American Jews In The West

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Port Jews in the Atlantic: further thoughts

citie-:; for the expansive American frontier.17 While the Atlantic world that colonial North American port Jews had known ended with the American Revolution, some of the mercantile traditions and practices of the port Jews lived on among their descendants. (7) Large numbers of North American Jews continued to reside in

Unclean Lips: Obscenity and Jews in American Literature by A

One need not have read very deeply in the literature written by American Jews to notice the extensive attention these texts devote to sex. Indeed, at the end of a college course on American Jewish writing in the early 1980s, Mark Shechner's undergraduate students at the State University of New York, Buffalo, cited sex as one of the few

DNA and Genealogical Evidence Suggests the Plymouth Colonists

Keywords: Plymouth Settlement, Sephardic Jews, DNA genealogy, Colonial American ethnicity, White Nativism. Introduction One of the most iconic images contained in textbooks on early American history is the painting shown below of the Mayflower pilgrims celebrating Thanksgiving with Native American friends in their newly founded colony of

American Jewish University 2020-2021 Academic atalog

young American Jews by making the great ethical heritage of Judaism relevant to them. This effort was located for brief periods of time in Amherst, NH, Winterdale, PA and Hendersonville, NC before finding its home in 1947 in Simi Valley, California. The UJ had several homes before moving to the Familian campus in Bel Air in 1977.


place in 1910 both in Austria and Hungary, the number of Jews in these provinces was as follows: Bohemia 85,827 Moravia 41,183 Silesia 13,442 Slovakia 143,545 283,997 To this must be added the Jews of Ruthenia, estimated by the Czecho-Slovak Jewish National Council to be at least 65,000, giv-ing a total of 348,997 Jews in the whole of the

A Portrait of Jewish Americans

American Jews overwhelmingly say they are proud to be Jewish and have a strong sense of belonging to the Jewish people, according to a major new survey by the Pew Research Center. But the survey also suggests that Jewish identity is changing in America, wh ere one-in-five Jews (22%) now describe themselves as having no religion.

The Black People Of America: The True Jews Of The Bible

America, the West Indies, Hispaniola, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the four corners of the earth). But as pertains to the so-called African-Americans, the curse spoken of in verse 68 clearly identifies them as the real Jews: DEUTERONOMY 28:68 And the Lord shall bring thee into Egypt again with ships, by the way whereof I spake unto thee, Thou

Whites, Jews, and Us

American editors, Sylvère Lotringer and Hedi El Kholti, for the time and interest which they gave to my work and the confidence which I was accorded. My deepest acknowledgement goes out to my translator Rachel Valinsky, and to the great Cornel West who has done me the honor of writing the preface. A final, friendly salute to all the immigration


The Threat to Boycott JNF Threatens American Jews By Moshe Phillips In February 2021, the board of the Jewish National Fund (JNF) violates any laws or agreed Keren Kayemet L Israel, which has been developing the Land of Israel for over a century, voted to authorize the purchase of private land in or

The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews

Jews in the West 137 Jews, Slavery and the Civil War 139 Jewish Clergy and Black Slavery 143 Jews and Abolitionism 147 Jews and the Confederacy 157 Jews and the Economics of the Civil War 161 Reconstruction, Blacks and Jews 169 Holocaust 177 Census Data of Jews and Black Slaves 182 Slaves in Jewish Wills 186

April 8, 2016 What American Jews need

In American Jewry, despite demographic studies predicting its demise, that historic Jewish purpose still streams through the lifeblood of the community. The Pew Research Center reports that over 50 percent of American Jews feel that working for justice and equality is essential to what being Jewish means to them

The 2018 Jewish Vote - J Street

American Jews voted for Democrats by a 76 to 19 percent margin, significantly increasing their Democratic support from 2016. This change is driven by opposition to Trump, and growing identification with a Democratic Party that shares their values as the country becomes more polarized along cultural and political lines.


