The Role Of Nitric Oxide In Vascular Biology And Pathobiology

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Regulation of NOS expression in vascular diseases

by A Pautz 2021 sources of nitric oxide (NO), a small bioactive molecule in- also NOS1 and NOS2 contribute to vascular function. We.

Endothelial-Specific Expression of Mitochondrial Thioredoxin

Vascular Biology, Atherosclerosis and Endothelium Biology reduction in amount of bioavailable nitric oxide (NO) in the.

The human internal thoracic artery releases more nitric oxide

by MAW Broeders 2001 Cited by 34 Results: Vascular endothelial growth factor augmented nitric oxide production by crucial role in endothelial cell differentiation and is obligatory.

Regulation of Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase in Pulmonary

by JD Faughn 2011 pulmonary myofibroblasts, endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) is the Nitric oxide plays critical roles in vascular biology, including vessel.

Nitric oxide 9 years on - NCBI

by K Bhagat 1996 Cited by 77 biological mediators-gases. Nitric oxide is the first endogenously synthesized gas The role of nNOS in cardiovascular control is less clear cut.

PDF, Shear Stress Analysis of Synthesis and Nitric Oxide

by S Wahyudi 2019 Cited by 1 Thus, the structure and function of synthesis and secretion of vascular endothelial cells is affected by shear stress, namely the force caused by blood flow 

THEMATIC REVIEW eNOS activation and NO function

by I Louveau 2004 Cited by 44 Pulmonary Vascular Disease Program, Vascular Biology Center: CB-3211B, Georgia Health Sciences endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) is dynamically.

Ferid Murad - Nobel Lecture - Nobel Prize

by F MURAI Cited by 306 EFFECTS OF NITRIC OXIDE AND ITS ROLE IN. CELL SIGNALING. Nobel Lecture, December 8, 1998 by. FERID MURAD. Department of Integrative Biology, 

Organ-on-a-chip systems for vascular biology - Journal of

9 Jun 2021 tions, including the release of nitric oxide for paracrine signaling [38] and endothelial barrier function [39].

XIIth International Vascular Biology Meeting - NAVBO

SECOND CONFERENCE ON ARTERIOSCLEROSIS, THROMBOSIS AND VASCULAR BIOLOGY Atherosclerosis, Christopher Glass; Nitric Oxide and Vascular Function, William 

Adventures in Vascular Biology: A Tale of Two - JSTOR

by S Moncada 2006 Cited by 117 Keywords: prostacyclin; aspirin; nitric oxide; oxidative stress; free radicals; cardiovascular pathology. 1. THE MECHANISM OF ACTION OF 

The role of shear stress in the pathogenesis of - Nature

by KS Cunningham 2005 Cited by 1211 with reduction in several vascular wall functions including endothelial nitric oxide Nitric oxide. NO is a central mediator in vascular biology and.

Engineering Patterns to Study Vascular Biology

by J Baranski 2012 1.5.2 The role of vascular smooth muscle cells in pulmonary hypertension and vascular disease such as nitric oxide, EGF and PDGF.

Effects of Nitric Oxide on Cell Proliferation - JACC

Nitric oxide (NO) is a signaling molecule that regulates many functions, such as vascular tone, blood pressure, neurotransmission, immune response 


With this history, it should come as no surprise that our understanding of the role of nitric oxide in biology and pathobiology is, perhaps, best developed 

Leading article Role of nitric oxide in intestinal water and - Gut

by FH MOURAD 1999 Cited by 70 Since Palmer et al and Ignarro et al showed that vascular endothelial cells could synthesise Biology of nitric oxide and its source in the intestine.

Perspectives Series: Cell Adhesion in Vascular Biology - JCI

by MA Gimbrone 1997 Cited by 498 Vascular Research Division, Departments of Pathology, Brigham and Women's Hospital, nitric oxide, eicosanoids, cytokines, growth stimulators and in-.

Nck Adaptor Proteins in Vascular Biology - Frontiers

by M Alfaidi 2021 1 Department of Pathology and Translational Pathobiology, In vascular biology, Nck1 and Nck2 play redundant roles in vascular 

Nitric Oxide Synthase Gene Therapy for Cardiovascular Disease

by AF Chen 2002 Cited by 70 Cardiovascular gene transfer is not only a powerful technique for studying the function of specific genes in cardiovascular biology and pathobiology  10 pages

Chapter 9 - Journal of Vascular Surgery

by SS Ahanchi 2007 Cited by 134 The role of nitric oxide in the pathophysiology of This review begins with a summary of the molecular biology of NO, from its discovery to the 

NOing the heart Role of nitric oxide synthase-3 in heart

by Y Liu 2012 Cited by 57 Nitric oxide synthase-3 (NOS3) or endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) is known for many important biological functions including 

Maintenance of vascular integrity: role of nitric oxide - CORE

by F COSENTINO 1995 Cited by 54 density lipoprotein with the L-arginine/nitric oxide pathway. Angiotensin I converting enzyme (ACE) plays a key role in vascular homeostasis.

Nitric oxide and portal hypertension - Journal of Hepatology

Endothelial progenitor cells: characterization and role in vascular biology. Circ Res 2004;95:343 353. [69] Fujii H, Hirose T, Oe S, Yasuchika K, Azuma H, 

Nitric oxide in vascular biology - Wiley Online Library

by G Walford 2003 Cited by 308 oxidants, nitric oxide can promote vascular pathology. In this translational modification of proteins, and protein function.

Nitric Oxide, Tetrahydrobiopterin, Oxidative Stress, and

eral endothelial function and the likelihood of cardiovascular Factors by Reactive Oxygen Species and Nitric Oxide in Vascular Physiology and Pathology.

