An Unusual Association Of Acromegaly And Pituitary Tuberculosis

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Dissemination of pulmonary tuberculosis has been recorded. To avoid over-dosage the following observations may be valuable : 1. Blood pressure observations. 2. Weight record. 3. Observations of oedema and other signs oi hyper-corticalism (Moon-face, hirsutism, red striae, osteoporosis.) 4. Urine analysis, especially for sugar and calcium

hidradenitis suppurativa presenting acromegaly

Sebumexcretion in acromegaly. BrMed3' 1972;i:406-8. 3 Jadresic A, Banks LM, Child DF, et al. The acromegaly syndrome: relation between clinical features, growth hormone values and radio-logical characteristics of the pituitary tumours. QI Med 1982;51: 189-204. 4 Materlik H, Slowko T, Jedrzejczak A. Skin changes in acromegaly. PolMedJ7 1968;7

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687-690 Title: A case of acromegaly complicated with diabetic ketoacidosis, pituitary apoplexy, and lymphoma Keywords: Acromegaly;Diabetic ketoacidosis;Lymphoma;Pituitary apoplexy 691-694 Title: Terlipressin-induced hyponatremic encephalopathy in a noncirrhotic patient Keywords: Arginine vasopressin type 2

Diabetes insipidus associated R. MATISONN B. PIMSTONE

pituitary, with herniation ofthe CSFspaceinto the pituitary fossa (Brisman, Hughes &Mount, 1969; Caplan &Dobbin, 1969). However, the presence of an enlarged and eroded pituitary fossa makes a tumour the more likely explanation in our patient. Ofinterest in this case is the presence ofnormal thyroid function and a moderately good cortisol

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The pituitary gland and the eye Dr Gordon Plant, Consultant Neurologist National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery 12:00 Forum 2 Case Presentations Pituitary disease in pregnancy Chairs: Dr James Ahlquist and Miss Joan Grieve Case 5 Use of Medical Therapy in a Pregnant Patient with Acromegaly Authors: P Jacob, NB Hashim, WM Drake

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The following are some notes of a rather unusual type of infectious disease recently seen at Cumnock, Ayrshire. On July 29th, 1931, the patient, aged 10, was playing in the burgh rubbish coup when he was bitten by a rat on the dorsum of the right big toe. The rat appeared to be in poor condition, for it was caught by the boy and swung round

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A case of acromegaly complicated with diabetic ketoacidosis, pituitary apoplexy, and lymphoma 29: 687 A case of alpha-fetoprotein-producing esophageal adenocarcinoma 29: 106 A case of cutaneous malignant fibrous histiocytoma with multiple organ metastases 29: 111


hormone (acromegaly)) Alcohol (including wine and beer) A medicine used to treat some parasitic infections, called pentamidine. This may cause too low blood sugar which is sometimes followed by too high blood sugar. Some medicines may make it harder to recognize the warning signs of your blood sugar being too low (hypoglycemia).

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3 Pont A. Unusual causes of hypercalcemia. Endocrinol Metab Clin North Am 1989;18:753 64. 4 Pumarino H, Oviedo S, Michelsen H, et al. [Active acromegaly and gigantism: some clinical characteristics of 50 patients.] Rev Med Chil1991;119:897 907. 5 Ezzat S, Melmed S, Endres D, et al. Biochemical assessment of bone formation and resorption in


neoplasms of the adrenal cortex or the anterior lobe of the pituitary, or from prolonged excessive intake of glucocorticoids for therapeutic purposes. Primary aldosteronism is a syndrome associated with hypersecretion of the major adrenal mineralocorticoid, aldosterone. Pheochromocytoma is a neoplasm of chromaffin tissue usually located in the

Invasive Sphenocavernous Aspergilloma Complicating an

the sella and parasellar region in a patient operated for acromegaly. A 30-year-old diabetic patient underwent two surgeries for a growth hormone-secreting pituitary adenoma, which included a transsphenoidal approach. During his last admission, magnetic resonance imaging revealed a heterogeneous mass in the sella, suprasellar region, sphenoid


suggestion of acromegaly. Theimmediate cause of death was a generalized peritonitis resulting from a broken-down suture line between the small gastric remnant and the jejunum. * Present address: The Bernhard Baron Institute of Pathology, The London Hospital, E.1. Themost striking findings werein the endocrine glands. The pituitary (Fig. 2


pancreas, thyroid, thymus, and pituitary body. The,enlargement of the last named was not sufficient to cause atrophyof the optic commissure, as sometimeshappened. A eimilar instance of visceral enlargement in acromegaly, essociated also withdiabetes, hadbeendescribed in Belgium byDr. Dallemagne. Dr. H. D. ROLLESTON suggested that the pigmentation


unusual presentation of neurofibromatosis-type 1 with multiple malignancies - palwasha rehman; skmch & rc, lahore 042 p pediatric cancer care: qualitative review of caregivers knowledge, attitude and practices at a tertiary care center in a developing country - sadia anjum; skmch & rc, lahore 043 p

Early descriptions of acromegaly and gigantism and their

between acromegaly and pituitary pathological entities. In 1887, Oscar Minkowski33 of Germany published a se-ries of autopsy studies that strengthened this association. He found pituitary enlargement in all patients with acro-megaly, and was probably the first to realize the causal relationship between acromegaly and pituitary enlarge-ment.


consisting of pituitary adenoma and intrasellar tuberculoma. A 24-year-old lady presented with fe- a tures of acromegaly and amenorrhea. Serum growth hormone levels were found to be raised


the thyroid and pituitary and other incretions, while less important, also effect changes in the sex organs. Genital function is stimulated by ovarian, thyroid, pituitary and suprarenal secretions. It seems to be diminished by the thymus and at times by thyroid. THE OVARY IN STERILITY