ORMDL3 And Its Implication In Inflammatory Disorders

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Modulation of T lymphocyte activation by ORMDL3 Amado

Asthma is an inflammatory disorder of the airways that affects between a 1 pathophysiological implications of ORMDL3 as well as other genes present in the 

Establishing the role of the zona pellucida binding protein 2

by V Chiwara 2017 ORMDL3. We hypothesized that the ZPBP2 locus contributes to asthma inflammatory disorders including allergic asthma (reviewed in Hannun & Obeid, The highest enrichment and significance were found in the PPAR pathway, which is.

The history of genetics in inflammatory bowel disease

by WE Eka 2014 Cited by 156 Abstract. The influence of genetics in the etiology of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) was initially or penetrating disease, was of borderline significance only,.

ORMDL3 promotes eosinophil trafficking and - Nature

by SG Ha 2013 Cited by 97 1 Laboratory of Allergic Diseases and Inflammation, Departments of Veterinary and Biomedical asthma, the function(s) of ORMDL3 in mediating allergic airway Statistical significance was determined by unpaired.

The asthma-associated ORMDL3 gene product regulates

by G Cantero-Recasens 2010 Cited by 290 Recently, the ORMDL3 gene, coding for the ER-resident transmembrane protein ORMDL3 (24), has been associated to asthma (25 29), a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways (30 activity: cell biological implications.


by B Kabakchiev mechanism, but could also have medical implications. With the advance Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a set of ailments of the gastrointestinal tract Moffatt, M.F., et al., Genetic variants regulating ORMDL3 expression contribute to the.

3 and its implication in inflammatory disorders - Wiley Online

by X Ma 2018 Cited by 4 Abstract. A growing body of evidence has suggested the genetic association of ORMDL3 gene (ORMDL Sphingolipid Biosyn- thesis Regulator 3) 

Association between peripheral blood mononuclear cell

by Y Li 2019 Cited by 1 operating characteristic curve analysis of ORMDL3 expression and the API was performed for diagnosing other causes of breathing problems, such as foreign 


complex disorders are caused by the interaction of various genetic and environmental factors. expression levels on inflammatory responses were then explored. Because the implications of environment and genetic factors can be quite.

ORMDL3 regulates poly I:C induced inflammatory responses

by G Laura 2021 Conclusions: ORMDL3 regulates the viral inflammatory response in airway epithelial cells via mechanisms independ‑ the disease and severe asthma remains difficult to treat except 0 h (baseline), with statistical significance achieved.


by K Kiefer levels to several inflammatory diseases via single nucleotide polymorphisms. and IL-17 production 40, suggesting the implication of ORMDL3 in dysregulating 

Why is Chromosome 17q21 linked to Asthma? - Journal of

20 Aug 2016 Asthma is a complex inflammatory disorder of the airways associated with the that ORMDL3 may be one of the genes on chromosome 17q21 contributing to the implications for childhood asthma. Mol Cell Pediatr 2: 13.

Roles of microRNAs in inflammatory bowel disease

by HT Jung 2021 Roles of miRNAs in the pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel disease. miRNAs. Targets XBP1, ORMDL3. Represses XBP1 and ORMDL3 expression. [63] Implication of miRNAs for inflammatory bowel disease treatment: 

Intestinal barrier dysfunction - Cambridge University Press

by WM Miner-Williams 2016 Cited by 45 Intestinal barrier dysfunction: implications for chronic inflammatory conditions intestinal permeability(19,20), indicating a disturbance of the (gasdermin B); ORMDL3 (orosomucoid like 3); TNFAIP3 (TNFα-induced protein 3); SLC6A7 (solute 

The Role of Oxidative Stress and Lipid Peroxidation in Allergic

3 Jan 2017 Asthma is a heterogeneous disease with genetic and environmental The inflammatory cells, the airway tissue cells and the involved mediators are the main Genetic variants regulating ORMDL3 expression contribute to the Allan K, Devereux G. Diet and Asthma: Nutrition Implications from Prevention 


by BB Crohn 2014 disease was first officially used in the United States in 1933 by F.I. Harris in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), ulcerative colitis (UC), NKX2.3. ORMDL3. PARD3. PDRM. PER2. NOD1/2. PPARy. PRDM1. PSMG1 therapeutic implications.

Download article (PDF) - Atlantis Press

by AR Putri 2018 defines asthma as a chronic inflammatory disorder of the airways involving many cells and cellular large sample size to obtain statistical significance. Moreover containing the ORMDL3 and GSDMB genes through GWAS. This locus is the 

GSDMB induces an asthma phenotype characterized - PNAS

by S Das 2016 Cited by 71 mass and increased fibrosis in the absence of airway inflammation. In addition of the 17q21 localized genes (i.e., ORMDL3) to asthma, airway responsiveness, and airway several human diseases (22), thus underscoring the need to implications in inflammatory immune responses (9). Levels of the.

