A General Railway Data Model For Simulations And Simulators

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Using ontologies for the federated simulation of critical

are among the most relevant works in this eld. However, these approaches do not seem to be suitable for simulations in the infrastructure domain. The coupling of simulators is based on a common data model that has to be imple-mented by all involved simulators. However, this data model is on a purely syntactical level and does not provide

A Learning-based Vehicle-Trajectory Generation Method for

vehicle-trajectory data for variety of vehicle densities. Firstly, with analyzing the road bayonet data, we obtain the hidden pattern between road traffic and time. Secondly, we deploy Vissim (a well-known traffic simulator) to generate the experimental data by considering the urban functional areas for the origins of vehicles.

Enhancing the Function of the Train Operation Forecast

Railway Technology Newsletter No.48 August 2 214 287 5 Enhancing the Function of the Train Operation Forecast Simulation System Fig. 2 Example display screen of simulation results of a model line section 1. Introduction In this study, we have implemented a program to enhance the existing train operation forecast simulation system that

An Introduction to Parallel Control and Management for High

a computer simulation program that integrates Data Envelop-ment Analysis and Analytical Hierarchy Process, and some othermulti-bodysimulationssoftware,suchasMEDYNA,NU-CARS, SIMPACK, and ADAMS/rail [17]. It should be pointed out, however, that most of the existing computer simulators are developed based on train motion dynamics, railway network

Monaco SUMO Tra c (MoST) Scenario: A 3D Mobility Scenario for

data and a tra c demand model for the simulation of 1.2 million routes and 1.6 million vehicles. Unfortunately this scenario is not freely available to the community as it relies on proprietary information.

I3M Multiconference Pro gram - MSC-LES

I3M Program September 17-19, 2018 Danubius Health SPA Resort Margitsziget, Budapest, Hungary Monday 2018-09-17 14:00-15:30 Room: Jàzmin II EMSS-MAS: Simulation for Business, Finance and Security


including simulators (Ashayeri & Gelders, 1985; Rushton et al., 2006). The project of facility should be considered due to space, technology, organization and economic considerations. However, the way to take into account of these factors is conditioned by the functions, which the object has to perform in the

Energy Consumption and Running Time for Trains

- The driver model together with the train model in simulations, is verified against measure- ments and shows good agreement for energy consumption and running time. - It is recommended to use a driver model, when calculating energy consumption and running

A Web3D Forest Geo-Visualization and User Interface Evaluation

simulators would become easy and flexible means in forest landscape preference research. Their future prospects for the landscape visualization include technical accuracy and data integrity, GIS data integration, and empirical evaluation on the usability of visualization media.

Evaluation of the impact that the traffic model used in

This paper focuses on the traffic model used in electric railway simulators. A preliminary literature review has shown that, in most cases, the traffic models of electric railway


railway systems, or DO-178C (RTCA 2012) for avionic systems). Software-intensive systems are tested on different levels to enable a stepwise testing process and to increase the confidence in the system s functionality. In recent years, the V-Model has established itself as a procedural model for software development. It describes

Intro to Simulation (using Excel)

The real power of simulations comes from being able to consider many trials ! In Excel, the Data Table concept provides a convenient means for doing so ! Previously, we used the Data Table concept repeatedly analyze a spreadsheet model for different parameter values, without randomness

Robustness to unintended ignition key rotation with key ring only

Railway shipping Haul away shipping in China 4 post road simulations 4 poster sine waves Extreme low torque to turn ignition key condition tested Physical tests with detent plunger and spring removed None of these tests resulted in unintended key rotation Panic stop from 10 15 MPH

Simulation Programming with Python

The simulation must also collect data for use in later calculating statistics on the performance of the system. In SimPy, this is done through creating a Monitor. Collecting data within a simulation is done through a Monitor or a Tally. As the Monitor is the more general version, this chapter will use that. You


data obtained in the previous step. Simulations in ATPDraw are performed to show the correlation level between the real system and the modeled one. The results obtained can be used in railway simulators, analysis of motor failures and implementation of experimental test benches.

Short-circuits at 25 kV, 50 Hz contact line system of Czech

physical model which would be high financial-intensive or lost of process monitoring ability and behaviour of circuit at operation conditions at solution of transient effects. Thus it was chosen simulation program PSpice (ver.9.1). This program utilizes substitution diagrams of simple connections of traction circuit as input data.

Unitary hybrid model of railway traffic

Modelling a railway infrastructure and a corresponding railway traffic represents an important part of the research focused on railway system optimizations. For such purposes the researchers use the experimental research method of computer simulation in which the level of granularity (applied within simulators) plays an important role.


this infrastructure is the railway power supplysystem. The future railway power demands are not known. The more distant the uncertain future, the greater the number of scenarios that have to be considered. Large numbers of scenarios make time demanding (some minutes, each) full simulations of electric railway power

Evaluating the Effects of Cyber-Attacks on Cyber Physical

the general public rely on this method of transportation for timely, reliable and safe movement. The paper is organized as follows: Section II discusses our previous research and related work, Section III details the architecture of the HIL testbed, Section IV presents a model driven experiment development software framework,

Railway Technology Avalanche No.39, July 6, 2012 229 Railway

software to construct a model of a group of railway structures (hereinafter referred to simply as structures) and (4) a simula-tor of the behavior of railway structures. The database stores the data on the ground and structures. It consists of data possessed primarily by RTRI at the moment and will be updated in the future.

