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Identification of genes controlling milk production in dairy

mapped in Finnish Ayrshire dairy cattle. A whole genome scan was conducted by 12 half-sib families in a graddaughter design. A male genetic linkage map covering all 29 autosomes was constructed by genotyping 150 markers in these families. The map was utilised in interval mapping using a multiple marker regression approach.


The farm is based on 104 hectares of land and houses award-winning herd of Ayrshire cattle, an which is approximately 1000 head strong. The milk produced at the farm forms the cornerstone of RFG s dairy base for its production and supply of milk, cream and cheese. Woolworths sources its

Why Jerseys

In 2012, the American Jersey Cattle Association recorded 103,345 animals, more than at any time in its 145-year history. 75% of registration applications were submitted and processed electronically, and 52% of the calves registered were permanently identified by double-matched tamper-evident eartags such as are worn by these heifers.

Facts & Figures About Canadian Dairy Cows

Most dairy cattle today are bred using artificial insemination. The bulls (male cattle) are kept at breeding units and the semen can be shipped frozen in straws, sometimes from all around the world. Cows will usually give birth to a single calf weighing about 40 kg. The calf will be fed individually while the cow will enter the milking herd.

US Holsteins - The Breed of Choice for America s Dairy Producers

Value at Sale Time than Non-Registered Cattle, or Cattle of Other Breeds A small $10 investment registering a Holstein calf can pay large dividends at sale time! Owning Registered Holstein cattle gives dairy producers more opportunity for added value than producers of non-registered cattle or other breeds, when selling animals for breeding stock.

TITLE: Tribal Beekeeping SOURCE: Jim Nightingale interviewed

helped on the farm, and started his own herd of Ayrshire cattle, as he was anxious to hand-rear calves - a practice unheard of in Kenya at that time. Jim tried out a new idea, which he had read about in books, on the Polhill calves owned by my parents, and in 1935 he and I were married. He was also

The Ayrshire Breed - Livestock Breeders Show Trust

operation. The first official Ayrshire Cattle Breed Society was registered in USA in 1870 dedicated to record keeping and promotion and that was seven years before the UK Breed Society was formed in 1877. Since that time Ayrshire Society or Associations have been formed in most countries and in 1974 the World Federation of Ayrshire Breed

U.S. Registered Holsteins - Holstein Association USA, The

Ayrshire $ 76 Brown Swiss $ 146 Guernsey $ 100 Jersey $ 128 Milking Shorthorn $ 57 Source: USDA Chart 4 Number of Active AI Bulls available in the U.S. Holstein 665 Ayrshire 25 Brown Swiss 47 Guernsey 22 Jersey 94 Source: USDA Chart 5 Source: Interbull Average number of bulls being progeny tested around the world: Holstein 8,440 Ayrshire 982

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New York Harvest Sale at CornellSaratoga Springs, NY Co-managers NYHA and show in the USA. The Cattle Exchange Brad, John, Gale and Bob Hartline with their 4 Numero Uno daughters: Hartline Uno Lucetta VG-85, OH-River-SYC Uno Bailey VG-86 (mat sis to Semex s +3.50 PTAT Genomax™ By-Way), Uno Lsssie VG-86 and Uno Lizzy-Rae VG-85 PHOTO: KATHY


Select Choice Ayrshire Cattle from the herd of Willow-View Stock Farm OWNED, MANAGED and OPERATED BY O. R. MARQUARDT & SON SHAWANO COUNTY, TIGERTON, WIS., R. 2 BUY VICTORY BONDS The Name in BARN EQUIPMENT Has ALWAYS Been ATE* BOWLS CARRIER' LOUDEN It's vital in wartime to all your fam animals produce the most on less with less help.

University of Wisconsin Madison

AYRSHIRE CATTLE Combining Type and Production Lucindy of Spring Castle Il Won 65 Championships at all leading United States Shows, 1 st aged National Dairy Show. Record: 16,315 lbs. milk, 630 lbs. fat In the show rings of the United States we have won more Ribbons, Medals, Cups. Premier Breeder and Exhi


30%, Australia 12%, USA 5% and the balance 22% are the cumulative total of the other regions in the world. Milk production in South Africa makes a very small contribution to the world production but in terms of the values of agricultural production in South Africa, it is the fifth largest agricultural industry in the world.

