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Review of Management of Anestrus and Transitional Mares

A dose-dependent increase in LH was also ob-served.19 Similarly, Allen et al20 increased GnRH in anestrous pony mares and light horse mares by injecting either one or two slow-release polymer im-plants impregnated with either 0.9 or 1.8 mg of GnRH agonist (ICI 118 630). The implants deliv-ered either 30 or 60 g GnRH analogue, respec-tively, for

Machiavelli: Father of Leadership Studies -

work at the process of symbolization, and the name of Machiavelli has an accepted and useful meaning - a meaning whose relationship to the actual Renaissance author is at risk of becoming increasingly remote. 4 Voegelin wrote that what Machiavelli had been trying to do was an alternative of developing a

Reassembling Fractured Objects by Geometric Matching

of edges that results in the best possible reconstruction of the ob-ject. To the best of our knowledge, the first work in this direction is [Huber 2002] which finds a global matching by computing the best spanning tree in this graph, and proves also that multi-piece global matching is NP-hard. In addition to the work on multi-

Synthetic Spectra of OB-Type Binary Stars A Tool to Test the

use OB binaries as distance indicators to Local Group galaxies (Giménez et al., 1994). Perhaps most significantly for our understanding of stars, binary systems present the only direct way to measure the mass of stars, and the best way to obtain their radii. They can be classified according to several schemes.


Gain insight into resources and strategies that work best in today s economic climate. During face-to-face or virtual appointments, discuss your career goals and learn about how to uncover opportunities that appeal to you. Call 318-797-5062 to schedule an appointment. WORKSHOPS. Check the LSUS website for the schedule, released each semester.

Louisiana Medicaid Preferred Drug List (PDL)/Non-Preferred

Jan 01, 2021 Louisiana Medicaid Preferred Drug List (PDL)/Non-Preferred Drug List (NPDL) The PDL is a list of over 100 therapeutic classes reviewed by the Pharmaceutical & Therapeutics (P&T) committee.


under cyclic RH conditions at 25OC. The ob- jectives of the study were: a) to determine sorption isotherms of OSB under cyclic RH exposure conditions; b) to fit the sorption data with an analytical model and to investigate: ef- fects of processing variables on model param- eters; and c) to predict EMC distribution as a

The Current State of Evidentiary Privileges in Louisiana

This Article is brought to you for free and open access by the Law Reviews and Journals at LSU Law Digital Commons. It has been accepted for inclusion in Louisiana Law Review by an authorized editor of LSU Law Digital Commons. For more information, please [email protected] Repository Citation


The OBI-LSU AgCenter project is based on a unique soft-shell crab shedding system developed by Louisiana Sea Grant and implemented by LSU after Hurricane Katrina as part of their recovery work. The system enables crab fishermen to reserve certain hard-shell crabs just before

Character Studies of Time: A Two Movement Work for Orchestra

This Thesis is brought to you for free and open access by the Graduate School at LSU Digital Commons. It has been accepted for inclusion in LSU Master's Theses by an authorized graduate school editor of LSU Digital Commons.

San Bernardino County She Department T h ef o llo w ing b hav

J ail F cil ts. T ob mnd tc h/lig rs re c o ntb d nd p ss e iwil lsu d iscipl n ary ction. HAIR/ AIRCUTS To prevent the concealment and movement of contraband and weapons, inmates shall not manipulate their hair in any fashion including but not limited to braids, ponytails, cornrows, or twists. A rtif ic lhr ts wov en, og u d nt he

Convergent Power Series for Fields in Positive or - LSU Math

Department of Mathematics, Louisiana State University Abstract. We obtain convergent power series representations for Bloch waves in periodic high-contrast media. The material coe cient in the inclusions can be positive or negative. The small expansion parameter is the ratio of period cell width to wavelength, and the coe cient functions

Testing Speculative Work in a Lazy/Eager -

a le) could create a false demand on such unneeded computation. Hence, ob-servations must be de ned in such a way that they produce a (neutral) result that is actually required only in the same situations as if the observations were not introduced. We will address this issue by using and extending Hood (Haskell Object Observation Debugger [5]).

