Using Complications Associated With Postmastectomy Radiation And Immediate Breast Reconstruction To Improve Surgical Decision Making

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immediate breast reconstruction (IBR). Time-dependent changes in BREAST-Q scores after reconstructive surgery will be informative and will aid patients in decision-making. The Decision Regret Scale has been added to better understand the impact of breast implant recall. The results of this study may represent the satisfac-

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Skin vascularity is a critical component of success in any breast reconstruction surgery [7]. This is particularly true of pre-pectoral implant-based reconstruction as the implant is placed closer to the breast skin flaps, and subsequently has less vascularized soft tissue coverage. Serious complications, such as tissue necrosis, can therefore

Tumescent Technique Does Not Increase the Risk of

cence as a risk factor for complications is warranted to more objectively guide surgeons in their decision making and to improve patient outcomes. Our study of 1,491 mastectomies is the largest to date and aims to clarify the impact of tumescence on complications following a mastectomy with immediate expander implant reconstruction.

Predicting complications in immediate microvascular breast

of the natural breast. 3 Although microvascular reconstruc- tion has high success rates, it is a more extensive proce- dure than alloplastic alternatives with potential for rela- tively high postoperative complication rates, and this can be a major factor in the decision-making process. 4 Immediate breast reconstruction (IBR) can achieve the


making an informed decision. If you are facing the loss of a breast due to cancer or other disease, you may be given the option of breast reconstruction. The decision to have breast reconstruction is an important and personal one. It requires a thorough understanding of all the options available to you. While there are several ways to


Using experience- based co-design to improve the pre-treatment care pathway for people diagnosed with head and neck cancer. Support Cancer Care. 28(2):739-734 3Hasak, J., et al. (2017). Stakeholders perspectives on postmastectomy breast reconstruction: Recognizing ways to improve shared decision making. Plastic Reconstruction

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showed that immediate autologous breast reconstruction in the setting of postmastectomy radiation therapy appears to be a safe option that does not compromise breast aesthetics and quality of life (6). Another study from the same group comparing complications between patients with and without history of radiation who received reconstruction

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postmastectomy radiation, comorbidities, and personal goals/objectives all play a role in choosing a reconstructive option. The first responder to a woman in search of breast reconstruction will remain the breast surgeon. Ulti-mately, knowing the options for reconstruction and the skill sets and resources available to regional reconstructive

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of postmastectomy breast reconstruction over the course of just 1 year highlights the significance of maintaining patient safety and optimizing surgical outcomes. Breast reconstruction is a common consider - ation for breast cancer patients undergoing mas-tectomy. Breast reconstruction can be performed in an immediate or delayed setting using

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reconstruction but also lengthens the breast scars, making them more difficult to conceal. Although immediate breast reconstruction is associated with better health-related quality of life than delayed or no reconstruction, some practitioners consider PMRT a relative contraindication to immediate breast recon-

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PAPER Using Complications Associated With Postmastectomy Radiation and Immediate Breast Reconstruction to Improve Surgical Decision Making Dara Christante, MD; SuEllen J. Pommier, PhD; Brian S. Diggs, PhD; Bethany T. Samuelson, BA; AiLien Truong, BS;

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sue reconstruction alone.7 Common approaches to autologous breast reconstruction include transverse rectus abdominus muscle flap, latissimus flap, and deep inferior epigastric perforator flap. Reconstruction is deemed safe from an oncology perspec-tive and can improve appearance, sense of femininity, and self-esteem.7 POSTMASTECTOMY PAIN SYNDROME

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Immediate prosthetic-based breast reconstruction contin-ues to gain popularity among mastectomy patients [1]. Ac-cording to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 78% of the 91,655 breast reconstructions performed in the United States during 2012 involved a tissue expander and/ or an implant [2].