Neck Electrical Impedance For Measurement Of Swallowing

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Undernutrition and the Older Person Key Points

risk of having osteoporosis in the femoral neck and/or hip in community dwelling older people (OR2.09, 95%CI 1.14-3.83)19. Pressure Ulcers - In a nursing home study looking at older people with pressure ulcers, only 17% were well nourished whilst 29% were at risk of malnutrition (MNA 17-23.5) and 54% were malnourished (MNA<17)20.


the neck impedance technique may reveal details of latent dysphagic patients at the bedside. As a therapeutic tool, this procedure could prove useful in providing biofeedback for improving swallowing parameters. (Accepted on October 28, 1997) Kawasaki Igakkaishi 23(3) ; 165 173, 1997 Key Words O Neck electrical impedance Ø Swallowing O


Direct current measurement of elec-trical resistance between the mucous membrane and the periodontium was presented in 1962. This resist-ance is consistent in any portion of the periodontium, regardless of age or tooth type. The electrical resist-ance of the periodontal ligament, which can be measured by passing a root canal file through the

Classification of Artefacts in EEG Signal Recordings and EOG

electrical artefacts which appear as ECG signal near temporal left region and are most commonly seen in short neck subjects. This electrical artefact appears as ECG waveform cardiac artefact frequencies are near 1Hz and amplitude is in several millivolts. As shown in fig8.and table 1. 3.4 External Artefacts

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Moreover, during swallowing, the neck muscles help to stabilize the cranium on the thorax, counterbalancing the propulsive forces exerted by the tongue, pharynx, and lar-ynx [5]. In dental research and in orthodontics it has been accepted for long time that saliva swallowing could be divided into two groups: Typical and Atypical swallowing.

Impedance Pharyngography to Assess Swallowing Function

measurement of bio-impedance has been applied to dynamic states with measurements being made during exercise.15 18 In our study, we investigated the use of impedance pharyngography (IPG), using neck electrical impedance, as a new method for the assessment of the dynamic process of swallowing. Impedance pharyngography


electrical impedance analysis. This method leads to unacceptable errors in predicting lean mass.18 Cur-rently, it remains unclear whether improvement of nutritional status or body weight in patients with head and neck cancer is characterized by improvement of lean mass. The pitfall is that gain of body weight is

Tutorial Surface Electromyography for Speech and Swallowing

Swallowing Systems: Measurement, Analysis, and Interpretation Cara E. Steppa Purpose: Applying surface electromyography (sEMG) to the study of voice, speech, and swallowing is becoming increasingly popular. An improved understanding of sEMG and building a consensus as to appropriate methodology will improve future research and clinical

Classification of Artefacts in EEG Signal Recordings and

electrical artefacts which appear as ECG signal near temporal left region and are most commonly seen in short neck subjects. This electrical artefact appears as ECG waveform recorded from scalp and forms the QRS complex. Most of the cardiac artefact frequencies are near 1Hz and amplitude is in As shown in fig4.and table 1.

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and swallowing, but in howler monkeys it has developed into a large BAT s hear ultrasound Howler monkeys are considered to be the loudest land animal on Earth according to Guinness Book of World Records, their vocalizations can be heard clearly for about 4.8 km (3 miles).


and non-invasive measurement. Appropriate electrode positions have been determined. The waveforms of IPG can be obtained with some extent reproducibility. The change of neck electrical impedance in pharyngeal phase is mainly caused by the changes of equivalent cross sectional area of near epiglottis.

Tomo: Wearable, Low-Cost, Electrical Impedance Tomography for

ated a neckband to measure the capacitance of a users neck. Neck-related events, such as head motions, speaking, coughing, and swallowing can lead to significant and dis-tinguishable changes in capacitance distribution, which can then be used for activity recognition. Lastly, GestureWrist [18] detects changes in wrist contour

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Adequate swallowing, an innate and complex function responsible for directing the bolus from the mouth to the stomach, involves the synergistic participation of many head and neck muscle groups(1,2). The jaw elevator muscles, which include the masseter muscle, have an important role in the physiology of swallowing, especially regarding the function

An analysis of studies comparing electrical impedance

May 27, 2020 Physiological Measurement An analysis of studies comparing electrical impedance tomography with X-ray videofluoroscopy in the assessment of swallowing To cite this article: T A T Hughes et al 1994 Physiol. Meas. 15 A199 View the article online for updates and enhancements. Related content Simultaneous electrical impedance


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401, USA; [email protected] * Correspondence: [email protected]; Tel.: +1-205-348-1981 Academic Editors: Steffen Leonhardt and Daniel Teichmann Received: 26 May 2016; Accepted: 8 July 2016; Published: 11 July 2016


1 transactions american laryngological association 2014 volume one hundred thirty-fourth docendo discimus one hundred thirty-fifth annual meeting

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a passive contactless method to interrogate electrochemical impedance ei via a microfabricated mems coil ei measurement was achieved using, kato et al identified sip1 smad interacting protein 1 as a target of mir 192 in mouse mesangial cells sip1 is an e box repressor belonging to the same family as ef1 a key inhibitor of e cadherin smad

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Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis or Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA) is a method of assessing your body composition the measurement of body fat in relation to lean body mass. It is an integral part of a health and nutrition assessment. personalized dietary plan, nutritional supplements, and exercise to help you support optimal health and

Multichannel Intraluminal Impedance (HMII) NIH Public Access

electrical current. In contrast, a gas event is poorly conductive and increases impedance. Based on these differences in impedance characteristics, liquid, gas, and mixed liquid gas events can be differentiated. When multiple impedance electrode pairs are mounted on to the same catheter, the direction and extent of bolus movement can be measured.

