A Vision For Community Nursing In Scotland

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When you interview candidates for a post in NHSGGC it should reflect NHS Scotland s 20:20 Workforce Vision which recognises the importance of Person Centred Care and the impact on a patient experience by having a skilled, caring and compassionate workforce.

Housing and health inequalities - NHS Health Scotland

Meet Scotland s requirement for new homes in a way that increases the availability of affordable homes across all tenures. Raise and maintain the quality of existing housing across all tenures to ensure that every home in Scotland is warm, dry and energy efficient. Deliver the vision of a Scotland where fuel poverty is eliminated.

Changing models of health and social care - Audit Scotland

and staff, from hospital to community settings being clearer about the appropriate balance of care between acute and community-based care and what this will look like in practice to support local areas to implement the 2020 Vision taking a lead on increasing public awareness about why services need to change

Primary Care in Scotland

May 29, 2019 move care out of hospital and into the community, where possible. In 2011, the Scottish Government published a strategic vision for achieving sustainable quality in the delivery of healthcare services across Scotland. The2020 Vision's6ambition was that: This highlighted the importance of primary care as part of the wider health service.

Understanding stress and distress in - Alzheimer Scotland

psychology, psychiatry, nursing and allied health professionals. This report sits within Alzheimer Scotland s vision of how Scotland can lead the way in dementia care (Figure 1).

Nursing & Midwifery Strategy - NHS Forth Valley

and delivering the Chief Nursing Officer s (Scotland) aims regarding the delivering excellence in care approach, and developing a 2030 vision for nursing in NHS Scotland. There is an ongoing pledge to support nurses and midwives in delivering care and high quality professional practice. Assuring Better Care, developed by NHS Forth

Framework for Community Health and Social Care Integrated

2018 GMS Contract for Scotland to better understand and manage their needs; Integrated multi-disciplinary teams are available in communities so people can access a wider range of professionals and services in local GP Practices and localities, closer to their home, e.g. community nursing staff, link workers,

Getting it right for children, young people and families

to developing a new vision for those services reflecting the nursing role in public health in the school community. Our aim is that the service vision and model for school nursing services developed through the programme will be a framework for , local services for school children and young people that meets present and future needs. A

Community Services benchmarking Deep dive report for

Community services strategy in Wales is contained within the document A Healthier Wales: Our Plan for Health and Social Care and sets a clear ambition to bring health and social care services together for the benefit of service users. This is not a new vision, but is supported by clear expectations,

Clinical and Care Governance Strategy 2019 2021 Making

ensures that services are compliant with the Duty of Candour Procedure (Scotland) Regulations 2018. Risk Management Continual development, monitoring and review of service and strategic level risks to ensure these are proactively managed and progressed across the organisation with clear timescales and actions plans associated to these.

Starting today - Mental Health Foundation

Crisis support in the community 31 One stop shops and community support 32 Taking integrated care forward 33 Changing the mindset, and the importance of relationships 33 Structural factors that facilitate good integrated care 35 Information-sharing systems 35 Shared protocols 35 Joint funding and commissioning 35 Co-located services 36

Exploring an asset-based approach to nursing

Nursing Practice Discussion Community nursing Author Heather Henry is a freelance nurse and management consultant at Brightness Management Ltd, Manchester and a member of the national executive committee of the NHS Alliance. Abstract Henry H (2013) Community development part 1: exploring an asset-based approach to nursing. Nursing Times; 109: 3

Framework for Development of Community Staff Nurses

In Scotland, there is a strong tradition of nurses providing services in the community. These nurses have many diverse roles and work with a range of social groups in the community, including children, young people, families and older people. Nurses working in the community face many current and future challenges (Scottish Executive


3.1 NHS Scotland 2020 Vision In 2011, the Scottish Government set out its strategic vision (2020 Vision) for achieving sustainable quality in the delivery of healthcare services across Scotland. In the face of the significant challenges of Scotland s poor population health record, our

Strategy 2020-2025 - Dementia UK

In the community Katie Dixon had been an Admiral Nurse in Kirklees for six years, before joining the new service in Bradford, when it opened in 2020. Here she tells us about the value of community-based Admiral Nursing. Bradford is a large, diverse city with high levels of deprivation, which is linked to more complex health needs and poorer

Staffing for Safe and Effective Care in the UK

landmark Congress, our nursing profession in Scotland has worked to influence and shape the legislation for the benefit of patients, care home residents and members. Campaigning by our nursing staff and the public across Scotland resulted in substantial changes to the legislation, with over 85% of our asks addressed in the final Act.


nursing 2030 vision - nursing in numbers Data collated from Scottish Government, Information and Statistics Division, NHS Education for Scotland and Scottish Social Services sources, current to July 2016

Refocusing District and General Practice Nursing Roles in

Lesley Whyte, Associate Nurse Director, NHS Education for Scotland 11.10 - 11.35 A Vision for Community Nursing within an Integrated Health and Social Care Landscape Professor Fiona McQueen, Chief Nursing Officer, Scottish Government 11.35 - 12.25 Concurrent Session 1 Various Rooms (Tea/coffee will be served in your session) 1.


priorities for the first tranche of proposals in primary, community, hospital and specialist care. The whole system approach described in the MFT Vision will be adopted across Planned and Unscheduled Care as well as in working with the West of Scotland Region to develop proposals for specialist services through regional clinical networks.

