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PACEMAKER IDENTIFICATION - WALLET CARD Cut this card out and keep in your wallet for use when you are traveling or away from home. ;-a -,

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exercising or if you travel to high altitude. Having a pulse oximeter in these cases will allow you to monitor your blood oxygen level and know when you need to increase your supplemental oxygen flow rate. Ask your healthcare provider what oxygen saturation number(s) they want you to maintain. Pulse oximeters are available online or by prescription

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2. Ranges may be lower for children and teenagers. Talk to your child's doctor if you're concerned your child has high blood pressure. 3. These recommendations address high blood pressure as a single health condition. If you also have heart disease, diabetes,

Effects of long-duration wearing of N95 respirator and

could affect the wearer s whole body thermal sensation.11 Long-duration wearing of N95 respirator may induce physiological stress on the wearer, making regular tasks more challenging, and causes headaches among healthcare providers.12 These effects might be due to the respiratory microclimate change surrounding the masks. For

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Jun 05, 2012 pulmonary diseases that affect the pul-monary system are active (eg, congestive heart failure). COMPONENTS OF PULMONARY FUNCTION TESTS Spirometry Spirometry is the measurement of the air mov - ing in and out of the lungs during various res-piratory maneuvers.2 It allows one to deter-mine how much air can be inhaled and exhaled, and how fast

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The mention of specific companies or of certain manufacturers products does not imply that they are endorsed or recommended by the World Health Organization in preference to others of a similar nature that are not mentioned. Errors and omissions excepted, the names of proprietary products are distinguished by initial capital letters.

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from high-speed jet aircraft. Bureau of Aeronautics, US Navy made available a Navy F3D aircraft with pilot and provided facilities at the Naval Auxiliary Air Station, Sanford, Florida. A building for a laboratory and extensive bombing range for tests was made available at Avon Park. Florida Avon Park March and April 1955 Chemicals were