Who Is Responsible For The Welfare Of An Animal

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Responsible Sourcing Policy. and this Animal Welfare Statement. We expect our suppliers to implement humane procedures to prevent the mistreatment of animals at all times, including when they are raised, cared for, transported, and processed. We encourage our suppliers to hold their suppliers and subcontractors


ANIMAL WELFARE POLICY Troia Restaurants Ltd is committed to operating in a sustainable, responsible manner and to driving up animal welfare standards within the business and our suppliers, based on the five freedoms as defined by the Farm Animal Welfare Council; 1.


RESPONSIBLE DOG BREEDING GUIDELINES 1 Endorsed by the EU Platform on Animal Welfare 3 November 2020 - DOC/2020/11972 Rev1. Please note: This document will be a base for developing shorter and user -friendly documents


Research into animal welfare and breedspecific predispositions to disease that inform responsible - breeding practices are ongoing; breeders and competent authorities should follow current best practices where these exceed the guidelines. This requires both breeders and competent authorities to regularly update their knowledge of cat welfare.

University Policy 1.4, Care and Use of Animals in Research

Oct 24, 2016 Animal Any living, non-human, vertebrate animal (mammal, bird, reptile, amphibian, or fish), unless otherwise specified. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) Part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture responsible for administering the Animal Welfare Act (see definition below). For more information, see www.aphis.usda.gov.

38193 Wales Animal Health and Welfare Framework En

food safety, human and animal health and welfare, and the environment. Responsible ownership remains a key theme, and owners should have an awareness of the animal s welfare needs and ensure they have preventive measures in place to meet the standards of care the law requires. The Welsh Government has Codes of Practice in place

The Contribution of Animal Welfare and - Responsible Travel

The Impact of Animal Welfare and Sustainable Tourism in the Osa 4. Sustainable Tourism and Animal Welfare Framework About the Sustainable Tourism and Animal Welfare Project: A new tool for development About the Center for Responsible Travel (CREST) Appendix I: List of Animal Welfare and Sustainable Travel Organizations 4 5 8 8 13 16 19 21 22 25

Animal welfare policy

quality food without compromising animal welfare practices recommended by the best available science. Issue Context Subway takes the issue of animal welfare seriously and believes that this is an essential component of our commitment to responsible sourcing. Strong animal welfare standards serve to ensure the health


through its Animal Welfare Policy, which has the purpose of ensuring an adequate envi-ronment for the animals that will subse-quently become the source of raw materials. To ensure this sourcing model and being aware of the possible impact on the multiple stages of the value chain, the Organization watches over animal welfare in all its proces-

Ethical Sourcing and Animal Welfare Policy

Working Group. In 2015, Deckers joined other brands, animal welfare groups, farmers and supply chain members and the Textile Exchange to develop the forthcoming Responsible Wool Standard a global standard that will protect animal welfare, influence best practices, ensure traceability, and ultimately give consumers


after an animal shall be responsible for its health and welfare. Part V Surgical Operations on Animals Surgical operations. 9. (1) Surgical operations for the purpose of modifying the appearance of an animal by which any part of the animal s body is removed or damaged, other than for a curative purpose, shall be illegal.


responsible for animal welfare (not just curing illness). This may involve participating as key members of ethics committees supervising animal use in research, or in other committees/organisations involved with animal welfare.

ALDI Animal Welfare Policy

Oct 07, 2019 Animal Welfare Policy Statement As a leading grocery retailer, ALDI US is committed to the well-being of the animals in our supply chain. We believe that proper animal care practices are based on both science and ethical obligations and values.


implementation of animal welfare standards and transparency in the supply chains of wool, cashmere, leather and down. Long-term, we aim to source all our virgin animal derived materials from responsible farms in terms of animal welfare that are certified to a credible standard. We also support the use of recycled animal fibres, as

Frequently Asked Questions of the Proposals to Enhance Animal

responsible for animals. In view of this, the animal welfare legislation in Hong Kong should encompass this concept. B. Duty of care Question 2. What is meant by duty of care ? Answer 2. The persons responsible for an animal should take reasonable steps to ensure the welfare needs of the animal are met. The welfare needs include:-

Responsible Sourcing Animal Welfare Commitment Updated

we embrace the important role we play in influencing responsible and sustainable behavior throughout our supply chain. Approximately 95 percent of the ingredients in Kellogg foods have no animal products, and 99 percent of our foods are meatless. Scope The Global Animal Welfare Policy applies to all Kellogg-owned brands. Implementation

Introduction to Animal Welfare Ethics

Concepts in Animal Welfare 3rd dition 014 Module 4 Introduction to Animal Welfare Ethics Student Activities Questions 1. Briefly describe what the term speciesism means. (2 marks) Speciesism is the discrimination against or exploitation of certain animal species by human beings, based on an assumption of mankind s superiority.

Animal Welfare Principles and Policy

these tenets. Our focus on responsible sourcing includes our commitment to responsible animal welfare practices. We are committed to offering meat, egg, and dairy-based dishes from products that are sustainably produced, healthier for you, and from animals raised responsibly and humanely. We provide great tasting

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1. People that are responsible Down 2. Investigators 3. Observes Animals 4. Reviews Protocols 5. Animal Doctors 6. Animal Caretakers 7. Resource Managers 8. Represents the Public 9. Maintain Animal Facilities NIH Animal Research Advisory Committee 301-496-5424 [email protected] Look Who s Responsible for Animal Welfare!

