Studies Of Elastic Scattering Of Protons And Deuterons By Calcium Isotopes

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A., I. General, Physical, and Inorganic Chemistry

Scattering of fast electrons in helium. J. B. H. Kuper and li. Teller (Physical Rev., 1940, [ii], 58, 002 003). Neglect of inelastic scattering explains the failure of the quantum theory of elastic scattering to account for experimental data for 50 80-kv. electrons in He (cf. A., 1938, I, 425). Computation of

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1.24 Elastic scattering of ^0 on calcium isotopes and on 62Ni at the Coulomb barrier 68 I#25 62-64 Ni(16 0>12 C)66,63 Zn transf er reactions at 60 MeV 71 1.26 Elastic and inelastic scattering of 160 on samarium iso­ topes 73 1.27 Codes 74 1.28 Library of y transitions between high spin states 77 1.29 Physics other than nuclear 77

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Phillip Pile 1978 Near Theshold Positive Pion Production by Protons on Nu-clei Gary Adams 1977 A study of particle hole excitations in the reactions 24Mg, 28Si, 40Ca(p,p′) at 80 and 135 MeV Arunajallum Nadasen 1977 Elastic Scattering of 80-160 MeV Protons from 208Pb, 90Zr, Ca and Si Targets

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hydrogen isotopes in its explanation of AHP and nuclear transformations in LENR experimental setups. 2 Few-Body Nucleon Transfer Reactions Neutrons, protons and light nuclei transfer between isotopes of light and heavy nuclei at elastic scattering energies [5]. Heavy and light ion