Choroid Coat Extract And Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor Strongly Promote Neurite Outgrowth In The Embryonic Chick Retina

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The Questions of Developmental Biology

patterns of growth and differentiation can be explained by interactions that embryonic resemblances would be a very strong argument in favor of the 

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5.4 SCs Express Significantly More Connective Tissue Growth Factor (CTGF) the addition of human placental serum and chick embryo extract was sufficient.

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by A Safvati 2010 Microvascular endothelial cells coated onto CytodexY3 1.4.15 Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)

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and neurite outgrowth in cultured chick retinal neurons Ciliary neurotrophic factor and neurotrophins are reported to increase endogenous a6 and.

Choroid coat extract and ciliary neurotrophic factor strongly

by NG Carri 1994 Cited by 20 Trophic factors stimulate neurite outgrowth and neuronal survival. For the chick retina in with choroid coat extract from chick El8 embryos.

Exploiting mtor cellular signalling to promote retinal ganglion

by PJ Morgan-Warren 2015 factors to RGC survival and axon/neurite growth after RTP801 knock- pigmented layer, consisting of the choroid, ciliary body and iris;  330 pages

Expression and regulation of key lysosomal effectors in RPE

by U Sharif 2015 The retinal pigmented epithelium (RPE) is a monolayer of highly specialised secrete a variety of growth factors and proteins such as fibroblast growth.

Functional studies of laminin-binding integrins and distribution

by N Morissette 1997 and neurite outgrowth in cultured chick retinal neurons suggesting a possible role for these neurotrophic factors in integrin regulation during.

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by CD Weaver 1995 Cited by 48 except that chick eye extract was substituted for chick embryo extract. (Nishi and Berg, 1981). For neurite outgrowth assays (see also below),.


centriole proximal ends via activity of the centrosome cohesion factor C-Nap1. In The importance of cilia for tumor growth seems to vary from.

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Epidermal growth factor (EGF) has also been shown to stimulate the division of rodent NPCs in vitro (Reynolds and Weiss 1992a; Kelly et al. 2005).

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As could be expected, the rate of growth in the different parts which constitute embryos, in rats the tendons of the muscles exhibit a highly unspecific 

Progress in Eye and Vision Research 1999-2006 - National

retinitis pigmentosa. The NEI is sponsoring a clinical trial testing one of these drugs, known as ciliary neurotrophic factor, in patients with.

Long-Term Protection of Retinal Structure but Not Function

by FQ Liang 2001 Cited by 260 ciated virus (AAV) carrying ciliary neurotrophic factor (CNTF) can rotrophic factor strongly promote neurite outgrowth in the embryonic chick retina.12 pages

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Nerve growth factor (NGF) is the founding and best-characterized Neurotrophic factors are secreted proteins that promote neurite outgrowth 

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by JB Dealmeida 1992 Cited by 1 however, inhibited the growth and caused the neurite retraction. In these experiments, the ACh pipette was presence of E 10 chick embryo extract (CEE).

Pituitary Adenylate Cyclase Activating Polypeptide Signaling Alters

the chick parasympathetic ciliary ganglion (CG) at developmental stages from choroid neurons project to the smooth muscle in the choroid coat and Neuropeptides, neuronal growth factors, serum (10% v/v) and embryonic chick eye extract (3% v/v) as previously described Retinal G protein coupled receptor​. 1. 1.68.

The role of microtubule nucleation during neural development

data on KIF2A function, CEP170 seems to inhibit growth of axon collateral branches. We Role of microtubules during neuron development in vitro


by SL Pay 2017 Trans-Epithelial Transport between the Retina and Choroid injury, which can also be induced by exposure to growth factors or drugs. [190-.

Contributions of Monoclonal Antibodies With Anti-Neural Cell

by LG Remsen 1993 collagen, growth and trophic factors, cell-substrate adhesion molecules and cell For this assay, retinal fragments from 6 day old chick embryos were.

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by A Aldarwesh 2015 Cited by 1 and the choroid; and a third neural internal layer, the retina (Born et al., Platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) stimulates Müller cell growth and  327 pages


embryonic stem cells may be cloned and how they are programmed. et al., 2001a), or culture with FGF and other growth factors.


Abstract: The purification of the nerve growth factor (NGF) protein to homogeneity allowed for the sympathetic nervous system of the chick embryo.

From gene identification and functional characterization to

by E Orhan Le Gac De Lansalut 2015 The vertebrate retina is a light-sensitive layer of tissue at the posterior Rods also produce a neurotrophic factor, RdCVF that promotes cone survival.

