Banach Spaces Of The Type Of Tsirelson

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Some Problems Concerning Basic Sequences in Banach

oleh J Lopez-Abad 2011 Dirujuk 1 kali of some of the classical sequence spaces c0 or ℓp, p ≥ 1. Tsirelson space T [39] is the first non-classical Banach space, as it does not have such  22 halaman


oleh S DUTTA 2007 Dirujuk 11 kali We show that a separable Banach space with property (M classical Tsirelson space T shows that summability of the Szlenk power type is not.

Factoring absolutely summing operators through Hilbert

oleh H Jarchow 1989 Dirujuk 2 kali Given a Banach space X, we shall write as usual Bx for its closed unit ball, X* for its dual, ST belongs to the class of Tsirelson-like Banach spaces;.

Tsirelson-like spaces and complexity of classes of Banach

oleh O Kurka 2016 Dirujuk 11 kali MATH-KMA-2015/482 Filip Soudský: Note on linearity of rearrangement-invariant function spaces. MATH-KMA-2015/483 R. Černý: New results concerning Moser-type 


oleh G ANDROULAKIS 2000 Dirujuk 32 kali A Banach space X with a basis is called subsequentially prime if for every basic For two Banach spaces X and Y we write X ≈c Y if.

Chapter 3 Examples 3.1 Orlicz sequence spaces

oleh O Vladimirskaya 1999 Orlicz function M and sequence {Xn} of Banach spaces we associate spaces of Tsirelson-type were obtained in order to solve some long-.


oleh A Pelczar 2007 Dirujuk 3 kali on the hereditarily indecomposable Gowers-Maurey space. Tsirelson-type norms provide important examples of Banach spaces, 

Hereditary approximation property - Annals of Mathematics

oleh WB Johnson 2012 Dirujuk 17 kali Recall that a Banach space X is said to have the approximation property Tsirelson/Schlumprecht type, presented in Section 3 as example (A). We also.

Banach Spaces from Barriers in High Dimensional Ellentuck

oleh G Girón-Garnica 2017 Dirujuk 1 kali We construct new Banach spaces using barriers in high dimensional Ellentuck spaces [9] following the classical framework under which a Tsirelson type norm 

Banach spaces with few operators

oleh B Maurey Dirujuk 45 kali Tsirelson [Ts], who constructed a reflexive Banach space that does not contain ditional basis, non trivial type and not containing l2, 

A remark about distortion

oleh B Maurey Dirujuk 34 kali In this note we show that every Banach space X not containing ℓn space. This was disproved by Tsirelson's example [T] of a space containing no subspace 


oleh O Kurka Dirujuk 11 kali vestigated codings of separable Banach spaces up to isomorphism by In this section, we will use Tsirelson type spaces introduced by.


oleh DM Vieira Dirujuk 16 kali U and V of Tsirelson-like spaces, the algebras of holomorphic functions of bounded type Hb(U) and Hb(V ) are topologically isomorphic if and only if there 


oleh J IOVINO Dirujuk 3 kali (1) Tsirelson's example of a Banach space not containing lp or c0 [75]; Banach space theory as the space of types is not what is understood as.

G. Botelho The polynomial dual of an operator ideal

Nachbin: A holomorphy type Θ from the Banach space E to the. Banach space F is a sequence of A Banach space is said to be a semi-Tsirelson space if.


oleh R Haydon 1986 Dirujuk 30 kali On the other hand, E. Odell has shown that if X is the Tsirelson space of Let Ybea linear subspace of a Banach space X. A type x e %(X).15 halaman


oleh F Baudier 2018 Dirujuk 19 kali embeddings of a certain type, e.g. Lipschitz, uniform, or coarse. Tsirelson's original space T∗ was the first example of a Banach space 

Minimality properties of Tsirelson type spaces - Math

oleh D KUTZAROVA Abstract. In this paper, we study minimality properties of partly modified mixed Tsirelson spaces. A Banach space with a normalized.

arXiv:1603.08134v6 [math.LO] 10 Mar 2021 ℵ0-categorical

oleh K Khanaki 2016 ℵ0-categorical Banach spaces contain ℓp or c0 which asserts that the type space of Tsirelson's space is strongly separable, we show that.


oleh J MUJICA 1995 Dirujuk 16 kali Banach space X constructed by Tsirelson in [20]. In particular, ßf(K) is all entire functions of bounded type on X is a totally reflexive Fréchet space.

On the randomized complexity of Banach space valued

oleh S Heinrich Dirujuk 2 kali constructed Tsirelson spaces without type p but with equal norm type p. Finally,. V. Mascioni introduced and studied the notion of weak type p for 1

Examples of Asymptotic ℓ1 Banach Spaces

oleh SA Argyros 1997 Dirujuk 131 kali construction by W.T. Gowers and B. Maurey of a Banach space not containing an The Tsirelson type Banach space T[M, 9] is the completion of coo.

Asymptotic Structure of Banach Spaces - CORE

oleh N Dew Dirujuk 24 kali distortable. The first example of an arbitrarily distortable Banach space, Schlumprecht space, was constructed in [74], using a Tsirelson type construction.

On the Borel Complexity of some classes of Banach spaces

oleh B Braga 2013 Banach spaces being complemented in the space of its bounded operators or not. terms of the existence of a special kind of bush on the space ([G], [J3]) 


2.2.2 Tsirelson-type spaces definitions from Banach space theory that we shall use, as well as the background that motivates the results presented in 

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Schlumprecht [2011] that every Banach space with separable dual embeds in an iso- morphic predual of `1. and admitting norm estimates of Tsirelson type.

