Relationship Between Sunshine Duration And Air Temperature And Contemporary Global Warming

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Solar Radiation Changes in Japan during the 20th - J-Stage

by G STANHILL 2008 Cited by 49 major theoretical significance for climate change Annual values of sunshine duration (SS) measured in Japan between 1890 and relationships established for the two SS recorders used in the JMA network both air temperature; correlations between annual values of Eg↓ and those in the air temperature of the North-.

Climate change, water and food security

Global atmospheric temperature is predicted to rise by approximately 4 ˚C by 2080, consistent with a and it is hypothesized that diffuse light is used more efficiently than direct sunlight. They report a robust relationship between local sub grid-scale conspire to increase the severity, frequency and duration of droughts.

Redalyc.Snowmelt Runoff Analysis under Generated Climate

by YJ Wang 2016 Cited by 18 Yue-Jian et al., Snowmelt Runoff Analysis under Generated Climate Change Scenarios for the Juntanghu River air temperature difference, adequate sunshine.

Observations: Surface and Atmospheric Climate Change - IPCC

3.3.5 Consistency and Relationships between whole, surface air temperatures over land have risen at about double the ocean rate al., 1996; Liepert, 2002) and decreased sunshine duration over Contemporary climate changes in high.

A new correlation between solar energy radiation and some

by A Dumas 2014 Cited by 3 over the whole day period a linear relationship between the global daily ity, average or maximum air temperature daily, fraction of covered sky, daily precipita- ations ∆T instead of sunshine duration, are widely used and recognized. The Dumas equation is almost contemporary with the more famous 


by RBR AZDIL 2005 Cited by 710 This is related to the study of global warming resulting from the connection between Northwest Europe and the Central Mediterranean region (Italy) relevant analogue for contemporary public discourse on natural disasters, human terological data, such as air temperature or precipitation, with a time resolution.

A field study of thermal environments in hot-humid climate of

by K Jitkhajornwanich 2000 of the difference between 37.8°C and the temperature of that enclosure. (Based recent years, with much concern for Global Warming To investigate tropical architecture in both traditional and contemporary and duration of building. used for outdoor spaces both to provide air movement and to shade direct sunlight.

GLOBAL WARMING - Laboratorio de Ingeniería Sostenible

Is there a connection between the recent drought and climate change? vii. There are two reasons for global rise in Earth''s atmospheric temperature: First, system might be fast (e.g., a sudden cooling due to airborne volcanic ash reflecting sunlight), Little change is observed at 1- and 2-day duration, but significant.


2.4.4 Sunshine duration and air temperature shows that the expected negative correlation between these variables is often not evident, especially The main features in the contemporary CO2 records some of the global warming from greenhouse gases that would have occurred in their ab- sence.

Climate Change and Agriculture in the United States - USDA

ing air temperatures, warming temperatures may force others out of however, exact relationships between climate change and for sunshine duration and global irradiance (solar radiation) are well adapted to the contemporary California.

The State of the Jamaican Climate 2015 - Sustainable

Relative Humidity, Sunshine Hours, and Evaporation (a) Average July-October temperature anomalies over the Caribbean from the late 1800s with trend (from late 1800s) accounted for by the 'global warming' trend line for grid boxes over TABLE 16: Correlation between. Jamaica's rainfall zones. Bold numbers are.

Realities vs. Misconceptions about Climate Change Science

misconceptions about the science of climate change. cycle, during which the amount of sunlight reaching the. Earth's surface varies by about 0.1 percent. This cycle causes the global temperature to fluctuate up and down by about 0.2° mean surface air temperature. scientists are able to distinguish between the two.


by R Ramasamy 2012 Cited by 10 research carried out to assess the impact of global warming and climate impact on tourist demand which will affect destination choice and duration of travel. of various facets of climate such as air temperature, humidity, wind, sunshine This paper examined the relationship between climate and visitation in order to 

Integrated climatology and trends in the subtropical Hadley

by DD Mahlobo 2019 Cited by 8 Hadley circulation, mass flux, streamfunction, sunshine duration, total cloud cover warm air in the equatorial trough leads to uplift and polewards divergence in the upper surface under contemporary climate change is thus important to understand in undertaken to establish some form of relationship between the three 

Historical Climate Cycles - Chicago Botanic Garden

connection between human emissions and global warming, and not until the This change in timing of perihelion is known as the precession of the equinoxes, and atmosphere, the carbon dioxide released in contemporary volcanic eruptions counteracts the effect of warmer air temperatures, so evaporation does not 

Maria Dubicka, Bronisław Głowicki AIR TEMPERATURE AND

by M Dubicka Cited by 4 sunshine duration (−20 hours/100 years) and some features of global relationships existing between 98 years long data sets of air temperature and total (1994), that the contemporary warming of mountain areas of Central Europe is a.

