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McCance and Widdowson s The Composition of Foods Integrated

Food code is a number, up to 6 digits, representing the unique CoFID code representing each food. The 2-digit prefix generally refers to the food codes used within the book supplements relating to specific food groups, for example, 11- for cereals and cereal

Self-Inspection Worksheet - New York City

Sodium warning icon posted on menus, menu boards or food tags for food items that contain 2,300 mg or more of sodium is not a black and white equilateral triangle; and/or the equilateral triangle is not as wide as it is tall, and/or is not equal in height to the largest letter in the food item s name, as displayed on the menu, menu board or tag.

Lesson 1: Natural Resources on Earth 9 - NASA

3. Identify plants that provide food for humans. Student Assessment Tools and/or Methods 1. Rubric for Natural Environment Booklet Category Below Target 0 At Target 1 Above Target 2 Illustrations Illustrations are incorrect. Illustrations are correct. Illustrations are correct with many details. Labels Labels are incorrect. Most

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Worksheet 1 Answer these questions on separate paper! Asif has a food stall in a market. Hint: 1000 ml in 1 litre (have a look at the labels on jars and cans

Food and Nutrition Curriculum Grade 7

generated worksheet HEALTH & PE Standard 2.1.8.B.4 2.1.6.B.4 Analyze the nutritional values of new products and supplements and serving sizes. Compare and contrast nutritional information on similar food products in order to make informed choices. Food Packages with nutrition labeling Food Models with nutrition information

Nutrition and Menu Planning

5-Day Menu Planning Worksheet for Children 23 Food Precautions Choking, Intolerances, and Allerigies 29 Understanding Food Labels 70 Activity

Fire Safety Lesson Plans for Grades PreK-8

1. Have students cut out the sorting labels and the 16 pictures of sources of fire/heat. 2. Explain to students that they are going to sort the pictures into categories, and that it is okay if their answers are different, and that some pictures may not fit perfectly into a category. 3. Have students first sort the pictures by Electricity vs

Carbohydrate Counting Handbook

Reading Food Labels There are two steps to follow when reading food labels to count carbohydrates: 1. Look at the serving size for the food. This is located at the top of the label. 2. Look at the total carbohydrate amount. This is located towards the middle of the label. These two parts of the label tell you what you need to know.

A Dining Facility Guide to the Army Records Information

the worksheet can be disposed of. There is no business need to retain the worksheet; however, should the dining facility FOS (business process) wish to keep the worksheet for whatever reason, it will not be kept longer than the time the Record copy (Kitchen Requisition and Returns Report) is kept. c.

Needs vs. Wants

2. Hand out the Needs vs. Wants worksheet 1.17.2.A1 for students to individually complete during class to identify if they feel the specific examples are needs or wants. 3. After the class has finished completing the worksheet, discuss each example as a class by completing the following activity.

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Worksheet: Food Detective worksheet (print x 1 per student) in their own food labels or the teacher may use the food labels provided.


Food and Nutrition History- Good Appetite, slight nausea in the am. 3 meals with snacks in the afternoon and evening. Kcal and protein appear adequate in 24 hour recall. Snacks on cheese, yogurt and nuts daily. Received nutrition education from hospital RD with written material on the renal diet provided.