The Szlenk index and asymptotic geometry of Banach spaces

14 Jan 2021 (C) the Szlenk power type is a quantity which carries information X∗ also forms a Banach space when equipped with the norm:.

Dimension reduction in discrete metric geometry

like all Tsirelson-type spaces, is a Banach space of sequences whose norm is defined im- plicitly rather than explicitly. Tsirelson-type spaces have played 

A Norm for Tsirelson's Banach Space

oleh D Ojeda-Aristizabal 2013 Dirujuk 4 kali Besides studying the properties of F, many Tsirelson-type spaces were studied In Section 2 we introduce the notation and the results from Banach space.

Tsirelson's space - Student Theses Faculty of Science and

oleh MR Riegraf 2020 classical Banach spaces shared the property that they all have subspaces isomorphic Finally, we prove the existence of a Banach space of Tsirelson type, 

118398.pdf - Documat

oleh R GONZALO Dirujuk 38 kali Banach spaces X and Y in order to obtain that every polynomial of a given Next we will relate properties Sy and To with type and cotype. First note.

Representations of ideals in Polish groups and in Banach

oleh P BORODULIN NADZIEJA Dirujuk 18 kali where (xn)n∈ω is a sequence in a Polish group or in a Banach space. In this case, we write I = Im. Summable ideals, together with density ideals, 

A Banach space with a symmetric basis which is of - ResearchGate

y. Abstract. We prove that the symmetric convexified Tsirelson space is of weak cotype 2 but not of cotype 2. Introduction. Weak type 2 and weak cotype 2 spaces​ 

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oleh JMF Castillo 1993 Dirujuk 18 kali We shall now apply the preceding ideas to obtain most of the basic properties of Tsirelson's space T*. This is a reflexive Banach sequence space which does 

A uniformly convex Banach space which contains - Numdam

oleh T Figiel 1974 Dirujuk 256 kali is of power type. 1. Introduction. Recently Tsirelson [11] constructed an example of a reflexive Banach space with unconditional basis which contains no 

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oleh R Alencar 1998 Dirujuk 13 kali results about the Tsirelson space T, its dual T' and the James space (2 )~ (8) Banach spaces of (weak) Rademacher type p E]1,2] have property.

Asymptotic Structure of Banach Spaces - CORE

oleh N Dew Dirujuk 24 kali distortable. The first example of an arbitrarily distortable Banach space, Schlumprecht space, was constructed in [74], using a Tsirelson type construction.

1. Introduction and statement of the main result - Lancaster

oleh K Beanland 2019 Dirujuk 1 kali Banach space, Grothendieck space, Tsirelson space, Baernstein space, bounded operator, diagonal operator. Analogously, we write (⊕.

Some equivalent norms on the Hilbert space - De Gruyter

oleh G Androulakis 2011 Banach Spaces and their Applications in Analysis, 241 250 We present a family of some new Tsirelson-type norms for the separable Hilbert space.

Banach spaces determined by their uniform structures

oleh WB Johnson Dirujuk 89 kali Banach space as a topological space gives no information about the linear structure of Tsirelson type without solving this problem about Tp. However, 

The Nonlinear Geometry of Banach Spaces - Revistas

oleh NJ KALTON 2008 Dirujuk 87 kali A Banach space with nontrivial type (i.e., type p > 1) always has Indeed they showed the existence of spaces X (variants of the Tsirelson space [32]).

The coarse geometry of Tsirelson's space and - NSF-PAR

oleh F Baudier 2018 Dirujuk 19 kali structure of Banach spaces coarsely embeddable into Tsirelson's original Tsirelson-type spaces are all reflexive and satisfy inequality 

On the undefinability of Tsirelson's space and its descendants

oleh PG CASAZZA 2018 Dirujuk 2 kali allows us to talk about the type of the Tsirelson space over any class of Banach spaces, and gives us a criterion to verify whether this type is definable.

Banach spaces for which the space of operators has 2 closed

oleh D Freeman 2021 Dirujuk 1 kali classical sequence spaces and Tsirelson-type spaces. In particular, we prove that the cardinality of the set ofclosed.20 halaman

Curriculum Vitae

Functional analysis, Geometry of Banach spaces. ``A complete classification of Tsirelson type spaces , Canadian Journal of Math.60 (2008), 1108-1148,.

Stabilization of Tsirelson-Type Norms on - JSTOR

oleh AM Pelczar 2007 Dirujuk 3 kali INTRODUCTION. The Tsirelson space T provided the base for further constructions of Banach spaces, which solved crucial problems in the 


oleh DG Carando 2010 Dirujuk 21 kali Let 2 = {2k}k be a coherent sequence of polynomial ideals and E be a Banach space. We define the space of 2-holomorphic functions of bounded type by.

A note on Tsirelson type ideals

oleh V Boban Dirujuk 13 kali Abstract. Using Tsirelson's well-known example of a Banach space which does not contain a copy of c0 or lp, for p ≥ 1, we construct a simple Borel ideal IT 

GENUS n BANACH SPACES - Project Euclid

oleh PG Casazza 1999 Dirujuk 1 kali More recently Casazza and Kalton [4], [5] showed that other Tsirelson type spaces, certain Nakano spaces, andsome co sums of e , with p

On asymptotically uniformly smooth Banach spaces

oleh M Raja 2013 Dirujuk 12 kali asymptotically uniformly smooth renorming using an ordinal type index defined for subsets of the space. Among the applications, we prove that the modulus of