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Incomplete Dominance, Codominance, and ABO Blood Types

Blood Type Human blood type is governed by the presence of 3 different alleles: A B O However, each person only has 2 of these 3 alleles in their DNA

Objectives Molecular Testing in the Blood Bank Laboratory

Disparities in blood donations Majority of donors are Caucasian AA donors are under-represented Minority donors are less likely to become regular donors ~70% of AA are type O and B ~56% of Caucasians are type O and B Blood types by ethnicity Blood Type Caucasian (%) AA (%) Asian (%) Hispanic (%) A positive 33 24 27 29 A negative

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illegitimate child. Charlie Chaplin's blood type was already on record as type AB. The mother of the child had type A and her son had type O. a)Complete a Punnett square for the possible cross of Charlie and the mother.

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13.If a man has type B blood and his sister has type A blood, which combination represents the genotypes of their parents? A)6 B)2 C)3 D)4 14.In a human population, the inheritance of the ABO blood group is explained by assuming that, within the population, the number of different kinds of alleles responsible for blood type is A)A B)B C)AB D)O

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No-the blood type of the baby could be produced by these two parents. 6. Two other parents think their baby was switched at the hospital. The mother has blood type A, the father has blood type B, and the baby has blood type AB. a. Mother s genotype: IAIA or IAi b. Father s genotype: IBIB or IBi c. Baby s genotype: IAIB d.

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ABO BLOOD TYPE Note. Blood type is mentioned above. This is a trait de-termined by three alleles at a single locus. The alleles are commonly denoted A, B, O. These alleles combine to give the following phenotypic blood types: AA and AO (type A), BB and BO (type B), AB (type AB), and OO (type O). Denote the frequencies of alleles A, B, O as p, q

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Type A blood IA i Type O blood ii. Writing and interpreting Genotypes 1. Figure out which allele is dominant and which one is recessive 2. Assign symbols for each

Genetics: Multiple Allele Traits

5. A woman with type A blood is claiming that a man with type AB blood is the father of her child who is type B. Could this man be the father of the child? Show the possible crosses; remember that the woman can have AA or AO genotypes. Assuming that he is the father, what must the mother s genotype be? 6. A man with type AB blood

Blood Types and the Rh Factor

A. Blood type is a genetically inherited trait codominance 1. traits are made of two alleles (one from each parent) 2. Upon fertilization the two alleles join to determine blood type 3. Alleles can be dominant or recessive. a. A dominant allele is alwaysshown expressed no matter what allele it is paired with b.

Name: Bloody Punnett Squares!!!

1. Tracy has a blood type of AB and her husband, Trevor, also has a blood type of AB. What are the possible blood types of their children? Make a Punnett Square and summarize the phenotypic percentages!!! 2. Michelle was curious about her mother s blood type. Michelle knew that her own blood type was O, her father s blood type was A, and

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Blood Type Problems 1. List all the possible genotypes for each of the 4 blood types: Type A Pso Type O O O SHOW WORK! 2. A man with AB blood is married to a woman with AB blood. What percentage of their children would be Type B blood? 3. A man who has type B blood (genotype: BB) is married to a woman with type O blood. What

Blood Type Problems

10. A person with type O blood is married to a person with type A blood (unknown genotype). They have 6 children, 3 of them have type A blood, three of them have type O blood. What is the genotype of the two parents? 11. A person has type B blood. What are ALL the possible blood types of his parents. Show the crosses to prove your answer. 12. A

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16. You are blood type O and you marry a person with blood type AB. a. Complete a Punnett square for this cross. b. List the possible blood types (phenotypes) of your offspring. Type A or Type B 17. In the 1950 s a young woman sued film star/director Charlie Chaplin for parental support of her illegitimate child. Charlie Chaplin s blood

Allele Frequencies and Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium

dominant to O. This leads to the following genotypes and phenotypes: Mendel s first law allows us to quantify the types of gametes an individual can produce. For example, an individual with type AB produces gametes A and B with equal probability (1/2). Genotype Blood type AA, AO A BB,BO B AB AB OO 0 76

All ABOutBlood Types

All ABOut Blood Types Objectives Identify the genetic mechanism for inheritance of the ABH blood group antigens, including the Bombay phenotype. Differentiate the transferases and biochemical structures of the ABH antigens. Evaluate the characteristics of and relationship between antigens and

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3) If you have type AB blood, what must your genotype be? 4,) If you have type O blood, what must your genotype be? 5.) Could two individuals with type A blood ever produce any offspring with type O blood? Explain your answer completely. 6.) Could two individuals with type O blood ever produce any offspring with type A blood


17. In humans, the ABO blood groups are controlled by three alleles (only two of which occur in any one individual): the alleles for A and B type blood are co-dominant toward each other, and both are dominant to the allele for O type blood.

Introduction to the Rhesus Blood Group

1. Describe the major Rhesus (Rh) blood group antigens in terms of biochemical structure and inheritance. 2. Describe the characteristics of Rh antibodies. 3. Translate the five major Rh antigens, genotypes, and haplotypes from Fisher-Race to Wiener nomenclature. 4. State the purpose of Fisher-Race, Wiener, Rosenfield, and ISBT nomenclatures

Consistency of ABO blood group phenotypes and genotypes in

were identified as serological blood type B during the pre-transplantation laboratory examinations in 2006. We investigated the family pedigree of the ABO blood groups (Fig 1). The genotypes of the recipient's fa-ther and mothers were B(A)04/O101 and B101/O101, andthose of the recipient and his brother were B(A)04/ O101 and B101/O101, respectively.