It takes two to tango - genomic testing of female dairy cattle

information for Holstein, Guernsey, Jersey and Ayrshire cattle with much of Europe, Canada and the USA. To draw comparisons between the reference population and the target animal, markers (single nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPs) for traits of interest are identified and compared between the sample and the reference population (Figure 1). For

Colostrum Management for Dairy Calves

ated with FPT. In the United States mortality rates in preweaned dairy heifers are estimated to range between 8% and 11% [2,4,11]. Poor colostrum management is one of the key factors contributing to these excessive losses. In one study 41% of 2177 calves sampled between 24 and 48 hours of age had FPT (serum IgG ! 10 mg/mL) [2].

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The Iowa Ayrshire and Jersey Associations are proud of the standards set by this sale and the success the new owners achieve with their purchases. Please call the sale staff or consignors if you have questions regarding any of the individuals or groups of cattle in the sale. Iowa Ayrshire and Jersey Associations

Where the Dairy Industry Meets

sale premises on the day of the sale. Pedigree Transfers: Cattle in the sale are registered with the respective breed societies and will be officially transferred and pedigrees for all these animals will be effected by the Auctioneers and the Society as soon as possible after the sale - free of expense to the Purchasers.

Department 2 - Dairy Cattle

Wednesday, August 22 at 9:00 am for Jersey and Ayrshire Cattle Wednesday, August 22 at 12:00 pm for Brown Swiss, Guernsey and Milking Shorthorn Cattle Friday, August 24 at 10:00 am for Holstein and Red & White Cattle (cattle can only exhibit in one (1) breed show).

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Jim is a Livestock Auctioneer in Materson, USA where he conducts the sale of Calves, Stirks, Cows & Cattle with the sale commencing at 6pm and often ending at gone midnight. Now there is an idea!!. JULY SALES WEDNESDAY 3rd HOLSWORTHY Weekly Store & Stock Market to include Early Month Dairy Sale of 60.

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6:00 p.m. MHA pre-sale hospitality in trade show 6:30 p.m. MHA 2016 All-Missouri & Jr. All-Missouri Award Presentation and 2016 Cow of the Year Presentation 7:00 p.m. MHA State Convention Sale in Trade Show 7:00 p.m. MHA Juniors 7:00 p.m. MGBA Board Meeting Saturday, January 21, 2017 8:00 a.m. Registration/Check-in and Trade Show Open

Using Genomic Data to Improve Dairy Cattle Genetic Evaluations

the cattle sequence in 2004, and the pig sequence is now being constructed. Design of the cattle SNP chip required obtaining equally spaced SNP that are highly polymorphic across many dairy and beef breeds (Van Tassell et al., 2008) so that the BovineSNP50 chip could be used for Bos taurus breeds and also for Bos indicus breeds, with possible

Attention Juniors!

11:00 am Friday; all cattle in place by Friday, 3:00 pm. All cattle must be removed from the fairgrounds by 5 pm on sale day. Breakfast donated by Illinois Jersey Juniors (10-11:30 a.m.) and lunch may be purchased from Illinois Jersey Juniors. THANK YOU to Bellflower Feeds for their donation of 500 pounds of calf feed for the sale animals.

The Ayrshire Breed

The worth of Ayrshire was quickly recognized on all continents and regular exports took place in the 1800s by faster ships and in the later 1950s onwards in cargo planes but with advent of frozen semen and embryos, moving round the world is comparatively simple operation. The first official Ayrshire Cattle Breed Society was registered in USA in


In the United States, these four Japanese cattle breeds are referred to as Wagyu. What are Japanese Black Cattle? Japanese Black cattle were certified as an indigenous Japanese breed in 1944 after crossbreeding the native work cattle with Brown Swiss, Shorthorn, Devon, Simmental, Ayrshire and Holstein.


Ayrshire tattoo (tattoo in the left ear consisting of reserved letters, a number and/or a letter assigned for the birth year) or an American ID tag. Brown Swiss: Brown Swiss cattle eligible to be shown must have one of the following registration certificates: Standard (white with a green border)

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for the Ayrshire breed. If you are visiting Livestock, pop on to the Society stand for the opportunity to meet the delegates. Special thanks to our sponsors to-date including: GEA, Cattle Services, RABDF, Blue Merle Ltd and Richard Keenan & Co. John Cochrane The 2nd and 3rd of July promises to be the highlight for the Ayrshire

Animal Resources: Cattle Breeds Canada

FirstEdition: March1997 ©MinisterofPublicWorksandGovernmentServicesCanada1998 Cat.No.A54-8/1998-2E ISBN0-662-26594-7 Disclaimer


Whereas the number of head of cattle at shows is decreasing year after year; Whereas there is a greater number of exhibitors with fewer head of cattle; The Club Ayrshire des Appalaches proposes to change the number of best results compiled at Canadian shows from 8 to 6 to allow a greater number of exhibitors to enter the competition.