Protocols for Neural Cell Culture (Springer Protocols

ever, each growth factor can act on different populations of stem cells. EGF is routinely used for embryonic day. 14 mouse CNS cultures, while EGF,  396 pages

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We found that natural trophic factors in the retina strongly protect extracts of IPM increased photoreceptor survival in an embryonic chicken culture 

Intraocular Gene Transfer of Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor

by M Cayouette 1998 Cited by 269 Key words: retina; ciliary neurotrophic factor; apoptosis; ret- cntf gene, fused to the leader sequence of the nerve growth factor gene.12 pages

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by S Hacibekiroglu Petrou inhibits vascular endothelial growth factor dependent pathological angiogenesis in the Layer of capillaries in the choroid that support the retina with.

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these cells, through the outgrowth of neurites and formation of synapses, to muscle in the eye's choroid layer, and ciliary ~eurons, which innervate hippocampal extracts by virtue of its ability to stimulate ACh synthesis in ciliary neurotrophic factor (CNTF) on chick embryonic motoneurons in culture: Drosophila retina.

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We have analysed these issues in intact chick embryos expression of genes for retinal markers and growth factors by MSCs was detected using.

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by Tyrosine Kinase Growth Factor Receptors? fibre innervation, following their transplantation into the coelomic cavity of chick embryos.

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26 Feb 2010 ganglion, cornea, optic nerve, and embryonic retina; oral; factor is at least one selected from nerve growth factor (NGF),.


by MA Allende 2008 Cited by 1 Transforming Growth Factor ß in Developing Primate Foetal Retina they pass anteriorly into the choroid; recurrent branches of long ciliary.

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Madison, WI53706. S-2. Methods of Approach to Characterization of. New Growth Factors That Promote Estrogen. Responsive Mammary Tumor Growth. D. A

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regulates transcription of genes in the brain areas but also promotes retinal axon growth as a translational regulator via the intercellular transfer.

An investigation into the roles of Talpid3 and primary cilia in

by AL Bashford 2015 Figure 4.2 Postnatal Ta3 mutant cerebella have reduced growth, loss of granule neurons and In retinal cells the highly specialised cilia contain the.

Neuroinflammation and defining gene therapy approaches for

by LA Barry 2011 Cited by 1 Previous studies in ovine CLN6 have shown a strong correlation between glial activation and 6.2.3 Cross-cell communication and neurotrophic factors.

Is the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor involved in visual

by KC Morrison 2010 Cited by 1 Introduction: A study in 2005 found that Epidermal Growth Factor Kinase Inhibitors. (EGFRki) could promote Retinal Ganglion Cell (RGC) axonal regeneration 

Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells Differentiated into Neuron-like

by P Ramamurthy 2012 Cited by 1 the so-called neurotrophins (NTs), nerve growth factor, ciliary auditory systems and promotes mouse and chick statoacoustic ganglion (SAG), the.

The isolation, characterisation and investigation into the in

The role of growth factors in choroidal neovascularisation 94. Animal Models Proliferating human retinal versus iris vascular endothelial cells 237.

1 Program/Abstract # 1 Role of the core promoter in the

Together, these studies provide unique insight into how ciliary factors Our study demonstrates that zebrafish heart growth shows more similarities to 

Deletion of Ocular Transforming Growth Factor β Signaling

3 Feb 2015 14 In the retina, constitutive TGF-b signaling appears to be important for maintaining the structure and function of retinal capillaries.

Retinal Degenerations: Genetics, Mechanisms -

17 Jul 2011 expression of fibroblast growth factor (FGF) 2 [40, 41] and ciliary neurotrophic factor (CNTF) [43] in the retina, and increased choroidal 

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Items 1 - 9 by NE COLLIAS Growth and molting were equally as good in pos- terior halves as in intact embryos. Yolk-free em- bryos and half-emibryos were explanted in 

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11 Nov 2017 Kdm6b is strongly upregulated in the inner layer of the EGL, which is populated by transthyretin, and basic fibroblast growth factor.

The Role of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (ErbB1) in

by MT JOY 2013 1.311 Enhancement of axonal regeneration by creating growth factor gradients. It is known that neurotrophins can strongly stimulate neurite outgrowth.370 pages

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by C Gall 2021 Choroid coat extract and ciliary neurotrophic factor strongly promote neurite outgrowth in the embryonic chick retina. Int J Dev Neurosci. 1994; 12: 567 78. 76.

The patient's own bone marrow-derived stromal cells

1 Jan 2021 2010), a pro-angiogenetic growth factor. VEGF is seen as a secreted protein of stem cells able to promote vascular growth in ischemic tissue 

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however, inhibited the growth and caused the neurite retraction. In these experiments, the ACh pipette was presence of E 10 chick embryo extract (CEE).

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before and after hatching. Choroid coat extract and ciliary neurotrophic factor strongly promote neurite outgrowth in the embryonic chick retina.