2 Karen S. Wilson, Introduction: Jews in the Los Angeles Mosaic in Jews in the Los Angeles Mosaic, edited by Karen S. Wilson (Los Angeles, CA: Autry National Center of the American West, UC Press, 2013), 3-4, 7. 3 Californios were the native-born people of California. The term is not intended to include Native Americans, who were obviously

2016 Post-Election Jewish Surveys Summary Findings National

American Jews matches the 70 percent average vote share that Democratic candidates have received since exit polling began in 1972. Clinton s 40-point victory among Florida Jews (68 to 28 percent) is strikingly similar to Obama s 68 to 31 percent performance in 2012, and reflects the fundamental structure of the

Jewish Internees in the American South, 1942-1945

28 American Jewish Archives Jews as internees-at-large who could live outside the camps for the duration. The group from Latin America were not the only Jews interned in the United States during World War 11. One hundred German Jews living on the West Coast, like the Japanese-Americans, were forced to

American Jews on Israel and the Middle East

American Jews on Israel and the Middle East Below is a list of outcomes some say might happen if a Palestinian state were created in the West against Israel


discussion, nine were created by Jews (Walt Disney was a gentile), 7 Silbiger, The Jewish Phenomenon, 111. Of course, in the fast-changing world of entertainment, alliances and ownerships are constantly changing, too. 8 Charles Silberman, A Certain People: American Jews and Their Lives Today (New York: Summit Books, 1985), 147.

Chapter 25 THE EXPANSION - Brandeis

THE JEWS AND THE EXPANSION OF EUROPE TO THE WEST 1450-1800 -Chapter 25 - THE JEWS IN BRITISH AMERICA Jonathan D. Sarna THE JEWS IN BRITISH AMERICA is a topic that could easily consume many more pages than are available here. To do the topic full justice, one would need to look not only at the British North American colonies

Israel and the Post- American Middle East.pdf

Liberals, including many American Jews, are said to be fed up with Israel's occupation, which will mark its 50th anniversary next year. The weakening of Israel's democratic ethos is suppos-edly undercutting the shared values argument for the relationship. Some say Israel's dogged adherence to an unsus-tainable status quo in the West Bank

The Jews of St. Eustatius The Golden Rock to the Golden Door

Jews were considered stateless, a wandering people, a Nation, as the Spanish/Portuguese Jews called themselves, with no legal rights. Holland did not emancipate Jews living within their borders until 1834 and Britain, even later, 1858. Until emancipation, their welcome always could be tentative.


The Negro slaves brought to America, are descendants of the Jews that came into West Africa from Israel. Between the slave trade of 1500-1870, the Jews were dispersed to the Americas and abroad.The Israelites hid in a region where they could blend in with the dark skin Hamites. Israelites were dark skin Shemites.

Myron Brinig's Butte Jews in the wide open town

strain credulity. Such is the unlikely picture of Jews in the untamed West. The great writer Sinclair Lewis called the presence of a family like the Brinigs in Butte a contrast. '* So typically thought of as a product of the Old Testament or of old Europe, Jews seemed out of place mingling with the rougher elements of a mining camp.

What s the Matter with Palm Beach County?* Eric M. Uslaner

with a quarter of all Americans. Only one state outside the South West Virginia has a higher share of evangelicals than does Kansas.2 As evangelicals are committed to Republicans 78 percent voted for Mitt Romney in 2012,3 American Jews are strongly linked to the Democratic party. Since 1928, at least 60

Making History: The Sephardi Jewish Orphans of Sao-Tome and

Tomé, an island located on the Equator in the Gulf of Guinea, off the west coast of Africa. It is the largest island in what is today know as São Tomé and Principe. Various African American religious and liberation groups have self-identified as Jews. These groups have come up with claims and counterclaims of some affinity to the Jews and the

Hollywood s Chosen People: The Jewish Experience in American

Jews believed that American principles echoed Judaism s values (even if the application of these principles varied from one state to another). Throughout the nineteenth century, Jews in America articulated a new vision of what Jewish life should be, reshaping religious practices to fit the distinctive American reality of the open society (Sarna).

American Jews in the West - JSTOR

American Jews in the West ROBERT E. LEVINSON Tr ~he rush to California in the years following the discovery of gold brought tens of thousands of immigrants from the eastern United States, Europe, and Asia to the Pacific Coast. To California, which had been Mexican territory only a few years before, came whites, blacks,

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands - Jewish American Society for

Except for isolated Jews on St. Thomas, or Jewish merchants trading with or through St. Thomas, significant Jewish permanent settlement would have to wait another hundred years. Jewish settlement began in earnest because Jews were expelled from somewhere else, a tiny island only 7 square miles in size, 130 miles to the south-east, St. Eustatius.