Responsible Alpaca Standard 1 - Textile Exchange

The Responsible Alpaca Standard (RAS) is an international, voluntary standard that addresses animal welfare in the alpaca supply chain and chain of custody of alpaca fiber material from certified farms to the final product.

Responsibility in the use of animals in bioscience research

stock colonies, is responsible for ensuring the animals are a fforded high levels of welfare and protection. Advice on animal welfare should be sought from the NACWO, NVS and, where appropriate, others with relevant animal welfare expertise. Responsibilities of ethics committees

The Animal Welfare Act 2006 (1) - RSPCA

animal welfare and the prevention of harm to animals. The owner of an animal is always considered to be legally responsible for the animal s welfare. But legal responsibility may also include the person who is in charge of an animal, even temporarily. If an animal is looked after by a child

Responsible Use of Animals in Research AbbVie s Commitment

Animal Care) for our animal programs. Our Approach and Policy Veterinarians specialized in laboratory animal care are responsible for animal program oversight. Specially-trained veterinary technicians and animal caretakers ensure all animals are observed daily and provided the care needed to ensure optimal welfare.

Responsible Sourcing: Animal Products - EILEEN FISHER

Responsible Sourcing: Animal Products Our commitment to animal welfare, responsible land management and a traceable supply chain In sourcing our materials, both plant and animal based, we consider good stewardship as important as good quality. That s why we require relevant suppliers of the materials listed below to support:

Animal Welfare Principles and Policy - Aramark

these tenets. Our focus on responsible sourcing includes our commitment to responsible animal welfare practices. We are committed to offering meat, egg, and dairy-based dishes from products that are sustainably produced, healthier for you, and from animals raised responsibly and humanely. We provide great tasting

Animal Care Tech Note

medical care to sick animals. You are also responsible for providing important guidance to help licensees and registrants keep their animals healthy. Authority Facilities regulated under the Animal Welfare Act must hire an attending veterinarian and give them adequate authority to ensure animal health and well-being. This

Animal Welfare Act 2006

Animal Welfare Act 2006 CHAPTER 45 CONTENTS Introductory 1 Animals to which the Act applies 2 Protected animal 3 Responsibility for animals Prevention of harm 4 Unnecessary suffering 5 Mutilation 6 Docking of dogs tails 7 Administration of poisons etc c t eg n i t h g i8F Promotion of welfare 9 Duty of person responsible for animal

City of Oklahoma City Animal Welfare The Link Between Animal

Welfare Services Page 19 The Animal Welfare Division is responsible for promoting public health and safety, for temporarily sheltering and providing hu-mane disposition of unwanted or lost animals, and for promoting animal welfare so that pet ownership is a pleasure for owners without becoming a burden to the community. Our services include


As part of this, Clarks places a high importance on animal welfare and is committed to the responsible sourcing of animal derived materials. We work with our suppliers and through multi-stakeholder groups such as the Leather Working Group

14. Welfare services - Civil Defence

(i) animal welfare. (2) Effective welfare planning is based on a good understanding of affected communities, including their cultural and demographic makeup, strengths, and vulnerabilities. (3) Agencies responsible for the co-ordination of welfare services sub-functions and relevant support agencies are covered in clauses 67 to 75 of this plan.

Animal Protection Laws of Kentucky

animal is caused to fight for pleasure or profit, in violation of the provisions of KRS 525.125 and 525.130, shall be confiscated and turned over to the county animal control officer employed, appointed, or contracted with as provided by KRS 258.195, if there are reasonable grounds to believe that the animals were on the property for the

Responsible Wool Standard Update

Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare: Basis for the actions for professional groups, including veterinarians and animal welfare organizations Most of the animal welfare audits developed for implementation on farms and in processing facilities are based on the Five Freedoms. Animal welfare is a science New university programs formed

Responsible Luxury Initiative: Animal Sourcing Principles

animal welfare, social, and environmental laws and regulations as well as internationally accepted human and labor rights standards. This would include, for example, following the standards developed by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE). 3. We are committed to sustaining well-functioning and biodiverse ecosystems in the regions

Animal Welfare Policy - The Kroger Co

Animal Welfare Policy Introduction Animal welfare is an important issue to Kroger, our customers and our associates. We have a long-standing commitment to responsible business practices, including the humane treatment of animals. Our commitment, leadership and results with respect to animal welfare matters are well established and

Is the animal fit to load?

The person in charge of an animal is responsible for the welfare of that animal. 5 The rail authority is responsible for livestock during the rail journey and the master of


ANIMAL WELFARE POSITION STATEMENT Marriott International ( Marriott ) is committed to responsible business practices. Recognizing that animal welfare is an important part of conducting business operations with integrity, we endeavor to work toward the ethical, humane, and legal treatment of animals across our operations, including

Animal welfare - who is responsible? - Basingstoke

6 Animal Welfare Who is responsibe for what? Animal Welfare Who is responsibe for what? 7 Type of incident Owner /Keeper s responsibility Council* Police RSPCA Dog/Animal fighting (Section 8) organising, attending, allowing or participating in any animal fighting is an offence. Do not have anything to do with animal fighting.

Animal Care - National Dairy Farm

The 2017 National Dairy FARM (Farmers Assuring Responsible Management) Animal Care Reference Manual is dedicated to Dr. Michael Johnson (1983 2016) in gratitude for his nearly three-year service to dairy farmers as an employee of Dairy Management, Inc. (DMI).

Animal welfare - Combined - 2017 UPDATE

Responsible Sourcing ‐ Animal Welfare Responsible sourcing is a major area of focus for Timberland and our parent company VF Corporation, in terms of environmental stewardship, fair labor practices, and the ethical treatment of animals.