Sunshine duration and its variability in the main ridge of the

by G Urban 2017 Cited by 12 contemporary climate change that are sensitive to changes in atmospheric circulation positive correlation between sunshine duration on the one hand and air temperature and atmospheric pressure trends on the other. Dobesch (1992) 

The Arctic Atmosphere: - DiVA portal

by G Sotiropoulou 2016 Cited by 1 Climate change has been even more pronounced in the Arctic, where Arctic region are expected with increasing air temperature and reduced sea ice relationships between these clouds, the PBL structure and large-scale long durations, days to weeks (Verlinde et al. feedbacks in contemporary climate models.

Climate Change and Respiratory Infections - ATS Journals

by M Mirsaeidi 2016 Cited by 78 The rate of global warming has accelerated over the past 50 years. Increasing surface to rapid fluctuations in ambient temperature. association between the incidence of confirmed monthly sunshine duration, monthly rainfall development and contemporary methodological challenges. Environ.

Relationship between sunshine duration and temperature

by EJM van den Besselaar 2015 Cited by 27 312 stations with sunshine duration (SD) series, a proxy for global radiation, and the strong relationship between SD and temperature trends over Europe duration and air temperature and contemporary global warming,.

Changes in precipitation with climate change - jstor

ABSTRACT: There is a direct influence of global warming on precipitation. evaporation and thus surface drying, thereby increasing the intensity and duration of Global surface air temperatures are higher in of relationships between mean TCWV and precipita- lution masks the ground from direct sunlight, decreases.

Contemporary agrometeorological research Opportunity for

The contemporary climate is characterized by dynamic weather conditions We observe frequently and sudden - winter warming and cooling in derivatives, relative air humidity, vapor pressure, sunshine duration and number of days with rain. temperatures are increased from 11 to 13°C or with ~1.5°C in relation with.

Asymmetric Trends of Daily Maximum and Minimum

by TR Karl 1993 Cited by 547 0 1 993 American Meteorological Society. A New Perspective on. Recent Global Warming: Asymmetric Trends of Daily Maximum and Minimum. Temperature.

Climate Change Impacts in the Amazon: Review of scientific

The monthly mean air temperature records show a warming of 0.5 0.8°C for the Recent studies have clarified the link between deforestation and precipitation in the Amazon. total precipitation, extreme rainfall events, and seasonality will affect the amount, timing, and Contemporary climate change in the Amazon.

Climate Services for Supporting Climate Change Adaptation

Need for climate services to support the National Adaptation Plan process Short-term, contemporary problems, such as identification and early warning of an impending outlooks: monthly forecasts of temperature, precipitation and sunshine As there is a significant difference between a hazard and disaster with not 

Multi-annual variability of global solar radiation in the

by K Bryś Cited by 6 The relations between the investigated values of global solar radiation and these macro-circulation Keywords: global radiation, multi-annual variability, climate change, NAO have mainly been based on sunshine duration data (Górski, but also occurs in similar series of air temperature Tp, satu-.

Long-term water temperature fluctuations in coastal - Sciendo

MATUSZKO D., WEGLARCZYK S., 2015, Relationship between sunshine duration and air temperature and contemporary global Warming. International Journal.

Attributing Regional Trends of Evapotranspiration and - HESS

by X Mo Cited by 25 The complementary relationship between actual and potential ET may reveal Generally climate warming enhances atmospheric evaporative demand, Daily climate variables (air temperature, water vapor pressure, wind speed, sunshine sunshine duration in a linear relationship, the global radiation is subdivided into 

Climate change and human health - WHO World Health

by AJ McMichael 2003 Cited by 992 The potential impact of climate change on temperature related mortality. 90 (e.g. indoor air pollution) to neighbourhood (domestic refuse) to community. (urban air sive discussion of the relationship between global climate change and human population cipitation, sea level elevation, wind and duration of sunlight.

Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States. - Nuclear

the timing and amount of water supplies, posing significant sunlight away from the Earth, causing a cooling influence at little difference in projected temperature between and J.H. Lawrimore, 2004: Contemporary changes of the hydro-.


by DK Kpeglo 2013 Cited by 2 requirement for modelling earth's weather and climate change variables. A pyranometer 4.1 Diurnal relationship between temperature and solar radiation with time 35 keeps the air in the lower atmosphere warmer than the surface. geographical regions of Ghana using sunshine duration. Their study 

Trends and patterns in the climate of Libya - The University of

by I Ageena Cited by 7 1.3.2 Climate change across North Africa and the Mediterranean. 4. 1.4 4.7 Correlation between temperature and regional factors. 95. 4.7.1 relative humidity, surface wind speed, sun-shine duration and atmospheric pressure for the last 50 years its contemporary tendencies, Journal of Climate, 5: 633 642. Morse A.P. 

The signal of aerosolinduced changes in sunshine duration

by A Sanchez-Romero 2014 Cited by 64 in sunshine duration records involves variations in atmospheric aerosol loading. Possible climate does not involve a global offsetting of the warming impact of show a relationship between SD and smog in London during the last century [for an overview, see Wheeler lower temperatures and higher relative humidity.

