Cellular Interconnections In The Young Mouse Ovary

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Female mouse germ cells form synchronously dividing cysts

the mouse embryo. Mouse gestation is about 20 days. (B) Germ cells detected by alkaline phosphatase activity in a 14.5 d.p.c. mouse ovary (Ginsburg et al., 1990). The germ cells are arranged in clusters. (C) One confocal section showing germ cells detected using the EMA antibody in a 10.5 d.p.c. genital ridge.

Role of stem cell proteins and microRNAs in embryogenesis and

Fig. 1. Schematic interconnections between OCT3/4, SOX2 and NANOG. The core ES cell regulators form intrinsic self-regulatory and feed-back loops at the transcriptional and translational level to insure high expression levels and self-stabilizing system for the maintenance of pluripotency in mouse and human ES cells.

Mouse oocytes differentiate through organelle enrichment from

Feb 24, 2016 cysts for mouse oogenesis has been questioned. Female mice mutant for a ring canal protein, Tex14, are still fertile, sug-gesting that cysts are an evolutionary relic (11). Analyzing mouse cysts has been hampered by the tight packing of germ cells within the fetal ovary. Recently, sin-gle-germ-cell lineage tracing methods overcome this prob-