Unipept Web Services For Metaproteomics Analysis

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Database-independent de novo metaproteomics of complex

The presented metaproteomics pipeline employs conventional high-resolution shotgunproteomics datain whichfragmentation spectra are subsequently translated into peptide sequence lists by de novo sequencing. The lists are then submitted by pro-grammed access to the (public) Unipept database to retrieve

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The Unipept Metaproteomics Analysis Pipeline. analysis features as web services. This enables the integration of Unipept functionality into other applications and the creation of batch

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The Unipept metaproteomics analysis pipeline In: Proteomics 15.8 (2015), pp. 1437 1442. [5] Bart Mesuere et al. Unipept: tryptic peptide-based biodi-versity analysis of metaproteome samples In: Journal of proteome research 11.12 (2012), pp. 5773 5780. [6] Bart Mesuere et al. Unipept web services for metapro-teomics analysis

Quantitative profiling of microbial communities by de novo

Aug 16, 2020 71 advanced web‐based services that support taxonomic and functional analysis of metaproteomic protein and 72 peptide sequences have been introduced only recently. 19‐21, 22, 23 73 In this study, we evaluate a newly established de novo metaproteomics workflow for its quantitative