Association Of Inclusion Body Myositis With Subacute Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus

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Seeing the Signs: Visual Recognition of Autoimmune Connective

Acute Cutaneous LE Subacute cutaneous LE Chronic Cutaneous LE LE-Nonspecific Skin Disease LCV Urticarial vasculitis Livedo reticularis Secondary to Treatment of LE Steroid acne Drug eruptions Opportunistic Infections True-True and Unrelated Psoriasis Eczema BCC Greenwald s Law of Lupus

Review Article Ocular Complications in Cutaneous Lupus

Ocular Complications in Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus: A Systematic Review with a Meta-Analysis of Reported Cases L.Arrico,A.Abbouda,I.Abicca,andR.Malagola Department of Ophthalmology, Sapienza University, Umberto I Hospital, Viale del Policlinico, Rome,Italy Correspondence should be addressed to L. Arrico; [email protected]

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lupus anticoagulant LAC Lupus Activity Criteria Count LACC limited cutaneous systemic sclerosis lcSSc lupus erythematosus cells LE cells light microscopy LM monoclonal antibody mAb metacarpophalangeal joint MCP joint macrophage colony-stimulating factor M-CSF mixed connective tissue disease MCTD major histocompatibility complex MHC

I diopathic inflammatory myopathies - The Myositis Association

characterised by myositis, cutaneous features and systemic involvement in patients under the age of 18 years. 12Fe atsuer particular to juvenile DM include cutaneous ulcerations, calcinosis cutis and vasculopathy. A myo p at hci D M D M can exist without myositis, this uncommon subtype is termed clinically amyopathic DM. 13 A part from muscle

Clinical Management Statins and Immune-Mediated necrotizing

lupus erythematosus, cutaneous lupus, vas-culitis, autoimmune hepatitis, and lichen planus pemphigoides [8-10]. Several cases appeared in recent years in literature related to necrotizing myopathies associated with statins and with the coex-istence of autoimmune phenomena [8,11]. In the list of rare diseases of Orphanet

MRI Findings in Inflammatory Muscle Diseases and Their

of cutaneous, subcutaneous, and muscular sig-nal abnormalities on MRI (Fig. 5). Inclusion body myositis presents with specific inclu-sions of amyloid-β protein and is refractory to treatment. Focally increased signal is seen on STIR and fat-saturated gadolinium-enhanced T1-weighted images, predominantly in the an-terior thigh compartment.


myositis trio which includes polymyositis, dermatomyositis and inclusion body myositis. The main pathology is considered to be the perimysial ischemia leading to atrophy and degeneration. The ischemia is a result of classical complement pathway triggered by C1-q

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Dermatomyositis Polymyositis Necrotizing autoimmune myositis Inclusion body myositis Onset Subacute (weeks-months) Acute-subacute (weeks) Slow (> 1 year) Gender F>M F>M Variable M>F Age (years) Bimodal (Juvenile DM, anti-NXP-2) 30-40 Variable > 45 Myopathies Proximal, symmetry Proximal + distal, asymmetry+ atrophy Associated condition

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Cutaneous nodules Ulcers Livedo reticularis Digital gangrene Mononeuritis multiplex Microaneurysms P urpura Vesiculobullous lesions Urtcaria G Iomerulonephritis Alveolar haemorrhage Cubneous necrotizing granulomas Splinter hemorrhages Scleritis/episcleritis/uveitis Examination tenderness but no effusions in knees, ankles and several MT P

Inflammatory Myopathies: Evaluation and Management

The inflammatory myopathies, including dermatomyositis, inclusion body myositis, and polymyositis, are poorly understood autoimmune diseases affecting skeletal muscle. Dermatomyositis is a disease mainly of skin and muscle, but may affect lung and other tissues. Proximal or generalized weakness or skin rash are the typical presenting features.

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cutaneous disease might precede the development of the myopathy, however, another subset of patients with disease affecting only the skin amyopathic dermatomyositis or dermatomyositis-siné myositis, might exist.6 A seventh subset known as inclusion-body myositis has also been r e c o g n i s e d 7 The association between dermatomyositis (and

Sporadic late onset nemaline myopathy (SLONM) in an adult

in inclusion body myositis (IBM). Nemaline rods on histopathology are a predominant feature of SLONM, and characteristic features of direct infiltration of cytotoxic T lymphocytes immu-noreactive for CD8, seen in PM, perifascicular muscle fiber atrophy and loss of endomysial capillaries found in DM, and inclusion bodies

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Cutaneous Domain Non scarring alopecia 2 points Oral ulcers 2 points Subacute cutaneous or discoid lupus 4 points Acute cutaneous lupus 6 points Arthritis Domain Synovitis in a t least 2 joints and at least 30 min of morning stiffness 6 points Neurologic Domain Delirium 2 points Psychosis 3 points

Measurement of cytokines and chemokines and association with

neous-only disease to cutaneous and/or systemic disease. They include clinically amyopathic dermatomyositis (CADM), classi-cal dermatomyositis (DM) and polymyositis/inclusion body myositis.1,2 Dysregulations of cytokines and chemokines are commonly found in inflammatory disorders and are likely to participate in the pathogenesis of DM.

