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Concurrency Control And Recovery In Database Systems

May 14, 2021 global snapshot isolation, and fast follower recovery.This book is written for professionals, researchers, and graduate students specialising in database systems and its related fields. Transactional Information Systems-Gerhard Weikum 2002 This book describes the theory, algorithms, and practical implementation techniques behind transaction

Mastering PostgreSQL 13 - Mirbozorgi

Considering Serializable Snapshot Isolation transactions Observing deadlocks and similar issues Utilizing advisory locks Optimizing storage and managing cleanup Configuring VACUUM and autovacuum Digging into transaction wraparound-related issues A word on VACUUM FULL Watching VACUUM at work Limiting transactions by making use of snapshot too old


transactions as if their programs were running in isolation against the database. The DBMS executes the actions of transactionsin an interleavedfashion to obtain good performance, but schedules them in such a way as to ensure that con´Čéicting operations are not permitted to proceed concurrently. Further, the DBMS main-