Pressure Dependence Of Elastic Constants And Of Shear Mode Instability For Nb 3 Sn

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Transverse pressure effect on superconducting Nb Sn

by P GAO 2019 4 Transverse pressure affecting the critical current of Nb3Sn 6.3.3 Magnetic field angle dependence of AC loss easily exceed the elastic-to-plastic limit of most annealed pure metals [84] shear stresses between the layers of a few MPa can lead to superconductors and stability of magnets [266].

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Room-temperature sound velocities and elastic constants of austenitic from otherwise linear dependences are attributed to deformation mode changes 

Phonons and elasticity in critically coordinated lattices

by TC Lubensky Cited by 161 4.2.2 Stiffness matrix of 2d periodic lattices with Guest modes of free degrees of freedom of the sites by 3 to Nfree = 2N − 3 = 15 = NB. is nonzero [32, 33], but their shear modulus G is of order 1/N [34, 35]. Though the transition to elastic stability in both rigidity percolation and finite pressure but unstable to shear.

Pressure dependence of structural, elastic, electronic - arXiv

by F Parvin 2020 Cited by 3 using the quasi-harmonic Debye model. elastic constants, moduli, and Debye temperature (θD) show non-monotonic of superconductivity in vdW solids is another significant landmark [3]. Pressure dependent elastic and band structure calculations are important for it can assess the stability of solids against shear.

Temperature And Pressure Effects On Elastic - CORE

by S Tennakoon 2016 Cited by 1 1.2 Acoustic methods of finding elastic constants of solid materials 4 4.18 (a​) Resonance Mode 5 frequency trends of the high pressure RUS A.3 Temperature dependence of the Young's and shear moduli of SnAgCu sample 110 (Sn) sample, function parameter values were averaged over three samples from.

Applications to Transition-Metal Alloys and Functiona

by M de Jong 2015 6.3.2 Calculation of second and third-order elastic constants 91 6.4.1 Elastic instabilities in HCP materials: A comparison of direct DFT and analytical 5.1 Concentration dependence of planar defect energies in hcp Ti1-xAlx solid solutions Failure modes are characterized as either shear (S) or tension (T). 96.

Lattice instabilities in metallic elements - Kristin Persson

by G Grimvall 2012 Cited by 337 3. Triaxial stress. 968. 4. Bifurcation. 968. 5. Phonon instabilities. 969 [110] directions, all elastic shear modes will be dynamically stances, e.g., bcc Ti/bcc Nb and bcc Zr/bcc Nb (Thompson The pressure dependence of the elastic constants C, Si, and Ge have diamond-type structure, Sn a low-.

Elastic Properties of Bulk-metallic Glasses Studied by

by Z Zhang Cited by 2 temperature dependence of elastic constants of BMGs from room temperature 1.3.1 Effects of temperature, pressure and composition on elastic properties 16 3. Zirconium Based and Copper Based Bulk Metallic Glasses Table 3.3: Density ρ, shear modulus G, longitudinal modulus L, bulk modulus B,. Young's 

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18 Jan 2012 The elastic constants of BMGs also show a correla- Pressure dependence of elastic properties of metallic glasses Extended elastic model for flow in metallic glass-forming liquids and glasses shear modulus (modulus of rigidity) Nb. 3. Cu. 14. Ni. 13. Al. 10. 6.730. 4.780. 2.150. 2.22. 112.3. 31.1.


by N Nakanishi 1982 Cited by 45 Axe (23) have measured phonon dispersion relations in Nb3Sn by inelastic that the pressure effect can enhance the softening of the C' shear mode The pressure dependence of the three single-crystal elastic constants of.

equations of state of solids for geophysics and ceramic

11.11. The elastic constant instability criterion for melting, 296. 11.12. a summation up to 3 (for the longitudinal and two shear acoustic modes). Because most 

First-principles study of the phase stability and elastic

by W Zhou 2017 Cited by 27 elastic properties of Ti-X alloys (X = Mo, Nb, Al, Sn, The composition dependence of elastic constants, deformation mode changes from twinning to slip as the stability of the A 3 × 3 × 3 Monkhorst-Pack k-point sampling grid for 128-atom bcc supercells whereas in the Reuss average, the shear modulus is given by.

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synthesized V2SnC by sintering V, Sn, and C powder mixture at. 1000. C. They mesh under constant pressure. MAX phases, ve nonzero independent elastic constants, Table 3 Elastic properties of M2SnC (M ¼ V, Ti, Zr, Nb and Hf) MAX phases bonding forces and re ects the stability of a material against shear.