2019 - 2022

Vision and Ambition 3 Our Partnership vision for health and social care is that: Each citizen of Dundee will have access to the information and support that they need to live a fulfilled life. The vision sits alongside Scotland s long term aim for people to live longer, healthier lives at home or in a homely setting.

A Route Map to the 2020 Vision for Health and Social Care

Vision for Health and Social Care; maintains the commitment to pursuing the 2020 Vision for Health and Social Care through a focus on improving quality at scale across Scotland (building on success, e.g. Family Nurse Partnerships, Scottish Patient Safety Programme etc.); pursues opportunities to work with other public sector and business

Transforming Nursing, Midwifery and Health Professions

Transforming Nursing, Midwifery and Health Professions (NMaHP) Roles: pushing the boundaries to meet health and social care needs in Scotland 3 Paper 3 The district nursing role in integrated community nursing teams In partnership with

A Fairer Healthier Scotland: 2017 - 2022

Scotland and others to help create a new single national body for public health. This is the body that will drive the delivery of public health priorities and provide the evidence and practical support needed for action. We know that the impact of inequalities on health holds Scotland back from becoming the

District nursing: what the future holds

Summary of the Queen s Nursing Institute s report on district nursing mobile phones and emails, which are Details of the major issues affecting district nurses The Queen s Nursing Institute report on the future of district nursing highlights issues with the workforce, mobile working and partnerships District nursing: what the future holds

JOB DESCRIPTION Staff Nurse AfC Band 5 - NHS Scotland

nursing care. They are actively involved in the health and well being of staff and service users. They are visible and accessible to patients, families and carers working together to ensure efficient, effective and caring services. They contribute to achieving all performance indicators, essential standards and quality outcomes

NURSING 2030 VISION - gov.scot

THE CHIEF NURSING OFFICER Our Vision sets a direction for nursing across Scotland through to 2030. It will be followed by a detailed action plan describing how we intend to make the ideas in the Vision a reality over the short, medium and long terms. This is a shared Vision. It has been shaped with the nurses and student nurses of Scotland and

Guidance for providers and applicants on aims and objectives

the Drummond Group, a private company that provides services across Scotland to older people with learning disabilities. The Drummond Group was established in 2004 and was initiated to support the son of Company Directors, Mr and Mrs Drummond move from long term hospital care into community-based services. The other company directors are (names).

Community Services benchmarking Deep dive report for

Community Services benchmarking - Deep dive report for Community / District Nursing Section 1: Introduction Executive summary Community / District Nursing Investment in Community / District Nursing services has seen a general decline since 2013. On average, these services have a mean average clinical staff pay budget of £1.56 million per 100,000

Care in local communities - Queen's Nursing Institute

Queen's Nursing Institute (QNI), Department of Health and NHS Commissioning Board, working with professionals from district nursing services, higher education, wider community nursing and social care. This document sets out a vision and model for district nursing to meet

Transforming Nursing, Midwifery and Health Professions (NMaHP

Scotland s health and care system ensure nationally consistent, sustainable and progressive roles, education and career pathways. Phase 1 of Transforming Roles focused on nursing roles. Integrated community nursing teams Shifting the balance of care from hospital to community and primary care settings at or near people s homes aims to improve

Vision - Queen's Nursing Institute

The Queen s Nursing Institute is delighted to be celebrating 150 years of district nursing in 2009. The Institute itself was set up in 1887 to train, supply and support nurses to care for people in their own homes.


The 2020 Vision for Health and Care in Scotland OUR VISION is that by 2020 everyone is able to live longer healthier lives at home, or in a homely setting. We will have a healthcare system where we have integrated health and social care, a focus on prevention anticipation and supported self-management.

Palliative Care in Scotland - Marie Curie

and community healthcare, personal and social care to help meet people s needs and improve outcomes. Its vision is that everyone who needs palliative care in Scotland will receive it by 2021. The framework sets out commitments designed to help achieve this. These commitments are to: 1.

Health inequalities and the social determinants of health

However, Scotland s health inequities remain stubborn. In response, the Chief Medical Officer for Scotland is championing a new way of improving public health , - which he has described as an asset-based approach -intended to build community capacity, resources and control to improve health. Linked to this is a significant shift

Community Resource Assistance Guide

Aug 10, 2018 August 10, 2018 2 COMMUNITY RESOURCE ASSISTANCE GUIDE Scotland County, NC Adult Care Homes/Nursing Facilities Agency Name: Prestwick Village Address: 1000 Johns Road, Laurinburg, NC 28352


NHS Scotland, we have refocussed our vision and mission on improving the training and employment journey. OUR MISSION Enabling excellence in health and care through education, workforce development and support OUR VISION A skilled and sustainable workforce for a healthier Scotland

NHS workforce planning part 2 - Audit Scotland

The Scottish Government s long-term vision for health and social care is to shift the balance of care so that there is a greater focus on keeping people well in their own homes and the community. This vision is set out in a range of policy documents and plans, going back to 2005, and is central to the government's

WHO Europe Gerontological nursing curriculum

evidence base for practice in nursing and midwifery; seeking opportunities to establish and support family-focused community nursing and midwifery programmes and services, including, where appropriate, the Family Health Nurse; enhancing the roles of nurses and midwives in public health, health promotion and community development (2000a).

Supporting Interprofessional Collaboration in Scotland

Mar 01, 2005 Executive, 2003) and the Integrated (formerly New) Community Schools initiative (Scottish Office, 1998b) which the Scottish Executive aims to roll out to all schools by 2007. The latter initiative typifies current policy priorities in Scotland. There is no single, prescribed model for