Oral Manifestations Of Ionizing Radiation

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Provides theory in radiation physics, the mechanisms of x-ray generation, the effects of exposure factors on image quality, radiation safety principles, and the biological effects of ionizing radiation. Prerequisite: DHY 100 with a grade of C or better and Admission into the Dental Hygiene Program. Corequisite: DHY 113.


manifestations of HIV infection 32. Superantigens in health and disease NEOPLASIA 1. Describe host defense against tumors 2. Discuss mechanism of metastasis and outline the role of stroma in tumor progression 3. Discuss genes in neoplasia 4. Role of tumour stroma in neoplastic growth and progression 5. Cytoplasmic filaments in tumours 6.


Radiation in Space Ionizing Radiation There are several forms of ionizing radiation in space. Ionizing radiation deposits energy onto the atoms and molecules with which it interacts, causing electrons to be lost. The resulting ions, or charged particles, give this form of radiation its name. One form of ionizing radiation is galactic cosmic

Diagnosis and treatment of severe acute radiation pneumonitis

Ionizing radiation is known to induce bystander effect [2,3]. In present study the patient had two pulmonary diffused interstitial changes after radiotherapy. The symptoms of the patient did not match those of radiotherapy radiation pneumonitis, which usually occurs in the radiation field. In

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Manifestations of oral complications from head and neck radiotherapy include xerostomia, loss of taste, changes in oral microflora and salivary chemistry, mucositis, glossitis, radiation caries, salivary dysfunc-tion, dysphagia, muscle fibrosis, and tissue necrosis.2,3 Osteoradionecrosis, correlated to high radiation doses,

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Ionizing radiation may affect normal tissues through direct cellular (e.g., clonogenic cell death, apoptotic cell death), direct functional (e.g., point mutations), and indirect injury processes [6]. However, most of the detrimental effects of ionizing radiation in biological systems occur mainly due to its indirect effects. Upon exposure to

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subjective improvement. Pirfenidone may benefit patients with radiation-induced fibrosis and is worthy of a larger well controlled trial. Background Fibrosis is a major cause of morbidity after treatment with ionizing radiation [1-3]. Manifestations of fibrosis are usually tissue specific with effects ranging from limitation

Oral Manifestations in Acute Leukemia as the First Sign; The

Oral manifestations in acute leukemia 188 The etiology of leukemia is poorly defined, most authors considering that it is multifactorial. Thus, the risk factors are represented by smoking, ionizing radiation exposure, viral infections (Epstein-Barr), chemical compounds (benzene), chromosomal abnormalities (Down syndrome), or families with

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long-term sequelae resulting from exposure to ionizing radiation (e.g. mammography for the detection of breast cancer). It is also worth pointing out that the potential benefits of performing an oral cancer screening examination are not simply limited to detecting patients with oral cancer or potentially preneoplastic conditions.

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poor health, certain drugs, and radiation therapy.21 Patients with severe xerostomia will often complain of dry, burning mouth, which can be very painful and interfere with functions. 22 Xerostomia is normally caused by a local factor, radiation therapy. Ionizing radiation causes pronounced changes in salivary glands, and the

MR Enterographic Manifestations of Small Bowel Crohn Disease

lack of ionizing radiation. It allows evaluation of bowel wall contrast enhancement, wall thickening, and edema, findings useful for the as-sessment of Crohn disease activity. MR enterography can also depict other pathologic findings such as lymphadenopathy, fistula and sinus formation, abscesses, and abnormal fold patterns. Even subtle disease

Oral and Maxillofacial Side Effects of Radiation Therapy on

Oral and Maxillofacial Side Effects of Radiation Therapy on Children Naima Otmani, DDS AbSTRACT Radiation therapy of the head and neck frequently results in serious and sometimes unavoidable changes to orofacial structures, particularly for children. Acute and chronic complications have a great impact on their oral function and quality of life.

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treatment of the skin manifestations of Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma (CTCL). In the first study (CTCL 1), 39 patients were treated with the oral formulation of methoxsalen in conjunction with the UVAR™ Photopheresis System. The second study (CTCL 2) was a 5-year post approval

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Manual for Radiation Oncology Nursing Practice and Education, Fourth Edition 19 B. Radiobiolo gy 1. Radiobiology is the study of events that occur after ionizing radiation is absorbed by a liv-ing organism. Ionizing radiation can result in breaking of chemical bonds and, eventually, in biologic change (see Figure 6). The nature and

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ionizing radiation, lead, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), prescription medi-cine used to treat epileptic seizures, substances of abuse (e.g., cocaine), and infectious agents. Although the effects of exposure to many of these compounds are well described, the mechanisms of action are not, wrote the authors of a paper in Northwest

Radiation-Induced 'Dental Death' in Mice

ENGLISH, C. A. SCHLACK, and F. ELLINGER, Oral manifestations of ionizing radiation. II. Effect of 200 kv X-ray on rat incisor teeth when administered locally to the head in


a clinical case of 54 y old female with oral manifestation as initial signs of the disease. Associations between oral manifestations dental management were also comment. CASE REPORT: A 54-year-old woman applied to Medical University, Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery, with the chief complaint of severe gingival


The relative transmission of radiation emitted by the radionuclide that results from interposition of various thicknesses of Pb is shown in Table 2 (e.g., the use of 2.16 cm Pb will decrease the external radiation exposure by a factor of about 1,000). Table 2 Reduction in In-air Collision Kerma Caused by Lead Shielding*


CT is a form of medical imaging that involves the exposure of patients to ionizing radiation. It should only be performed under the supervision of a physician with the necessary training in radiation protection to optimize examination safety. Medical physicists and trained technical staff must be available to evaluate the equipment and


134Cs or 137Cs are typical of those observed in cases of high exposure to ionizing radiation in general. Depending on the radiation dose, symptoms may include those typical of acute radiation syndrome (vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea), skin and ocular lesions, neurological signs, chromosomal abnormalities, compromised immune function, and death.