Routsias, J. G., P. G. Vlachoyiannopoulos, and A. G. Tzioufas

autoimmunity and the spreading of the epitopes in systemic lupus erythematosus are also discussed. Finally, the ability of post-translational modifications to induce autoreactive association

Novel case of anti-synthetase syndrome

spectrum of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), presented to our hospital with a subacute onset of pro-gressive muscle pain and an elevated creatinine kinase (CK). She complained of a constant pain exacerbat - ed by activity and worse in the evenings, such that it precluded her from performing routine activities, in-

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(PM), inclusion body myositis (IBM) and the immune-mediated necrotising myopathies (IMNM). Although the clinical presentations of DM and PM are similar, manifesting usually as subacute painless proximal limb weakness, plus the distinctive skin manifestations of DM, immunopathologic observations and more recent gene expression

Efficacy of immunosuppressive treatment in a systemic lupus

Inclusion body myositis (IBM) is an inflammatory myopathy that is generally unresponsive to immunosuppressive drugs. The coexistence of IBM with other autoimmune connective tissue diseases is rare. We present a case of a 76-year-old woman with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) who developed proximal muscle weakness of lower extremities and

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American Rheumatism Association ARA Arthritis, Rheumatism and inclusion body myositis IBM Subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus SCLE

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Association ARA indirect immunofluorescence IIF subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus inclusion body myositis IBM immune complex IC ionized calcium iCa

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LA: lupus anticoagulant LACC: Lupus Activity Criteria Count lcSSc: limited cutaneous systemic sclerosis LE cells: lupus erythematosus cells LEF: leflunomide LN: lupus nephritis mAb: monoclonal antibody MCP joint: metacarpophalangeal joint M-CSF: macrophage colony-stimulating factor MCTD: mixed connective tissue disease

REVIEW Primary Sjo¨gren s syndrome: new clinical and

cutaneous lesions, previously reported in Asian patients with primary SS (annular erythema) and recently described in white patients.478 These lesions are clinically identical to those seen in patients with subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus, suggesting a common cutaneous disease (closely related to anti-Ro/SSA anti-

Dermatomyositis - Presentation, Diagnosis, and Management

Patients with Dermatomyositis-sine myositis (ADM) have no muscle weakness, and serum enzyme levels are normal. They have abnormal muscle images in ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), or muscle biopsy [1]. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between patients of dermatomyositis and those of Subacute cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus.

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RIM Rituximab in Myositis SAE SUMO-1 activating enzyme SCLE Subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus sIBM Sporadic inclusion body myositis SLE Systemic lupus erythematosus SPADE Spanning-tree progression analysis of density-normalized events SRP Single recognition particle SUMO-1 Small ubiquitin-like modifier-1 TCR T cell receptor

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be defined as the acute or subacute r inclusion body myositis; infecti 's dystrophy, oculopharynge with cutaneous discoid lupus and lupus Iths with chloroquine (250 mg/day) and


limited cutaneous systemic sclerosis lcSSc Lupus Activitv Criteria Count LACC lupus anticoagulant LAC lupus erythematosus* LE lupus erythematosus cells LE cells macrophage colony-stimulating factor M-CSF magnetic resonance imaging MRI major histocompatibility complex MHC mass spectrometry MS

The Euro-lupus project: epidemiology of systemic lupus

England, UK; and 3Lupus Unit, London Bridge Hospital, London, England, UK The Euro-lupus project provides updated information on the epidemiologic characteristics of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) at the change of the millennium and defines several clinical and immunological prognostic factors. The Euro-lupus cohort is composed of 1000

Statin-associated anti-HMGCR immune-mediated necrotizing

female predominance. 2,4,5 Association with statin exposure is noted in half to two-thirds of patients, and mean duration before CK elevation is 39months (15 84 months). 10 These patients present with a subacute onset of severe proximal muscle weakness, myalgias, highly elevated CK (mean around 8300 IU/L)4,5 and myopathic EMG findings. In a

Resistant dermatomyositis in a rural indigenous Maya woman

urea.5 7 There is a strong association with malig- Inclusion body myositis. Systemic lupus erythematosus.