Automatic Measurement of Instruction Cache Capacity

to measure I-cache capacity, the experimental methodology used to ob-tain accurate estimates, and experimental results on a large number of current platforms. 1 This work was supported by an IBM Faculty Partnership Award, DARPA grant NBCH30390004, and by NSF grants ACI-0085969, ACI-0090217, ACI-0103723, ACI-0121401, and ACI-0406345.

Hanging Baskets - LSU AgCenter

work when the plants cascade below the bottom of the basket; they may be broken or damaged by this watering method. About the only recourse is to hand water the individual baskets. You may need a small stepladder to do this. Watering by this method doesn t take much time, and you can pour the

Cotton Harvest Aid Guidelines for Louisiana - LSU AgCenter

nozzle selection are the most important factors in ob-taining adequate spray coverage. Research in Louisiana and Tennessee indicated defoliant activity increases as carrier volume increases. Carrier volumes less than 10 gallons per acre are not recommended, and 15 gallons per acre is the suggested level. Lower carrier volumes

Using HPX and LibGeoDecomp for Scaling HPC Applications on

global name of an object to act on, a reference to one of the ob-ject s methods and the arguments to call the method with. Parcels are used to either migrate work to data by invoking a method on a remote entity, or to bring pieces of data back to the calling locality. Currently, HPX implements parcel communication over TCP/IP,

Letter - Louisiana State University

estimatedbetweenadistancematrixon thebasisofall100lociandamatrixon thebasisofthelociineachF ST quintile. The highest correlation, 0.95, was ob-


CORRELATIONS A MONO J OB-R ELATED V ARI ABLES FOR TOTAL S AMPLE Table I presents the intercorrelations among the job-related variables for the total sample. The positive but weak correlation between role ambiguity and role conflict (r -. 16, p<.001) and their slight common variance (3%) suggest that the two variables are

Residency Program Alert - ACGME

Feb 12, 2019 LSU Health Sciences Center-Shreveport Jennifer Reemtsma, M.Ed, Director, GME The Christ Hospital Health Network Mandy Velligan Accreditation Specialist, GME University of Chicago Medicine This document contains privileged, copyrighted information. If you have not purchased it or are not otherwise entitled to it by agreement with HCPro, a

Introduction v - LSU Math

51 Most of the work is in the connectivity-two case. Our key lemma (Lemma 2.2) splits the proof 52 of this case into five major subcases, presented in Sections 3, 4, and 5. The cases are split based 53 on the complexity of each side of a 2-separation in G ∈ ob(O∗) − S, as indicated by Lemma 2.2.

Tobey - Public Health Law -

decisions of a,ce,yor so ago, however, that recovery could be ob-tained only, jffit were shown that the employer had been negligent, that the eanalo,yeO was free from contributory negligence, and that the injury wasrnot,. ue to the act of a fellow servant. Because of the dif-ficulties in proving his case under the burden of these legal technicali-

31th Annual LSU School of Medicine Department of Obstetrics

Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center New Orleans Objective: Preterm delivery is a significant cause of perinatal morbidity and mortality in the United States, with preterm delivery rates at 9.6% in the US and 12.3% in Louisiana. Cervical shortening is associated with an increased risk of preterm birth.


LOUISIANA LSU-Shreveport Shreveport 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 17-'18 Season: PD and others somewhat hesitant about the possibility NFP-only resident. PD stated that being NFP-only could work, but that there may be difficulty when working at the off-site hospital in

1 UO&Z=Z )U 88DjU&)O ? 88DjU&)O!^) 2 Z 8 D D>Z >ZU

Use t he j ob f i l t er F el l owshi ps t o f i nd t hese opport uni t i es. E mp l o yers, No n P ro fi t O rg an i zati o n s, F o u n d ati o n s, an d G o vern men t E n ti ti es wi l l of t en sponsor, f und, and recrui t f el l ows.


LSU Olinde Career Center 78,618 student engagements OUR WORK eeon ob searh sks work eerene The LSU Olinde Career Center exists to assist students hoosn areers and alumni in choosing careers, obtaining career-related work experiences as students, developing job search skills, and securing employment or admission to graduate or professional school.


Brandy Langland, LSU OB-GYN Clinic Stacy Messina, Adult ICU Stephanie Powers, Surgical Care Unit Janelle Simmons, Labor and Delivery Linda Travis, NICU CNO Advisory Committee The CNO Advisory Committee, made up of frontline nurses from all clinical areas, meets for a monthly luncheon with CNO, Cheri Johnson.