Epidermal mechano-acoustic sensing electronics for

measurement of temperature and thermal transport characteristics (14, 15), recording of electrophysiological processes and variations in electrical impedance (16 18), characterization of skin stiffness (5, 19), and monitoring of quasi-static or dynamic dimensional changes, such as those associated with swelling/deswelling or pul-

Controlling Temporal Change of a Beverage s Taste Using

Sometimes electrical stimulation can cause painful sensations; this may be useful for reproducing pungent hot and spicy sensations. Figure 1: The method for enhancing the intensity and extending the duration of the aftertaste in the throat After Swallowing Design Space. In terms of the taste after swallowing, enhancing and inhibiting the

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content. Variations in the electrical impedance across the larynx caused by the passage of food during swallowing were captured by the EGG device. To compare performance of the proposed method with a well-established acoustical method, a throat microphone was used for monitoring swallowing sounds.

Detection of the Upper Airway Obstruction using Electrical

neck of healthy male subject (28 yr). The upper airway is kept open during normal respiration. Transient airway occlusion was induced by the swallowing maneuver, and then we obtained the reference data. We produced the impedance images when the upper airway was open or closed using the KHU Mark2.5 EIT system [3]. Figure 2

Surface electromyography for speech and swallowing systems

3 Introduction There is an accumulating body of research utilizing surface electromyography (sEMG) for assessment and rehabilitation of speech and swallowing disorders. sEMG has been used to study

Consideration of conditions required for multi-channel

MEASUREMENT We are analyzing swallowing using IPG (Impedance Pharyngography) which is obtained by measuring neck electrical impedance [4]. Since multi-channel simultaneous bioimpedance measurement become possible, it is very convenience to compare EGG (Electroglottography) which uses neck electrical impedance as well as IPG. + - +

Gastroesophageal reflux disease in children: A 2013 update

Multichannel intraluminal impedance Impedance measures the conductance potential (electrical impedance) of refluxedmaterial and identifies its physical characteristics (liquid, gas, or mixed). This recently described technique may be combined with pH monitoring in the same catheter to determine whether these refluxepisodes are acid or non-acid.


Surface Electro Myo Graphy (SEMG) is a non-invasive technique for measuring muscle electrical activity that occurs during muscle contraction and relaxation cycles. Electromyography is unique in revealing what a muscle actually does at any moment during movement and postures. Moreover, it reveals objectively the fine interplay or coordination of

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variation in impedance to a very small electrical current between the electrode pair placed across the neck as the area of vocal fold contact changes during voicing [2]. The method was first developed by Fabre (1957) and influential contributions are credited to

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the electrical impedance tomography (EIT) as a real-time monitoring tool for the upper airway obstruction [2]. 2 Methods 2.1 Simulation study In order to assess the potential of detection or feature extraction from the reconstructed impedance images or measurement data set, we generated the patient-specific FEM model based on the MR images.

A bioimpedance analysis of head-and-neck cancer patients

an implanted electrical device (for example, a pacemaker) were excluded because of the possibility that the current induced by the impedance measurements would interfere with the device. BIA Measurements The bia measurements were performed using the BIA 450 Bioimpedance Analyzer from Biodynamics Corporation (Seattle, WA, U.S.A.).

Effect of Neuro Muscular Electrical Stimulation in Swallowing

measurement was taken values were tabulated and statistically analyzed. Electrical impedance at sites of electrode contact Lee, Hyo Jeong Ryu, Effects of neck exercises on swallowing


ageal pH measurement is currently the first line investigation in the diagnosis of GER, simultaneous esophageal pH and impedance studies have shown that only a minority of refluxes are acidic and up to 90% of reflux episodes can be missed by intraesophageal pH studies [Wenzl, 2003]. Using this technique, for exam-ple, Del Buono et al. [2006] showed

The use of low level light therapy in the treatment of head

assessing midline oedema. Bio-impedance involves attaching electrodes to specific points on the body, then passing an electrical current that transmits through the water component of the tissues to measure the resistance, providing a reading to indicate extracellular fluid volume (ILF, 2006). This process is a less time-consuming method of

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Body mass index (BMI) is a measurement of a person s relationship between body weight and height. A BMI of 30 or more indicates obesity. Obesity is associated with chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers. 5. Weight analysis with advanced TANITA technology The device sends an unnoticed electrical current through

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Swallowing duration range is from 0.80 to 1.60 s according to the technique of measurement used8,9. The same temporal pattern is shown in SEMG of submental muscles. This normal dura-tion is achieved by 12 years of age and does not change significantly until the age of 70. After that, swallowing duration shows a significant increase2,7,10,11.

Electrical bioimpedance measurement as a tool for dysphagia

Previous research has been undertaken into the use of electrical bioimpedance for the investigation of fundamentals of the swallow-ing process. Kusuhara et al. [7] designed and built an impedance pharyngography device to assess the swallowing function based on electrical impedance changes between two electrodes on the neck during swallows.

Analysis of swallow sounds of healthy controls for different

auscultation device tied to the neck in a manner that ensures comfortable breathing and swallowing. It is ensured that the diaphragm mode is in contact with the skin. Water of volume Fig. 1. Recording setup using the digital cervical auscultation system. Fig. 2. a) Placement of cervical auscultation device on the neck over the lateral border of