Relationship between sunshine duration and air temperature

by D Matuszko 2015 Cited by 20 sunshine duration; air temperature; global warming; climate change; dimming; brightening; Poland studies, the statistical relationships between sunshine dura- contemporary warming, natural fluctuations of climate or.

Global Analysis of Atmospheric Transmissivity Using - MDPI

by A Srivastava 2021 of these relationships was evaluated for different climate types. studies that have proposed temperature-driven, sunshine driven, and cloud driven optical properties, changes in cloud amount can cause either warming or cooling. between the incoming solar radiation and bright sunshine duration.

Indoor Thermal Environment in Tropical Climate Residential

by N Jamaludin 2014 Cited by 18 global warming do affect human comfort since people spend most of their time and activities in Unprecedented increase in global temperature is attributed to higher rates of thermal comfort, cooling effects and ventilation are always necessary. In tropical relationship between the site, climate and briefing requirements.

Observed Climate Variability and Change - IPCC

by CK FOLLAND Cited by 1270 temperature warming of 0.45+0.15°C since the late nineteenth century. 3. shows a lower stratospheric cooling at the rate of -0.45°C/decade over the high correlation (r=0.94) between global, seasonally averaged Decreases of sunshine have been found in timing of the reversal of relative warming might suggest.

Temporal Changes in the Observed Relationship between

by B Sun Cited by 74 The relationship between cloud cover and near surface air temperature and its decadal humidity has significantly weakened the effectiveness of the surface warming test the ability of contemporary global climate models, GCM, to reproduce in the United States cloudiness and sunshine duration between 1950 and.

Characterization of inter-seasonal climatic variability through

by M Maniruzzaman 2017 Cited by 7 annual maximum, minimum and mean air temperatures were 0.001, 0.016 analyze the trend of climatic variability and climate change and its impact on. Boro rice production with annual average rainfall between 1,400 and 1,900 mm. Seasonal mean temperatures, rainfall and sunshine duration were carried out using.

Climate Change - Royal Society

Despite this agreement between the global-scale patterns of modelled and observed atmospheric temperature change, there are still some differences. The most 

Download - Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme

Climate change in polar regions is expected to be among the largest and most hence reduces temperature increases near the air sea interface; reductions in 

Changes in precipitation with climate change

by KE Trenberth 2011 Cited by 2263 ABSTRACT: There is a direct influence of global warming on precipitation. evaporation and thus surface drying, thereby increasing the intensity and duration of Global surface air temperatures are higher in of relationships between mean TCWV and precipita- lution masks the ground from direct sunlight, decreases.

Atmospheric and Surface-Condition Effects on CO2 - MDPI

20 Oct 2017 average, and sunshine duration decreased each year. temperature had a greater effect on the CO2 exchange variability. Global climate change has caused changes in the To fully understand the relationship between the different Lindroth, A. Contemporary carbon accumulation in a boreal 

Climates and Societies

On Relationships Between Climate Variability and Change, and Societies. Vll. 3 living conditions. Global warming will impact agriculture and industrial production. The increase of global air temperature in the 1980s is quite striking in both hemispheres. air pressure. Occasionally, wind, humidity and sunshine duration.

Sunshine records from Ireland: cloud factors and - CORE

by E PALLÉ 2001 Cited by 92 A strong negative correlation was confirmed between sunshine factors from This suggestion received support from a study of global satellite cloud cover data which Comparisons between synoptic cloud records and sunshine duration have temperatures, indicating a consistent warming and moistening trend of the 

Net primary production of terrestrial ecosystems in China - MIT

by X Xiao Cited by 82 production (NPP) in China for contemporary climate and NPP responses to elevated CO2 averaged surface air temperature will increase in the range of 1.5 ˚C to 4.5 ˚C (Mitchell, et al., Net primary production (NPP) is calculated as the difference between gross primary precipitation, temperature and sunshine duration.

Indicators of Climate Change in California - OEHHA -

Agreement calls for keeping the rise in the global average temperature to well below 2 degrees Celsius Historical and contemporary photographs of the Dana Glacier the relationships among pressures on the environment, ambient warming by absorbing sunlight directly and releasing heat energy in the atmosphere.

Sunshine duration as a proxy of the atmospheric aerosol content

therefore fundamental for a better understanding of climate change. strong relationship between burn width and direct solar irradiance (DSI); the method surface and atmospheric temperatures, snow and ice-cover extent, sea-level, precipitation Cloudiness and sunshine in Cracow, 1861-1980, and its contemporary.

Snowmelt Runoff Analysis under Generated Climate Change

by YJ Wang 2016 a distinct continental climate temperature. Huge air temperature difference, adequate sunshine duration (i.e., annual sunshine duration reaches. 2500 3500 h) 

Evidence from Sunshine Duration Measurements - American

by G Stanhill 2005 Cited by 121 with those reported for continental air temperature, and the troughs temporary global warming (Houghton et al. computed as the difference between the annual total cow, 1861 1980, and its contemporary tendencies.