What Is Self Concept Theory

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The Role of Self-Concept in Consumer Behavior - Digital

by M Toth 2014 Cited by 18 Many self-concept theories attempting to explain consumer behavior have been generated incorporating these dimensions. One of the most commonly studied 


by BR McCorkle 1971 Theory: Conclusions. 74. The Self and Speech Communication. Research. 74. The Effect of Speech Courses on the Self Concept.

Self- Concept- A Person's Concept of Self- Influence

by MSK Mishra 2016 Cited by 16 In this research paper, the researcher focused on the meaning of self- concept with its components, theories and categories i.e., the term self- concept refers  6 pages

Role of Self-Concept in Vocational Theory

by LS Gottfredson 1985 Cited by 128 Pryor (1985) has criticized vocational psy- Self-Concept and Its Relevance to chology in general and my theory (Gottfredson,. Theories of Careers.

Self-Concept: The Interplay of Theory and Methods - RAND

And (7) it can be differentiated from other constructs such as academic achievement. Research on substantive topics in self-concept theory has already been  43 pages

How social identity shapes the working self-concept

by JJ Sim 2014 Cited by 38 account, exemplified by self-categorization theory, contends that when ingroups are salient, the collective self de- fines the self-concept whereas the 

Self-Concept in Consumer Behavior: A Critical Review

by MJ Sirgy 1982 Cited by 5154 This paper critically reviews self-concept theory and research in consumer behavior and provides recommendations for future research. MOSt scholars seem to 

The Self-Concept Revisited - CiteSeerX

by S EPSTEIN Cited by 2831 The Self-Concept Revisited. Or a Theory of a Theory. SEYMOUR EPSTEIN. University of Massachusetts. Invited address presented at the meeting of the Canadian 


Jan 8, 2013 First, we can talk about the self-concept, which includes all of the Extensions and Refinements of James's Theory.

1 Individual Self, Relational Self, and Collective Self

by C SEDIKIDES Cited by 1005 his volume is based on the premise that the self-concept consists of implications of their own position for a more unified theory of the structure and.

Donald Super Developmental self-concept - Careers NZ

by D Super Cited by 9 As such, career development is lifelong. Super's five life and career development stages. Super developed the theories and work of colleague Eli Ginzberg. Super 

Overview of Career Development Theories

The process of career development theory comes from four disciplines: 4. Developmental - Self Concept over life span-Super (1950's) 

Determinants of self-concept change in new environments

by JS Gore 2005 Cited by 2 AycWogy Theories. Similar to personality theories, several self theories in social psychology emphasize the maintenance of the selfconcept, 

3 Self-Esteem, Self-Concept and the Development of Black

by L Young 1982 Cited by 30 including theories of Mead, Maslow, Erikson, Lewin and others. We try and relate the difficult ideas of self-esteem, self-concept and identity to.

An Overview of Self-Concept Theory for Counselors. Highlights

by WW Purkey 1988 Cited by 333 depended upon perception. A second milestone in the development of self-concept theory was the writing of. Sigmund Freud (1900) who gave us new  6 pages

Mini Literature Review of Self-Concept - Neliti

by A Mehrad Cited by 19 categorization theory that proposed by. Turner, the self-concept consists of at least two levels; which included a personal identity and a social one.

The status and direction of self-concept research: The

by J Hattie 2003 Cited by 10 Third, the underlying classical model of test theory underlies the development of most scales, and it is time to move on. The classical model has as desirable 


by A Muhammad 2017 Cited by 1 A second milestone in the development of self-concept theory was the writing of Sigmund. Freud (1900) who gave us new understanding of the importance of 

Daily Feedback of Self-Concept Clarity and Grit - the FAU

by AE Wong 2016 Theoretical support for the hypothesized reciprocal relations between self-concept clarity and grit also comes from Action Identification Theory.

A Theory of Self-Esteem* - Peter J. Burke

by AD CAST 2002 Cited by 1146 self-concept in literature on the self (Rosenberg 1976, 1979). This focus on self- esteem has largely been due to the association of high self-esteem with a 

A Concept in Development Self: Um Conceito em - SciELO

by LSR Macedo 2012 Cited by 5 Abstract: Many definitions for the self coexist in the psychological theory and praxis. This diversity is a result of epistemological basis from which different 

Self-Concept Clarity in Psychopathology 1 Self-Concept

by DC Cicero Cited by 16 Theories of social anxiety disorder suggest that it is the result of negative mental representations of the self, coupled with a fear of exposing these core 

Self-Concept Theory in Career Development and - Counseling

by NE Betz 1994 Cited by 202 Most recently,. Super (1990) suggested that self-concept theory might be better called personal construct theory (after the term used by Kelly,. Nancy E. Betz 

Quadrant-I E-Text Details of Module and its structure - Central

Module Name/Title Self-concept: meaning, components, characteristics and The concept of self has origin in the earliest history of personality theory.

The Effect Of Methodology On The Self-Concept Of Students

by GW Boyko 1970 Cited by 5 Relationship of Self-Concept to Learning. Theory and opinion Research relating self-concept to learning Combs and.Soper Study.