Ig Glycosylation in Ulcerative Colitis: It's Time for - Frontiers

by R Capecchi 2021 identify biomarkers able to monitor the disease and to predict therapeutic outcome. Methods: We characterized by an inflammation affecting the colon and the rectum observed pleiotropy between variants in the IKZF3-ORMDL3- in UC, albeit clinical implications of this finding were dubious. (Kemler 

65f5706e-0e3a-4ae7-ab6e-ed70d0f51345 - The University of

by N Acevedo 2015 Cited by 68 17q21, harboring the adjacent genes ORMDL3 (ORMDL sphingo- red line: significance level at P ¼ 0.01; red circles: differentially methylated probes and genetic association in other inflammatory diseases such as.

Variant-to-Gene-Mapping Analyses Reveal a Role for the

by C Lasconi Cited by 2 Inflammatory bowel disease is associated with stress and Colors indicate the statistical significance Genetic variants regulating ORMDL3.

Unfolded Protein Response and Crohn's Diseases: A - MDPI

by C Li 2021 78 kD; inflammatory bowel diseases; Crohn's disease; fibrosis; wound healing. 1. Introduction However, the role of ORMDL3 in IBD is not known yet. ORMDL3 Implications for Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Inflamm.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Annual Reviews

6 Jan 2010 Insights into inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) are advancing rapidly owing to immunologic ORMDL3), psoriasis (e.g., CDKAL1 and. GCKR), systemic lupus have implications for the development of extraintestinal 

Role of unfolded proteins in lung disease - Thorax BMJ

by KL Bradley 2020 Cited by 3 Aberrant activation of the UPR may be linked to disease restored, apoptosis, inflammatory signalling and fibrotic airway epithelial protein, and ORMDL3 knockout mice were uncertain significance to lung pathology.74.

Emerging concepts in smooth muscle contributions to airway

14 Oct 2016 structure and function: implications for health and disease. Am J Physiol Lung Cell airway (stiffening) with implications for the work of breathing, and for the functional itself), inflammation and its resolution, and the overall changes in Vicente R. The asthma-associated ORMDL3 gene product regulates.

The origins of allergy from a systems approach - Annals of

by JW Krempski 2020 Cited by 5 The epithelium plays a central role in allergic disorders, and allergic sensitization occurs through the skin unless inflammation, infection, alterations in the specific microbiome, and inherent genetic predisposition. associated ORMDL3 gene variant, were at high-risk for early-life pathogenesis and clinical implications.

ORMDL3 expression in ASM regulates - JCI Insight

by AK Pham 2021 In terms of immune and inflammatory cells expressing ORMDL3, CD4+ cells expressing SNPs contribution of ORMDL3 to the development of AHR in childhood onset asthma, which is highly ant implications for ASM contractility. cy and by the National Disease Research Interchange and delivered to the Lung Cell 

The role of the 17q21 genotype in the prevention of early

Expression of ORMDL3 at the 17q21 locus is thought to confer an sphingolipid metabolites for airway hyperresponsiveness, mast cell activation and inflammation in To determine whether there are functional implications of vitamin D treatment on understanding of gene environment interactions in health and disease.

Autoimmune disease variants regulate GSDMB gene - PNAS

by Y Hu 2017 Cited by 20 ing asthma, type 1 diabetes, inflammatory bowel dis- ease (IBD) to asthma and IBD, could alter the structure of GSDMB, a ORMDL3. NA.

Unfolded protein response and Crohn's Diseases - Preprints.org

23 Dec 2020 78 kD; Inflammatory Bowel Diseases; Crohn's disease; Fibrosis; Wound healing. 1. However, the role of ORMDL3 in IBD is not known yet. Unfolded Protein Response: Implications for Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Inflamm 

ORMDL3 is associated with airway remodeling in asthma via

by FEI YU 2017 Cited by 15 histology, and the expression levels of ORMDL3, phosphory- Introduction. Asthma is characterized by airway inflammation, bronchial physiological conditions and during pathological processes (3). ORMDL3 is associated with respiratory tract: Potential implications in asthma and other lung diseases.

ORMDL3 - Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

by C Oyeniran 2015 Cited by 79 Asthma is a common inflammatory disorder characterized by intermittent airflow populations.1-8 However, the mechanism by which ORMDL3 dust mite induces direct airway inflammation in vivo: implications for future dis-.

Impact of Dexamethasone on Expression of ORMDL3 - SID

by L Jiang 2017 Cited by 1 Objectives: To explore the expression of STAT6 and ORMDL3 in a murine model of bronchial asthma and determine extends to various inflammatory diseases and allergic dis- implications for inflammatory bowel disease.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Epigenetics

Inflammatory Bowel Disease at the Intersection of Autophagy and Immunity: although the difference did not reach statistical significance [52]. On the other side, IBD5), and ORMDL3 are found to be associated with both asthma and IBD.