Rapides Regional Medical Center Fact Sheet

LSU Family Practice Oncology/Hematology LSU Oral Maxillofacial Outpatient Infusion Center Tulane OB/GYN Chapel Exercise Classes Radiation Oncology Surgical Oncology ATM Sudden Impact Trilogy Respiratory Expectant Parent Classes Nurse Navigator Pediatric Pulmonology

Am an d a Rab al ai s Ch e l sea Mo reau Lo uisia n a S ta te

pediat ric cancer t reat ment s have been FDA approved in t he last 30 years, according t o Wit h Purpose ( A- 2). There is t oo much work t o be done t o set t le at t hese st at ist ics. O ur fight against pediat ric cancer is a fight for improvement , a fight for t he fift h

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

optimizations [13, 30, 54], although in this paper we will work with applications that are carefully hand-tuned and therefore do not take much advantage of the high-level optimizations. On a shared memory machine, accesses to the UPC shared address space translate into conventional load/store instructions. On distributed

LSU Master's Theses Graduate School 2006 Symphonic Revelations

Louisiana State University symphonic work that consists of three major sections and is built from the pitch class set [0, 1, st 2nd Ob. st 2nd Cl. st 2 nd B

DroidScraper: A Tool for Android In-Memory Object Recovery

Louisiana State University [email protected] Andrew Case Volatility Foundation [email protected] Golden G. Richard III Louisiana State University [email protected] Abstract There is a growing need for post-mortem analysis in forensics investigations involving mobile devices, particularly when application-specific behaviors must be analyzed. This


not engaged in usual work. On duty An officer, Sergeant or Security Guard performing Lupane State University s official security duties as assigned by superiors. Orders Any lawful instructions, either written or oral, officially given to security personnel. Security equipment Any accessories and equipment issued by


LSU Press is a member of. SAN 2033151. Louisiana State University Press. Books for. Fall 2020 CONTENTS. Subject. Abolition / 26. Architecture / 9 African American Studies / 22, 27 Atlantic Studies / 21, 24 Biography / 19. Children s / 17 Civil Rights / 19, 22 Civil War / 3, 12 15, 18, 31 Cold War / 25. Cooking / 7 Cultural Studies / 27 28

Are you a sworn law enforcement member?

am fearful of losing my ob 9.77 in times have to use force Answered Question: 1085 5.34 20.24 60.30 feel like citizens will never trust 14.12 law enforcement enough to work together effectively Answered Question: 2698 13.36 44.16 38.14 feel like the relationship 4.34 between law enforcement and the public is not very good Answered Question


work. F. Warn an e mployee of a cred ible threat made by ano ther to do har m to that employee. G. Support the app lication of sanctions and/or pro secution of offender s, as appropr iate. H. Accommodate, after appropriate evaluation, employees who require special assistance following incident(s) of workplace violence.


OB-GYN 101 This program is available on the LSUHSC Web site under the Department of OB/GYN education tools link. It is a very comprehensive overview of obstetrics and gynecology including note cards on most subjects, drugs used in OB/GYN and video clips of common procedures. It also has links to outside resources.

The New Louisiana Statute on Depositions and Discovery

The Work of the Louisiana Supreme Court for the 1951-1952 Term January 1953 The New Louisiana Statute on Depositions and Discovery Leon D. Hubert Jr. This Article is brought to you for free and open access by the Law Reviews and Journals at LSU Law Digital Commons. It has been accepted for

University of Delaware Disaster Research Center HISTORICAL

ob:tained from company reports, newspapers, and booklets ; together, this data provided the basis for analysis. In conducting each interview special emphasis Information Interviews were conducted The purpose of this monograph is to present a detailed descriptive account: of the operation of five specific organizations in a stress situation.

Museum Quarterly - Louisiana State University

Remsen received a generous grant from NSF to work on Neotropical treecreeper phy-logeny. Their success followed shortly after that of curator Chris Austin, who ob-tained an NSF grant to work on a series of herpetology projects in New Guinea. And Chris s success followed shortly after that of curator Mark Hafner, who received an