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Documentation - Quinnipiac University Online

May 6, 2016 and click on ALT TEXT to expand the Lists. Using lists allows screen readers to read the list as a list. 1. Address field (Mac - Word 2011:.

Word 2010 Accessibility Guidance

Nov 16, 2011 Missing Alt Text (Picture, Text Box, Other elements) often call up a list of links in a document, and a long list of links called click here does  114 pages

Accessibility Checklist

White space, chunking, headings, and lists provide visual cues for readers that fails to provide adequate text alternative for visually impaired students. Use Predesigned Themes: These include already formatted lists, image and text boxes,.

Eleven top tips for accessible communications - Civil Service

Sep 12, 2018 Make sure information and text are clear and easy to read and understand People who use screen readers have the facility to access a list of all the links in a Text boxes​- These cannot be read properly by screen reader You can right-click on an image, then select Alt Text to add a description that.

Creating accessible PDF documents with Adobe InDesign CS6

(headings, paragraphs, lists, tables, and so on) and ordering the content in a In the InDesign Object Export Options dialog box, you can assign alt text (left)  15 pages

Guide to Make Google Docs & Google Slides ADA Compliant

the Alternative Text field blank so as most screen readers should pass over the image entirely. Lists Sometimes you may need to create lists or columns and  7 pages

Microsoft Word- Accessible Formatting

To create bulleted or numbered lists, highlight the text, and using the home Select the arrow in the far right bottom corner of the style box to open and edit The option for adding alternative text to a chart or graph is not turned on by default.5 pages

Word Accessibility Instructions -

Add Alt Text Icon to Quick Access Toolbar Alt Text for Instructional Images Adding Descriptive Text to a Form Field When a list is created with the bullets or numbering function, a screen reader can tell the user how many items are in  25 pages


Alt Text. 3. Enter appropriate alt text only in the Description field (not the Title field​). Columns Use true numbered and bulleted lists to emphasize a point or a 

Tips for Creating Accessible Documents - LSU

Sep 20, 2019 Alternative text (Alt text) is used to provide a non-visual means of representing In the Alt text box title is not needed; but you should always use the description field to include what the Can define a new list bullet if needed.4 pages

Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows)

Format text box (colors and lines). Alt + I, then X. Insert text box. Select and move text/objects. Tab. Selects and cycles forward through objects (if cursor is in text 

Accessibility Tutorial

Step 1: Uncheck the Leave as Is boxes for Title and Author o Input the The next step will detect the images so you can add alternate text, click OK o Not all images will show up on the error list so it's good practice to flip through all pages.

Adding Alt Text to FireArrow Slideshows

entries into the alt text field. I like to modify a view to show the newly created alt text field. This way I can use Quick. Edit to quickly go down the list: 

Creating Accessible Word Documents Using Word for

alternative text (Alt Text). Bulleted Lists (using one of five different List Bullet styles) 4. Then insert the ALT Text into the Description field, NOT the Title field.10 pages

7 Ways to Make Your Class Accessible [pdf]

document headings the user can use for navigation, alt text for graphics, and user can pull up a list of headings and begin reading at the desired section. Make sure that the Text to display box contains the description and the URL.12 pages

Web Accessibility Guidelines - University of Wyoming

Alternative text (alt text) provides textual equivalents for non-text content in web pages. Alternate Text fields, such as the one above, must have alternative text added to the For this reason, make sure the ordered list is only used when the.

Make Your Excel Workbooks Accessible - University of St

elements are lacking, such as alt text, heading styles, and table headers. To launch the Accessibility list of links. Links should Note: We recommend only putting text in the description field and leaving the title blank. This will provide the​ 

Online Course Accessibility Checklist

The structure that headings and lists create is visible and available to Assistive. Technology in Summarize in the alt text box, and convey the data table and its.

Making Accessible Word Documents - Montclair State University

2. Click Update Field Use Word's lists features when creating lists in your document. Bulleted In order for non-text elements to be accessible, alternate text.15 pages

NWCG Guidelines for Creating Accessible Electronic

We have provided a list of Microsoft tested fonts at the end of this document. Another alternative to text boxes is to insert a picture, Wrap text, and add Alt text.

Creating Accessible Documents Manual: A Detailed Guide

When the Alternative Text dialog box appears, fill in both the Title and. Description heading levels, lists, and alternative text for images is exported. To convert  34 pages

Creating Accessible Microsoft Word Documents - College of

Add meaningful and brief alternative text descriptions to images. o Use bulleted lists for information that does not have an order. Do not use text boxes.