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Ionizing radiation (UV, X-rays) can hydrolyze water into hydroxyl (OH ) and hydrogen (H ) free radicals Metabolism of exogenous chemicals such as CCl 4 can generate free radicals Free radical generation is a physiological antimicrobial reaction

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ionizing radiation that may pose elevated risks to some patients (e.g., cases of pregnancy, previous treatment with ionizing radiation and younger patients). Patients should be informed that CBCT volumes cannot be relied upon to show soft-tissue lesions unless they have caused changes in hard tissues (teeth and bone), and


Annual Meeting Abstracts, San Diego, CA, 2011, oral presentation and N Engl J Med 2012;367:11-9. 1). Of the twenty-five SAA patients treated with eltrombopag by mouth for three months, eleven (44%) patients met protocol criteria of clinically meaningful hematologic responses, without significant toxicity. Nine

CT and MR Enterography in Children and Adolescents with

ionizing radiation. Studies comparing MR en-terography with small bowel follow-through have shown that the modalities are equally accurate, although MR enterography is significantly more sensitive (14,28). The increased sensitivity of MR enterography is seen in the detection of the extraenteric manifestations and penetrating com-plications of IBD.

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May 17, 2019 response to ionizing radiation-induced DNA double-strand breaks. Clinically, ATM mutations result in Ataxia-Telangiectasia (A-T), a syndrome marked by exquisite sensitivity to radiation, immune phenotypes, and inflammatory manifestations (15). Interestingly, A-T patients have altered innate immunity and increased interferon

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The client taking oral thyroid medications may become hy- List the manifestations you would include in a ionizing radiation to the head and neck during

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as the initial presentation of MM. Oral manifestations may include gingival bleeding, dental pain, paresthe-sia, dental mobility, ulceration, and increased fullness (3,7,13,14,17,18). In this case, the clinical signs of ma-lignancy included swelling at the site, trismus, and pa-resthesia. On radiography, the appearance of MM varies. It can

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Ionizing radiation Emission from x-rays, radioisotopes, and other radioactive sources Exposure causes cell death, gene mutations, and chromosome aberrations Bystander effects Poor gene repair Changes in gap junction intercellular communication Environmental Risk Factors Ultraviolet radiation

Mechanisms for Radiation-Induced Oral Mucositis and the

Ionizing radiation to the regions of the oral mucosa causes not only specific histologic and physiologic changes, but also structural and functional alterations in the underlying supportive

CT Evaluation of Appendicitis and Its Complications: Imaging

involve the use of ionizing radiation, a key consideration when imaging otherwise healthy pediatric and young adult patients, who are up to 10 times more sensitive to the effects of radiation than are middle-aged and elderly adults [19 21]. On the other hand, sonography is highly operator-dependent, re-quires a high level of skill and

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amount of radiation given at each session, and overall num-ber of treatments.3 Although improvements in chemotherapy and ionizing radiation have led to less radi-cal and less mutilating surgical intervention, surgery may still be necessary for initial staging of a tumor, biopsies, resection, and second- or third-looks. Immunotherapy uses

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Oral manifestations of general diseases. standing and reducing hazards associated with ionizing radiation and, more 1 The X-ray radiation is typically

Imaging of Jaw Lesions Related to Multiple Myeloma

ionizing radiation [5], professional exposition to chemical agents [6], benzene exposure [7], and Herpes Simplex Virus 8 (HSV-8) [2] infection have been related. Multiple myeloma is not curable, and the treatment consists primarily of chemotherapy, with or without radiotherapy, and autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplant [2].

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Oral manifestations should be diagnosed by the dentist and non-ionizing electromagnetic and electrical field [5]. Clinical radiation, and transplant

Ultraviolet phototherapy for cutaneous diseases: a concise review

among other diseases where oral manifestations may be present, providing basic information about the use of UVA, UVB, and PUVA. Practical considerations and side effects of phototherapy are described. Photother-apy is an effective treatment for many illnesses and car-ries a relatively benign side-effect profile. Oral Diseases (2016) 22, 253 259

Oral manifestations leading to the diagnosis of

ionizing radiation or electromagnetic fields, treatment with cytotoxic drugs, and viral infections. [1] Its initial Oral manifestations usually arise from an underlying

Jaw Bone Changes on Panoramic Imaging after Head and Neck

1.1.1. Ionizing Radiation for Cancer Treatment Radiation is the transmission of energy through space and matter (1). Ionizing radiation, such as x rays, has sufficient energy to eject an electron from an atom. The atom becomes electrically charged or ionized. In biologic matter, the dislodged electrons from ionized atoms can interact

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Radiation Chemistry Direct = Direct alteration of biologic molecules (Proteins, DNA etc) - Accounts for 1/3 of biologic effects - Effects caused by α and β particles Indirect = Ionizing radiation converts H 2 O into free radicals which then alter biologic molecules (proteins, DNA etc) - Account for 2/3 of biologic effects


oral psoralens. (b) Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma Oral methoxsalen is used in conjunction with photopheresis for the palliative treatment of the skin manifestations of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (e.g. mycosis fungoides, Sézary syndrome). (c) Idiopathic vitiligo Methoxsalen has been used orally or topi-cally in conjunction with controlled exposure to