Arginine metabolism in vascular biology and disease - SAGE

by SM Morris 2005 Cited by 105 Abstract: Arginine metabolism plays a major role in cardiovascular physiology and pathophysiology, largely via nitric oxide (NO)-dependent processes.

Preserving vessel function during ischemic disease: new

by CG Kevil 2008 Cited by 14 cardiovascular disease pathology Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is in the cardiovascular system is endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS), which is.

ISN forefronts in nephrology on endothelial biology and renal

by MS Goligorsky 2006 Cited by 5 endothelial nitric oxide (NO) synthase function caveolar and concerned with biology and pathobiology of the endothe-.

Download - dspace cover page

by M Ghosh 2013 Cited by 18 To study the role and (sub) cellular nitric oxide (NO) constitution in synthesis of NO in vascular biology at an unprecedented level.

palmitoylation: Implications for nitric oxide signaling - PNAS

(endothelial nitric oxide synthase/signal transduction/vascular biology/N-myristoylation) nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) plays an important role in the.

The Role of Nitric Oxide in Sickle Cell Disease and Its

by S Mengensatzproduktion 2016 NO, a soluble gas continuously synthesized in endothelial cells by the NO synthase enzyme systems, regulates basal vascular tone and endothelial function. These 

The role of nitric oxide in cardiovascular diseases

by KM Naseem 2005 Cited by 622 lying pathology for most cardiovascular diseases is atherosclerosis, Potential pathological roles of nitric oxide in cardiovascular disease


endothelial nitric oxide synthase activity and cardiac function to regulate increasing attention for its multi-faceted roles in vascular biology.

Expression of nitric oxide synthases in the - SciELO

by F Viaro 2000 Cited by 34 Endothelial constitutive nitric oxide synthase (ec-. NOS) - The role of nitric oxide in regulating vascular tone and mediating platelet function is 

The Roles of Nitric Oxide Synthase/Nitric Oxide Pathway in the

by HY Zhu 2021 Cited by 1 Synthase/Nitric Oxide Pathway in the Pathology of Vascular Dementia and Related Therapeutic Approaches. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2021, 22, 4540.

Basic Science -

by JB Dattilo 1997 Cited by 32 The Role of Nitric Oxide in Vascular Biology and Pathobiology. Jeffery B. Dattilo, MD, and Raymond G. Makhoul, MD, Richmond, Virginia. INTRODUCTION.8 pages

Smooth Muscle Nitric Oxide Responsiveness and Clinical

2 May 2017 The arteriovenous fistula is the preferred type of hemodialysis vascular access for patients with end- stage renal disease, but a 

Silent Partner in Blood Vessel Homeostasis? Pervasive Role

by RS Deeb 2009 Cited by 10 Pervasive Role of Nitric. Oxide in Vascular Disease. Ruba S. Deeb*, Brian D. Lamon and David P. Hajjar. Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, 

The Vascular Endothelium and Human Diseases

by P Rajendran 2013 Cited by 1096 Researchers in vascular biology know well that the endothelium embodies a wide range lium-derived nitric oxide and prostacyclin are re-.

Spatial and temporal patterns of nitric oxide diffusion - bioRxiv

9 Nov 2019 Abstract: Nitric oxide (NO) is a gaseous signaling molecule that plays an important role. 1 in neurovascular coupling.

Vascular endothelium - Atherosclerosis

by PA Cahill 2016 Cited by 310 a Vascular Biology and Therapeutics Laboratory, Dublin City University, ecules such as nitric oxide (NO) and prostacyclin (PGI2).

Clinical perspective Nitric oxide biology: implications for

by JB Warren 1994 Cited by 84 N elucidated the function of nitric oxide as a cardiovascular autacoid areas of cardiovascular pathology where manipulating nitric oxide biology has the.6 pages

Vascular endothelial dysfunction - American Physiological

NITRIC OXIDE plays a key role in vascular homeostasis affecting wide range of functions, tetrahydrobiopterin vascular biology and pathology are needed.

Positive Feedback Regulation of Human Inducible Nitric-oxide

by M Lee 2013 Cited by 29 The production of nitric oxide (NO) by inducible NO synthase have similar biological significance as protein phosphorylation.

Cytokines i Ca 2÷ 02+ L-arginine NOS NO + L-citrulline

production of nitric oxide determine its effects in biological systems. constitutive NOS, which regulates vascular function and.

Modern Concepts in Angiogenesis : FRONT MATTER - World

Role of Nitric Oxide in Adult Angiogenesis: Therapeutic Potential of Endothelial Nitric altered our understanding of vascular biology and pathology.

In vited Re vie w Nitric oxide and nitric oxide synthase: biology

by G Wolf 1997 Cited by 98 Nitric oxide (NO) has opened a new and vigorous field of biological and clinical experimentation as evidenced presently by about one hundred original.11 pages

Endothelium, Nitric Oxide, and Atherosclerosis: From Basic

by J Loscalzo 2000 Cited by 5 Understanding the many roles of nitric oxide in cardiovascular biology and patho- biology, in particular, has shed light on basic mechanisms of.

Nitric oxide biology ampamp; pathobiology (3rd edition

24 Jul 2017 The third Edition of Nitric Oxide Biology and Pathobiology provides a logical roles of this ubiquitous signalling molecule.

Nitric Oxide Synthase Gene Transfer as a Tool to Study

by ZS Katusic 2003 Cited by 12 the genetic modification of vascular endothelial function. of knowledge concerning the role of nitric oxide synthase isoforms in vascular homeostasis.