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Plastic instability Equation 15: section III NB & NC elastic local failure requirement for level C Major design rules in pressure vessel and piping codes​, nuclear and methodologies when assessing against plastic collapse failure mode. Where Sn* = Sn (thermal bending load) and Sm the Design stress intensity.

Physics of Shock and Impact: Shocks and - IOPscience

and failure, including adiabatic shear, volumetric crush and dynamic spall. waves and rarefaction shocks, shock structure evolution, elastic precursor structure will propagate as an elastic pressure wave at a velocity determined by properties of Figure 1.2. A linear spring mass system. Physics of Shock and Impact. 1-3 

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by G Mondonico 2013 Cited by 3 maximum value of critical current as a function of axial strain for a Nb3Sn wire is shown. The and deal with these two instability sources the conductor cross section has to in Nb3Sn wires submitted to axial stress is due to the elastic distortion of the critical current dependence of MgB2 conductors: in the tensile strain.

Comparison of mechanical concepts for Nb3Sn high field

15 May 2017 2.5 Failure Modes of Nb3Sn-magnets 3.11 Elastic modulus and volume fractions of the coils calculated modulus 29.


by R Dingreville 2007 Cited by 22 3.2.3 Second and Third Order Elastic Constants of Isotropic Materials 43 Figure 1.2: The dependence of the Young's modulus of silver and aluminum films on the intrinsic surface stress, (c) surface biaxial modulus and (d) the surface shear modulus Mixed mode elastic tensor between atom m and atom n in a bicrystal.

Laser-Ultrasonic Measurement of Single-Crystal Elastic

by X Du 2018 examples: (1) composition-dependent elastic constants from an Fe-Ni Elastic constants of Ni3Sn4 from first-principles calculations Appendix A: The Model for Surface Acoustic Waves that arise from the stability of the strain energy. ratio of the dilation to the hydrostatic pressure; shear modulus, defined to be the 

First-Principles Investigations of the Structural - MDPI

by S Tang 2018 Cited by 5 The values of bulk, shear and Young's modulus are 164.2, 63.2 and 168.1 [35] reported the elastic constants and mechanical Temperature dependence of the lattice parameter and bulk modulus of AlNi Ti. From Figure 3, under the same pressure, the volume change of (X = Ti, V, Zr, Nb, Hf and Ta).

Pressure depended elastic, vibration and optical properties of

namely, bulk modulus, elastic constants, shear modulus, Young's modulus, constants and Kleinmann parameter, are calculated under high pressure. obtained by analysing the temperature dependence of In Table 3, we have presented average um, long- Fe, Co, Ni; T 5 Ti, V, Zr, Nb, Mn; Z 5 Sn, Sb) semi-​Heusler.

Elastic stiffness tensors of Zr-$ x $ Nb alloy in presence of

by MR Basaadat 2019 Cited by 1 Pure zirconium is realized in three different crystal structures: the α-phase for pressure tube materials[8]; and a Zr-Nb-Sn-Fe alloy, known as gated the temperature dependence of elastic constants of zirconium; the elastic constants of niobium at normal pressure and high Elastic stability conditions.

Elastic phase transitions in solids. High pressure effect

by YK Vekilov 2018 The stability of the high-pressure phases is defined by the nonlinear elasticity of the lattice (the third, changes are the structural transitions in Nb3Sn and V3Si. In transition, and it occurs before the phonon mode in the initial lattice The pressure dependence of the shear elastic constants of bcc Mo. 11.

An ab-initio study on structural, elastic, electronic - Nature

by MI Naher 2021 Cited by 1 All the energy dependent optical parameters For example, analysis of the Cauchy pressure, tetragonal shear modulus, 10 5 eV/atom, maximum lattice point displacement within 10−3 Å, maximum The single crystal elastic constants, Cij, for tetragonal structure were and satisfy these mechanical stability criteria.

In situ quantitative study of plastic strain-induced phase

by KK Pandey Cited by 9 be related to the instability due to shear strain-induced PT [1]. Friction, wear, and Nb. <50. Ni. <35. O. 70. P. <3. Pb. <25. Si. <10. Sn. <35. Ta. <100. Ti. <25. U. <​1. V. <25. W is no advantage in the shear mode of plastic straining, any plas- Utilizing the pressure-dependent Hooke's law and elastic constants of Zr phases.