Text Boxes and Accessibility - Karlen Communications

We then have to sort through the list and find the Text Box we want to read, enter it, Open the Styles Pane by pressing Alt + H, F, Y and clicking on the Intense.19 pages

Designing Accessible E-Learning Using Articulate Storyline

Jan 25, 2016 text boxes, for example: to indicate that a text box contains a list. An exception to this rule is Storyline's marker You can add alt-text to the 

How to Create Accessible Word Documents - [email protected]

Put alt text in the Description box NOT the Title box. Use true numbered and bulleted lists to emphasize a point or a sequence of steps. a. You can use any 

Google Docs Accessibility - Quick Start Guide

Right click the image > Select Alt Text > Enter your alt tag into the. Description field. Note: For more control over image placement, use columns. Creating a list?2 pages

H-1297-1, Creating Section 508 Compliant Documents

Mar 9, 2015 Backgrounds, Fancy Borders, and Text Boxes 2-​1. F. 3-25. EE. Attaching Alternative Text to a Table in MS Word formats when creating bulleted or numerical lists. For more information visit 

Create Accessible Media (Word) - Winthrop University

May 31, 2018 Images can be given Alternate (Alt) Text in Microsoft Word. Alt Text is Enter the Alt Text for the image in both the Title and the Description fields. Describe To make lists accessible, use Word's built-in list features to label the 

Converting a Microsoft Word Document to an Accessible PDF

from the popup menu and click the Web tab to type an alternative text passage in Use proper punctuation to allow for natural pauses and breaks in your lists. In the 'Adobe PDF Setting for supported documents' menu box choose Standard.14 pages

Resolving Accessibility Issues in Word 2010/2011

Checker task pane lists the inspection results. 5. In the Format Picture window, select the Alt Text link on the right, and insert text into the Description field.5 pages

Google Docs Accessibility Training Manual

text. Insert yor picture, then right-click on it and choose Alt Text Type in your anything into the Title field, as it will interfere with the Description being read. Make sure to use the list functions in the toolbar - ordered or bulleted. Don't use  5 pages

Creating accessible and fillable forms [pdf]

list box; space bar to select a box or a radio button. Why? Directions on Apply Styles, Insert Tables, Add Alternative Text, and Modify Styles are to follow. 2.16 pages

Web Accessibility - Monroe College

Feb 13, 2020 meaning from just formatting (such as bold or underlined text). Styles create a Click on the list feature you want and then type your list item, OR. 2. Right click and select Format Picture/Object/Chart > Alt Text and in Therefore, you must place text boxes in line so that AT can read the text you type inside 

Creating Word Documents which are Accessible for Screen

If you need to create a list in a document, use the appropriate button (e.g., bullets and numbering) on Word's Check the Header Row check box. Type (or Under the Alt text tab, insert your description in the Description area. If you do not  12 pages

Create an Accessible Document

Properly formatted lists, columns and headings are accessibility requirements. o The alt text appears in a blank box that would normally contain the image.

Making Accessible PowerPoint Presentations

Using the built-in slide layouts will ensure that the text you enter will be read Then select the layout from the list Type a useful description of the image in the Description field. Tip: When adding alternate text, be succinct yet accurate.

Seven Steps to Creating an Accessible Word Document

put together this list of seven easy steps to follow when creating Word documents​. image, click Format Picture, choose Alt Text, fill in the Description box.21 pages

508 Compliance for CBIIT and caBIG® Documentation - STC

Text in text boxes is not ordered on the page; screen readers rely on text group them together first, then add alternate text to the single combined image. Word 2003. 1. In the Language list, select the language of the document. 3. Use the 

Universal Design for Accessibility - Camden County College

Lists: always create by using icons in the toolbar. True Bulleted ALT text: A clear, concise description approximately 120 characters that conveys meaning or​ 

CMS Section 508 Guide for Microsoft Word 2013

Apr 2, 2018 3.5.2 How to Create a Numbered List 4.1.1 How to Add Alt Text Figure 12: Format Picture Dialog Box, Alt Text Fields 31 pages

Accessibility: Quick Reference Guide (PDF) - Towson University

With Text or Top and Bottom from the list. Include Closed as closed captions, transcripts, or alt text. Change Select the text box and select the wrapping icon.

How to make an accessible Excel document - NHS Health

text, leave the alt text title and description boxes empty. People using screen People who use screen readers sometimes scan a list of links. Links should.

Creating an Accessible Syllabus for Windows - CSUN

website and read any text including alternative text for images, graphics Lists. Use the bulleted or numbered list formatting tool. Screen readers can read the  73 pages

Quick Guide for PowerPoint 2013 - Accessibility

Note: Alt text should be added to pictures, clip art, charts objects in the list group, embedded objects, video, and Type a unique name in the Title text box. 4.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC - Seattle Public Schools

Click on the first tag in the list so that it is highlighted blue. Type the hexadecimal code of the text color into the Foreground color textbox. This section covers common issues in the Alternate Text section of the Adobe Accessibility Checker.

Making Accessible Documents

Normal, No Spacing and List Paragraph are all paragraph styles. LINKED STYLE 3. Click the Alt Text tab, and then in the Alternative text box, enter your text.

Supporting Students with Disabilities in Online Courses - Long

structure, alternate text for images, and markup that explicitly identifies lists, Avoid using Text Boxes as they do not show up in Outline View which makes.

Make your Word documents accessible

Add alt text to visuals in Office 2016 Use bulleted lists Note: We recommend only putting text in the description field and leaving the title blank. This will  14 pages

Make your Word and PDF documents ADA accessible

1) Click on the list feature you want and then type your list item, OR. 2) Type your list Then close the Alt-Text box, by click on the X in the upper right-hand 

making Your Word and PPT Documents Accessible - Assistive

Jun 3, 2020 Lists. Tables. Color Contrast. Hyperlinks. Alternative Text for. Images Display text text box. 4. Enter the URL in the Address text box. 5.