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CALSTATELA.EDU/CHORAL CHRISTOPHER GRAVIS PROGRAM DIRECTOR AND FACULTY IN CONDUCTING Dr. Gravis serves as the Director of Choral Activities and as the Program Director of the Three-Summer Master of Music in Choral Conducting at Cal State LA. Professionally active as both a choral and orchestral conductor, Dr. Gravis maintains


art music scores of the highest quality through primarily non-verbal communication and to some degree verbal communication for the glory of God. COURSE DESCRIPTION This course is designed to assist the student in becoming a more efficient conductor of choral music with extensive use of video-recording equipment. Rehearsal


The same passion has led him to join the French Choral Art Institute in 2010, as an Artistic and Pedagogical Director for several years, and now as a member of its Board. He aims at creating new repertoires, developing choral directing programs, and establishing international connections. JOSEP VILA I CASAÑAS Conductor, composer and pedagogue.

Music For Beginning Conductors An Anthology For Choral

Download Ebook Music For Beginning Conductors An Anthology For Choral Conducting Cles G7911conducting Educational Research As recognized, adventure as with ease as experience very nearly lesson, amusement, as competently as bargain can be gotten by just checking out a book music for beginning conductors an anthology for


by the choral art must be assumed by the choral musicians themselves singers and conductors.6 Virgil Thomson, a foremost music critic, writes, Now choral music is not a stuffy literature, though the performances of many an oratoric society, including New York's own, may have pretty systema-tically given out that impression.

CHORAL CONDUCTING: A Level Playing Field?

choral conductor to think that I am just a children s choir director so I can t take advantage of that workshop. But the art of conducting remains the same. The music might be at a different level, but the bottom line is that your job as a conductor is to make the best music that you can, with the instruments you have.

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choral conductor speaks to the larger art form, encompassing both the educational needs of the singers and the musical inter-ests of composers and repertoire. Use of the term choral conductor implies service to both singers the choral ensemble as well as composers and repertoire the choral music. The elements that bridge these two

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Choral Directors Association serves to nurture the choral music culture, to move the culture forward, and to provide leadership on behalf of every choral conductor/educator to navigate through troubling times and/or unique challenges. Choral directors are resilient, resourceful, and exemplary leaders.


Successful choral conductors are dynamic storytellers. As a conductor preparing, rehearsing, and performing this choral music, it is critical to both communicate the context and history of coded message songs during the learning process, and also make appropriate stylistic performance choices in the music.

On the Artistic Expression in Chorus Conducting

Chorus, Art, Conductor, Expressiveness Abstract: Chorus art is a very elegant art form, which has always been welcomed and loved by the vast audience. In the process of art command, the conductor needs to have a strong chorus comprehensive quality, and at the same time have certain performance skills and the ability to master and control the


The art of conducting has long been a staple of Western music, from the romantic era to the present. Today, instrumental, choral, and mixed ensembles are directed by a skilled conductor, who in many cases serves as the ensemble director. Many traditional conducting concepts and gestures were developed and standardized over the centuries.


approaches are important to the choral conductors in order to create a meaningful art and experiences with their singers. It is the responsibility of the choral conductor to ensure that each music student reaches a satisfactory level of ability in both individual and ensemble areas of study.

The Zamir Chorale of Boston

the art of cantorial recitative. And Jews who had just escaped Russian pogroms, Jews who had yearned for centuries to return to their homeland, could relate to the African-American longing for freedom, for relief from suffering and persecution. George Gershwin (né Jacob Gershowitz) was born in 1898 into a family of recent

Voices and Visions: An Interview with Eight American Choral

mance and literature in the U.S. Eight leading choral conductors A. H. J.: Integrity comes immediately to mind. There must were each asked to answer five questions related to standards of be an unfailing commitment to the intentions of the composer excellence and the choral art in America. Each conductor and to the musical score. Truth must be


(3) To become better people through interaction with the choral art. The very essence of our art what we are about why music and people are so important is the creation and recreation of that which is beautiful. Beauty in form beauty in sound and, hopefully, beauty in the wonderful transformation of the human spirit.