Crohn's disease - The Lancet

by DC Baumgart 2012 Cited by 1796 Crohn's disease is a relapsing systemic inflammatory disease, mainly affecting the the MeSH terms Crohn's disease and inflammatory bowel diseases (ORMDL3, REL, PTPN22) implications for future discoveries.

ORMDL3 调控内质网应激在疾病中的研究进展 - 中国免疫学杂志

by 李佳 flammatory bowel disease[J]. Inflamm Bowel Dis,2019,25(4):. 661鄄671郾. [5]摇Ma X,Long F, Yun Y, et al. ORMDL3 and its implication in inflammatory disorders 

Review Article Update on the role of endoplasmic reticulum

30 Apr 2020 Asthma is a chronic airway inflammatory dis- chronic airway inflammatory disease, and on the ORMDL3 and its implication in inflammatory.


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), as the third leading cause of ORMDL3 in CS-induced airway injury, including airway inflammation, cell nge.com/questions/17810/what-is-the-significance-of-1-second-in-calculations-of-.

Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress and Inflammation - Karger

by TE Adolph 2012 Cited by 58 IBD Is a Disorder of Defective Autophagy and Innate. Immunity and indicates that the paradigm of ER stress-related inflam- genes, including XBP1, ORMDL3, AGR2 and MUC19 as risk fac- Endoplasmic reticulum stress: implications.

The Effects of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Drugs on the

Autophagy and the UPR intersect: Implications in Crohn's disease. 52. 1.5. protein response sensor PERK: implications for inflammatory bowel disease. IRGM and ORMDL3 polymorphisms and pediatric-onset inflammatory bowel disease 

Functional characterization of ORMDL proteins - MACAU

by M Jentzsch 2015 1.4.2 Association of ORMDL3 with several diseases 4.7 The role of ORMDL1 and ORMDL3 during intestinal inflammation 96. 4.7.1 Deletion implications for inflammatory bowel disease pathogenesis. Curr Opin 

Autophagy, Microbial Sensing, Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress

by A Kaser 2011 Cited by 164 The inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), Crohn's dis- this pathway in human IBD, with the implication that The first that deserves mention is ORMDL3,.


by AB Goswami 2019 multifactorial disease, Helicobacter pylori infection and host genetics are crucial The IRGM rs4958847 GG genotype decreases inflammation in gastric Statistical significance (p-value) was considered as described above. IRGM and ORMDL3 polymorphisms and pediatric-onset inflammatory bowel.

Evidence for Significant Overlap between Common - PLOS

by D Laukens 2010 Cited by 55 values unless the top 5 ranked SNPs (ORMDL3, NKX2 3, PTPN2, ICOSLG and MST1) chronic inflammatory disorders of, respectively, the intestinal tract the limited size of the studied AS cohort, the significance threshold.

The biodiversity hypothesis and allergic disease: world allergy

by T Haahtela 2013 Cited by 271 Alterations in human microbiota implications for immune dysregulation and inflammatory disorders. A fundamental role for micro-organisms in 

Upregulation of miR-665 promotes apoptosis and colitis in

by M Li 2017 Cited by 61 colitis in inflammatory bowel disease by repressing the endoplasmic reticulum UC.7 Loss of XBP1 or ORMDL3 expression has been reported to promote colitis Endoplasmic reticulum stress: implications for inflammatory 

Airway reactivity and sphingolipids implications for - CORE

by JG Ono 2015 Cited by 34 sphingolipid homeostasis and synthesis, and asthma-associated ORMDL3 polymorphisms have been inflammatory and allergic components of the disorder.

Immunopathogenesis of inflammatory bowel disease - Taylor

by J Matricon 2010 Cited by 245 inflammation of the small bowel and/or the colon leading to recurrent diarrhea and abdominal pain. Crohn disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis 

Potential etiologic and functional implications of genome-wide

by LA Hindorffa Cited by 4234 search for variants that explain more of the disease/trait heri 2 diabetes (2), inflammatory bowel disease (3), and cancer (4), tical significance (Table S3). In these 17q12 rs7216389, rs2872507. ORMDL3. Asthma, Crohn's disease. 17q12.

Soluble CD93 as a Novel Biomarker in Asthma Exacerbation

by N Sigari Cited by 12 nological disorder of the lungs characterized by reversible air- way obstruction, airway inflammation, and increased airway hyperresponsiveness in better elucidate the clinical implications of the association be- tween sCD93 and Wang C, et al. The As- sociation of GSDMB and ORMDL3 gene polymorphisms with.