AJCA Pedigree Recording and Registry Status

Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Holstein and Jersey. The more an animal s genetic make-up resembles its breed reference group, the higher its BBR for the primary breed. Rules and publication policies for BBR are established by the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB). Reference Group


breeding Ayrshire cattle, a member of a partnership owning and breeding Ayrshire cattle, and in the case of a limited liability company owning and breeding Ayrshire cattle, a shareholder in that company holding shares in that company to the equivalent of at least $200 of nominal value. *Ayrshire animals eligible for registration.

President and Director Candidates for 2018

Ayrshire, Holstein, Jersey, Milking Shorthorn, and crossbreds: the overall RHA 23,790is m 4.0% 960f 3.5% 832p, with 14 E and 32 VG cows. We haveexhibited at the Iowa State Fair and receiving Champion and Reserve honors, along with breeder and/or exhibitor at the Iowa State Fair numerous times. We have had All-American nominations and


Our bull station has 41 Ayrshire bulls ,(all recruited locally)however non has reliable progeny test results The bulls produce 200,000 doses of DF semen per year which is all distributed imports of 65,000 doses per year mainly from Canada, Britain,USA,Scandinavian countries, South Africa and recently New Zealand


Ayrshire in 1994. This family produced our £4500 sale-topping bull in 2015. Solid cattle. COUNTESS. This family purchased from Marcus Lury, Oakleaf Herefords in Somerset in 1994. Good family tracing back to Hermitage & Merryhill Herefords in the 1970 s. CROCUS. Roundshaw Crocus 151 purchased from Ben Welsh in 2010. The line

Understanding Genetics and the Sire Summaries

basic understanding of dairy cattle genetics and how it applies to their animals. It also includes a section about the genetic evaluation system and a guide to reading and understanding the Holstein Association USA Sire Summaries. updated April 2021


Ayrshire Master Breeder, Distinguished Service and Young Breeder awards will be presented. 8:00 pm Joint Breeds Ag Trivia Contest 9:00 pm Depart for fireworks over Lake Erie. The fireworks presentation is within walking distance and will start at 10:00 pm. FRIDAY, JULY 5. 7:00 am Joint breeds breakfast 10:00 am Grand National Ayrshire Sale

WEDNESDAY 6TH SEPTEMBER 2017 - Ayrshires Cattle Services

Ayrshire Cattle Society were made in 1906 by David Stevenson ,grandfather of the present owner. The Changue herd is thought to be the oldest UK Ayrshire herd in continuous registration under the same prefix, on the same holding by one family. Milk recording began in 1910.


Madison, WI 53713 USA Dairy Cattle Show Office Phone: 608-267-3924 Top of the World Jersey Sale 7:30 p m World Ayrshire Event Sale Thursday, October 3

Australian Ayrshire Newsletter - Ayrshires United

Although the numbers in the Elite Ayrshire Sale were down on previous years, the quality was certainly there. Lot 1 was top priced for Boldview Demp-Star, a previous prize winning heifer and backed by a tremendous maternal pedigree, offered by Boldview Farms of SA. She sold to Eagles Partnership of Gooloogong NSW for $4800.

Classification Rules - World Ayrshire Federation

The Ayrshire Breeders Association has adopted the Uniform Type Traits Appraisal of Ayrshire cattle. The primary objective of this program is to evaluate specifictype traits of Ayrshire cattle and to obtain and publish re-cords for the type and conformation of Ayr-shire cattle for the improvement of the breed.

Central National FFA Events - World Dairy Expo

Classes will be selected from Holstein, Brown Swiss, Jersey, Guernsey, Ayrshire, Milking Shorthorn and Red & White cattle. No oral reasons will be given, however, the contestants will answer a set of questions on one of the classes. Contestants must be preregistered. You will pick up score sheets for your team when you arrive at the Pavilion.

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MINNESOTA AYRSHIRE CLUB President: John Irrthum 651-380-0185 Sec/Treas.: Karla Smieja 15241 50th Ave Little Falls, MN 56345 320-339-5684 NEW-VUE AYRSHIRES Elinor Opitz 9602 County Rd. 8 NW Maple Lake, MN 55358 320-266-0315 [email protected] www.newvueayrshires.com STILLMORE CATTLE COMPANY Steve Searles 200 6th St SW Pine Island, MN