Any choral music program benefits from a tradition of excellence and from fine facilities, but there is no doubt that the choral conductor is also extremely important. A conductor who agrees to become the leader of a fine choral program must have strong personal qualities and solid musical training if that program is to continue at a high level.

William Levi Dawson: An Examination of Selected Letters

work as a composer, his work as an arranger of Negro spirituals, his work as a choral conductor and music pedagogue, and his life as an African American man living in segregated times. Dawson is shown as a thoughtful, deliberate practitioner of his art who built his career with intention, and who, through his various activities, sought both to

Position Announcement for Assistant Conductor Application

As cover conductor for all of the orchestra s activities. the Assistant Conductor also provides vital support for the Omaha Symphony s Music Director Designate Ankush Kumar Bahl, Principal Pops & Resident Conductor, guest conductors, and musicians. The Assistant Conductor position is a two-season appointment (21/22 and 22/23 seasons), with

A Conductor's Guide to Un-Yung La's Choral Music as Reflected

symphonies, concertos, art songs, and cantatas. La contributedthe growth of Koreato n music as a composer, theorist, teacher, choral conductor, and church musician. 11 La was an extremely religious man. He becomes a Christian at Gusegun Ahyun church at age eight and was baptized at age twenty two at Hyehwadong Catholic church

Choral Art Society and Chamber Choir Dr. Jason Hiester, conductor

Nov 14, 2020 Choral Art Society and Chamber Choir Dr. Jason Hiester, conductor Saturday, November 14, 2020 Gray Chapel Choral Art Society Zion s Walls Verbum caro factum est Flower of Beauty Walk Together Children Aaron Copland (1900 1990) Hans Leo Hassler (1564 1612) John Clements (1868 1946) arr. Moses Hogan (1957 2003) Dr. Chien-Hui Wong, piano

NatioNal ENdowmENt for thE arts Chorus amEriCa NatioNal

choral festival focusing on spirituals and will partner with Boston Camerata and the Fisk University Jubilee Singers from Nashville, Tennessee. The Providence Singers of Providence, Rhode Island, will present a choral festival featuring a community sing led by composer, conductor, and educator Alice Parker.

The Art and Science of Planning a Choral Concert

Every choral concert has characteristics that are unique. Those concerts that are highly acclaimed are likely to feature an excellent conductor and to take place in a special location. In addition, these successful concerts will show evidence of much strategic planning. Concert planning begins with the choice of literature. The music

Madrigal & Chamber Choir Festival March 4-5, 2022 San Antonio, TX

Richard Bjella Director of Choral Studies Emeritus, Texas Tech University, has distinguished himself as a conductor, clinician, choral pedagogue, and choral arranger. He has been honored to have his choirs appear at the 2009 and 2013 National ACDA Conventions, as well as performances at Carnegie Hall, Orchestra Hall, and TMEA conventions.

USCThornton MUCM 440: Choral Development

Problems of achieving proper balance, blend, intonation, diction, precision, etc. in choral groups; criteria for selection of repertoire for particular groups. Learning Objectives This course is designed to provide the choral conductor with a thorough look at the rehearsal process in working with choral ensembles.

The effect of conducting gesture on expressive-interpretive

Jun 16, 2005 become, through the use of the stick and its skilled sign-language, an art of ultimate refinement (Green, 1961, p.7). Three important domains that contribute to effective conducting can be identified:


Within the traditional choral canon, choral teachers are expected to teach authentic performance practice that incorporates changes in vocal production amongst varying style periods from Renaissance to contemporary choral music. Furthermore, over the last decade there has been a tendency for choral directors to program more multicultural

Workshop on the Anatomy of Conducting - Sacred choral music

Centering: The Art of Being for Musicians, Actors, Dancers and Teachers, by James Jordan and Nova Thomas (in preparation, March 2009). Evoking Sound: Fundamentals of Choral Conducting, by James Jordan (Chicago: GIA, 2008).


