system.

Research Article Solving a Fully Fuzzy Linear Programming

by H Cheng 2013 Cited by 12 cations, since the real-world problems are very complex, the ing model to the positive fully fuzzy linear matrix equation,.

Parameter Identification of Recurrent Fuzzy Systems with

by CA Gama 2008 Cited by 27 for non-linear system identification described in literature. For complex system forecasting, the use of long delayed.


5 Jan 2016 For my husband Dr. Sachin Kumar, I find it difficult to express my the literature for solving fully fuzzy linear system, dual fully  148 pages

Fuzzy finite element method for solving uncertain heat

general traditional interval/fuzzy arithmetic are complicated to manage the coefficient matrix to solve Fuzzy Finite Linear System (FFLS) of equations.

Linear System Theory By Wilson J Rugh Solution - Ham-Let

WilsonSystem DynamicsOptimization of Complex Systems: Theory, Models,. Algorithms and ApplicationsPerturbation theory for linear.


used to solve a variety of fuzzy nonlinear equations, i.e. fuzzy polynomials and expo- for solving fuzzy non-linear equations of any order.

Weakly linear systems of fuzzy relation inequalities - JSTOR

by J Ignjatović 2012 Cited by 31 More complex non-linear systems of fuzzy relation inequalities and are dual, in the sense that a fuzzy relation R is a solution to 

Control y Modelado con ecuaciones difusas y numero Z TESIS

by R Jafari 2017 3.2.1 Controllability of uncertain nonlinear systems via dual fuzzy of the linear%in%parameter model such that the fuzzy equation can represent the.

Fuzzy Differential Equations for Nonlinear - IEEE Xplore

by R Jafari 2016 Cited by 33 systems can be modeled using fuzzy differential equations. The solutions of these nth-order linear FDEs. It is more difficult to solve nonlinear FDEs.

Method with horizontal fuzzy numbers for solving real fuzzy

by M Landowski 2018 Cited by 14 Calculated solutions of fuzzy linear systems were compared with the results of other methods. (2015), the method for solving the fuzzy systems of dual.

Chapter I Fuzzy Relational Equations Basic Concepts - arXiv

by WB Kandasamy 2004 Cited by 13 1.19 A FRE in dynamic fuzzy systems. 113. 1.20 Solving FRE with a linear objective function 117. 1.21 Some properties of minimal solution for a FRE 123.

An Intelligent Dual Simplex Method to Solve Triangular

by SK Das 2020 Cited by 1 A new method for solving fuzzy linear fractional programming problems, Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy System, 2016, 31, 1831-1843. [7]. J.J. 

Resolution of Fuzzy Complex Systems of Linear - SID

by H Farahani The aim of this paper is to present an algebraic method which is called Wu's method for solving fuzzy complex systems of linear equations.

Approximate Solution of LR Fuzzy Sylvester Matrix Equations

by X Guo 2013 Cited by 22 and hence solving a linear matrix equation where some or all fuzzy linear systems such as dual fuzzy linear systems (DFLS),.

Solution of Fuzzy Matrix Equation System

by M Otadi Cited by 4 fuzzy linear systems. Also, Abbasbandy et al. 25 investigated the existence of a minimal solution of general dual fuzzy linear equation 

Complex fuzzy linear systems - International Journal of

by Y Han Cited by 2 deal with some advanced fuzzy linear systems such as dual fuzzy linear systems (DFLS), Solution of fuzzy complex linear system of linear equations.5 pages

A Novel Technique for Solving Fully Fuzzy Nonlinear Systems

by R Jafari 2020 Cited by 11 Predicting the solutions of complex systems is a crucial challenge. extracting the approximate solution of dual fuzzy polynomials.

A new method for solving fuzzy linear programming - m-hikari

by SH Nasseri 2008 Cited by 60 Since many real-world engineering systems are too complex to be defined in precise and its dual, fuzzy number linear programming problem directly.

Solving Fuzzy Equations Using Neural Nets with a New

Cited by 16 and complex fuzzy numbers. Moreover, Linear and nonlinear fuzzy equations have been approximation of the crisp solution of dual fuzzy polynomials.

Fuzzy Geometric Programming and Its Application

by J Yang 2010 Cited by 21 introduced in fuzzy GP, including applications in power system, same as fuzzy linear programming, fuzzy objective programming, and fuzzy quadratic.

Numerical Solution of Fuzzy Equations with Z-numbers using

by R Jafari 2018 Cited by 26 extend the fuzzy equation into dual type, which is natural for linear-in-parameter Z-numbers are much less complex to calculate when compared to.33 pages


by S Islam 2017 Cited by 1 Here the number of linear equations is less than the number of dual variables. More solutions of dual variable vector exist. In order to find an optimal.

Numerical Methods for Solving Fuzzy System of Linear

by انعيرات 2017 Analytical Methods for Solving Fully Fuzzy Linear. System of Besides FLS and FFLS, there exist the dual forms of both systems in the literature.Missing: complex ‎ Must include: complex

A new computational method for solving fully fuzzy nonlinear

by R Jafari 2018 Cited by 26 The nonlinear nature of many complex systems leaves uncertainty irreducible in many cases. The Adomian methodology for solving fuzzy system of linear.


by J TANG 2004 Cited by 56 The whole process for applying fuzzy optimization to solve a complex problem (b) the fuzzy constraints, i.e. linear system of constraints expressed by 


by A Mahmoodirad 2020 Cited by 1 The non-linearity of the objective function of the problem as well as its fuzziness make it difficult and complex to be solved effectively. To over- come these 

Double Parametric Fuzzy Numbers Approximate - MDPI

by AF Jameel 2020 Cited by 1 the solution of linear and nonlinear models approximately [21 25]. wave-like equations in the form of double-parametric fuzzy numbers 

Solution of Fully Fuzzy System of Linear Equations by Linear

The coefficient matrix is treated as crisp in the fuzzy linear system, solution of dual fuzzy matrix equations has been analyzed by Gong, Guo, and Liu.

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[3] M. Ghanbari, A Limited Version of Crout Decomposition Method for Solving of Fuzzy Complex Linear. Systems, Int. J. Industrial Mathematics, Vol. 12, No.

Solving Complex Fuzzy Linear System of Equations by using

how to deal with some advanced fuzzy linear systems such as dual fuzzy linear complex fuzzy linear systems is obtained by solving the crisp systems of