Anglo-American one, the poor from the rich. These binary oppositions produce a political, patriotic, and mythiQing discourse in which the Puerto Ricans, as intruders and invaders of the U.S. mainland, confront the Anglo-American system of power. The Politics of Space West Side Story depicts a fight for urban space, a space that has already

Jews Music And The American West Portraits Of Pioneers

May 02, 2021 Jews Music And The American West Portraits Of Pioneers Author: Subject: Jews Music And The American West Portraits Of Pioneers Keywords: jews, music, and, the, american, west, portraits, of, pioneers Created Date: 5/2/2021 8:44:16 PM

Arab Americans: Stereotypes, Conflict, History, Cultural

Mousa (2000) recapitulated a few studies that dealt with the Arab image in the West and outlined a spill over of the stereotyped image of Arabs and Muslims from the pre-1948 European press to the American press and media.

Citizenship and Suffrage: The Native American Struggle for

NATIVE AMERICAN STRUGGLE FOR CIVIL RIGHTS IN THE AMERICAN WEST, 1830-1965 Willard Hughes Rollings* I. INTRODUCTION Native Americans occupy a unique place in this country. They are the direct descendants of people who first arrived in this land 30,000 years ago.'

CSL-Jewish Americans in California

Kramer, William M. (1996). Sephardic Jews in the West Coast States. Los Angeles: Western States Jewish History Association. This work highlights diversity within the Jewish American community in California by looking at the Sephardic Jews who settled in Los Angeles during the second migration wave, starting in the late 19th century and ending

American Jewish Opinion About the Future of the West Bank: A

Israeli politics as well as for American Jewish life. This paper undertakes an analysis of that opinion based on American Jewish Committee (AJC) annual polls. Recently, the AJC made the individual-level datasets for the 2000 05 period available to researchers. The paper focuses on opinion about the future of the West Bank (including East

This book made available by the Internet Archive.

This goes far to explain American Jews' high rate of geographic and social mobility, their concentration in commercial and financial centers, particularly large, rapidly developing urban areas, and their willingness to venture into new frontiers, whether as peddlers in the West, as

Jewish Studies at West Chester University: Programs and

Jewish Studies at West Chester University Abstract i ABSTRACT What forms of academic Jewish Studies are available in public, comprehensive higher education, like West Chester University of Pennsylvania (WCU)? This research is a case study examining the origins, form, and robustness of the Jewish American concentration of the Ethnic

paul stendahl, the apostle paul and the introspective

American Psychological Association on 3 Sep 1961. It is a revised and footnoted edition of the author s article Paulus och Samvetet, Svensk Exegetisk Arsbok 25 (1960), 62-77. Later republished in K. Stendahl, Paul Among Jews and Gentiles (Philadelphia: Fortress), 1976, pp. 78-96 To Henry J. Cadbury, octogenarian.

The Christianization of Israel and Jews in 1950s America

God-fearing West united against atheistic Communists encouraged an unprecedented ecumenism in American history. 2 Moreover, Jews, formerly objects of indifference if not disdain and hatred in the United States, were swept up in the ecumenical tide of Judeo-Christian values and identity. Jews and Christians were partners in a Judeo-

An Ethnic History of New Haven

First Jews in New Haven Jacob & Solomon Pinto The first Jews, the brothers Jacob and Solomon Pinto, arrived in New Haven in 1758. Jacob Pinto s sons, Solomon, Abraham and William, would serve in the Revolution. They all fought in the battle on July 5, 1779 when two British ships landed at West Haven. Jacob was among the signers of the petition

of Our West African Ancestors - Watchmen Ministry

In his book entitled Hebrewlsms of West Africa, this eminent cultural anthropologist documents the origins and extent of the Hebrew religion and culture in that part of West Africa which is the ancestral home of most black Americans. His book has 443 pages. It is documented with more than 1,400 footnotes. In reality, it