On May 27, 2010, when acclaimed choral conductor Harold Rosenbaum received ASCAP s coveted Victor Herbert Award for Distinguished Service to American Music at the 11th annual ASCAP Concert Music Awards, a kernel of an idea was born.

MASTER OF MUSIC PERFORMANCE Choral Conducting 30 Semester Hours

the conductor, a current curriculum vitae, and a repertoire listing. All major works should be listed on the repertoire sheet and a representative sample of shorter works conducted. Schedule audition through appropriate conductor: choral, orchestral, or wind. 2. Provide repertory list to the Director of Choral Activities. 3.

Women Choral Conductors in the Academy: A Case Study

conductor, For as long as I can remember, singing in choir was an inspiring, uplifting experience for me. Because of my love for the choral art, I became a public school choral music teacher, and while teaching, received my Master s degree. I then found further inspiration in a role model with whom I studied during my

Global Perspectives on the Art of Choral Music

Global Perspectives on the Art of Choral Music disproportionately less funding compared to other musical genres such as opera and orchestral music.) Does this add pressure on the choral conductor? Of course it does. In addition to the time spent choosing, studying, and programming the right repertoire for one s group (and that is

Choral and Orchestral Conducting Techniques

The first thOng a conductor must do when he se-ects a piece of us c or is handed a piece of music is to sit at the piano an lay t rough it. A familiarity with the piece 's at least accomplished in this way. One must practice the sk ll of simply reading the notes. This involves. with a large s a e orchestral work.


Mar 05, 2021 Composer: Piano, Art Songs, Choral, Chamber, Symphonies, Opera; conductor Eva Alberta Jessye 1895-1992 Coffeyville, KS Composer of Choral and Orchestral works, choral conductor Lola Shirley Graham Dubois 1896-1977 Indianapolis, IN Composer of an Opera Edward Hammond Boatner 1898-1981 New Orleans, LA Composer of Opera, Concert Spirituals

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The Art of the Choral Conductor, 2 vols. Illinois: Summy Brichard Publishing, 1939. Glenn, Carole, ed. In Quest of Answers: Interviews with American Choral Conductors.


Offered by the Office of Careers and Professional Development in conjunction with the Eastman Writing and Study Skills Center, The Musician s Cover Letter Handbook is designed to guide you through the

Basic Conducting - SC Baptist

The baton is optional because you can be a fine conductor with or without one. Choral groups are not accustomed to batons but instrumental groups seem to perform better with them. The baton simply makes the conductor s patterns easier to see from a distance. The baton is helpful for instrumentalists because their eyes have to take in

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Kenneth Jennings produced a free, relaxed choral sound by developing a lyric, art-song approach to choral singing. Anton Armstrong also crafted a lyric art-song approach to choral sound, but one that was made up of a combination of intelligent soloists. In the beginning, the main choral sound created by the Westminster Choir consisted of a


4 The first step in reading rhythm is finding the beat.The beat in music is steady, like your heartbeat or a ticking clock. The rhythm in a piece of music is based on a constant fundamental beat that you can hear and feel.

The Christiansen Tradition in Sacred Choral Music

brought critical acclaim to the ensemble as a leader in the field of choral music. The successful programming of a concert of unaccompanied sacred choral music, unique and innovative for its day, made the choir and its conductor F. Melius Christiansen a pace-setting role model for choral musicians throughout the country.

Choral Activities at MSU

discuss his approach to the choral art. We in the College of Music are thrilled that Anton is being recognized by MSU. As stated in my nomination letter: Dr. Armstrong s exceptional career as a choral conductor makes him an exceptional candidate for this honor. He has attained the highest levels of artistic achievement and