Tensile Measurements Of The Modulus Of Nb/sub3/Sn - NIST

modulus of elasticity of the Nb3Sn portion of the composite was then extrapolated from [9] Z. P. Chang and G. R. Barsch, Pressure dependence of elastic con- stants and of shear mode instability for Nb Sn, Phys. Rev. B, vol. 22, pp. additions on the elastic constants and low temperature ultrasonic at- tenuation of Nb 

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Elastic Constants and Instability in Face-Centered-Cubic Metals research program to acquire the necessary data; and (3) rapid dissemination of the data to potential Higher magnifications of the flat fracture (center) and shear fracture (​cir- covalent, intermetallic compounds (Nb^Sn, CuZn) occur in this region of the.

A general scaling relation for the critical current density in

by A Godeke 2006 Cited by 181 with Kramer's flux shear model, if non-linearities in Kramer plots when Landau parameter κ1(T,ϵ) and a strain dependent critical temperature Tc(ϵ). This is Compositional inhomogeneities result from the A15 stability range from about Hc2(T) is constant for all available Nb3Sn results, independent of the sample layout,.

Elastic properties and stability of Heusler compounds - AIP

by SC Wu 2019 Cited by 20 Elastic constants and their derived properties of various cubic In, Si, Ge, Sn, Pb​, Sb, Bi, and Co2TM with the main group elements Al or Si, The three elastic constants close to the Cauchy line, where the Cauchy pressure vanishes. shear modes are sixfold degenerate, that is, their slowness is the.

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by SP Dodd temperature. Anomalous hydrostatic pressure induced changes in the shear mode 2.8 Model for the Temperature Dependence of Elastic Stiffness. 18 mechanical, chemical and thermal stability are required at high temperatures. When dealing with stress-strain relationships, at a constant temperature and pressure,.

Development and Characterization of High Strength NB3SN

by J Chen 2006 STRENGTH NB3SN SUPERCONDUCTOR. By For Nb3Sn conductors, the dependence of the critical current, Ic, where G is modulus of elasticity in shear, b is burgers vector where α is a constant, r0 is the size of dislocation core. enough to sustain the pressure of tip, so we choose this mode as 

Semi-annual report on materials research in support of

1 Oct 1976 48Ni are reduced by a magnetic field while those of Cu-0.5 Sn and Cu-28Ni Temperature dependence of the elastic constants of an constants; niobium-​titanium; Poisson's ratio; pulse method; there is one longitudinal wave and two shear waves; the three are Linear-Elastic or Unstable Fractures.


2.1.1 Pressure Dependence of Elastic Constants of. Alkali Halides, Wurtzite, UO2' V3Si and V3Ge 5. 2.1.2 Third Order Elastic Constants of UO2 and. Al 0. 7. 23.

temperature viscoelastic relaxation in iron and its implications

by I Jackson 2000 Cited by 57 these anomalous shear mode properties [Doornbos, 1974;. Stiller et al., 1980 Tables 2 and 3, along with the untreated soft iron, mild steel and jacket 0.049. Sn. 0.007. 0.006. 0.005. Nb. <0.005. <0.005. <0.005. <0.005. Ti. <0.003 constraint on the single-crystal elastic constants is provided by the (THz) 


by ZL Pan 2010 Cited by 12 Another elastic constant Poisson's ratio ν = E/2G 1 can be deduced from values of elastic Young's modulus and shear modulus can be determined from a 3. EXPERIMENTAL RESULTS. 3.1 Zr-2.5Nb pressure tube and the texture effect model, the orientation dependence of Young's modulus was 


by N Nakanishi 1982 Cited by 45 Axe (23) have measured phonon dispersion relations in Nb3Sn by inelastic that the pressure effect can enhance the softening of the C' shear mode The pressure dependence of the three single-crystal elastic constants of.

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by A Nagasawa Cited by 18 many Bı phases a softening of another kind of shear con- mechanism, as found in Nb: Sn(18) for example, does not these circumstances, it is very Second, the 2/3qo dip is nature of the Zener mode instability of these metals. of density of electronic states with increasing pressure, elastic constants increased by cooling.

Concept of Phase Transition Based on Elastic - IntechOpen

Over the past three decades, elastic constants of some simple crystals have been a subject mode in the atomic structure, and is thus directional in nature. tion of the elastic response of the materials under hydrostatic pressure. The shear positive frequencies for all wave vectors, while its elastic stability is dependent on​.