TTCN-3 General Concepts and Applications

Railway, Avionics, Mobile Communication Automotive TTCN-3 Test Implementation An efficient test platform Methods, Tools, Guidelines Test Results TDL / UTP System/Test Model Approach TTCN-3 in industry TDL: Test Description Language UTP: UML Testing Profile Industrial Testing Requirements

Building a Large-Scale Microscopic Road Network Traffic

provides custom simulation data for different objects, such as vehicles, pedestrian, bicycles and railway. Such simulators are too computation-intensive because the driving behavior of a vehicle is affected by not only its own specification but also its nearby vehicles. For example, to simulate the next location of

Electronics for Model Railways - Model Electronics Railway Group

A Google search for 'model railway' returned over 41 million results! There is certainly plenty to keep you searching and reading for a long, long time. Getting more specific, a search for 'model railway turntables' returned 1,380,000 results and 'laying model railway track' returned 4,770,000 results

Development and implementation of a 2x25kV AC bivoltage

motivates to improve the current existing railway systems by developing number of tools, simulators and software products. With development of high performance computers and its accessibility for the commercial purposes it became possible to enhance and upgrade any railway or to plan and design new one with less time and cost consumed.

LOGIXPRO Based SCADA Simulations Model for Packaging System

LOGIXPRO Based SCADA Simulations Model for Packaging gas, water, waste, railway, and traffic. The main objective of this work is to This general model is composed of four major parts: the

Fully engaged - NLR

the USA s GPS). NLR possesses the expertise required to interpret this data and render it accessible for end users in the aviation and military sectors. This data moreover increasingly finds its way into the railway transport, energy, agro-food and water management sectors. SAFE FLIGHTS OF UNMANNED AIRCRAFT

Testing the Temporal Behavior of Real-Time Engine Con- trol

We use an extended population model inside our evolutionary algorithms. Besides using multiple sub-population (regional population model or migration model) and migrati on, every subpopulation employed different evolutionary parameters (multiple strategies). Competition between the subpopulation takes pl ace every couple of generations.

Evaluation of performances of indexes used for validation of

framework for railway simulators, recognizing different model categories, including mechanical and electrical infrastructure elements, a train electromechanical model, traffic information and the possibility of static and dynamic simulations. All these characteristics are subdivided between optional and required

Lecture 9 Modeling, Simulation, and Systems Engineering

Model development and validation Model development is a skill White box models: first principles Black box models: data driven Gray box models: with some unknown parameters Identification of model parameters necessary step Assume known model structure Collect plant data: special experiment or normal operation

Semantics and Execution of Domain Speci c Models

Abstract In this diploma thesis a two-level approach is presented that allows to extend the abstract syntax of models in a way to provide simulations with low e ort.


53 General and Professional Education 4/2017 Fig. 5. The Results of the system s simulation from Fig.2. Electronics Workbench Electronics Workbench (EWB) simulation system is characterized by a simple and easy-to-understand user interface. In general, EWB can be applied at the level of technical secondary school and at the level of


pedestrian, railway and waterway models within digital 3D city models. Several cities (including Munich or Vienna) have started gathering data for the development of digital twins to be used for simulations and analyses of urban environments (Batty 2018). Data acquisitions with mobile mapping systems can

Integrating driving and traffic simulators for the study of

Integrating driving and traffic simulators for the study of railway level crossing safety interventions: a methodology G. S. Larue1,I.Kim 2, A. Rakotonirainy1,L.Ferreira &N.Haworth1 1Centre for AccidentResearchand Road Safety Queensland, QueenslandUniversity of Technology,Brisbane, Australia

The HARMONY Model Suite

Transit operation: Data defining the operation of public transport (e.g. transit routes, stop locations, service schedule). Network traffic state and performance: Data defining the behaviour of road elements (e.g. volumes, speeds, travel times). Traffic monitoring data: Traffic flow, speed and occupancy data from road detectors.


Model contributors: need developer tool to provide (updates of) their own models, integrating them into the system and coupling them to other models or data providers and/or visualization models End users: Forecasters: running pre-installed simulations on a regular basis and integrated in the operational procedures

Multi Objective Simulation Optimization Approach In

When it comes to discovering glitches inherent in complex systems-be it a railway or banking, chemical production, medical, manufacturing, or inventory control system-developing a simulation of a system can identify problems with less time, effort, and disruption than it would take to employ the original. Advantageous to both academic and industria

A Network-Based Stochastic Epidemic Simulator: Controlling

May 02, 2020 the model s assumptions. With sufficient data, particle and ensemble filters can be utilized to further improve model accuracy [23], [24]. In our case, COVID-19 is at an early stage of spreading in Kazakhstan. The first official case was announced on the 13 March 2020 [25]. Therefore, we calibrated our model empirically, first with