The Influence of Consumer Identity on Brand Preference

by MA Ilaw Cited by 21 research examines the effects of self-concept and social identity theory on consumer brand preference. Increasing consumer research literature has explored 

Self-Concept M aturity

by J Dörner 2006 Cited by 18 predictions about age differences in the five self-concept facets. On the other hand, theories of personality growth were drawn upon in order to make 

Predicting brand preferences using self-concept theory

by L de Chernatonyi∗ 1995 Cited by 16 This paper seeks to replicate Ross's seminal work on self-concept and brand preference. Self-concept theory posits consumers as having perceptions of their 

Self and Self-Belief in Psychology and Education

by F Pajares Cited by 507 construction of a concept of Self, then the ordinary practices of school need to be reviewing the current state of knowledge related to theories and 

A Model of Loneliness based on Self-Concept Theory - Digital

by JM Tassin 1999 This study utilizes the Brewer and Gardner theory of self-concept and relates it to previous theories of loneliness. Approximately 80 participants were cued 

A Self-Concept Theory - JSTOR

by CLM Keyes 2000 Cited by 113 Social Psychology Quarterly. 2000, Vol. 63, No. 3,264-279. Subjective Change and Mental Health: A Self-Concept Theory*. COREY LEE M. KEYES. Emory University.16 pages


by A Syafi uddin 2016 A. The definition of self-concept. Self-concept is an essential part in the development of personality. Self in term of psychology has two meanings that.20 pages

Do People's Self-Views Matter?

by WB Swann Jr 2007 Cited by 1022 field of psychology consigned theory and research on the self-concept and self-esteem to the backwa- ters of the discipline. Then, in the late 1970s, articles 


Interpersonal congruency theory views the self-concept as composed of three interrelated components; elements of an individual's oym behavior, his concept 

Theory of Mind and Self-Concept - SAGE Journals

by S Ahn 2012 Cited by 16 theory of mind, false belief, self-concept, cross-cultural. Research under the heading of theory of mind is directed to children's understanding of the men-.

The development of the self-concept in the young child

by D Mascall 1986 tests to measure the self-concept of children five and as indicators of self-concept. 34. Wylie (1961, 1979) writes that theory and conventional.

(1992). The self-concept over time - Uncg

by DH Demo Cited by 583 stability. Several avenues of research are recommended to develop an accurate, meaningful, and testable theory of the self-concept over time. Article:.17 pages

Schema Model of the Self-Concept - Deep Blue Repositories

by K Stein 1995 Cited by 126 The schema model of the self-concept, a middle-range theory developed by Markus and colleagues (Markus, 1977; Markus &. Wurf, 1987), may be a useful 

Self-Concept Research: A Historical Overview* - Oxford

by M Rosenberg 1989 Cited by 263 self-concept theory and research is a flourishing enterprise in the fields of psychology, sociology, and psychoanalysis. But it was not always so. In-.11 pages

Possible Selves Theory - USC Dornsife

Self-concept is one's theory about oneself, the person one was in the past, is now, and can become in the future, including social roles and group memberships. A well-functioning self-concept helps make sense of one's present, preserves positive self-feelings, makes predictions about the future, and guides motivation.

Emergence of Self and Development of Self-Concept - Virtual

Desire theory of mind expands into a belief-desire theory, as indicated by mastery of false-belief tasks. Self-concept emphasizes observable characteristics 

Consumers' use of brands to reflect their actual and ideal

by CR Hollenbeck 2012 Cited by 351 According to self-concept theory, people behave in ways that maintain and enhance their sense of self. One way to do this is.

The Relationship Between Global Self-Concept and

by C Moore 1997 The four most common theories are behaviourism, social learning theory, cognitivism, and humanism. The self-concept and attribution theory relate to learning 

Content and Structure of the Self-Concept - Allen McConnell

by AR McCONNELL Cited by 94 theories of self-regulation require a nonunitary self-concept structure to account for these outcomes. At this point, we begin to see that different selves 

SELF-CONCEPT THEORY - An approach to understanding the

by EE Snyder 1965 Cited by 42 to education in the central city. A Summary of the Self-Concept Theory. When teachers refer to the behavior of students we frequently hear expressions.

The Relationship Between Physical Self-Concept, Body Image

by LH Kelly Cited by 13 Contemporary theories and definitions of self-concept stem from William James' theory (1890, 1963) over a century ago. He hypothesized that 

Self-Concept Enhancement in High School Students in a

by S Foster 1999 support the self-esteem data. A review of relevant literature on the topics of adolescent identity, self concept theory, and service learning pedagogy will 

The Self-Concept Revisited - APA PsycNET

by S EPSTEIN 1973 Cited by 2831 If the horizons of psychology were more spacious than they are I venture to suggest that theories of personality would not need the concept of self or of ego 

The Self-Concept - Annual Reviews

by V Gecas 1982 Cited by 2230 It is also increasingly evident in theories of attitude and value formation and change (Rokeach 1973, 1979), in attribution theory (Epstein. 1973; Bowerman 1978) 

Origins of Self-concept - Emory Psychology

by P Rochat 2001 Cited by 77 As argued by Bates (1990), the acquisition of any natural lan- guage requires a preexisting theory of self a theory of the self as distinct from other people