~v&vS Y2X -7/ - CORE

the research results are contained in three publications that are included in this report. Also, two incremental model Nb,Sn strain effects at high levels of compressive strain. In the final Tensile Measurements of the Modulus of Elasticity of Nb,Sn at Room stants and of shear mode instability for Nb,Sn, Phys. Rev. B, vol.

Structural, elastic and electronic properties of Fe3C from first

by C Jiang 2007 Cited by 139 predicted the lattice parameters, elastic constants, vibrational properties, and that, for compounds V3Si, V3Ge and Nb3Sn, the effects of internal relaxations soft modes.25, 26 A soft mode indicates instability with respect to a particular type of bulk modulus obtained from an EOS fit can be dependent on the pressure 

Vibrational Anharmonicity and the Elastic Phase - JSTOR

by MP Brassington 1983 Cited by 41 pressure dependences of ultrasound wave velocities in single crystals con- room temperature third order elastic constants for several alloy com- positions. This accounts for the shear mechanism and for the small energy and entropy vibrational mode in Nb3Sn (see figure 9 of Chang & Barsch I980) occurs along the.

A15 Intermetallic Phases - White Rose Research Online

by I Papadimitriou 2015 Cited by 25 The Nb3Si has the highest bulk, shear and Young's modulus values expansion coefficients of the Nb, Al, the A15 Nb3Al, Nb3Ge, Nb3Sn and Nb3Si (A15) elastic constants matrix and confirming that the mechanical stability criteria [36] are from acoustic modes, i.e. when the Debye temperature is associated with lattice.

Mechanically induced stiffening, thermally driven softening

by D Varshney 2016 Cited by 5 in revealing the pressure induced structural stability, Cauchy discrepancy, temperature, shear modulus, Young's modulus, and Grüneisen parameter. (​temperature) dependent elastic constant's behavior. consistent with the earlier experimental data [3,4] and model calculations [19 21] are equally productive in.

A review of mechanical behaviour and stress effects in hard

by CC Koch 1977 Cited by 125 superconductors, such as Nb 3Sn and V 3 Ga, exhibit unusual elastic properties and structural instabilities at Elastic constants on single crystals of the commercial super- conducting stability increases the shear modulus over the unstrained transforming samples the negative pressure dependence.

10 Ultrasonics in Superconductors

For high symmetry directions, shear waves do not couple because ∂Bc. ∂εsh. = A representative picture of the elastic modes for Nb3Sn is shown in. Fig. 10.4a (a) Temperature dependence of the elastic constants of Nb3Sn (Re- Furthermore, with a pressure of 5.5GPa, a structural phase tran- This instability can.

Lattice Dynamics Studies of Negative Thermal Expansion Due

by SU HANDUNKANDA 2018 reveals copious evidence of an incipient soft-mode instability Temperature-​dependent infrared reflection Ch. 2 : Lattice dynamics study of ScF3 using inelastic x-ray scattering 31 central peak elastic scattering and thermal expansion saturation a given change in temperature at constant pressure.

Toledano PRB1983 - Fejer Group - Stanford University

by P Toledano 1983 Cited by 125 coincide with special combinations of elastic constants of second and higher orders, so that temperature and pressure dependence of second- a simultaneous instability with respect to several modes. (d) When the T=20°C) driven by the soft acoustic shear mode isomorphous compound Nb3Sn.

Development and Characterization of High Strength NB3SN

by J Chen 2006 STRENGTH NB3SN SUPERCONDUCTOR. By For Nb3Sn conductors, the dependence of the critical current, Ic, where G is modulus of elasticity in shear, b is burgers vector where α is a constant, r0 is the size of dislocation core. enough to sustain the pressure of tip, so we choose this mode as 

Mechanical Properties of Transition Metal Alloys from - DiVA

by L Xiaoqing 2015 alloying effects obtained for the two cubic shear elastic constants C′ and C44. due to an alloying-driven change of the failure mode under uniaxial tension. Our III Anomalous ideal tensile strength of ferromagnetic Fe composition-​dependent lattice constants and shear modulus of binary alloys, and S. N. Votinov.

Elastic and Inelastic Shock Compression of Diamond and

by RS McWilliams 2008 Cited by 2 108 Chapter 3: Optical properties of silica through the shock melting transition. compression, diamond has been studied extensively in the high pressure regime, shear strength which, for this simple model, has been assumed constant at unique linear elastic dependence at smalls strain to which all relations converge.