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with blood type O zn A = 186, n B = 38, n AB = 36, n O = 284. Focusing on unambiguous genotypes introduces bias. Counting Haplotypes for 2 SNPs AA A A AA BB b

Human blood type example Blood type phenotypes

Human blood type example One locus determines blood type Three alleles are common Two alleles are dominant to the third and codominant with each other Blood type phenotypes Four phenotypes: A, B, AB, O A, B or no substance coats blood cells Blood type determined by whether antibodies react to substance Blood type genotypes

Blood Type and Sex Linked Inheritance - LCPS

Humans is BLOOD TYPE Gene that controls ABO blood type codes for an enzyme that makes a glycolipidon blood cells Two alleles (IAand IB) (call them A and B ) are codominant Third allele (IO) (call it O ) is recessive to A and B

Blood Groups, Haemoglobin Genotypes, andLoiasis

Microfilaria loa in their blood, and this study was undertaken to find out the association, if any, be-tween loiasis, the ABO blood groups, and the haemoglobin genotypes AA, AC, and AS. The author further attempts to relate the microfilarial densities in the blood donors with the distribution oftheir bloodgroups andhaemoglobingenotypes

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Blood group systems The term group or type can be used interchangeably can represent one of several possible genotypes: A 1 A, A A 2, A 1 A 3, A 1 A x, A 1 A m

Incomplete and Codominance

Human blood type is an example of both codominance and a trait with multiple alleles. AB = universal acceptor O = universal donor BLOOD TYPE GENOTYPE CAN RECIVE BLOOD FROM A IAI A, I i A, O B I BI , IBi B, O AB IAIB A, B, AB, O O ii O

Lewis and Secretor genotypes, and chronic atrophic gastritis

A and B. Such host factors as Le and Se genotypes and ABO blood type may affect the establishment of H. pylori infection and, once infected, the risk of chronic atrophic gastritis. Methods. We investigated the cross-sectional relation of ABO blood type and Le and Se genotypes to gastric atrophy, as-sessed by serum pepsinogen levels, in Japanese

ABO genotypes and the risk of esophageal and gastric cancers

Results: Compared to blood type O, the risk of ESCC was significantly elevated for blood type B and AB, with the highest risk for type AB (OR, 95%CI: 1.34, 1.07 1.67). Analysis of genotype suggested that the association of ESCC


type B and 1/4 of whom are O, what are the genotypes of the parents? 3. A family of six includes four children, each of whom has a different blood type: A, B, AB and O. What are the genotypes of parents for this trait? 4. A man with blood type B, with one parent of blood type O, marries a woman with blood type AB.

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2. If one parent is type A and the other is type B and one of their children is type O, what are the parent s genotypes? a. Write the genotype for a Type O offspring: ii b. Write the possible genotypes for Type A: IAIA or IAi c. Write the possible genotypes for Type B:

Lesson 5: Multiple Alleles Using Blood Types to Solve a Mystery

2. What are the possible alleles for blood groups? 3. What are 4 the possible phenotypes for blood? What are the possible genotypes for each of these phenotypes? 4. What is Co-dominance, and how does this term relate to blood groups? 5. Construct a Punnett Square for the cross between a man with type O blood and a woman with type AB blood.

Molecular characterization of blood type A, B, and C (AB) in

Thus, the following genotypes can be observed: A/A, A/b and A/ac for type A, b/b for type B, determine the blood type within the feline AB blood group system would be highly desirable to

Blood Type Punnett Square Practice - Weebly

Genotypes Blood Type IA IA or IAi A IBIB or IBi B IAIB AB ii O Agglutination An additional complication in blood typing is that there is a third major antigen

Multiple Alleles Investigation: Blood Types

2. What are the possible alleles for blood groups? 3. What are 4 the possible phenotypes for blood? What are the possible genotypes for each of these phenotypes? 4. What is Co-dominance, and how does this term relate to blood groups? 5. Construct a Punnett Square for the cross between a man with type O blood and a woman with type AB blood.

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May 20, 2012 Mixing incompatible blood groups leads to blood clumping, which can be fatal Clumping occurs when antibodies of the recipients blood attach to the antigens of the donor blood Which blood type is the universal donor, and why? O blood type has no A or B antigens, so no recipient blood will attack it Which blood type is the

Blood Type Punnett Square Problems Answers

32 Punnett Square practice problems which include: blood type problems, complete dominance, incomplete dominance, codominance, and problems where you need to determine the possible genotypes of the parents given the ratios of the offspring.

Genotypes Phenotypes Genotypes Phenotypes

Practice Problem for Blood Typing A. Cross one person that is homozygous for Type A with a person that is heterozygous for Type B. Parent Alleles x Is it possible for two Type AB parents to have a type O child? Is it possible for two Type B parents to have a Type O child? Is it possible for two type O parents

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A person with the phenotype TYPE A has the genotype IAIA or IAi. A person with the phenotype TYPE B has the genotype IBIB or IBi. A person with phenotype TYPE AB has the genotype IAIB. Phenotype TYPE O requires the genotype ii. Record your phenotype (your ABO blood type). What is your genotype? 5. The Rh blood type is also determined by genetics.

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Jul 16, 2016 2. Tom with type AB blood marries Anna. They have two children: Eric with type B blood and Jessica with type A blood. Anna s father Paul has type O blood, and her mother Elizabeth has type A blood. a. What are the genotypes of Tom and Paul? b. What are the possible genotypes and phenotypes of Anna? c. What is the genotype of Eric? d.